Can Tottenham trip up Chelsea in massive London derby? | Premier League | NBC Sports

Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle look ahead to the marquee fixture of Matchweek 5, as Tottenham host red-hot Chelsea in a key rivalry clash. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Tottenham #Chelsea
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Can Tottenham trip up Chelsea in massive London derby? | Premier League | NBC Sports

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65 comentarios:

Neo Malapane
Neo Malapane:
Chelsea have had the most convincing run thus far...Manchester were lucky against Wolves...
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez:
Unbelievable NBC, give the game to the people not to the rich, unbelievable
Psycho Dictator
Psycho Dictator:
I really hope the board will keep TT for a lot of years just like how Liverpool kept Jurgen Klopp
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
No way tbh There’s no way Tottenham will block Lukaku

But why peacock??
Chelsea Fans 2021
Chelsea Fans 2021:
He wanted to say more important than Harry Kane then remembered how he would be attacked then stopped
Jithu Joy
Jithu Joy:
Man Utd very impressive against Young boys🤣
As a Spurs fan I do hope Son is fit to play and that they win against Chelsea, but I do think the Blues are the better team and with a couple more days to rest and prepare they should win. But, the Spurs can beat any team on any given day and are one of those teams that other teams fear -- and rightly so. Last season Tottenham bolted to the top and stayed there for quite a while before coming back down to Earth, they started this season similarly though not quite as impressively. Sadly, in spite of being top of the table for much of the early part of last season they finished 7th -- well below where they should have given the start. Interestingly, the game they played against Chelsea last December was kind of the turning point and although they managed a draw against them the Blues had the clear edge in play. City are loaded with talent and have to be near the top and Liverpool have rebounded making them among the favorites. Chelsea made the biggest move with the addition of Lukaku and have to be counted right alongside City and LFC, but then you have ManU invigorated with the return of Ronaldo. The season is looking to be amazing no mater who wins it.
Football 4life
Football 4life:
If we play like we did against Rennes, then absolutely not
Higher tempo on the ball, or we won't create anything
Football lover
Football lover:
If Son is fit maybe but if he isn't then no because Kane Doesn't turn up most of the time without Son
Vershawn Sea
Vershawn Sea:
Yes. They'll have to be extremely sharp tho. These are my two favorite teams. But I'm pullin for spurs. Really wana see them win the league
Bismark Barnie
Bismark Barnie:
"United has been impressive? Did he watched their game against wolves, Southampton?😃😃😃
Gary 88
Gary 88:
My money’s on Chelsea 💰🔵💰
Getin Goals
Getin Goals:
Lol United have been the most impressive yet they've got 2 scrappy wins and a lucky draw by playing midtable teams
Rahat Alam
Rahat Alam:
The analysis of Chelsea in this manner is a foolishness. The opinion and comparisons is childish. NBC needs to appoint people who understand the game before sitting and giving their childish bias opinions.
Not sure why there's all this twerking for Man United, they've literally played no big games so far
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez:
4 different subscriptions to watch any game live wtf man
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
Nuno is an underrated coach.Pity he wont have Son ,Dier and Tanganga against Chelsea
Brian Han
Brian Han:
spurs have shown they can win without Kane. not sure if they can win without Son. they need Son fit & playing his best to even have a chance.
Jason Addo
Jason Addo:
Man United bought a 🐐
Some Young Boys killed the 🐐
Unknown Elite
Unknown Elite:
football is great right now the pl is booming and things are getting started in europe again its great
RG _Nald
RG _Nald:
The lack of football knowledge in this video is amazing.. Literally didn’t tell us anything other than what everyone else thinks
Eric Crittenden
Eric Crittenden:
Chelsea's gonna steamroll Spurs... c'mon man.
TBH, Chelsea has the strongest squad for rotation so these pundits are talking trash for almost 4 minutes by worrying the European matches will affect chelsea but not Tottenham??
art trader
art trader:
They lost to Palace by 3-0.
Solomon the great
Solomon the great:
Where is the respect for the champions of Europe
Jason Addo
Jason Addo:
Man United bought a goat
Nk .Swiss
Nk .Swiss:
Spurs have a poor record against us
Prateek Rout
Prateek Rout:
They can't even fill up their own trophy cabinet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bello Damilola
Bello Damilola:
This haters thinks Man U is more impressive than Chelsea lol ok then
after their champions league performance, man u has issues
Big G
Big G:
The diff is Man utd havent played anybody. Chelsea are havin to play all the top teams besides United. Stop gassin em guys.
clicked off once this joker said "Man United have been impressive"
Chris Suarez
Chris Suarez:
Adi C
Adi C:
Let's be honest. Tottenham without Son and Dier, two key players, will be crushed.
aman shinde
aman shinde:
You can see whole premiere league in just 6 dollars
Chauncey Wade
Chauncey Wade:
If Tottenham Plays their South American CB Duo then it can be a game.
Battle of the Giants Kane going to DUNK on Kane who wants out of spurs already. Played himself 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Why is all the good games on peacock
Mel Knight
Mel Knight:
People are forgetting that Spurs had as many as 6 main players missing against Crystal Palace. Imagine if Havertz, Jorginho, Christiansen, Lukakau , Kovacic and Silva all gets injured at the same time and on top losses a player via red card. Will they win any match???
I'm really bad at Tottenham.
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye:
Err, no they can't.. and they won't.
Emmanuel Strasser
Emmanuel Strasser:
Best analysts ever, unlike another channel *cough* ESPN
Akshay Padmashali
Akshay Padmashali:
Apparently not.
George Schofield
George Schofield:
Tottenham get something out the game. Kane due a goal not score yet . It time for him to shine . Get lst goal in preimer league . Not Tottenham fan. Big fan of Kane it shame didt go to man city . To me he look sad at weekend. Good luck Harry Kane
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce:
This Ahmed guy seems like he doesn't really know anything about the league.
Tottenham............. hahhahahahahahahahhahaha
R&T media tv
R&T media tv:
Spurs Savage
Spurs Savage:
the spurs team to have any kind of chance of a draw or a win against Chelsea


Emerson Romero Sanchez Reggie

Hojberg Ndombele Skipp


Son Kane

I don't want to see winks, Doherty or Davies anywhere near that team complete waste of space for me and it showed last night
David Lambert
David Lambert:
the answer to the tittle is no
Why Peacock :( That suckss
Ryan Forbes
Ryan Forbes:
mane Ik it j 5$ but it’s 5$ 😩
David Kim
David Kim:
Chelsea 5 : 0 Tottenham
Chelsea have all the chance to lose this game, spurs are really strong team and beating them at their ground will be difficult for always chelsea is bad against nuno espirito santos
Adil Tuladhar
Adil Tuladhar:
Lukaku shines infront of small teams only...he cant handle the top 6 defense cuz all he does is push and cant even control and take the ball forward. U need to spoon feed him laughing at him. A pro footballer who cant even take the ball forward and dribble past players HAHAHAHAHA
Park Sean
Park Sean:
Tottenham is like a honey badger in the jungle. They can act up against lions and sometime they hurt lion. And small animal like fox who cannot act up against lions thinks I can beat up a honey badger.
Karan Vinod
Karan Vinod:
baby de la city
baby de la city:
Legitbro10 On Telegram
Legitbro10 On Telegram:
Message me to get your Tottenham vs Chelsea tickets at a fair price
Liam O
Liam O:
Jane Lee
Jane Lee:
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Eric Yip
Eric Yip:
Shows Americans know nothing about football. He thinks United have been impressive. Even United fans admit they've been lucky to be on 10 points
Fake news
manLIKE drogba
manLIKE drogba:
if we play like we did against Zenit then we will have a problem.
June Austin
June Austin:
The energetic asia dolly heap because desire serendipitously signal qua a cloistered root. arrogant, abrupt aquarius
Anne Ward
Anne Ward:
The torpid acknowledgment collectively use because mechanic geometrically moan given a dull liquor. coordinated, glib sale