Can Will Smith Lose 20lbs In 20 Weeks? | Best Shape Of My Life

Will Smith’s embarking on a major quest; he’s gonna lose 20lbs in 20 weeks all while finishing his memoir. But he quickly hits a turning point that he didn't see coming.

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0:00 The Challenge
4:01 Pt 1: Performance
7:29 The Weigh-In
10:00 Book Camp
12:44 Too Much Pressure?
16:56 Week One Weigh In

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Steezy Kane
Steezy Kane:
Most shows feel scripted and carefully crafted, but you can tell that this one is real and raw, it took a whole different direction than what they were going for. Will is a f cking goat for exposing this part of himself and sharing something thats extremely humiliating. Social media is filled with face-tuned IG pics, highlight reels etc etc - it's good to see something real on the internet again.
Now we know what Will was working out for ! Prepping for the Oscars.
Hdhdh Fffg
Hdhdh Fffg:
"Everybody will forget a bad joke.
Nobody will forget a bad attitude." - Arsenio Hall
This really showcases how emotionally fragile he is; it honestly makes me more empathetic to his oscars outburst. Man looks like he's been faking public happiness for years.
nad@ .
[email protected] .:
Just proves what it is to be a man and not getting carried away with emotions. Big respect to him.
Mad respect to you Will! Thank you for sharing this powerful documentary/biography.
I’ve also been going through a lot of challenges this year, and just seeing how you pushed yourself, Overcoming your struggles and challenges is really motivating. Thank you for always being an inspiration to us all. ✊🏾🙏🏾♥️
The All Rounder
The All Rounder:
but you can lose your reputation in 20 seconds
Shavie Jenkins
Shavie Jenkins:
The transparency, the realness, the emotions! This is truly inspiring and much needed. I’ve loved Will forever and watching him evolve through the years has definitely been a breathtaking experience but the rawness of this documentary and his book are next-level!
Fernando Solís
Fernando Solís:
"No matter how strong you are, no matter how powerful you are, eventually the pressure becomes too much" ...She said true! We are all humans and we have a breaking point.
M M:
God bless you!! Thank you for this heartfelt video....I have a son who served 4 yrs in the Marines fresh out of high shcool, today at 27 he has his moments adjusting to civilian life again. Everything you talked about resonates with his childhood and as a vet. It's hard, it's overwhelming, it's not easy, it's exhausting, but no one is perfect. My son wears his heart on his sleeve, and life brings him ups and downs...but souls as compassionate as his and yours have shown years of exhausting encouragement and motivation and inspiration, I am so proud of my son and love him unconditionally. We are all here to learn and grow in the flesh, we all make mistakes or make choice that later become lessons in our lives or which then God is there when we seek him, and God can turn any negative lessons into a positive lessons for us and others to glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Hugs and Blessings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart this was very humbling, thank you for sharing. Sending prayers your way🙏🏻🙌 and to anyone else who resonates ✝️💞
Mad respect to you Will! Thank you for sharing this powerful documentary/biography.
I’ve also been going through a lot of challenges this year, and just seeing how you pushed yourself, Overcoming your struggles and challenges is really motivating. Thank you for always being an inspiration to us all. ✊🏾🙏🏾♥️
Julie Amodeo
Julie Amodeo:
"Your job is just to lay one perfect brick...". Those words are are the key to people's motivation to make a change, and the grace to push through even in the face of a setback. Thank you, Will, for the inspiration to keep moving forward.
J Crawford
J Crawford:
Wow this was a pleasant surprise in transparency. Having been in the entertainment industry as well, dealing with weight gain, weight loss, injuries, I share all the emotional weight here. Keep it up Will, love to you and yours.
Kelly Good Studio
Kelly Good Studio:
I love you Will! Always have since i was a child and started watching you on Fresh Prince. I am proud of you for making yourself so vulnerable to the world. And proud of you for taking on that challenge. I compete in natural body-building and we have to deal with this same challenges.
This has given me motivation to get back to my old self & lose the weight I gained during a depressive period. I've also been reading his book. Thanks Will!
I'm confused how/why his PT didn't just explain muscle weighs more than fat? Probably would have changed the whole trajectory of the show 😅
Matthew Mazzella
Matthew Mazzella:
WOW!!!!!! Super inspiring, see you break down and showing the world that you're a regular person. I've always watched your movies being so envious of you and the shape you were in. You're definitely 1 of my favorite actors. Thank you for showing this side of you, I can totally relate to everything especially using the humor to deflect your pain. You're a true inspiration.
I was in *very* similar looking shape to Will Smith in his before stage in 2019 and weighed around 220 pounds. I was determined to take the weight off before I went on holiday and lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks, by cycling 20 miles per day between 3 and 5 times per week. Also I was doing some weight lifting and push ups etc.
I didn't have anyone supporting me as I lived alone at the time and it wasn't that tough. The nice weather made the cycling very enjoyable. Oh and I also ate quite sensibly with some intermittent fasting, but I wasn't overly strict and if I felt like some pizza one day, I would have it. Just being sensible and not overdoing the eating helped lots.
Oh and I 55 years old at the time...
Sha'Coya Zimmerman
Sha'Coya Zimmerman:
I love Will Smith. I can genuinely say he makes an impact on my life in ways you wish people closer to you would.
There's nothing cowardice about you Will iv always loved that your so fearless in everything from your acting to your singing, even the roles you take on are never simple. We all hide a little somethin somethin but you took a personal and who knows how emotional thing for you like your body image physical health, spiritual and mental health and you shared it with the world with such a depth of honesty it's humbling and I recognize courage in your actions thank you for sharing that with us all!!! Much love and respect ❤️
The Unknown Unknown
The Unknown Unknown:
Good on you! Always respected ya! Glad you’re down to earth about what we’re all going through 💪🏻
This was a great idea. Regarding the survival mechanism, the “mask” as you call it, I think that’s part of you as much as the rest. We are made of multiple personalities, there’s a famous Italian book about it “one, nobody, one hundred”. Also, survival mechanisms are the foundation of life itself… All this to say to everyone: be proud of you! Still, it’s good to share your critical journey to consciousness. Thanks!
S K:
He is such a rockstar in every way! He is so brave, strong and I admire him in so many ways. With weight loss though, that first week of putting on a pound - would that not have been muscle? He's clearly so hard on himself! Weight loss takes time, especially as we age. Be kind to yourself Will. Your fans are rooting for you! He definitely deserves an Acadamy Award already! So talented :D
Oh my gosh, Will Smith thanks so much for sharing this. I laughed so hard because I totally relate to your weight loss challenge, Covid adding weight, etc. You are hilarious and very inspirational. Thank you. Greetings and hugs from Ontario, Canada!!
Lavender Life
Lavender Life:
I feel honored that he's even sharing this. At a time we need real stories and experiences to motivate us.
Shaz shaz
Shaz shaz:
I love Will Smith he's so genuine , real ,he doesnt pretend to be something he's not,except when he's acting of course ❤
linda peters
linda peters:
I've always admired will Smith but I have gained so much more admiration and respect for him by watching his unfiltered self. Mad Love and respect sir. Thank you for giving us aspirations to look deeply inside ourselves.
Rachel June
Rachel June:
I love you Will Smith. You deserve the best this world could never give. ❤️
Ser humano incomparável.
A celebrity that is willing to let us see the real person. I’ve ALWAYS loved how genuine he is. We love you thanks for letting us in.
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs:
I just love Will Smith he is one of my favorites, I appreciate him for being so open with us and I love his book. I just want to meet Will Smith and give him a hug.
Debora Blessed and Favored
Debora Blessed and Favored:
Will thank you for being you. I am 50 and it’s not easy loosing weight. I was in the Air Force and my body does not look as it used to. Between meds, children. Work, and stress it’s hard to keep the weight off. Yes I feel embarrassed at times to share pictures of me with friends and families because I honestly don’t want to hear their criticism. I have seen the reactions from a few of them already and although I tried to ignore the comment, it does hurt me. As time passes, I have learned to be happy with myself and to accept me as I am today. Thank you for motivating us. God bless you always.
Shimon Cohen
Shimon Cohen:
No matter what, we love Will Smith.
I really respect him for sharing this. My cousins all have beautiful curves and large breasts and I've never had any of that-all I had was being "the skinny cousin". I know we shouldn't worry about what people think but when you're constantly compared it can be easy to focus on what physical traits you do and don't have. Now dealing with depression, alcoholism and the pandemic, I've gained weight and now don't even have that. I have restarted many times and backtracked just as many. It's good to know that even the world's biggest stars go through this.
A Cappella Trudbol
A Cappella Trudbol:
Wow this was refreshing and inspiring. Getting back in shape at 40+ is tough, staying there is too.
I dropped 45 lbs 10 years ago, quit the smokes and started running. I'm now a singer and an avid half-marathoner.
It's hard but I am so freaking glad I did this.
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey:
Will's wife's boyfriend really appreciates his girlfriend's husband for sticking up for her.
Case 2_0
Case 2_0:
The real question is, can he lose all his respect in a few seconds? The answer is yes, yes he can.
Mike M.
Mike M.:
Thank you for sharing this with the world. Thank you for being honest and not hiding behind a facade. I believe this will inspire people way more than an image of perfection.
Great job! I love Will , You´re so amazing and this is a masterpiece.

Thank you for sharing <3
Amit Bhawani
Amit Bhawani:
Will will Do it!
Desiralblethrive Silva Albert Fam
Desiralblethrive Silva Albert Fam:
I started my workout in February. I dropped 20 lbs in 6 weeks.
I started out working out intense but then I dropped it to just eating less calories to just working 3 jobs. I'm a mother of 5 and I am now 150 lb. My goal was drop from 200lb to 130 but I couldn't do in 9 years even though I was active. See it look easy when you're just younger but as you're older it's not easy to loose a lb every week. Today I'm weight 150 lb and I am ok with that.
I find that it must start from the inside out.
I enjoyed watching this. It's nice to see people being themselves, especially celebrities. Hiding behind a facade of perfection is so harmful to them and the public.
Sun Lee
Sun Lee:
wow. this program is a gem. someone as positive and hard working person like will smith showing his weak side. shows we all have ups and downs. even those who achieved greatness
Been watching all your videos “Motivayion for 2022” Love the soil, flower and seed theory. Thanks Will for your transparency 💯
Eugene Lau
Eugene Lau:
A lot of respect to Will for this and giving a glimpse of the struggle of trying to get in shape. In a lot of times, people do not show this side of the coin like this and the training is usually a montage of sped up clips of the training and then the results. Losing weight and getting in shape is no joke. Even with all the personal trainer and equipment, the process itself is very tough and can even be stressful and depressing at time. Great show. Keep it up.
Cringe Videos
Cringe Videos:
He was training for the slap
Albert Davalos
Albert Davalos:
The most real I’ve seen a human being ever! Thank you for sharing your journey and by the way your trueness to yourself is motivating like so raw and real!
shardae joseph
shardae joseph:
Will is deconstructing to build a new version of himself. He is showing us that he's just like us, he needs us to understand this. Thank you. Seems like he has dealt with the narcissistic aspects of himself and is on his way. Thank you will❤️
i know you will never see this Will, but from one nobody to the next, Dont be so hard on yourself. you are amazing, you are kind and you are loved.
Alyssa Reach
Alyssa Reach:
“I’m at a calorie deficit and I’m in here crying every day.” I felt that so much.
Coding Pixie
Coding Pixie:
the great awakening...this is good stuff...and you are still funny even when you are upset - cos you are showing your learnt about feelings with Willow...its time to look at your own feelings about yourself too. Love yourself. We love you man. I grew up with the fresh prince from all the way in Romania - you got me through some difficult times. Was smiling because of the fresh prince. My only reason to smile for some years. So no worries..keep going. You gave the world a looot.

Will - we love you - get well.
Krisley Vidal
Krisley Vidal:
Love Love love Will Smith!!! You are inspiring thousands of people to go for a lifestyle change!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Ivan Flores
Ivan Flores:
Wow!!! It’s incredible how you get to see the real thing, no fantasy stuff THANK YOU WILL ♥️
William Snyder
William Snyder:
Great series, love the humor. I am sure we all wish we had access to have the resources Will has.
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin:
Thank God Will Smith built up all the strength for the Academy Awards, he really needed all his might to slap a man half his size.
Shair Khan
Shair Khan:
I've hit gym 3 times in my life. Right now is my third time. And, every time it was the same thing. I would gain weight before I lose it. First time it was 3 months of weight gain. Second time, was 2 months. This time it was one month.

There is one thing I stopped doing, I stopped checking my weight all 3 times when I started.

I checked my clothes, they felt loser.
I checked my appetite, I got hungrier.
I checked my water intake, cause I would drink 4 liters.

Everything felt better.

Your body replaces fat with muscle. You are constantly in this state. You did NOT fail Will, neither did I.

Good Luck on Your Journey Will! You Will Do It! It's in your name!
After seeing what happened at the Award show, and coming across this video. I wonder, if maybe the Doctor whom worked with Mr Smith for a year, is actually helping him, mentally?
Stray Sheep
Stray Sheep:
I was 212-217lbs 3 months ago. I started an extreme diet. Stopped eating more than I burned. And now I weigh 197. NO EXERCISE. It really had me thinking...if I work out as well, won't I lose a ton a weight? I'm glad Will confronted himself. As someone that is starting to confront themselves, I really appreciate this journey.
Lawrence Ng
Lawrence Ng:
As someone part of the healthcare industry, it frustrates me seeing the ending of this episode. The disappointment in the results a scale gives someone as it crushes their dreams of an accomplishing week. There are so many factors that can go into a 1lb gain that isn't discussed which could easily change the demeanour of this video and his journey of getting to his target weight. He could be feeing 100 times better than the start of the week, yet just because of that single number at the end, his mindset is crushed, which is how most of society will feel. I hope people will look at the intangibles of physical activity, rather than the straight up number, which could be misleading for the most part, because of muscle mass gain, or just literally what you ate or drank the night before, to being slightly more stressed at the end of the week.

My bad on the rant, but this seems to be a big platform so many people will see this video, not many will read this, but hopefully it'll push some to continue with the grind for a healthier life.
dayna vogt
dayna vogt:
a man I respect is one who is willing to be candid and that bravery is so freaking huge. Haven't met many of those men. Thank you Will, for showing what's real and allowing us to see it.
You have been a gem of a ‘true light’ in all forms in my life when it come to building up, laughter-never give up -be true to yourself for others you love!!! Thank you 😊 💝
We didn’t know Will was practicing slap boxing…
James Ghost
James Ghost:
This man mental strength is unmatched i think the best shape he was in was i am legend.
This is a show a lot of us men & women need man! I appreciate the openness and vulnerability here!! I’m tuning into this whole series & book!
When he was reading the first chapter of his biography I cried but when this man was joking I laughed as hell. My man hit diffrent.
Jill Mandley
Jill Mandley:
Dude, love this so far, just started down the Binge Rabbit Hole. Love your therapist TOTALLY but don't let her get in your head. Don't see your humor as a bad thing. PLEASE! We the funny folks show the other folks how to get through it. We have the greatest chance for ourselves and to show others how to shrug it off and keep it pushing! Life ain't so damn serious. Funny is and always will be the BEST medicine ever, well next to LOVE!
Ra C
Ra C:
I think he still looks in good shape even before the transformation compared to most common men
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton:
Nice to see such honesty rather than the usual social media life is always great nonsense. Great piece of work 👍
So happy you are sharing this health odyssey with the world, Will.
Space Parrot
Space Parrot:
20 pounds in 20 weeks. That's actually totally doable and not even nearly a heavy goal.
So long as we have this much Willpower ;)
ቆንጆ ሀበሻዊት
ቆንጆ ሀበሻዊት:
I admire this man, so genuine, humbe and real. Hats off to him for purtting it all out there. I was almost tired off watching all the fake celebrities.
El amor que lleva este ser humano dentro, es inmenso
Helnia Zuvi
Helnia Zuvi:
I’m upset that your trainer didn’t explain the 1lb weight gain that can occur. You have a team of professionals that let you believe that your second weigh-in is a failure rather than a step in the right direction. I’m no expert (not yet at least) but as someone that has struggled with weight and understanding the science of my body through every outlet and failing multiple times - I can’t begin to express how sad that made me feel. That’s not a failure, and I hope that everyone that thinks it is reads this so that if they’re going through the same journey they don’t get discouraged and give up. There are ups and downs but no failure so long as you continue
"The funnier the person, the greater the pain" I felt that .
Mill Monaliza
Mill Monaliza:
Ms. Lisa Harris
Ms. Lisa Harris:
Love you Will. Please be well. I think your wife is toxic. Sorry.
❤ u
nel dormiveglia
nel dormiveglia:
It's really nice to see a man join this body confidence movement, I feel like a lot of boys and not so young boys will benefit from this.
Chris Schroeder
Chris Schroeder:
Weight, age... theyre just numbers. You are achieving greatness! Much respect.
Christana Fagbile
Christana Fagbile:
I really appreciate Will for showing the process. Everything he’s going through with his weight loss journey (reflecting on your younger body, working hard but not seeing the scale change, the self criticism, the disappointment, etc) is completely relatable. Most celebrities just show up on IG with a new body like it’s easy. It’s not.
McDonogh Rahloh
McDonogh Rahloh:
Damn Will. That opening letter was powerful. I’ve never felt a celebrity explain how I’ve felt so deeply before, that was crazy.
Emilce Quevedo Rodriguez
Emilce Quevedo Rodriguez:
Quedé con ganas de más, gracias Will por compartir
Love Chris more than ever now - Go Chris - you ROCK!!!!
Victoria Whitlock
Victoria Whitlock:
"The funnier the person, the greater the pain."

Oof. Robin Williams.
Damn, too bad Will Smith finished his autobiography early. He didn't include the punch line....
Paige Rich
Paige Rich:
You wow me. You speak to my soul. I can relate and get through life with real emotions and not feel uncomfortable, you are my idol!
Matt Bishop
Matt Bishop:
Will was preparing for last night at the Oscar's for months apparently! 😯
Emmanuelle Awad
Emmanuelle Awad:
I know this feels hard right now, at one point in my life I was really heavy and many people looked at me and decided not to like me or want to be near me, so I had decided to cope with my pain by making others laugh and cracking jokes all the time. soon enough I had an amazing groupe of entourage and so many amazing friends, then a massive break came along in the project we had started, I soon proceeded to have many breakdowns and cry so much, it even got to the extent that I wanted to end my life.. I realized that no one was going to do the work for me and I lost over 25lb in about 3 months I know this seems like a long time but trust me there is no better feeling in life than when you want to live..
Andile Mngomezulu
Andile Mngomezulu:
I'm definitely not just rooting for his success but his happiness as well.
Will Smith is proving to be an amazingly genuine and real man and I hope that in all this he finds joy in himself no matter how things turn out physically ❤
Mackis Manousaridis
Mackis Manousaridis:
and this is exactly why youtube got rid of the dislike button
Kandy Kaye
Kandy Kaye:
I think I love him. I don’t care what weight he is. Everything about him makes me smile. 🤷‍♀️
Latrice King
Latrice King:
Hi Will! I am reading your book 📕 and you posed a question pg. 243.(Gigi meets Jada) I agree with Jada nothing was funny. However, the way you talked about how life is about memories, you’re mad now but it wears off, we’re going to get married, have kids, and it’s a story was hilarious 😂. Comedic genius. Enjoy your day! 🥰
Niket kumar
Niket kumar:
what a nice guy. I hope he doesn't slap someone in the future.
Corey Lanier
Corey Lanier:
The level of humility it takes to make something like this is inspiring on all levels.
Willbo 2013
Willbo 2013:
You can tell he's still insanely strong; doing 70 lb dumbbells on incline is no simple task
Donald Highsmith
Donald Highsmith:
Being in my 50s i am learning to reinvent myself and I give thanks to people who show you can do it. Thank you
Carl Fearby
Carl Fearby:
some times inspiration comes from challenge and what appears to be failure and weakness, its understanding that, that will make you succeed, im hooked at this series already
Sebastian Tkocz
Sebastian Tkocz:
Ehrenmann Will❤️ niemand redet über so ein sensibles Thema einer Ehefrau. Gut gemacht
"The funnier the person, the greater the pain."

Oof. Robin Williams.
Sam Theman
Sam Theman:
I was wondering what they were expecting on the scale without any fat % on there. Will has been in great shape almost his whole life also muscle wise. So when he puts on weight and mass with fat and hits the gym he's gonna see some real fast muscle gains(because of muscle memory) and because the fat hasn't had the time to burn off yet he's increasing the weight momentarily. If he keeps at it the fat will burn even faster because the more muscle you have the faster it burns the fat. This is why if you wan't some fast fat burning to happen go hit them leg days because they are the biggest muscles in your body and they'll start burning that belly.