CARABAO CUP HIGHLIGHTS | Norwich City 0-3 Liverpool

Highlights from Norwich City's 3-0 defeat to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup.



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Taury Taury
Taury Taury:
Big up nowrich admin the Liverpool one is always late & come with 1 minute short highlights thank you for being quick despite losing🙏🏾
V B:
So happy to see Minamino shine and am not even a Liverpool fan.
Unggahne Neh Channel
Unggahne Neh Channel:
Apreciation from Liverpool fan, Norwich had a good game too but liverpool more clinical in the pinalty area.
abdul karim
abdul karim:
Admin has no hate...for all those Liverpool goal's replays
Proud of Billy Gilmour. He is too good for Norwich City at the moment
ariel johnson
ariel johnson:
billy is a baller he shines in every match for norwich even though they don't win a lot
“Cuando conseguimos nuestro objetivo creemos que el camino fue bueno”.
Paul Valéry
I have to say Taki was excellent and full of confidence infront of goal.. Gilmour is some baller and will be one of the best players in the near future
Cak Choiri
Cak Choiri:
Liverpool have a lot of potential young players. Liverpool's future will be bright
honestly speaking, as much as norwich lost this game, they played so well...I've been following up on norwich since their championship days and I must say, I've become a big norwich fan...I'm a die hard Chelsea fan but big up to them
finally Taki got his chance
waz 312
waz 312:
I want to at least see Taki coming off the bench more and getting the odd start in the Premier League. He has always struck me as the kind of player who can beat the low block by dribbling past two or three defenders when we're being frustrated by teams parking the bus
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
Thank you admin, appreciate and respect you posted the highlights even though you're losing.
*Hope Norwich City can stay in the Premier League, you've got a great and proper squad.*
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven:
Fair play to Bradley for picking himself up and growing into the game after conceding the penalty and initiated the buildup to Minamino's 2nd Goal.
Sumukh Samak
Sumukh Samak:
Neutral fan, Norwich played really well - counterattacks were superb, finishing and play in the final third has to be better. Congratulations Liverpool, well held and won.
Hello,I'm Japanese and Liverpool fan!
I'm exciting now,because Taki got 2G!!

But,I think NOR is good team too!
I'm looking forward to that your team will be strong more!

I can't speak English well,sorry.
FunJohn Entertainment
FunJohn Entertainment:
I'm a Liverpool fan and I do respect the Norwich fanbase, always had their teams back all through the game. I hope you guys start winning games as soon as possible. One love ❤️
Zayhan Aqmeer
Zayhan Aqmeer:
well played Norwich..from a Liverpool fan👏
Zu_ Chini
Zu_ Chini:
Billy is such a talent ❤️🔥.. Will be very glad to see him at Chelsea again
kecebong beranak
kecebong beranak:
Big thanks to Norwich.. As a fan of liverpool, i can see the highlights of this match on your YouTube. Coz till now, liverpool hasn't upload the video highlights.. And for Tsimikas, you played very well, your corners and assist much better than Robbo and TAA
YA Official
YA Official:
What a finish from Minamino 👍
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome:
Minamino with two brilliant goals 🙌
0:50 Norwich counter attack is phenomenal even im watching this as liv fans
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson:
Love the commentator energy 👍🏼
Aminath Nazeera
Aminath Nazeera:
As a Liverpool Fan. Tzolis is a Gem for u guys.
I watched that match and no doubt Minamino seems to have an excellent eye for goal but he still needs to work on his link-up play with his teammates
Azurin XD
Azurin XD:
Gilmour, my eyes always on him. It's great thing to see future star in making get so much room for improvement here
And the highlight duration way more satisfying than the victory party's
Best of luck to Norwich in the coming Premier League game, from a Liverpool fan
Aleef Mohammed
Aleef Mohammed:
Billy Gilmour has the potential to be a very good player.
john honai
john honai:
0:31 That was a brilliant attacking move.
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin:
Liverpool will have a great season ahead under Jurgen Klopp, this team is amazing
Thank you Norwich for the 3 points and the full 4 min highlights!
That touch from gilmour .. although heavy .. it look good still
Gebreyesus Tenagashaw Bayeh
Gebreyesus Tenagashaw Bayeh:
Love killer. he knows when to compete to catch the ball and when to wait in the box. this is real mental strength.
Ramotedi Siregar
Ramotedi Siregar:
If Minamino shooting harder, that must be not goal. Very smart.
sunny Sleep 💤
sunny Sleep 💤:
Love the way Norwich play 👍🏼
doire aintu
doire aintu:
Liverpool will have a great season ahead under Jurgen Klopp, this team is amazing
The Canaries- Yellows
The Canaries- Yellows:
I have never been so ashamed to be an NCFC fan.. in my life
5 on target from norwich wow i am liverpool fans but well play ❤️
Pra Sid
Pra Sid:
Liverpool fire on this season🔥🔥🔥
mayur neelavar
mayur neelavar:
What a lovely commentator, no nonsense rapid lovely commentary!!
Sabar Super
Sabar Super:
Stay strong norwich
Tsimikas played very good! Tzolis except the penalty played very good! Giannoulis played very good! I am very happy to see Greek players playing very good in a English match. There are the best Greek players with Pelkas and Bakasetas!
Norwich admin is good . Even the fans are well mannered ✌️
Big up to Kelleher for the penalty save it was crucial he saved that 🙌
David Dulaev
David Dulaev:
Minamino is so good!
cliff ng
cliff ng:
Finally we see a happy Minamino. Keep it up and need time to settling in the team.
Dante Satriatama
Dante Satriatama:
When Norwich gave you a better highlights than Liverpool
Vishvesh Pethkar
Vishvesh Pethkar:
Well played Norwich...just hard luck......really well played 🤘🤘
Ansat Saghat
Ansat Saghat:
My gratitude to Norwich city FC <3 Love from Kazakhstani LFC fan <3
Millie Quinn
Millie Quinn:
Liverpool seem to score with every corner how
Liverpool new left back is a real talent Robb needs to be keep on his toes
Narad Sai
Narad Sai:
Thank you for this, always liked the canaries, YNWA ❤️
kyle coleman
kyle coleman:
Origi and Chamberlain still offer Liverpool alot regardless of what people say they really good players when called upon. YNWA
harrison gan
harrison gan:
Norwich future looked good with the number of young talents in their rank - An LFC fan.
Temidayo's Vlog
Temidayo's Vlog:
Much appreciated Norwich admin. Keep up the good work.
munyaradzi siti
munyaradzi siti:
i think this team will go the whole season without winning a game, I am worried
Jukka O. Parviainen
Jukka O. Parviainen:
Origi’s height : drops the ball to Tikitaki, then himself drops the ball to the net. Liverpool needs also such players, most underrated in the squad by fans but not by players.
adi santos
adi santos:
Norwich were amazing last night, the build up just... WOW. But the luck was just not with them. Good luck for the next matches!
Abhilash Reddy456
Abhilash Reddy456:
Minamino should be used in 1st team
Norwich had so many quality chances, they were unlucky to get not get a goal or two.
Hassan Pushe
Hassan Pushe:
Norwich city great team 💪 respect
Good luck Norwich hope you manage to survive and stay up.. from a Liverpool fan
norwich played so well with the ball but them failed to score one is beyond me
liouy cnny
liouy cnny:
billy is a baller he shines in every match for norwich even though they don't win a lot
Robert Eliashvili
Robert Eliashvili:
Best of luck to Norwich from Liverpool fan 💛
That Norwich first chance was so good though by Liverpool fans
mahmud siddiquey
mahmud siddiquey:
Thanks Norwich Admin. Great highlights
Michael McKay
Michael McKay:
Great commentator. Even if it was the Norwich channel he wasn’t biased.
Bhagas Ade Pramono
Bhagas Ade Pramono:
Bro, built up attack from Norwich such beautiful thing
Xbulelo - Profound Punk
Xbulelo - Profound Punk:
Very happy for Mini - watching this whilst on the beach with Sangria (for Luis Garcia) in Mallorca 🙃
liverpool still nailed it evendo without m.salah ...
I hope you turn it quickly in the Premier league resultwise cause i like your style of football a lot. But your strikers should take their chances. What they do is somehow criminal to the team work you put in the game. All the best Norwich from Germany
Leo Fender
Leo Fender:
I visit Norwich alot and even though a red born and bred have a soft spot for both the club and the city. Probably goes back to _Sale of the Century_ as a lad, which I loved.
Ive also stopped buying Colman's Mustard, as if mustard isn't from Norwich then it's not mustard. So p come on Norwich, get your defence tighter and mark your men better.
1:44 this is not a finish from a striker, but from a U19 player
Norwich had so many good chances they could've been 2-1 up by halftime
Min Jie Ong
Min Jie Ong:
So many Liverpool fans, me too. In future I’ll come here to watch all Norwich highlights. Good club & good football.
samuel Brian
samuel Brian:
You have to admit Norwich had a Good game
Frank Servant
Frank Servant:
To think that Norwich didn't score a single goal after all those chances is mindblowing
KURA TUBE ኩራ ትዩብ
KURA TUBE ኩራ ትዩብ:
Thanks for the highlight 🙏 /Lfc fan/
Anuj C
Anuj C:
Well play by Norwich
Peasant of Asgardian
Peasant of Asgardian:
Massive respect for the Norwich Sportmanship
Neil Brown
Neil Brown:
Thanks kloop for everything you do
M Govella
M Govella:
This commentator is either the most passionate or a secret Liverpool fan. The excitement is intense.
Tim the Gamer
Tim the Gamer:
Norwich really good on the break
Saifuddin Sidek
Saifuddin Sidek:
Liverpool young talent. Kloop back up team for another trophies. Genius. Minimize injury.
Lord Yobe
Lord Yobe:
Liverpool fans are gathered here watching Norwich highlights on the Norwich Youtube channel. Epic😅🔥
리중딱 is just something some of bad people made up. I'm starting to feel happy!! All I'm saying, I can think how awesome it would be if they win the champions league and premier league. Do you think it's weird that they do dudge the bullet? The point that i wanna make is that I'm dying for liverpool to win for a whole year!! On my owner👑
Good job Taki, and well done Norwich.
Aarjyaaditya Mohanty
Aarjyaaditya Mohanty:
0:32 what a ball made by the defence to counter attack.
Percy Prodigson
Percy Prodigson:
Bravo les gars vous avez ete' fantastique
Mainak Das
Mainak Das:
Big big save by our Goalkeeper, Coihamin Kehhheler.Superb block .🙏🙏🤫🤫🔥🔥
Norwich admin 🔥🔥🔥
Great match
Vertigo Black
Vertigo Black:
Suarez fav opposition, he scored at the same time even when not playing for Liverpool 😆
yuoop noke
yuoop noke:
0:50 Norwich counter attack is phenomenal even im watching this as liv fans
I belief that man of the match of this should be the Liverpool goalkeeper
Is no one gonna talk abt how good gilmour performance is in this game?
Randy Ng
Randy Ng:
Norwich attack was class but no end product whereas liverpool has origi and minamino
Phong Quoc
Phong Quoc:
Good match Liverpool
adhi nauval
adhi nauval:
Kelleher in liverpool give me the same vibes with Dean henderson in MU and Emi martinez when he is still in arsenal. These 3 goalkeeper was great and deserve the starting eleven spot. Hope that Kelleher and Dean henderson live up the challenge too like Emi martinez to find another club