Carlos Alcaraz vs Casper Ruud for the Title | Miami 2022 Final Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Arjan Aiden
Arjan Aiden:
Future number 1. This guy is nothing short of incredible.
Casper Ruud is such a class act. Devastating loss, but doesn’t take anything away from his opponent and is immediately ready to sincerely congratulate them. Great sportsmanship!
Mountaineer Sports and Gaming
Mountaineer Sports and Gaming:
Alcaraz has the lob of Murray, the drop shot of fed and the defense of Djokovic, And also the mentality of Rafa. And if he can put that all together like he did today he will be going places!
Ruud is good, but Alcaraz is a beast! Very entertaining match, but what makes me happier watching them is because they are both nice guys... polite, humble, no drama...
Anustart - Love Each Other
Anustart - Love Each Other:
The forehands these guys were hitting were insanely big, some absolute rockets by both guys. Ruud even averaged (!) 91mph on the forehand midway through the first, but that level was not sustainable. Alcaraz is just insane tho, if he stays injury free there’s lots of Masters and Majors to go his way. Hope Ruud gets his big title soon, such a nice, humble and fair guy, he really deserves it
Can't see anything stopping Alcaraz now. The kid's something else and his game is so varied, it's insane
Fer Blues
Fer Blues:
I can't wait to see him win a Grand Slam. It is definitely going to be a special moment.
Joelida Toebiria
Joelida Toebiria:
Carlos Alcaraz has generated more hype for Tennis in the last 2 weeks than Nick Kyrgios did in the last 8 years.
Schreckschusspistolen Jörg
Schreckschusspistolen Jörg:
If you look in Carlos eyes you will see his mentality. The mentality is composed of humble behaviour, passion and not about money or a crazy show.
I’ve always been a fan of Juan Carlos Ferrero and it’s great to see him coaching Alcaraz
BrandX MacZ
BrandX MacZ:
Ruud is a beast, but Alacraz is a monster.
josé antonio nos
josé antonio nos:
I would like guys like Alcaraz, Ruud, Auger-Aliasimme and some others with a sporting spirit, who don't break rackets, who don't protest, to beat arrogant players who are just the opposite (Zverez, Tsisipas, Medvedev...).
Jose Miguel Jorge Manzano
Jose Miguel Jorge Manzano:
Todo un espectáculo! Que gran orgullo! 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 🇪🇸
He is scary, not because he plays so good, we all can see that, but because he seems to be a good kid. Good, honest and humble character. Im so excited to see him grow and win titles.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
Carlos has the tennis world at his feet. What a phenomenal new force to reshape the game when it needs it the most.
You'd think his first ATP 1000 final aged 18 would scare him but no, 2 sets, done, onto the next one
Dezzilio Devellini
Dezzilio Devellini:
Carlos Alcatraz is the new young sensation of the tennis court. I like everything about him. His strongest attribute is the fact that he remains confident during the matches... even when he begins to lag. Then he simply gets into a higher zone of concentration, never gives up and wins. CONGRATULATIONS to Carlos!
J. S.P
J. S.P:
Not just the first of many.
He wasn't even playing with 100% confidence on the first set & took the match with 2-0.
The kid will just dominate the sport for a decade to say the least.
kinkiboy skrrr
kinkiboy skrrr:
When I see Carlos Alcaraz playing only one thing comes to my mind: the chosen one to follow the way of Rafael Nadal.
Jose Cataylo Jr
Jose Cataylo Jr:
Carlos is like a diesel, when he gets hot in his game, he starts to dominate.. in most of his matches here in Miami, he is catching up with the points but when he gets there, without you knowing, he stole the set.. Congratulations Carlos really well deserved!
Can't believe someone this young can master such a strong mentality. Congrats to Carlos for this title he deserves it 💪🏽
Nicholas Morre
Nicholas Morre:
CONGRATS to Casper Ruud on a great tournament. Hoping to see him win 1000s and Majors in the future! Such a nice, humble guy and a complete tennis player.
2028 END
2028 END:
First major this year? Don't count him out !!!
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
The first of many of these titles for Carlos 💥

What a talent. Who knows what’s next for him, the world is his oyster 🇪🇸🏆🔥
Jorge Ataca V
Jorge Ataca V:
That hug with Juan Carlos Ferrero… 😢 very emotional
The fact that Alcaraz consistently gets off to bad starts and still manages to win is all that much more impressive. He’s amazing at adaptation. Just wait until he’s even better at steamrolling right from the beginning.
Andrés Pablos Esteban
Andrés Pablos Esteban:
Y al final: la gloria. Que se busca, que se trabaja, con fe, con perseverancia,creyendo en uno mismo y dejándose la piel. Enhorabuena Carlos. Comienza la ruta. Te llevará muy lejos.
John O'Neill
John O'Neill:
There's no escape from Alcaraz.
Raf Alegre
Raf Alegre:
I have a new tennis idol now: Carlos Alcaraz is like a mix of Federer's brilliance, Nadal's power shots and Djoker's mental strenght. He can even get to eclipse the big 3 in a near future, or is he doing it already now?? And he's not even 19 years old for goodness sake!
Joachim Skahjem
Joachim Skahjem:
I’m calling it now, this was a preview of many Roland Garros finals to come. These two will definitely face off in a lot of big matches over the years, especially on clay. I actually think they are the two biggest favorites for RG this year behind Nadal and Djokovic.
Joel Byrd
Joel Byrd:
This is one of the most incredible achievements I’ve ever witnessed. The kid is unbelievable.
Juan Pablo Viano
Juan Pablo Viano:
Tremendo jugador, muy completo, camino a destronar a los tres grandes (Ra, Ro, No), ha nacido un nuevo fenómeno del tenis mundial, 👏: Carlos!!👏🇪🇸🇪🇸
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
This kid is a futur legend ! Lets enjoy everyone here the rise of Alcaraz
Michael J
Michael J:
Such a satisfying title streak! 250 -> NextGen -> 500 and now 1000
Nathan Jen
Nathan Jen:
The aggression of Federer, the mental fortitude of Nadal and the flexibility of Djokovic. As long as he can stay healthy he's gonna be at the top of the game for a very long time.
Ian Smirna
Ian Smirna:
Ruud put on a good fight against Carlos and the crowd. I think he had been away for some time and that’s a great way to come back. He’s also one of the rare guys to applause his opponent when Carlos lift up the trophy. Both great tennis men, both classy, now let’s enjoy watching them on their favorite surface ;)
Me encanta Alcaraz!!! Lo tiene todo para ser el número uno dentro de poco tiempo. Y lo mejor es español. Me recuerda a Nadal en muchas cosas, como celebra con el VAAMOS! como se tira al suelo al ganar, como se crece. Tiene ganas, hambre y talento. Todo lo necesario para triunfar💪
Mitchell Hall0697
Mitchell Hall0697:
A real star. Cannot wait to see what else comes his way in the future. Such a likeable guy
What a mental strength he already has! That first set come back was amazing! What a performance all along the tournament! Well done Carlos! 👍💪
Luis Miguel Del Valle Martínez
Luis Miguel Del Valle Martínez:
Enhorabuena Alcaraz, eres un fenómeno 👏👏🇪🇸❤
What amazes (and scares) me most is the fact he played quite lousy (for his level) and yet won in straight sets with no drama at all. Almost routinely.
Sergio Piedra Azul
Sergio Piedra Azul:
Hola escribo desde Chile, el otro año miraba a Alcaraz y lo veía como un gran jugador, no llamándome la atención, ha pasado un año y este Joven de 18 AÑOS se ha convertido en un GRAN jugador y gran Campeón, los golpes los tiene, la movilidad la tiene de sobra, resistencia física le sobra, con el tiempo seguramente con el apoyo de su staff ira mejorando aun mas con su tenis, pero lo que mas destaco es su madurez mental para afrontar los partidos, este ganando o este perdiendo, es realmente frio de mente, algo que muy pocos jugadores lo tienen y que hacen la diferencia a la hora de ganar y obtener grandes títulos, y solo tiene 18 años, una barbaridad de jugador. Si cuida bien su físico este muchacho a fin de año, seguramente estará dentro de los 6 mejores del mundo.
Patricia тαρ мє αи∂ ѕєχ ωιтн мє
Patricia тαρ мє αи∂ ѕєχ ωιтн мє:
Carlos Alcaraz has generated more hype for Tennis in the last 2 weeks than Nick Kyrgios did in the last 8 years.
andrew mabs
andrew mabs:
He’s the real deal , talent and mentality , where lots of them before him so called next gen have failed to materialise their full potential and so far failed to succeed , what a treat for tennis fans
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Talented, hardworking, and humble. Keys for success on career/life.
This young man has it all.

Sincerely congrats to him, Carlos Alcaraz, on his first 1000 ATP.

Thank you Tennis TV for all matches.
Minister Avilez
Minister Avilez:
Both Alcaraz and Ruud are deserving but only one could hoist the Miami Trophy. They’re definitely two of my favorite players on tour right now. Great tennis players with no negative traits. Wish them both the best. Congratulations to Alcaraz, he’s well ok his way to greatness
Venti Cold Brewser
Venti Cold Brewser:
Happy for both Alcaraz and Ruud and excited to see what they do in the clay court season.
Noah Fulks
Noah Fulks:
Damn great win for Alcaraz! I remember discovering him in 2019 and am so excited to see where his career goes. Also a great tournament and showing for Ruud, it’s nice to see him not “stealing points on clay,” especially since he’s now made as many Masters finals on a hardcourt as the asshat who made that comment.
The crowd already loves him! who will be able to stop his irresistible ascencion? 🤷‍♂️💪💪
Al Alba
Al Alba:
The affection that the Miami public has shown him has been essential for his victory. They adopted him as a child. I think Miami will always have a special place in Carlitos' heart.
Friendly Robot
Friendly Robot:
Alcaraz is the only young player who looks like he has the passion and intensity to be a generational champion. We’ve been spoiled by the GOATs for the last twenty years, but, there may very well come a day in the near future where the tennis world BELONGS to Carlos Alcaraz.
The power and angle on some of Alcaraz’s cross court forehands is UNREAL. He has so many weapons and is a great mover. He’s gonna be terrifying on the tour if he can stay free of injuries. Also becoming more of a fan of Ruud. Guy deserves a lot, too.
Wander Luster
Wander Luster:
Shows grace on and off the court.I will be rooting for this young man!
What makes it both amazing and scary is the fact that he’s only 18 and has lots of room/time for improvement, we could be witnessing a one in a million case. None of the big3 were nearly as complete as he is in such a young age. INSANE.
Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas:
Yes, I told you he'd be Miami's champion of the year. A title that spain legends have failed to do #vamoss alcaraz😍❤️
MD Amin
MD Amin:
Alcaraz had some nerves starting the match but quickly settled in and focused to get back the set. Two young guns who gave it everything they got.. Great match! Congratulations to Alcaraz and Casper for the great challenge. The future of tennis is in safe hands
What an almighty performance from Alcaraz. I love Ruud as well, one of my favorite players nowadays. Congrats both on an amazing tournament
My new favorite player. Finally.

Incredible.. Mister Alcaraz
Ruud is a great player who will mark this new generation as well no doubt about it: he is composed, tactical and smart with some very fine hitting. But Alcaraz is stealing everybody's heart with his style: a true champion writing the first pages of a beautiful and long book of achievements ! This new gen is exciting !
Sidnei Medeiros Vicente
Sidnei Medeiros Vicente:
consistente Alcaraz. su marca en Miami. fue consistente. Sin victorias aplastantes. Pero es el campeón. Mucho gracias su consistencia. saludos desde Brasil. Vamos Carlitos!
Balkanski pogled na svijet
Balkanski pogled na svijet:
I am watching him since he was 15, great to see him grow!
I've been hyperbolic in some of my praise of Alcaraz; this time I'll just say he's really putting his game together and he has what it takes to beat anyone right now.
Peggy Underhill
Peggy Underhill:
What a good match. And played with no drama and great sportsmanship. Tsitsi/Zverev/Joker et Al take note.
Daniele Marocchi
Daniele Marocchi:
What a fantastic final!!!! Finally two great sportsmen!!! Very happy for Ruud, incredible tennis from him....from now I'm his fan at all!! Alcaraz is the hope for tennis future....great idea of tennis, and great shots....congrats to this fantastic young man!!
Someone Han
Someone Han:
incredible tennis from Alcaraz. absolutely incredible
The next Roger Nadalovic. Even last year I was convinced he was the best young player I had ever seen and since then he seems to have bulked up masssively as well. Very entertaining to watch since he has every shot and plays with variety
Just imagine if there was never Covid!! He could of been doing this while 17.
Simply beautiful.
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
the best match of the miami open so high tension to see final between alcaraz vs casper ruud, world class match, frankly and glad to see "the kid" carlos alcaraz getting better & better, vamos carlos alcaraz
Love this guy . We never thought we would see another Rafa again. Well he’s here and could possibly achieve more.
What a journey and such an incredible career for the young 18 yo. No drama just play. And great classy handshake and hugging at the end. Ferrero is such a great coach. Rudd got a nice run too but today he’s just falling short
Portuguese Power
Portuguese Power:
Ruud is a true gentleman and a great player indeed. Alcaraz from the ITFs and challengers I used to see him play against top 300 and 400 in epic 3 set matches. This just proves that challengers and ITFs have a great role to play in a players game and evolution.
I have been wondering who could possibly replace Federer, as he is on his way out sadly, as my new favorite player and there have been potentials but this kid just solidified it, unreal talent and heart
surendarsingh kanka
surendarsingh kanka:
Rudd's progress has been steady and looks a genuine French open prospect this year...Alcaraz running forehand cross court is outstanding, is a running down the line next in line?
pat comerford
pat comerford:
We have witnessed the birth of a second Spanish God of Tennis - lets adore him!
Many congratulations!💐❤️💛❤️
GF 陳
GF 陳:
If you see the score 1-4 in the opening set, I'm sure you'll think that Ruud might win the first set. But Carlos is a great fighter and plays 6-1 then.
regguyftl65 Don
regguyftl65 Don:
Kudos to both these great players 👏👏👏👏. Both really showed their talent,hard work and patience this tournament. Still can’t believe how mature a player Carlos is at 18. PLEASE,STAY HUMBLE,YOUNG MAN. They both deserve a rest,after that match and the whole tournament
Enhorabuena Carlos! 🇪🇸🇪🇸
As someone in the early 20s, it occurred to me that if alcaraz proceeds to become a hell of a player like nadal, me watching alcaraz would be like some current 40s fan who started to watch nadal at my age. Indirectly experiencing the potential nostalgia here… congrats to the spaniard by the way ¡vamos!
Lo que mas asusta de Alcaraz es que da la sensación de que todavía puede mejorar mucho mas
The crowd already loves him! who will be able to stop his irresistible ascencion? 🤷‍♂️💪💪
Joe Nathan
Joe Nathan:
Lightning shots and excellent placing by Carlos! Great game by both players! Congrats Carlos!
ivan chiew
ivan chiew:
That running forehand gave me chills. Glad another great one coming out of Spain to take the run.
Alfredo Durán
Alfredo Durán:
Very good beginning of a new era of men's tennis and especially Spaniard with this young and very intelligent, simple and humble boy. I hope that this and many more tournaments are won by him, he deserves it. I would not deliberately say that he is going to be the replacement for Rafita Nadal, but he does make a difference just as he is doing today. IMHO!
Paul Macklin
Paul Macklin:
The future of men’s tennis is looking awesome. Both of these young men, great capabilities and character.
K Lutz
K Lutz:
Dude has more variety in his game than any of the big 3 had at age 18 🎾
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
Congrats to Carlito, and nice job to Casper too. Keep working hard and stay humble, you will get yours soon Casper. Two of my new favs.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Spectacular performance by Alcaraz 💚💚💚. He possesses all ingredients necessary for future world #1👍👍👍.
I will admit that i was rooting for Ruud, however I'm not sadened to see Alcaraz win, he is phenomenal and will definitely ascend to nr. 1 in the coming years, he is one of my favorite players.
Eric Burness
Eric Burness:
Alcaraz has really been living up to the hype. So much potential!
Great achievement for the youngster, although he’s still far from level reached by big four. That said, we don’t know his limit yet, so many improvements in a few days… I hope he continues working and impressing us, it has been a very enjoyable game.
Juan fernandez
Juan fernandez:
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Ha nacido una estrella!! 👍👍👍👍
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
Big congratulations to Alcaraz. 👏 He has all the tools to became great, just keep up the consistency.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Just an amazing overpowering display of good tennis by Alcaraz.
Can't see anything stopping Alcaraz now. The kid's something else and his game is so varied, it's insane
the fat
the fat:
Omg. The running cross court forehands.
I'm a fan, love his coach
Zed Earl
Zed Earl:
Nothing more needs to be said about Carlos Alcaraz. I’ve said enough ..future World No.1 he’s now up to 11 in the ATP Rankings. Watch out everyone! VAMOS!!🇪🇸
Udoh Anietie
Udoh Anietie:
Alcaraz is a beast, 💯💯 for a young man with that level of intensity and tennis intelligence... he's going to be one of the greatest players to ever grace the sport 💯,no cap.
R S:
It's been great to watch Alcaraz this year, absolutely electric. What a star he already is.
Vedran Petrov
Vedran Petrov:
Alcaraz is already very good player, but what is scary is that kid is stil far from being fully developed. The future is very bright for him.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
Congrats! What an amazing player, can't wait to see what the future holds for you!