Carlos Alcaraz vs. Federico Coria Highlights | 2022 US Open Round 2

Watch the highlights between Carlos Alcaraz and Federico Coria in Round 2 of the 2022 US Open.

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The 2022 US Open runs from August 23 - September 11 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 142nd time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Daniil Medvedev is the men’s singles reigning champion and Emma Raducanu is the women’s singles reigning champion. Last year, both players claimed their first Grand Slam title, with 18-year-old Raducanu becoming the first-ever qualifier to achieve the feat. This year’s tournament is set to feature a range of greats and future stars looking to add to their records and cement their place in tennis history. Look out for highlights, extended highlights, full matches, press conferences, on-court interviews, hot shots, compilations and more!


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80 comentarios:

Florian Caudron
Florian Caudron:
When alcaraz is able to control his energy he's simply unplayable
One more time, Carlos showing that when he's focused and has the confidence he can play unbeatable tennis. I hope he finds the consistence he needs, that's the last ingredient he lacks to become a GS winning machine.
satyagraha a
satyagraha a:
Alcaraz just hits the ball at a different (higher) level.
Freeman Griffin
Freeman Griffin:
Way to go Carlos!!!! I just love him so much! Best wishes for continued success for the rest of the USO! I really hope he wins it! (:
Sing Tat SUCGC
Sing Tat SUCGC:
After Federer, I thought I would quit watching tennis. Then came Alcaraz.
J J T:
The respect at the end 🤝
Tamir Orbach
Tamir Orbach:
Carlitos Alcaraz is just something else. Absolute class.
Divinity Mode
Divinity Mode:
It’s amazing just how much better Alcaraz is than 95% of the tour at 19 years old. The next couple of years are going to be absolutely fascinating.
Carlos is gonna be rank 1 in no time . This guy a beast
Huge Sports Entertainment
Huge Sports Entertainment:
Every tennis player on the tour is very afraid of Carlos because he is the upcoming rising star 👍
Suvantola S
Suvantola S:
I have to agree Alcaraz is the further of this sport. If he can be more consistent, he will dominate the next decade.
Rocky Waters
Rocky Waters:
Carlos to me is like a hybrid of Federer and Sampras, it's the forehand combined with the athleticism, great player if he can learn to control his energy better.
Colors of Life
Colors of Life:
Great performance by Alcaraz! He should return serve closer to baseline not from far!
Lucena Reccion
Lucena Reccion:
Amazing shots Carlos…congarats on your continuous success as a professional tennis player…stay humble…🙏❤
Matheus Macedo
Matheus Macedo:
2:00 Alcaraz is amazing, but what a point by Coria!
Moe Noor
Moe Noor:
His speed, power, net play are just beyond solid! He has a huge future!
Tugat Galut
Tugat Galut:
Carlos is a Brilliant player, versatile and plucky 💪Great performance 👍
That greeting at the end was everything. Great win for Carlos, but I feel like the excitement around him gets to be a bit…much, at times
Elmo Blatch
Elmo Blatch:
There is no Escape From Alcaraz.
No escape from Alcaraz!
Carlos is stable in this tournament.
his coach says that he still can get better up to 40%. He will dominate the ATP Tour for the next 10years hopefully. Favorit Player besides Nick
Bibi Alan
Bibi Alan:
O Monstruo!!!
Maciej Zając
Maciej Zając:
Jak tak Alcaraz będzie grać to może dość do półfinał albo Finał zależy na kogo trafi
Manuel Caldicot
Manuel Caldicot:
Ganar el primer ser es clave para Alcaraz
Wild & Fun Tennis by FITerer
Wild & Fun Tennis by FITerer:
Congrats on getting to second round Fede!
It’s so frustrating watching US Open Highlights, you already know who won since they put the winner of the match on the thumbnail. 😩
The shortest highlights ever 😭
BoNabil 10
BoNabil 10:
All i can see is a young Nadal i just can’t see him as alcaraz, huge future ahead of him 👏
Re Creation
Re Creation:
If Carlos is able to switch it on, I believe he can beat anyone en route and in the final, and will win the us open. Mark my words.
Jorge Juárez
Jorge Juárez:
I would like a match between Andy Murray vs Carlos Alcaraz could be interesting by the way
Alfredo Durán
Alfredo Durán:
Federico Coria is not even the shadow of what his brother Guillermo Coria was, he was a great and competitive tennis player.
I said this at the start of the year... Alcaraz is winning this
jorge garcia
jorge garcia:
Beast mode on!
Elio Elio
Elio Elio:
Man this guy alcaraz when his game is on, you just feel that he’s unbeatable, should he maintain this high level and confidence in his game the only threat to him will be nadal in this case the man with the most will to win will clinch the title
@2:39 so really alcaraz is 1m80 tall, like Coria, not 1m83 like it says on ATP. Even even appears a bit shorter at the net!
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
with Borna out his path to semies against Rafa is wide open
yt radish
yt radish:
Arif hossain Teachar
Arif hossain Teachar:
Nice player ....I love alcaraz mastermind gaming plan from Bangladesh
Lam Rong Peng
Lam Rong Peng:
Alcaraz keeps getting better
Bambang Fuady
Bambang Fuady:
Once upon a time when carlos meet kyrgios....are you sure that carlos performance stay fierce face ???😎
No sé cómo permitieron al argentino presentarse a jugar con esos calzoncillos... 😸
abra xas
abra xas:
the man of Murphia…who does not know that city 🫣😂
Alcarez all the way baby !
Ana del Rio
Ana del Rio:
Alcaraz gana todos los partidos que puedas
Bastari Bas
Bastari Bas:
Bagi saya US Open 2022
sangat hambar karena tdk adanya
Nopak Djokovic, Sayangggg.
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada:
The Murcian Slayer!!!!
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
Get to final then I'll be impressed
Pablo Hombria
Pablo Hombria:
Carlos me estás diciendo una barbaridad
Hope too see a Sinner - Alcaraz on QF
Max Lee
Max Lee:
Another Spain legend after nadal retired
Carlos screams at the end of sets >>
Spanish Diglett wins 💪
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Victoria de alcaraz
chim to
chim to :
Did you hear what the commentator said at 2:10
Alcarez is a combined packaged of the big 3.
Guy from Argentina wearing a pant with us flag printed on it
Kristine Andersen
Kristine Andersen:
Coria is very handsome😍😍😍
Lito Lito
Lito Lito:
Lo pulverizó.....
Ludwig van Bachmaninoff
Ludwig van Bachmaninoff:
In 2022, US Open channel is still making official 720p highlights......What a disgrace!
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men:
Great ...
Gee I wonder who won the game
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
The GOAT of tennis & greatest champion of all time list: 👑🐐🏆

🇪🇸1) Rafael Nadal.
🇨🇭2) Roger Federer.
🇺🇸3) Pete Sampras.
🇺🇸4) Andre Agassi.
🇸🇪5) Stefan Edberg.
🇦🇺6) Lleyton Hewitt.
🇷🇺7) Marat Safin.
🇩🇪8) Ivan Lendl.
🇺🇸9) Jimmy Connor.
🇸🇪10) Bjorn Borg.
🇯🇵11) ninja warrior.
master 82575
master 82575:
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇪🇸1) Nadal: The Beast.

🇨🇭2) Federer: The Magician.

👑3) FEDAL: The Greatest.
diego shepherd
diego shepherd:
Daan Bruigom
Daan Bruigom:
Eh ah eh eh uh uoh ah Alcaraz eh ah eh !!!!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
Con ese entrenador nunca ganará un grande.
El palmar to palmar
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
Keep rolling 🇯🇵 ninja warrior keep rolling!!! Great Job & Cheers!!! ✅👏👏👏👏✅

Plus, 🇯🇵 ninja warrior the legendary, you’re the best!!! Vamos & Cheers to the rising sun!!! 🐐🇯🇵🥷

Grade: A+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
prince el pendejo
prince el pendejo:
Daan Bruigom
Daan Bruigom:
Eh ah eh ah Alcaraz ah ih oh
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) & 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) is still 100% undisputed champion of tennis & FEDAL 💎 forever!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
que hace coria vestido asi!! cipayo
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
I guarantee 100% & confidence 🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) the beast will lift up the Trophy 🏆 2022 US open champion for the record 6th time & 23rd major champion is still coming soon in advance 💪!!! Mark my word and Vamos Rafa!!! Warriors and Cheers to the Spanish Bull!!! 🇪🇸🏆🐐
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) & 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) golden era of tennis & legend forever!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
Omar Parilli
Omar Parilli:
Carlitos le está ganando a gente perdedora esperemos la 3 ronda. Para no pass, sigue con ansiedad.
Roge r
Roge r:
Have a strange person
Charles C.
Charles C.:
who cares... without the best in the world this tournament is a joke