Carlos Alcaraz Wins FIRST MASTERS 1000 Title! | Championship Point & Trophy Ceremony

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100+ comentarios:

Jess Bell
Jess Bell:
His humility as a person is likable already. Then his talent is off the roof. Way to go Carlos. A perfect present to Fererro’s ailing heart. Good things happen to good people.
Fun fact: Alcaraz was only a 2-year old when Nadal lost his first Miami final. In the end he won it before Rafa. Insane stuff
He is gonna be a serious danger for everyone in clay season coming.. So much energy, speed and clean hits
Both these guys seem like great humans. Great ambassadors for tennis!
Uno_mas 77
Uno_mas 77:
This guy is something special. Rafa has not retired yet, and the next Spanish wonder is already there! He will be tough competition in grand slams from now on. And most importantly, he seems a nice guy with great values. Can’t wait to see you in the clay season. Vamos Carlos!
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen:
Ruud, what a class act and a great speech (spoke very well). He's already a winner even if he didn't win today! Awesome player!
The next Roger Nadalovic. Even last year I was convinced he was the best young player I had ever seen and since then he seems to have bulked up masssively as well. Very entertaining to watch since he has every shot and plays with variety
Just listen how much everyone loves Alcaraz. This guy has the appreciation from the fans like Federer and Nadal did back at the time, at the same age as him. His style of play is different from others in the tour, he wins big titles, goes far in every tournament he gets to play in, and all that at such age. That has to say something for Carlos in the future ahead.
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
The picture of how he’s sharing his success/happiness with his team! Tell me all about the nature of Alcatraz.

Talented, working hard, knowing himself, knowing the other.
To me, the keys of success. Both on career/life.
Alcatraz has it all.

I sincerely Congrats to him, Carlos Alcaras. A well deserved the title.

Thank you for posting.
This is a nice/v.special moment of joy.
Sooyoung Moon
Sooyoung Moon:
Ferrero really seems to care dearly for Alcaraz, and vice versa. True tears of joy for the success of his pupil like it is his own. Beautiful.
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
The first of many of these titles for Carlos 💥

What a talent. Who knows what’s next for him, the world is his oyster 🇪🇸🏆🔥
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
This kid is for real. Awesome to see a humble and fearless young champion. Casper could not have been more gracious.
Rakesh Bhat
Rakesh Bhat:
2 humble and all round players! Carlos is too strong for an 18 year old! Amazing demeanor on the court.

Let's not forget Ruud for being gracious even in defeat! Hard luck for him but there will be many more opportunities and hopefully we can see both of them playing eachother on a regular basis! Well played both ... Congratulations Alcaraz 💪🏽 Vamos
Inside Soul
Inside Soul:
I am relieved that even after FEDAL retires , there is someone who will carry the flag of being humble , warrior, generous and a true Champion , High hopes from this Kid
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What an incredible talent Alcaraz is! I'm also impressed with how he carries himself on court! Love his work ethic!
M R:
I love both players. So humble the two!
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit:
Its been good times for Rafa fans. Carlos and Iga are doing so well. Let's hope they keep up the good tennis!
Carlos Philipps Rullán
Carlos Philipps Rullán:
Thank You Miami !
Thank You Carlos Alcaraz !
Well done 🇪🇦🇺🇸🇪🇸🇺🇸
Clara Kim
Clara Kim:
Amazing!!! I was also emotional when Carlos and Juan Ferrero hugged each other. He is going to be ranking 11 tomorrow.
Un ejemplo dentro y fuera de la pista. Gran relevo de Rafa Nadal, gracias por transmitir ese sentimiento tan importante que nos da Nadal, seguirás su gran legado tenístico con muchísimo honor, enhorabuena.
pat comerford
pat comerford:
We have witnessed the birth of a second Spanish God of Tennis - lets adore him!
Many congratulations!💐❤️💛❤️
El relevo perfecto de Rafa Nadal!! disciplinado,trabajador,humilde y carismático.. Grande Alcaraz🇪🇦🇪🇦
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
It's just something out of this world what has achieved Alcaraz today on court, he got his first Masters title at the same age than Rafa, being only 15 days older than him. The fact that we are in front of a top player is real.
Terri Morris
Terri Morris:
So much for Tsitsipas and Zverez. They are being overtaken by the next generation already.
Ruud is such a sweet guy!
But more than happy for Carlos who I hope will continue to grow the way he’s been doing and become the player he deserves to be!
Julian CP
Julian CP:
What a player and what a guy. He is the real deal. 250 champion, 500 and now a Masters 1000 champion. Behind Nadal or even perhaps with him he is my favourite player. Well done and to the clay court season. Vamos Alcaraz! Scary good and potential is through the roof. No limits for Carlos.
Arjan Aiden
Arjan Aiden:
Surely the first of many for the future world number 1. This guy is nothing short of incredible.
Placido Jr. Menaje
Placido Jr. Menaje:
Both players are so humble and grateful to each other. Congratulations to Carlos and Casper.
Alcaraz is truly incredible, so much skill and will clearly win much more tournaments
Javier Zamora
Javier Zamora:
Alcaraz demostró 2 cosas que solo tienen los grandes.
1 Ante Kecmanovic estando en desventaja en un partido igualado se transformó subiendo su nivel y gano 5 juegos seguidos.
2 En el Atp de Miami con increíble sangre fría cerró los partidos especialmente el de Campeonato.
Toni Rufete
Toni Rufete:
Una perla que nos dará muchas alegrías al tenis español👏👌🇪🇦
Sétifien ou rien
Sétifien ou rien:
Grand respect, je suis fan et je sens que tu vas me faire plaisir pendant des décennies.💪🤗🤗🤗🎾
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
We are bless to witness the rise of Carlos Alcaraz ! He is definetly a futur legend of this game and what he accomplished at 18yo is crazy ! His game is complet and seems to have very few weaknesses ! 2nd best player of the year and watch out of what he is capable of on the clay court season coming up
These Spaniards know what they are doing... Congratulations to the incredible Carlos Alcaraz!!
Venkatesh Sridharan
Venkatesh Sridharan:
What an amazing achievement. From such a nice and humane person. May he win many many more titles 🤩🤩
August 25th
August 25th:
The kid really pulled out the serve and volley on championship point what a lad 🔥🔥
Francine Veilleux
Francine Veilleux:
Bravo Carlos 👍 you are my number one now 🎾🎾🎾🏆🏆🏆 from Canada 🇨🇦
Off the charts, talent and application compared to the rest of the field. Grounded, emotionally stable, likable, sporting, and more. And he's totally exposed all the Next Gen players - attitude and all. What a time for him to take over. Now, if we can get one more like him that would be a bonus.
Agent 006.9
Agent 006.9:
And just like that Carlos has already achieved more than Shapovalov has done in the last 5 years after being declared the next big thing in 2017
Formula Meme
Formula Meme:
We can only hope that he takes over after the Big 3 instead of all the other flawed NextGen players. Alcaraz being successful is good for the game.
Very happy to see such a humble, friendly, and hard-working young player be the best new talent we've seen in a long time.
María Fernando
María Fernando:
Fantástico campeón. Admirable el finalista.
Christine Nelson
Christine Nelson:
As said earlier my second Rafa. Love this young man . If Rafa not playing and Alcaraz is playing feel better in my Heart. How he remains calm I don't know. Opponents leading 4 games to 0 and he just like say run on, I am not worried . He so mature. Please don't smash Rackets. Stay humble . Condolence to your Coach I pray God strengthen him for the days ahead.
Jesus Manuel Quesada
Jesus Manuel Quesada:
Madre mía 😱, menudo jugador que tenemos y es español, jajaja 😂, muy bueno el carlitoss, ya tenemos relevo del gran maestro Rafael Nadal 👏 💪 👍 🙌 👌 😉
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Both are great guys and gracious in winning and in defeat. Much respect to Ruud and congrats to Carlos. Very well deserving. We are seeing a star in the making right in front of our eyes with Alcaraz.
Cheryl Benish
Cheryl Benish:
Wow! Good for Carlos and his team too! All his hard work and talent are paying off. He is such a joy to watch. So glad to see some up and coming new pros do so well and have such professional attitudes as well.
alcaraz is a cut above the rest, if his body holds up I don't see why he can't challenge the goats; with this form, I think he'll win the us open this year!
Jacob Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt:
Congratulations to Carlos Alcaraz for winning his first big title. Starting the match down 1-4 and coming back to win is very Djokovic and Nadal-esque. As long as Carlos can manage his health, improve his serve and keep his hunger long-term, he very well could have a big 3-like career ahead of him. Ruud may get a couple of clay masters and maybe some hard 500s, but he's never winning a big title on hardcourt. Ruuds run was a fluke because of the easy draw he got. He faced Cerendulo in the semis and a Zverev who's level has drastically dropped this year. Alcaraz had a much tougher road to the final. Kecmanovic was playing at a very high level. That all being said, Ruud did pretty well in this final all things considered. He started well and made the match competitive, so props to Casper. However, we all knew he couldn't sustain that level to beat the superior player.
Markus Ableitinger
Markus Ableitinger:
great great guy, Alcaraz. Long overdue, that the ATP has a real new rising star with a great work ethic and strong appetite to compete and do well. Hope he is not getting distracted now, but likely not, he seems to have a strong humble foundation. Wish you all the best!
Kyle Morgan
Kyle Morgan:
An absolute legend in the making!
Michael J
Michael J:
Such a satisfying title streak! 250 -> NextGen -> 500 and now 1000
A new age Has just begun. This kid is the future of this beautiful sport. Vamos Carlos.
Heimo Waltenberger
Heimo Waltenberger:
Epic match. He gives his very best on this day
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
This is really special. Such a passionate person. Love his attitude. Never say never!!! Atta boy Carlos!!! First of many trophies. 🎾🌟👏
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
Suvantola S
Suvantola S:
He's just too good! Finally another extraordinarily solid stubborn player just like the greats, with his own style.
Robert Dezsi
Robert Dezsi:
Carlos is a great ambassador for tennis like Rafa and Roger. I discussed my tennis friends last 5 years who is coming like Roger, Andy and Rafa. The name is Carlos!! VAMOSSS se you in Monaco!
cesar fernandez lopez
cesar fernandez lopez:
FELICIDADES CAMPEÓN!! VAMOOOOOOS CARLOOOOS 💪🏼🇪🇸🎾❤️ , Lovely words from Casper Ruud ,respect 👍🏻
Me emociono enhorabuena Carlos 😭
What a mental strength he already has! That first set come back was amazing! What a performance all along the tournament! Well done Carlos! 👍💪
Antíoco IV Epífanes
Antíoco IV Epífanes:
Jose Nivardo Seijo Rodriguez
Jose Nivardo Seijo Rodriguez:
Muy pronto tendremos otro número UNO del Mundo,el sucesor de Nadal ya está aquí.Enhorabuena Carlos.
He was part of the Nadal academy, and will soon be the next Nadal. Vamos Alcaraz!
Van Life Re Build
Van Life Re Build:
So so nice to see two new faces in the finals. Woohoo. Great attitude of both
Velcin Gilles
Velcin Gilles:
Great kid, what a talent, what an amazing week he's had. This guy will be number 1 in a few years time
Magdalena Bazan
Magdalena Bazan:
So happy that he won!!! great player ..class like no other...
Rosario Delfa
Rosario Delfa:
Para mi, el partido que mas me gusto y me paro toda actividad por seguirlo y no perder un segundo......fue el de Tsitsipas
Mateen Billa
Mateen Billa:
Carlos's game is exquisite. Best day of his life. CONGRATULATIONS ALCARAZ
A J:
Here we go, the future world number one is here. He may break all the records if not another youngster come along and challenge him. Well done. I’m very glad for his coach. How happy he was.
Chetan Rajanna
Chetan Rajanna:
Tennis Got one more legend to witness in future... Alcaraz 🙌🏼
Freeman Griffin
Freeman Griffin:
I just love Carlos! He has so much charisma and so much talent! We will be seeing him win many more titles over the years!
Alcaraz is gonna be Legend!!
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
He keeps on making history. More history making tennis on the way most likely.
Miguel Mund
Miguel Mund:
The PRESENT of the tennis 👏🏻
Well done young man, well deserved!! 👏👏🔥
Angel's Music
Angel's Music:
I am Mexican and I love spain viva España!! carlitos y Rafa son una inspiracion son guerreros de luz!!
Observador Atento
Observador Atento:
¡¡¡Carlitos Alcaraz es un monstruo!!!
Mountaineer Sports and Gaming
Mountaineer Sports and Gaming:
It was a great birthday present for me to see Alcaraz win!
Felicidades, campeón !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spandan Will Of D
Spandan Will Of D:
Keeping aside talent and hard work....both these young super talents are humble and respectfull to their sport, the staff working there and everyone.....this is what is fading away from this amazing sport ....rage and unsportsman conduct has become a habit now....hope they can bring more honor to this sport by their character and sportsmanship spirit...cheers ❤️
Fabricio Medeiros
Fabricio Medeiros:
It was amazing!! Historic!!
Divina Blanchard
Divina Blanchard:
He will be number one that's for sure. Congratulations to both players fascinating match ❤️
00:54 "¡¡¡Muy bien, Carlitos, tío!!! ¡¡¡¡Cómo te quiero, toda la vida trabajando para esto. Eres muy bueno, tío. Eres muy bueno!!!"

Albert Molina, Carlitos agent. The guy who "discovered" him when the kid was 11 years old.
Really love the emotion of ferrero <3
d girl
d girl:
Congratulations, Carlos!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
John Rain McManus
John Rain McManus:
With all due respect to the future World Champion, this was a very "nervy" match from both players (understandably!), with neither one comfortably "hitting out" for more than a point here and there; and Ruud lost this at least as much as Alcaraz won it. (Interestingly, there was not even one single comment besides this one mentioning Ruud when I checked.)
Fidel Estrella
Fidel Estrella:
Carlos Alcaraz, Is a little tennis monster 🎾💪👏
Yusyik Wazan
Yusyik Wazan:
One of the great player in the future ... He will win tournament more his favourite, Nadal. Because he plays in Harcourt as good as in clay .....
be muvillalba
be muvillalba:
Shalini Vaswani
Shalini Vaswani:
What a great young champion! Looking forward to seeing him in many many more finals.
Ivan Ivan
Ivan Ivan:
Karlos je novi idol!Pretalentovan!Pozz iz Beograda!
Zed Earl
Zed Earl:
And what sportsmanship by both players in the tournament. No time wasting either which is good to see. Tsitsipas TAKE NOTE!!
Casper my home boy will always be one of the best Norwegian Tennis Players of all time. Always gracious and humble in defeat. Kom Igjen Casper and Congratulations to "The Kid" Alcaraz.
Naref Boltushka
Naref Boltushka:
Lástima que la alegría durará poco.....sin grandes líderes en este torneo..genial que un nuevo líder sea español.
Totong Dela cruz
Totong Dela cruz:
Congratulations Carlos, GodBless you more and more Championship Titles to come..
Josh C
Josh C:
Funny how some people argued with me last week about the fact that if He played the Indian Wells ATP final instead of Nadal, he would have won easily against Fritz. Some people disagreed. I already knew he was gonna win this title After Medvedev elimination
Tony Costales
Tony Costales:
Wow, congrats Carlos... this moment reminds me of Pete Sampras. God bless.
Yusyik Wazan
Yusyik Wazan:
He will be great tennis player in the future .. more achievement than big three because he is good in all surface ... Vamos Carlitos ..
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui:
Chloe Molly
Chloe Molly:
❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor
1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10
Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente .