Celebrities FLIRTING with Leonardo DiCaprio! (2020)

Here are some moments when celebrities cofessed their love for Leonardo DiCaprio.

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ssak wodny
ssak wodny:
Yo, you can flirt with him but he will choose your daughter anyway
Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj:
If you're a girl & Leo is not your crush go & meet a psychiatrist
Métiche Rosa
Métiche Rosa:
i think we all cried every night knowing that we can't marry Leo ........
Rahul B patil
Rahul B patil:
Its oddly satisfying watching myself in 3 rd person.
Tony McTony
Tony McTony:
Yeah , dont forget the female that slashed his face . Was she a peronal assistant? Leonardo just laughed at her and said " I am now more prettier ! ".
Tara Key
Tara Key:
I've met Leo twice
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood:
Desmond Leroux
Desmond Leroux:
You cannot flirt with someone that's not there 🥴
Lord Fader
Lord Fader:
if margot robbie has a crush on u, You’ve won
pickle rick
pickle rick:
Where's the flirting? It's just people talking about their crush on him....
lay lover
lay lover:
"Gettinf impregnated by Leonardo DiCaprio". That is so cringe and uncomfortable! Yuck.
Essence Brown
Essence Brown:
Bro the last girl I’m dead 💀
Emma Blevins
Emma Blevins:
my friends said Leo is ugly and I am like BOI HOLD UP HAVE YOU NOT SEEN HIS FACE LIKE C’MON
Glen Sweet
Glen Sweet:
he broke down near pendleton oregon and ate at roosters restaurant and nobody bothered him. hes different in person when not working anyway, was cool.
Zainab Butt
Zainab Butt:
He's really very handsome!!I love him.💗💖😘😘😍
pete43fs21 adn
pete43fs21 adn:
He was good looking until he started pumping iron and now looking like average bulking Jo from the gym.
M dgeece
M dgeece:
they 're just doing well their job, being attractive seducing....blabla you're the best...blablabla yes it's true, you too dude...
Sharon & Steve K.
Sharon & Steve K.:
Hes looking more like Orson Welles.
Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar:
well i guess we know how selena celebrated her 18th :D
Brandon Wachter
Brandon Wachter:
How much blow/pills is Leo on?? Always looks bloated af, seriously.
Sheila McCauley
Sheila McCauley:
Meh, he's cute and all but he has fat shoulders. I can do better!
dona tello
dona tello:
David Basskin
David Basskin:
Am I imagining it, or is narrated by a computer-generated voice? It doesn't sound quite human.
Regarding Brazilian environmental affairs, he will run into discredit like Greta Thunberg.
Imy E
Imy E:
Something with the last girl doesn’t sit right with me
Margo lickin her lips for Leo's loaf.....kinda creepy
Patti Dunlap
Patti Dunlap:
Wow! How funny He’s cute but he’s not all that! Unbelievable how everyone goes Gaga over him no punt intended but come on he’s just another cute actor! He seems stuck on himself and I can’t see him getting married for many years but all that Nah! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love his movies and Titanic was my favorite but again he’s just an actor! A good actor but that’s it!
Far East Manila Video Production
Far East Manila Video Production:
Leonardo is like Brad Pitt's brother from another mother
Danny Bensi
Danny Bensi:
i love you leonardo dicaprio!!!
Jeremy Ness
Jeremy Ness:
45 year old straight man and Leo was my man crush from 99 til whenever Thor came out so this video could have been 2 hours longer and it wouldn't have surprised me
Carlo S
Carlo S:
Well what can you say, it's Leo man.
Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj:
Danny Wright
Danny Wright:
If Leo was a road sweeper in New York with 200 bucks to his name not one chick would look once let alone twice trust..dress up and try it Leo !
Humble Rumble
Humble Rumble:
The last woman is cringy and disgusting
Tsegereda W
Tsegereda W:
Tiffany is all of us rn hahah
Earth 2.0 is here
Earth 2.0 is here:
Too bad he has a 25 age limit!
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell:
Jimmy Fallon doing what he does best. Laughing.
Hey there is nothing wrong with women expressing their thirst. We boys love talking about tapping too. So yeah 😊😇😇
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
How about a revoutiion
Danny Bensi
Danny Bensi:
iii looove youuuuu leoooooooooooo!
Is Simon Cowell the narrator?
Tiffanie hadisch who?? Rebecca d’morney more likely lol
Friedrich Ruff
Friedrich Ruff:
1:04 miam
sweet pea
sweet pea:
Wish I had the chance the meet (and possibly hook up.. lol ;)) with Leonardo DiCaprio.. I did have the chance the sleep with Al Jardine of The Beach Boys in 81... ha ha ha
That legal joke was weird
Zee Mey
Zee Mey:
I Love him
jose luis pinzon C
jose luis pinzon C:
Teresa Palmer or Kristin Stewart 2.0
Tiffany 👅
The Rich
The Rich:
Nash Macaronsing
Nash Macaronsing:
Joey King is small there with selena..
Kara Nguyen
Kara Nguyen:
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Elizabeth Suffren
Elizabeth Suffren:
Tiffany tho..lol
Falcony Vibey Girl
Falcony Vibey Girl:
I mean...who wouldn't?
Janne Planman
Janne Planman:
The king Leo😊 My cousin looks like him, but is not into acting🤭
Dubon Gros
Dubon Gros:
I remember Virginie Ledoyen not being smitten with Leo in The Beach . What's all the fuss about him ?
Who else can't stand Fallon?
rock and rollman
rock and rollman:
blood diamond, titanic my movie😍😍😍👌👌👌✌✌✌
Kelly Zeiger
Kelly Zeiger:
No no no it should be kate
Paul Charlton
Paul Charlton:
When your commentary is volume 10 but the clips are volume 2
minel yıldız
minel yıldız:
God Margot Robbie is hot.
tt o
tt o:
The lovely spain intialy license because pants advisably wreck apud a outrageous skiing. utter, simplistic loan
Stefan Unson
Stefan Unson:
So, is Leo still an ‘androgynous wimp’ that the late John McCain remarked because he smokes?
Ankan Tantubay
Ankan Tantubay:
0:30 who's the girl?
emmy woodington
emmy woodington:
im obsessed with him stop
Princess Araojo
Princess Araojo:
why do all women crush him? I also like him. I love you Leo
The Pro24
The Pro24:
Ummm what

états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• •̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
mons jodi
mons jodi:
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
My Friend. I'm a character. I give you up to 50% poker skills. AA. Play them smart. I never get Straight Flush, but the other night I did. Zynga. Honesty. Ambition. I was playing Boss. He looked like a billionaire. He had A flush...So. Feel. 50 50. Know it all, but the chances are...he ain't bluffing. Honorary 1st Game...👏👏👏👏👏. I don't know when Presidents can make it. Maybe at their pads... $. Can we have some fun people? It's gold anyway. Scarf. New York Style..Always a pro.🐚🐬🐒
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
Bloody bloded
I'm 23, I think I'm too old to be with him
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
Ever heard of v for vendetta
kittyrandomvd x
kittyrandomvd x:
He's been looking bloated lately
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire:
Replaced Jack Nicholson and later George Clooney in Hollywood. Consumes females at a regular and frequent pace. Regrettably, many women see him as a challenge and make hot pursuit to no avail. You have to get through his male entourage now, his "seek and destroy" trips while traveling are renown. Like Jack, George and even Warren Beatty before him, he will figure himself out when he is closer to 60.
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
John lennon
The Author of Pain
The Author of Pain:
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most handsome man on planet.
Marsha Brightly
Marsha Brightly:
LEO PLease....make it happen TIFFNARDO .....
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great:
Great Actor Though
Sorry to say this but he's old now, you girls out there have to move on find another man your age.
Fsociety Steppenwolf
Fsociety Steppenwolf:
They dont even know what he is really like. Stupid.
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
Money swears bull
C Cici
C Cici:
Don’t like him at all because the story with Amber Heard
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
Instant karma boyo
Papo Radical R2
Papo Radical R2:
Leonardo is an excellent actor, but he should be better informed about the Amazon, not to mention nonsense. Note: there is a 2018 report showing a beautiful mansion, with lots of wood, that he bought (Di Caprio) ... is it true?
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty:
Fall in love nah no thanks i have real work to to do like not giving a rats about celebs
Lauren Parrish
Lauren Parrish:
Anne Hathaway is not a nice person at all. She a downright bully.
حسن عبدالله
حسن عبدالله:
Ik heb nooit beter gezien dan de apostel van God, God zegene hem en geef hem vrede, alsof de zon op zijn gezicht scheen. Allah's boodschappers (vrede en zegeningen van Allah) zijn de beste qua uiterlijk en karakter. Het gezicht van de profeet, God zegene hem, en er is vrede als een zwaard? Hij zegt nee, het is net als zon en maan. Alsof hij op een zwaard probeerde te lijken, zei de vraagsteller: "Het kan eruit zien als de maan, dat wil zeggen, het ziet eruit als een draaiend, glanzend en sprankelend zwaard." Ik antwoord. En als het betekent dat zijn gelijkenis met de zon als geheel schijnt, en als zijn gelijkenis met de maan alleen bekend is door navigatie, verwijst het naar de stroom van de zon in deze baan als de stroom van Hasan in deze baan. ... ik vergelijk gezichten, God zegene u en geef u vrede. 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Leonardo. The Amazon is from Brazil! Respect our sovereignty! Respect our President Bolsonaro! We don't want opportunists. Forget Brazil. We don't want to hear about leftists who want to appear in the media.
Helen M Kivi
Helen M Kivi:
🔰 bitu.ir/freelouise4hotgirlz

“එය ලියන්න. වෙඩි තියන්න. එය ප්රකාශයට පත් කරන්න. එය කපන්න, ඕනෑම දෙයක් සාස්පාන් කරන්න. කරන්න. ” - ජොස් වෙඩන්
Selena Gomez? Boo! Who cares
You have to read about islam and im proud to be muslim Go and listen to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Sheikh Zakir Naik and Sheikh Yusuf astas
A Hitler
A Hitler:
What happened to his face? Did he mistakenly injected steroid into his face instead of his biceps?