Celtics Players Are Surprised With Family Messages Ahead of Game 7 | This Is Why We Play

After being in the Bubble for two months, we wanted to remind our players what they're playing for. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart and Daniel Theis all react to surprise messages from their families ahead of a crucial Game 7.


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100+ comentarios:

Fathimah Gianna’s Weather, EAS,and Aviation
Fathimah Gianna’s Weather, EAS,and Aviation:
I find it sad that Enes doesn’t have anyone for him to do something like this because of one person......makes me want to cry seriously.....
That Kemba message almost got me emotionally hes worked so hard to get to this point hopefully his guys can win it for him
pablo_af __
pablo_af __:
This game 7 is gonna be the revelation of TATUM!!!
Nicholai Lynch
Nicholai Lynch:
As a Raps fan.......im scared now. I mean I was always scared cu z the C's are such a good team but now im even more scared. This game might give me some serious anxiety. Good luck tonight tho guys.
That's nice. Enes, we got you since your fam is in Turkey.
Jabbar gamer
Jabbar gamer:
Is that a tactic to try to get the morale up against us? Welp damnit...
I want Jimmy to get his ring, but I also want Kemba to get his, but I also want AD to get his ring, but I also want PG13 to get his ring.

Edit: Looks like AD is getting his ring.
Gabriel Rodríguez
Gabriel Rodríguez:
Yessir now y’all have a good reason to win and fight harder.Let’s go CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin Ledvina
Justin Ledvina:
Who was that in Marcus video? She seems really cool. Kemba mom is just as awesome as him. Whoever the man was in Jaylen family had me laughing when he started throwing hands bobbin and weaving. His energy was game 7 level 🤣
Mr Beast
Mr Beast:
Go Celtics Celtics in 7.18 rings
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey:
Kudos to the team, for this would be the inspiration needed for most to run thru that brick wall this game 7 WILL be. Win or Loose I am a Celtic Fan til I die, but I really really want to see this team get back to the ECF :) an keep getting better an better.
Naman Rathee
Naman Rathee:
Imagine showing these family videos to players of Rockets 2 days prior. Then Danuel House would have been the living meme. XD
Anthony Concepcion
Anthony Concepcion:
Let's Go Celtics
Justin Long
Justin Long:
This is exactly what our guys need some extra motivation to ease their minds for Game 7!!
Vansh Ved
Vansh Ved:
kemba's expression was priceless... u can say hes a real good guy
Elijah Strickland
Elijah Strickland:
Kembas mom tho! Man I miss your motivation mom.
This is cute but this is as far as y’all get this season, LETS GO HEAT
Jayson in the the thumbnail got that deadbeat dad smile when forced to spend time with his kid
Lets get the chip!🍀🍀💚💚
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar:
And they won...
Nathaniel Shane Calope
Nathaniel Shane Calope:
I hope they can get to the finals and also the lakers on the west, Imagine CLASSIC Rivalry, Lakers Vs. Celtics on the finals that would be great!
Brendan LeBlanc
Brendan LeBlanc:
Like if the Celtics win the chip this year!! ☘️
Maurice Mallari
Maurice Mallari:
i almost lost it when Daniel's wife said that no matter what happens you will always be our champ 😭 Family is everything man
Matthew Wiley
Matthew Wiley:
Been a big Kemba fan since the Uconn days.
S A M:
1:46 Jaylen and grandpa Willy 💚🖤🏀
YungBoiNate Highlights
YungBoiNate Highlights:
It’s so nice to see kemba man happy I’m so proud of him
I’m a lakers fan and I loved every second of this video ! Real heart warming ❤️
Claire Hanson
Claire Hanson:
I loved the reactions of all the guys strong team who deserve to win
Ben St gilles
Ben St gilles:
Kemba mom make me crying 😭
Jaylens gramps is an absolute legend
Tyler Gomes
Tyler Gomes:
This was beautiful and wholesome, thank you Celtics organization for putting this together and putting fire in the players minds !
Anchor Down Boat
Anchor Down Boat:
Looking forward to this next series. Lots of respect for this team, but HEAT nation is hungry!🔥🔥🔥
Chike Mike
Chike Mike:
Kemba is the spitting image of his mother
Jake Horowitz
Jake Horowitz:
I must say after that I have never felt more confident in our chances. (In case you could not tell by the patriots logo I am a diehard boston fan, and when I say we it means the C’s)
vinnie ng
vinnie ng:
Kemba has worked his butt off to get here, and now they on the eastern conference finals
Braden Skelton
Braden Skelton:
damn tatum got them pee droplets!
I love Marcus Smart and his reactions. He's such a hard worker..always sacrifices his body on the floor all the damn time. Keep it up Celts!!!!!
Bro Jaylens Pops is funny ash😂
jagdeep singh
jagdeep singh:
One of the most beautiful videos i have seen in a while . Its full of love , emotions, respect and everything.And i am raptors fan.
maya el
maya el:
I love jayson mom, she is the reason why jayson playing like an all star
Michael Dawodu
Michael Dawodu:
I’ll never forget when I saw Kemba as a young teen playing in gersh park and he was just laid back wasn’t playing hard and then this other point guard was just scoring on him and the crowd kept talking shit.... the next play Kemba in n out crossover that other guard so bad and scored that the other guard asked for a switch.... since then he’s been my fav point guard
Marialea Simangan
Marialea Simangan:
Celtics in 7 💯🏀🏆👏🙏🏼
Peter Barsily
Peter Barsily:
Even though I’m not a Celtics fan, this still makes me really happy. I am rooting for them to win the Eastern Confrence.
Amy Bickford
Amy Bickford:
Heart warming man❤️
Steven Brown
Steven Brown:
Thank God for real family that really love you.And not what you can do for them
Lokesh Sathish
Lokesh Sathish:
this is lowkey wholesome. this content is amazing guys, it shows the blood sweat and tears each one of them put every single day and its just amazing. i didnt cry you cried
As an organization, this was truly a classy move!
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy:
2:06 bruh i look away at the screen for a moment and I thought kawhi came
Muhammed Hussain
Muhammed Hussain:
My question is why didn’t they invite anyone to the bubble?
Keeta Amor
Keeta Amor:
Kemba message was so simple but I'm still teary eye cause it's been a long time coming for Harlem!!!
Alan Livingston
Alan Livingston:
Close your eyes at 0:32 😂
Cristian H
Cristian H:
I'm happy for Kemba. Finally getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. Only 8 more win boys, LETS GO!
Parth Goyal
Parth Goyal:
2:06 Jaylen be rocking that Kawhi Laugh...
Cat Likepizza Gaming
Cat Likepizza Gaming:
I was on the fence with Marcus Smart for a long time when he first got drafted by the Celtics
But I can admit when I was wrong , he is a beast on both ends of the floor and clutch when we need him most
I won’t say he’s my favourite current Celtic that still has to be Tatum but he has cemented his spot at number 2
This was such a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing this video for us Celtics fans.
Argie Stokes
Argie Stokes:
They Shouldn't even be playing a game 7
Wow so inspiring and inspirational. I love the Celtics so much keep up the great work 💚💚💚💚💚
Warrior Prince Gaming
Warrior Prince Gaming:
I don’t know why I’m watching I’m a laker fan
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi:
Lakers fan here, this is really beautiful 💜 💛
Frankie Duffy
Frankie Duffy:
Jaylens smile was so big😁
Donovan Gittens
Donovan Gittens:
So emotional 😭
3laa 16
3laa 16:
They act like they can’t FaceTime lmao
Matt Skelton
Matt Skelton:
"This is why we play!"

I thought it was because you guys get paid?
rodrigo rodrigo
rodrigo rodrigo:
Real talk! Brown defense in last two minutes, that secured the victory to the Celtics!
Paco Vaca
Paco Vaca:
1:30 that smile :)
andre peralta
andre peralta:
Brown has turned into my favorite player
Gabb PH
Gabb PH:
Congrats Celtics😍
Dev Patel
Dev Patel:
Yo that's awesome, is there a way I can be a part of the game as a virtual fan today?
T B:
This is also what we're living for.
1:37 That's granny?! sheee.... lookin good granny what up lol
This is sweet but pure show... They talk to their families everyday 😂. I'm sure the wifi password is shared in the bubble
George Tow
George Tow:
now this is how ya hype up ya players to win. great game.
Robby 21
Robby 21:
Imagine not being a Celtics player chosen to be in this vid
Allen Oso
Allen Oso:
Go Celtics!!
Victus Caparas
Victus Caparas:
Champ in the making
Josef Rey
Josef Rey:
Don't know why but i'm not crying – you are! 😭
Zach Rhodes
Zach Rhodes:
Love the Celtics they deserve this championship. Keep fighting. Bleed Green
James Shum
James Shum:
let‘s go Celtic!
Carla Thomas
Carla Thomas:
The NBA got this one right! Those smiles were just heartwarming! Soo proud of those guys for playing so hard and bringing us quality basketball. I know they miss their families but it won't be long now. Stay strong. But go Lakers!
Whelp, now the celtics are going to win
matt murdock
matt murdock:
Ahhhhh that was really heartwarming I almost shed a tear...good thing is they'll get to see them in person by the end of the weekend. Who doesn't love a reunion😢
D Town
D Town:
It’s always nice to see JB smile
Let's go C's ♥️🙏🏿 lay it all out there to tonight. No regrets
Joe D.
Joe D.:
Jason tatum got a "white son" i'm confused
Edwin Karani
Edwin Karani:
franjes 99
franjes 99:
Watching this made me realise how easy it becomes when you're watching the games and you're getting impassioned and going nuts to forget that the guys on the floor are people just like us.

Hard not to love this group regardless of what else they achieve this postseason they've surpassed all expectations in a very challenging year lets go Cs bring it home ☘☘☘
As a raptors fan im happy for boston i hope they get to the finals !!
The Rebounder
The Rebounder:
I was routing for the heat in the east but dang it ! Youtube just haaaaad to put this vid in my subscriptions and now I wanna rout for them . Mannnn....
Mike J
Mike J:
It's almost over boys the quicker u get the sweep the quicker u get home finish strong n bring that chip home #bleedgreen
die zombie67
die zombie67:
Celtics Lakers in finals??
rohan selvarajah
rohan selvarajah:
jayson tatum made history
Your boy Noah
Your boy Noah:
I love you guys!
DyÑ ŒźžY
DyÑ ŒźžY:
Let’s go Celtics 🍀☘️
Jhon Cedrick Dimaun
Jhon Cedrick Dimaun:
We did it
I cried when the raptors lost
This is pretty awkward