Chad Smith Interviewing Charlie Watts (Part 1)

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In this exclusive interview, get a first-hand look into Charlie Watts’ life experiences as he discusses everything with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Charlie discusses what got him into drumming, his early influences and how important Jazz was to him.

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Drum Channel
Drum Channel:
RIP Charlie Watts. We are so grateful to have had Charlie discuss his amazing life on Drum Channel. His memory and legacy will forever live in our hearts.
Charlie is the definition of a class act...all about the music, always stylish, never took shit from Jagger or Richards...never was a show off, was always the backbone of the Stones and he had swing and groove! So much respect for you Mr. Watts.
Phil cilia
Phil cilia:
Much respect Chad for getting Charlie to open up - This is the first interview I’ve seen with Charlie where he’s totally engaged and he looks like he’s enjoying it...
Mr. Smith has the soul of a true interviewer. Lets the invited talk, never interrupts, asks the right questions. Well done.
I'm 70 and have been performing on stage (guitar) since 1963. I have to shed a tear when I see interviews of my teen heroes. Charlie is such a gentle soul. Amazing how that band stayed faithful to each other. Just amazing. Thank you Chad!
General Patzer
General Patzer:
Finally an interview with Charlie about his early influences and music in general! I have never seen him so friendly and candid. Great job!
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk:
After drumming for all these years, Charlie still smiles when he talks about it. Everybody should be so lucky to have such a true love.
Joey P
Joey P:
Charlie Watts is one of those drummers who kept it simple... simple kit, simple beat... not a show off or trying to show off his skills... here is one of the biggest rock stars in history, who would most likely go unrecognized if he walked down the street...
Michele Shine
Michele Shine:
Ive waited YEARS for an interviewer to actually let this man finish a thought...a Sentence..Very gratifying...well done..Thankyou
Rob Brown
Rob Brown:
Great interview, man. You can actually see the respect for Mr Watts pouring out of Chad as he’s sittin’ there.
John Know
John Know:
Charlie has style both in his clothes and general demeanour, he's a damn good drummer as well.
Patrick Groll
Patrick Groll:
I think it is quite hilarious that two of the most successful drummers in history -- Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr -- kept it simple, tasteful and to the point but are written off by so many folks as totally sub-par talents. So, so, so not the case
Carlo Santin
Carlo Santin:
I've always enjoyed listening to Charlie Watts give interviews. Always loved his playing. He seems completely unaffected by being a Rolling Stone, like he'd be perfectly happy to be an anonymous dude playing the drums in a club somewhere and hanging out with the other musicians. Great CW story: My good friend's father was a waiter in a restaurant in Toronto in the 70s. The Stones came in to play somewhere. Watts and his buddies came into the restaurant, spent a few hours. One by one his crew left, off to wherever, until Watts was at the table alone, presumably to take care of the bill and what not. Well, he fell asleep at the table. The friend's father, their waiter, didn't know who he was and let him sleep, figuring he was just tired and left the guy alone for maybe an hour, it being a quiet night in the restaurant anyway. Suddenly Watts jumps up with a start...Jesus Christ where am I? What time is it? What day is it? What city is this? How long have I been here? Apparently he had to be at a gig somewhere LOL!
Carl Upthegrove
Carl Upthegrove:
Best interview with Charlie Watts I've ever heard.... this is great.
A true gentleman great drummer and coolest Rolling Stone
Dave Garant
Dave Garant:
Fantastic interview. Great to hear Charlie tell his story in his very humble way. More please...
Dominic Burford
Dominic Burford:
This was a great interview. I find it fascinating to hear about a musician's background and influences. Chad was respecful and asked great questions allowing Charlie to give candid, insightful answers. Good job.
One of the truly great drummers. Someone who not only enhanced, but shaped the sound of the band he played in. And what a gent! True legend, Charlie Watts
Charlie is a class act. Imagine living thru the rollercoaster ride of the Stones. Well done!
Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones:
Charlie is a gem. Perfect fit for the other boys in the band.
Green L
Green L:
Yes Charlie seems relax enough to share the past like I haven’t heard him do before.Great Job Chad .
Norma Tible
Norma Tible:
Only chad smith can handle this interview with a great drummer. He brought out the best of mr.watts
Truly enjoyable. The art of silence after asking the question is apparent. Love how listening gives license to feeling valued and creates sincere respect and space to fill the story with greater detail and colour. More in this interview than 100's of other cliched Stones responses from Keith.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith:
As it has been said time and again, Charlie is the glue that held the band together...
Bat Man
Bat Man:
Rip Charlie. So nice to watch this again to remember a great musician and man!
F. J.
F. J.:
That is amazing interview. Such wealth of lived and loved musical experience. Charlie is treasure. Total respect.
Ross DeAeth
Ross DeAeth:
Chad is a helluva interviewer- he lets Charlie talk. And it's delightful to hear Charlie talk about something he loves-jazz. RIP Charlie.
Brent Sumner
Brent Sumner:
Well done Chad... What a great space that was - two legends talking about music and drums. Aren't we lucky... to see this... to experience it so easily. Thank you Chad and Charlie.
richard lafontaine
richard lafontaine:
Classy has always. Charlie Watts personifies CLASS. Great interview
Always loved Charlie's drumming especially the slight hesitation before hitting the high hat. Key part of the Stones sound.
Mike Leith
Mike Leith:
I have never seen Charlie so relaxed in an interview. I love his knowledge and the praise he gives the drummers before him ex. DJ Fontana a guy who of course gets over looked due to the lead singer and in some respects Scotty.
Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln:
the Stones live sets depend entirely on Charlie. He holds it all together. For a guy who really considers himself a jazz drummer he makes the Stones rock .
Silva 1337
Silva 1337:
Rest in peace, the greatest jazz drummer of rock 😭
Jermaine Washington
Jermaine Washington:
Beautiful suit, beautiful man. Perfect drummer for Keith. So sad he's gone. Best there ever was.
Total gent and easily the most naturally talented Stone in my opinion and modest too. He is a versatile musician too by the sound of it.
David M
David M:
So awesome.
I’ve always admired Charlie Watts!
Rob Pelick
Rob Pelick:
It took me years to fully appreciate Mr. Watts' drumming but it's always been obvious that he's one of the nicest guys in Rock 'n Roll.
Charlie’s drumming arrangements are nothing short of brilliant behind all those Rolling Stones classics!
I really like Charlie's drum sound and drum parts on the Some Girls album. Really crisp and tight, just perfect for Mick and Keith's numbers at the time. Charlie is da man!
José Victor Diogo
José Victor Diogo:
Great interview. Looking forward to part II.
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell:
Charlie Watts... arguably the inventor of the drum riff. Listen to Get Off My Cloud and imagine the song with that opening drum riff missing. Awesome interview. Mr. Watts comes across so kind and articulate. Solid guy.
rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato
rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato:
Great to hear Charlie sharing his beginnings.
I've covered many of his drumming patterns here on You Tube of covers of The Rolling Stones.
Thanks Chad!
Pablo Alejandro Sánchez
Pablo Alejandro Sánchez:
Charlie querido, en el alma de todos lis que tuvimos el placer de escucharte... Una leyenda...
Charlie,,, you will be missed…..Entertaining and bringing smiles to the world for 50 yrs plus…. Awesome ….
John Sandbo
John Sandbo:
Truly one of the best interveiws ever with C.W.! Can not wait for the rest of it!
jf 24
jf 24:
Rest easy, Charlie. The look on Chad's face says it all. You can tell he has such admiration and respect for Charlie.
stevee c
stevee c:
Holy Crap! Charlie Watts is Legend and so is Chad's interview
This interview is so remarkable, I can count on one hand how many interviews I've heard w Charlie talking since the Stones started in the early sixties. He is quiet, lets others do the talking.
Vico Baptista
Vico Baptista:
This is absolutely beautiful. The candor and warmth in this conversation is amazing. Where's Part 2?
eric heine
eric heine:
Charlie Watts has always been my favorite drummer. Yes I heard Bernard Rich play. And a host of others. Charlie was always in the pocket, he always played what was appropriate for the song. The way he rode the beat, if he was any slower he would have been late.
At times if he any quicker he would have been early. I would like to be able to listen to his Jazz recordings. I know him from the Rolling Stones. The rumor is he's an excellent jazz player.
Thank you Charlie, thank you for your commitment to Excellence.
Gay cha
Gay cha:
Nice to see an ageing rock star acting his age and with grace and style.
Susan Reed
Susan Reed:
Charlie is a bad ass and a sweetheart at the same time
Robert Fox
Robert Fox:
If your a drummer and you know shit from shinola. You know Charlie's a great timekeeper. And Chad is a groovemeister. Two fantastic drummers.
Rody Outdoors
Rody Outdoors:
A legend interviewing an even older legend. I met Chad once, we did not talked; there was not that kind of meeting, I just bumped into him, asking for a pic; he consented with a "come on shorty" there is no way he would remember that! would give anything to meet and talk some with Charlie and Ringo before our times are up!
Kris Hudson
Kris Hudson:
This straight away had me thinking about my influences.....and that goes straight to Mr Chad Smith and his band of funky monks! Loved to look back to the Stones and so many others, but it was Chad and The RHCPs that first tickled my drum stick! (Plus The Pumpkins, Faith No More, so many.)
We all start the same way. Just from different generations.


Back to watching!
What a great interviewer, really enjoyed that, and considering Charlie Watts rarely does any, this was great
Randy Steele
Randy Steele:
Steady, ol' Charlie. They wouldn't have been the Stones without him.
Julien Caesar
Julien Caesar:
Great interview... Chad and Charlie are awesome... I'm now a subscriber!
Charlie Watts has always impressed me as the astute elder statesman of the Stones.
r m
r m:
Two world class drummers, talking shop! So cool! :)
Debonaire Nerd
Debonaire Nerd:
As a young lawyer, while I cannot profess to have any musical talent to offer, I take 100% of my wardrobe inspiration from Charlie Watts.
The girls love it.
C J Biggerflexible
C J Biggerflexible:
The best drummers I've ever worked with in rock music were always jazz guys.
Charlie Watts was the back bone of the Rolling Stones. As a Kid his playing influenced me as a drummer. I can NOT imagine another drummer in the Rolling Stones but Mr. Watts.... Nothing to say about his 50 yrs of drumming but listen and enjoy. The best. RIP
El Tatoyo
El Tatoyo:
It's the most comfortable and eloquent I've ever seen Charlie. Much credit to the interviewer, xlnt job, doesn't interrupt, but keeps the interview going. Charlie is talking about things that obviously interests him deeply. Very interesting
Ariel Cohen
Ariel Cohen:
great interview...let the talent speak...nice one Chad boy!!!!
Greg Hickey
Greg Hickey:
Love this interview. Two thumbs up!
First time I heard the Stones was in the early 60's, all these years and I've never heard Charlie talk about his early inspirations/passions. Thanks, Charlie is the coolest.
Great interview ! Very sad loss RIP❤️
James Anderson
James Anderson:
Charlie is a very classy guy and a great drummer.
RIP Charlie. Great interview!
Mick Corbett
Mick Corbett:
Charlie is the modest man ever. He has been integral for decades in a group known throughout the world as one of the best bands out there. 👊👊
Just found this channel! Bravo. Thanks for creating and sharing.
angus seletto
angus seletto:
2 Generations of really classy blokes and fantastic Drummers who show each other respect.Chad is a brilliant interviewer.So refreshing to watch.Charlie seems to be a kind gentle guy.
Kristi Cook
Kristi Cook:
Articulate and a true gentlemen, thank god for CW!
Curtis Schreiber
Curtis Schreiber:
Everyone know Mick wants to be Keith, but even Keith wants to be Charlie.
Sarita Moirangthem
Sarita Moirangthem:
He is always polite and kind hearted gentleman 👍
Tom Mcfadden
Tom Mcfadden:
Excellent interview. Thanks for posting.
Andrew Herbert
Andrew Herbert:
This is how an interview should be, I feel like the third person in the room, listening to two smart guys bounce of each other (someone share this with Jimmy Fallon, if anyone knows his email address)
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly:
Charlie has had a charmed life getting to do what he loves & loves what he's doing starting from a young age. Every musicians wish.
Luke Williams / Actual 3
Luke Williams / Actual 3:
When he plays a straight beat, he doesn't hit the high hat on 2 and 4. Instead, he lifts the stick. Only drummer I've ever seen do that, but it has worked out pretty well for him. It leaves the sound of the snare uncluttered.
Kev Ctulu
Kev Ctulu:
Two of the greatest drummers of all time
Those awkward pauses that Chad makes at times makes Charlie say just a little bit extra. Great interview technique.
BOBBOXs Brother
BOBBOXs Brother:
Charlie is the coolest ever. Its always nice when he speaks ☺
Dezzy Mckenna
Dezzy Mckenna:
That 2 Bars of rock time that he fills in on SATISFACTION...that's Immortal
David Trobaugh
David Trobaugh:
You Rock brother. Keep Rock In. I'm a Drummer. Thank you for all the years.
Tom Methans
Tom Methans:
I'm a metal head, all my life, but never too late to discover jazz and blues. Finally getting into the old stuff at 50.
Yessir, Charlie Watts is such a cool guy. And is...the backbone of the Stones. Well done Charlie!
Great interview Chad. Also, you are the only one I know who can make a baseball cap look like it was made to be worn with a suit.
Tim Allbritton
Tim Allbritton:
I'm so tired, and I've been a drummer for 50 years, of hearing people like Charlie Watts, Ringo and Mick Fleetwood maligned for playing "simple" parts. They played what made the songs good. Mike Portnoy and those kinds of players play too much and are always trying to show off their chops and it's not musical. There's a time and place for that, but it's nice to hear the former playing what the song needs, instead of 700 measures of 32nd notes.
Thanks Chad. Charlie Watts is my favourite reason to sit behind a kit. Great interview, room to talk.
Nosferatu 85
Nosferatu 85:
Rest in peace. You are my hero!
Charlie Watts is such a big part of the Stones sound.
Beau Contee
Beau Contee:
Charlie watts, definetly is a great time keeper for the stones. He, doesn't need to be fancy just brilliant at keeping tempo. A Very humble direct man with exceptional timing and, SKILLS
Charlie Watts one of the best rick drummer ever.
I used to play his album on my radio show. Nice to hear him play something different
Charlie Watts is the definition of GROOVE..RIP
Randy Fricke
Randy Fricke:
Charlie has the steadiest meter ever. He's more accurate than a metronome.
beautiful interview
Mighty Lonesome
Mighty Lonesome:
I'm not a drummer but I think Charlies performance on "Get Off My Cloud" is awesome. Don't know if it's difficult or not but sounds great.
James Key
James Key:
These two are the only drummers I know that get the same amount of attention as a bass player