Champions League Training: Reds warm up ahead of Madrid trip | Atletico vs Liverpool

Watch live as Liverpool prepare at the AXA Training Centre ahead of their UEFA Champions League group stage game at the Estadio Metropolitano.

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100+ comentarios:

Please no injuries…Whatever the result, I want us to be at full strength for the Man U game next weekend 🚩🚩🚩
Edikan Abia aka FilHarmonix
Edikan Abia aka FilHarmonix:
I really hope Minamino gets to play at some point, he's starting to look like the forgotten man again. Our forwards have been soooo good lately though.
Shukor Hadi
Shukor Hadi:
Feel for Nat, he deserves a run of games, hopefully soon.
Mo Salah is just like Cm Punk in the WWE a legendary
S D:
Naby Lad doing the exercises properly 👌..bloody has too with his injury record.
His played a few games now...waiting for his powers to unlock slowly with constant run of games. Come on Naby
Rhy John
Rhy John:
Train hard and win the game that's Reds mindset
I hope we do well the Manchester United game coming up is gonna be big
Guys it is time for our revenge !!! We must beat Atletico on the two legs as they did it two years ago against us . We must show them we are the Reds !!!
Lucky Kencono
Lucky Kencono:
Love to see Taki-san play against Atletico. He needs some clock in Champions League
Siti Daanish
Siti Daanish:
Thats it.Well,its fine.Good luck to the reds for their trip to madrid
Massive win that was, 9 points from 3 games! 👏👏👏🔴👍🔥
Tumusiime Andrew
Tumusiime Andrew:
I hope Firmino scores another hatrick against Madrid and man United this weekend and also one more thing l wish success to Madrid coz they won't real manage Liverpool and l hope we go on unbeaten till the season ends
Jean-Paul Hii
Jean-Paul Hii:
Ah yes, robbo trying to convince Klopp that he should get vice captain
Davion Roberts
Davion Roberts:
It seems like another talent has progressed to the first team. Continue pushing young man..
Joshua Tembo
Joshua Tembo:
Impressed with the LFC men's Squad we are really "hit the road" so to say. We are there in UEFA and of course, the Premier League. Away form is great, in Madrid, Spain and Manchester, England we, Liverpool FC carry maximum points. I am confident of this...
Kop Huddy
Kop Huddy:
God I hope we batter them and get Simeone back for knocking us out the other year!
Zain UL Abideen
Zain UL Abideen:
Good Luck Red Heroes 👍
I hope so Liverpool win easily with salah and Mane and firminio..
Manzoor Bhat
Manzoor Bhat:
Expecting another blow of brilliance from the Egyptian King 👑 vs Atletico Madrid .😊
Mo seems to be having a bit of trouble putting his jacket on 😂.
muhammed rahman
muhammed rahman:
The Fantabulous Reds, Making The People Happy! YNWA
1:10 Virgil still telling Joel to get a fade.
Akew Chanel
Akew Chanel:
Go liverpool
You'll never walk alone
Sangchai Santud
Sangchai Santud:
Never give up.
Harrison Bates
Harrison Bates:
Excuse me LFC I would hope if you ever play Bournemouth FC again down here(Bournemouth) that you could pop into St. Peter’s secondary school it would mean a lot to me and most of the school which supports Liverpool
sumit ghosh
sumit ghosh:
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Smart move not to show any tactics before the game 👏
sotro kembar
sotro kembar:
Semangat Liverpool..🇲🇨
Fred Nyandisi
Fred Nyandisi:
Go for it guys and make us happy 😊😊😁. Good luck 🤞
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi:
I can see that Minamino isn't happy at all and it's obvious he isn't even given the proper chances to prove himself. Give the lad someone playing time and for sure he will provide wonders
Armarillos Yellow
Armarillos Yellow:
Great football Clubs Liverpool
S D:
Matip should just turn up for the matches. His too cool n relaxed how dare they disturb him on non match days.
Whats that ex Villa player..Mcgarth was it ?
What a defender...injury prone never trained...turned up for matches. Bossed defense. What a G
Armarillos Yellow
Armarillos Yellow:
Great football Clubs
W🌎rld 🌍f Peace
W🌎rld 🌍f Peace:
I love Trent more than any player in the world😭😭
Hiboni Official
Hiboni Official:
No matter even if we drew against Atletico but please win against United am super f***ng waiting 💪
Lorishang Mphisa
Lorishang Mphisa:
Happy to see them smiling
Good luck YNWA🙏❤
Romo Ranu
Romo Ranu:
Curtis Jones 17 is back 🔥🔥🔥
Hassan Reemaz
Hassan Reemaz:
Everyone just walking calmly talking while there's VVD flirting with Joel 😂😂
Abdihakim Moussa
Abdihakim Moussa:
Liverpool guul 😍💪💪💪💪
Lok Raya
Lok Raya:
Liverpool forever from Nepal 🇳🇵
Pete P
Pete P:
I hope Alisson and Fabinho are training in Madrid
So, when the hell is Thiago coming?
Cali Cabdiqadir
Cali Cabdiqadir:
Liverpool my team ❤️💯❤️💪💪💪
Albert Kamara
Albert Kamara:
Goal Keeper: Kel/ Adri
Defenders: Arnold/Neco, Van dijk, Matip/ Konate, Robertson
Midfielders: Keitä/Milner, Henderson, Alex
Forwards: Salah, Firmino/Origi, Mané
Good morning Lads.. have a great game
Ahmed Selim
Ahmed Selim:
الجو بيمطر ولو عندنا كانو لغوا التمرين واخدو اجازة وجهزنا اللمة ع حلة المحشي عشان ندفة 😅😅🤣💔❤❤
الضوء الشارد
الضوء الشارد:
I ask the management of Liverpool Club, my beloved team and my love since childhood, to send me an invitation to see the Egyptian king playing for my favorite team. I hope that the administration will agree or any fan will send me an invitation to attend
Moha Taajir
Moha Taajir:
Our legends
Stephen Zulu
Stephen Zulu:
This time around we need a win please! We are tired of laliga teams been dominant on us.
Lt.Col.Aphidon Khongnin
Lt.Col.Aphidon Khongnin:
We’ll cheer you…Liverpool 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Bohlim Creation
Bohlim Creation:
Bobby Mo Mane scores tomorrow 💪💪
Sandro Daud
Sandro Daud:
My prediction:2-0 For Liverpool😎
sooky shehzad
sooky shehzad:
We should start with a rest TEAM ahead of Attletico so other players have chance to perform
Κόλιους ΘΡΑΚΗ
Κόλιους ΘΡΑΚΗ:
Leeeeet’s goOoOoOoOoOo lads✊🏻
jonathan natey
jonathan natey:
Liverpool is winning 4:0 + a penalty💯mark it somewhere
mo salah
mo salah:
Want inside training videos more
Ливерпуль 👍❤🏆
Cj Manza
Cj Manza:
I'd send that practice squad up against any team in history.
Habteab Tesfay
Habteab Tesfay:
Let’s go Liverpool
Roy Chain
Roy Chain:
Liverpool is like my Rolling Stones music from the 60s South Africa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘
Albert Kamara
Albert Kamara:
Alex should be playing in all games
Good luck guys YNWA ⚽
Mior Mirza
Mior Mirza:
Gudluck guyss♥️
Lindy Lou
Lindy Lou:
Can someone explain why they have such a short line for the initial warm up exercises? If they had a longer line, say double the length, and did one type of exercise going down one length and another coming back, they wouldn’t get all bunched up and unable to do the exercises properly. Most seem to spend half the time waiting for others to finish and don’t have the room to stretch out or extend their legs properly. The result is that they half complete the exercises they’re supposed to do. (Or is it because someone doesn’t like putting out the cones much?)
Jurgen Por LFC
Jurgen Por LFC:
Still no Thiago today.
Tarzan Malaya
Tarzan Malaya:
Wow good luck Liverpool
general relativity
general relativity:
Wonder if Thiago can make the bench?
Laugh Ent
Laugh Ent:
Good weather mates🥶💪🏾😤
genta tirta
genta tirta:
Liverpool squad is a wow, salah mane firmino jota henderson thiago keita jones milner fabinho vandijk matip upamecano gomez arnold robertson tsimikas alison kelleher
c'mon reds we can do it for thropy epl or champions league
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
Liverpool we love u
Has England ever had any blue skies?
Oraine Forbes
Oraine Forbes:
Come on reds... 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Gerry Gallant
Gerry Gallant:
Poor Jones having to stay behind .... really wanted to carry on with the others training... one step at a time Mr Jones 😁
محمد آل٣٣مطر
محمد آل٣٣مطر:
The Winter Is Coming 🏆
Luwang Nganba
Luwang Nganba:
When will thiago come back?
Atletico 1 LIVERPOOL 3 🔥
Tashobya Edwin
Tashobya Edwin:
Happy t see jota training withe squard
Jason Becker
Jason Becker:
Rish Vedi
Rish Vedi:
Liverpool you are the best team in the world
at 2:24 you can see this conversation happening between alexander Arnold and jota-
"since Firmino scored a hat trick will I ever get to start again?"
"Lol Maybe not!"
"No i'm serious! it's really bothering me!"
"Maybe wolves will take you back?"
"what did you say??"
Hashim abbasi Abbasi
Hashim abbasi Abbasi:
Liverpool challenge to survive🔥
Yodit Yohannes
Yodit Yohannes:
How I wish Thiago would be fit for this game, don't think he will be but it would be a dream. I would also love to see the boys wearing the amazing away kit, they still haven't worn them in a game. Please for the love of God don't wear the yellow and red.
Atletico will want to injure salah. It's their best hope.
Armando Tovar
Armando Tovar:
Vamos mi liverpoll a ganar como siempre, esos del atlético son unos tullidos
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta:
VVD leaves no chance to tease Matip. 1:10 lmao
VVD& Matip 😍
Đức Trung Trần 31
Đức Trung Trần 31:
Please don't put Adrian in the Starting XI 🙏
รุ่งทิวา ดุจนาคี
รุ่งทิวา ดุจนาคี:
Good luck Reds!Only YNWA
Lee Claxton
Lee Claxton:
where the hell is kate gordon? injured again?
Milan sharif tbl moijing leingoijil
Milan sharif tbl moijing leingoijil:
Liverpool best team in the world
I feel like Minamino is always alone.
Yulia Dewi
Yulia Dewi:
Remember Atletico Madrid
Remember Fernando Torres

Enosch Francis
Enosch Francis:
Let’s see if we can remain unbeaten
Liverpool are so unlucky when they are up against team from madrid in recent seasons, hopefully the boys can turn this up around and put on a magical performance at the metropolitano YNWA
Afrita Ramada
Afrita Ramada:
Suka liat matip ama virgil..hobi bgt seh virgil becandain matip..😄😄
Masudul Rahaman
Masudul Rahaman:
Mo salah 👌
Byron Williams
Byron Williams:
Boys are ready for tomorrow night. YNWA!!!!
Abdul Yaamin Zakaria
Abdul Yaamin Zakaria:
We are winning tonight inshaa Allah
Slawomir Goljat
Slawomir Goljat:
i think we will win like 4-2