Charlie Watts / All Down the Line / You aren't too old, Chalie !

Thank s for many viewers and nice comments for " Jumpin' Jack Flash".
This time upload is "All Down the Line", taken by same camera.
Just after the song ends, our Charlie has big sigh and seems very tired.
You aren't too old, Chalie ! Enjoy your good drumming forever !

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Gabe Caggiano
Gabe Caggiano:
Zep died with Bonzo. The Who died with Keith Moon. Don't go anywhere, Charlie.
Chuck Father of Rock
Chuck Father of Rock:
Mick is the face, Ronnie is the muscle, Keith is the soul and Charlie is the beating heart
eight inches
eight inches:
Playing the drums is very physical, especially in a rock band and for someone to continue do it at age, what, 73,74? Charlie is amazing.
terry O sullivan
terry O sullivan:
Charlie is the humblest of all legends. No Charli no stones.
Michael Caliri
Michael Caliri:
No Charlie no Stones, I don't think Kieth would want to play in the Stone's without him.
NC 90
NC 90:
I love Charlie's snare drum sound,it was always so distinctive.
Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown
Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown:
A large part of Charlie's undersung magic is how he does so much with a small kit!
MLDC 98:
The man is just amazing and he flies right under the radar just like he wants to.
Speaking to a be-floored Mick that he had just decked, Charlie once asserted "I'M NOT YOUR DRUMMER, YOU'RE MY SINGER!"
Dirk Evans
Dirk Evans:
2021 and still steady as a clock. Charlie's the Man!
Alex Lex
Alex Lex:
...and THIS is how you play the drums in a rock'n'roll band, kids!
One of the best. Ladies and gentleman, Sir Charlie Watts
4:36 Charlie’s puffed out cheeks at the end is priceless!! The guys a legend!
Hillary Chapman
Hillary Chapman:
The reason the stones sound fresh today still is because Charlie lays down a serious groove feel, just great, understated, rocking, and funky
Alister Sutherland
Alister Sutherland:
He never misses. Not ever. As Keef says, it's all about Charlie.
cmrlizard 8
cmrlizard 8:
No drummer would suit the Stones more than Mr. Watts. People can learn a lot from this great playing, modest, respectable gentleman.
Mick: "Chawlie's good tonight"
Charlie is just soo cool with everything chillin on the drums where he likes it
There isn't in ounce of B.S. with Charlie. He let's you know how he feels and what he really thinks. I love it.
jack flash
jack flash:
God Bless Charlie Watts.
Chris Baranet
Chris Baranet:
when I was 15, in 1970, I sold many bags of weed to be able to buy a set of drums from my brothers friend a drummer. After he set the kit up ,he asked me ,How do you hold your sticks ? I said ,I don't know,I've never played. He said Rockn roll guys hold them like this. He said jazz players hold them the other way.
I then asked,How does Charlie Watts hold his ?
He said ,Charlie holds them like a jazz drummer.
I replied,Then that's how I will hold mine.
Farrell Hefner
Farrell Hefner:
This guy has always been the master of the DRUMS. There would be no Rolling Stones without Charlie Watts. Like KEEF said he is the 'engine department'.
The "ENGINE" of The Rolling Stones. Incredible, Beat throat cancer too. Charlie Watts rules.
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens:
Get the man a stage fan. He's 76 years old, fa chrisakes!
Christiane Erwin
Christiane Erwin:
I love the Rolling Stones. But when Charlie Watt says he thinks he do not want to do it anymore it has to be taken with respect. I guess he knows best what he feels and what is good for him. Love Charlie Watts -what a drummer he was !!!!! Our Darling Rolling Stones Drummer -who brought so much music and fun to us all !!!
robert pitt
robert pitt:
Keep on Rockin Charlie
General Patzer
General Patzer:
Every rock drummer owes a debt to Charlie. He basically invented a lot of the patterns most rock drummers have used since the 1960's. I bet there isn't a rock drummer that hasn't stolen a beat or two from Charlie. He's also a human metronome. His timing is impeccable.
Charlie’s right hand, 3 on one off technique....I’ve never seen anyone else do that. Amazing the guy is still going! And his snare sound rules!
Happy birthday Charlie!
his grooves and his swing ............i crave the organic feel....just ahead computer can get that
Dzz Zz
Dzz Zz:
God bless you Charlie the steadiest rock drummer in the history of rock 🙏
Виталий Никитин
Виталий Никитин:
Charlie's playing is really groovy, and he's got a perfect timing! Respect for the man!!!
Shane Wright
Shane Wright:
Easily one of the very dressed men in rock and roll, too.
Charlie gets the job done right!
I love Charlie I always have because his playing is not flashy nor powerful but his time is steady on the pocket and He still has it after all these years!!
Arise Sir Charles Watts...........he is the only one who ever had any true class in that band
dave d
dave d:
In 50 plus years, no Rolling Stone has ever had an OUNCE of fat on them. Tells you something about a key to longevity.
There is only Stones and only one Charley Watts!! 👍👍👍
Kam Patterson
Kam Patterson:
Charlie Watts Rocks!!
art deco
art deco:
I remember many years ago I was in a Fry’s, the Guitar Hero or Rock Star or whatever the hell it was called had just come out with the drum set, and they had it set up. Anyway, I thought I’d try the drum set. Having fun, a guy came up and asked if I was a jazz drummer because of the way I was holding the sticks. I told him, no. It was just the way I’d seen Charlie Watts hold the sticks.
Madeleine Hague
Madeleine Hague:
One of my favourite Stones' songs. Go, Charlie go, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Todd Lavigne
Todd Lavigne:
Mick sounds good when puts a little effort into singing instead of running around too much
Rob Nienhuis
Rob Nienhuis:
Great drummer perfect timing!🍺👍🤛
The master of time, Charlie you are always the same...
4:23 Charlie: "OK, this one was work for the money, tomorrow i am going to play real music: Jazz!
jose ramone
jose ramone:
Charlie is definitely running the show. The best.
Dr. Jura
Dr. Jura:
Happy Birthaday, Charlie!! Long Live and Keep on Rockin'!
I love when some people say Charlie Watts isn't a great drummer. Thats absolutely hilarious!
Return of the Schaef
Return of the Schaef:
He’s always been my favorite Stone
Charlie as in the old time. Is not needed a big lot of drumms. At last, 3 drums are enough for he...
amazing that this band plays at a similar tempo (well not too slowed down) and same key as the original songs were, while bands even 15-20 years younger are having trouble doing this now
John Mannion
John Mannion:
I saw Charlie play with the Stones last weeken in Coventry. He didn't even break into a sweat! Are we sure he hasn't been replaced by an android? God bless you Charlie, your playing has brought me so much pleasure over the past 50 years. Don't ever stop.
Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini
Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini:
But Hands down Charlie is in good condition for his age
Bill Blackmon
Bill Blackmon:
Just behind the beat enough to keep the rest of them in line :) Amazing!
little crow
little crow:
Charlie's facial expression at the end of the song is PRICELESS !
Janet Marie Williams
Janet Marie Williams:
Charlie plays sticks like jazz players his favorite music.
joe smith
joe smith:
Deserved tribute to Charlie, the back beat and heartbeat of the Stones for 50 years! Charlie and Bill were a fantastically underrated rhythm section and especially with some of the recently re-mastered '70's recordings you can really hear more clearly what a great bassist Bill was and how much he and Charlie contributed to the Stones sound..
The Watchman
The Watchman:
This is brilliant.....stones at their best, laying down some serious groove and anyone who says Charlie Watts can't drum doesn't have a clue what they're talking about...the guy's a genius.! Ginger Baker famously turned them down and they got Charlie....they got the better man in my opinion.!!
Fabulous hi-hat work. Beautiful.
Jeanette Duda
Jeanette Duda:
Hell. I'm tired JUST from watching this!! INCREDIBLE
Gregory Gallagher
Gregory Gallagher:
love him
hamadouche alain
hamadouche alain:
Dave McBroom
Dave McBroom:
Haven't seen this in decades . God love you Charlie.
George Manka
George Manka:
Love Charlie’s expression at the end
Jamie Robertson
Jamie Robertson:
The whole band just feeds off each other and it's perfect rhythm.
John Breedlove
John Breedlove:
Good night. The legendary Charlie. Sticky Fingers, Some Girls, Through the Past Darkly, Goats Head Soup, Beggars Banquet, Her Satanic Majesties Request, Exile on Main St., I bet NO drummer here who's criticized Charlie's playing has ever dig into these records, which I was a kid studying them. Love Charlie Watts' loose machinery. Perfect for rock n roll music.
Jan Forss
Jan Forss:
Charlie Watts! Too old for what? He is still the heart of The Stones sound, along with Mr Richards. They can keep going until they are six feet under, just like Dylan, Cohen, Waits, AC/DC, Dean Martin (already gone but not forgotten) and a bunch of other great musicians.
Charlie was co-star in this performance! Sound was odd, as his cymbals seemed to be choked off. Anyway, I always enjoy Charlie, so thanks! :)
Celso Escobar
Celso Escobar:
Charlie Watts and Richard Starkey are the living proofs that technical limitation does not impeach a drummer to drive the most famous bands in the world. What is needed is feeling and pulse.
Joselly Vidal Toro
Joselly Vidal Toro:
He actually plays for real not like ringo starr that needs a back up drummer
wayne carter
wayne carter:
had his tools all in the right place,so carefully put away at the end of the day,he let me bury my cat in his yard,he had a lot of damn heart
Marti Grant
Marti Grant:
Finally. A Stones video that pays more attention to Charlie instead of Mick and Keith. Thank you. THE greatest drummer EVER. Period.
Jimmy King
Jimmy King:
Charlie gets it done to perfection at every gig !
Richard Goldman
Richard Goldman:
Charlie is not just amazing, he's an inspiration to all us middle aged musicians (all the Stones are actually), these guys are still the trailblazers, still going where none have gone BF them, rocking in their 70's.
Paul Petraitis
Paul Petraitis:
Darryl "Mu7nch" really digs into the bass line!
I always feel like dancing hearing Charlie Watts playing. Supergroovy
Susy EiFa
Susy EiFa:
Charlie en acción!!! Fantástico!!!!!!
Rodrigo Guzmán Le Roy
Rodrigo Guzmán Le Roy:
He use the frech and classic grip. He got a great rim shot. Good job Charlie.
roadrunner geoff
roadrunner geoff:
i love the look he gives at the end . classic
Auto Lyra
Auto Lyra:
Charlie Watts, amamos você!
Dai Jones
Dai Jones:
One of my faves. Ronnies slide great
That drumbeats been going 60 years, at least.. keep going Charlie.
David Rowat
David Rowat:
Love the way he plays the hi hat and snare. 123 snare 123 snare Never noticed it before, but as I review my favourite Stones songs - it is another one of the symbiotic ingredients that make them the greatest rock and roll band EVER.
terry cahoe
terry cahoe:
Rock on Charlie!
Magnifique vidéo du grand Charlie Watts ! Même si en vieillissant il a perdu un peu de sa souplesse, il est toujours un grand batteur avec un jeu très caractéristique. Railler son manque de technique est pour moi une faute de goût impardonnable. Il a un jeu groovy et punchy unique parmi les grands batteurs de rock.
Mary Olson
Mary Olson:
That was amazing! Charlie is a machine! Great to watch him work, so precise! Thanks for the video!
Charlie's in control, Mr. economy of motion, a jazz drummer effortlessly banging out that R&R ..... go Charlie !
Mr. Z
Mr. Z:
Charlie is such an amazing drummer.
Philip Mason
Philip Mason:
That look into the camera at the end. Charlie's level of fitness puts many half his age to shame . 😳
Tom Matson
Tom Matson:
How about Charlie! Pounding out the rythum like there's no tomorrow...well done my aging rocker friend!
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
Chris Baranet
Chris Baranet:
"Charlie's kickin' ass tonight, ain't he ?"
His fills and accents seem random---which actually makes them more interesting to me.
Sohvi Irene
Sohvi Irene:
HBD Charlie Watts! 80 years ♥
Charles Robert Watts (born 2 June 1941) ♥
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith:
He's still the boss!
that's a lot of work for any man around 70 or more years old. he's obviously in good nick still . and that had a good pace to it .
W Str
W Str:
Charlie is brilliant. Fantastic drummer and very essential to the Stones sound.
Chris Baranet
Chris Baranet:
" Charlie's good tonight,ain't he !"
Michael Lomax
Michael Lomax:
Charlie Watts will always be my main man because he is his own man.
tom meyer
tom meyer:
I walked away from the drums at 64 I just couldn’t do four 45 minute sets anymore Charlie is very rare