Charlie Watts's Lifestyle ★ 2020

Lifestyle 2020 ★ Charlie Watts's Net Worth 2020

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22 comentarios:

JW Blue
JW Blue:
The most NON rock star ... Rock star of all time.
Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue:
He’s a very distinguished gentleman and very classy!
levitating on the grass is his best skill 😂
Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa:
Great drummer !!!!
ruben julian
ruben julian:
Genio baterista Charly watts argentina te ama
hobby gamer
hobby gamer:
OF COURSE ! ITS ALWAYS breeding horses
Kathy sullivan
Kathy sullivan:
Gotta Love Charlie ROCKS GREAT DRUMMER.And I find out that he raises some of my favorite horse breeds,WOW.Got to love the man.😃😃😃😃
Arlen Roth
Arlen Roth:
And I was the 1st kid in America to recognize Charlie, as I as buying my first electric guitar in Ben's Music on 48th Street in NYC!
Donato Civa
Donato Civa:
Sembra una persona molto elegante👍
Concepcio Puig
Concepcio Puig:
Una persona muy inteligente
Robin Hepworth
Robin Hepworth:
charlie and shirley , showed up at my uncles flat in palmeston road, palmers green , when they had just married, in 1964, but cannot find any connection with my family a total mystery
It’s not his age I believe Charlie has never had a drivers license
αλεξανδρος ραπτης
αλεξανδρος ραπτης:
humble,humane,greay man and drummer,you are the best Charlie
ginny white
ginny white:
love Charlies drumming but love love arab horses too
Rob Wattson
Rob Wattson:
CW Best
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor:
I hope the engine's aren't under the hoods, could be a little noisy and crampt...under the bonnets I hope
David Mellish
David Mellish:
Hair colour DARK BROWN!! 😆🤣
Try silver/grey
david gollop
david gollop:
Zooming in and out on photo are very tiresome to watch, use effects sparingly !
yoland cote
yoland cote:
Mister no smile.....
Theodore Skinner
Theodore Skinner:
I love the Stones, But he plays the same beat on every song
How this life-time cadaver is considered one of the top 100 drummers of all time is a total mystery to me. He is not even as good as a teenage garage band drummer.