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100+ comentarios:

Private Penguin
Private Penguin:
R.I.P. Charlie - you will be missed. I'm devastated.
RIP Charlie, you were the classest of acts ever! Bless you.
Tracey Herbert
Tracey Herbert:
He adopts rescued greyhounds so he must have a good heart as well as being a good person and great drummer.
Deborrah Oliveri
Deborrah Oliveri:
" I know it's only rock n roll but I like it" Charlie and thank you for the many years of great music !
Neil Ouellette
Neil Ouellette:
As anyone whose been to a Stones concert knows, Charlie receives the biggest, loudest, longest ovation when Mick introduces the band on stage. Always! RIP Charlie at the Memory Motel.
Sil’s Train Basement K.
Sil’s Train Basement K.:
We thought the Stones were forever. He had a amazing 80 year life, Rest In Peace. “Charlie’s good tonight “
Colin Howard
Colin Howard:
RIP to an absolute legend
Deborah Howell
Deborah Howell:
In addition to being a Rolling Stone he breeds horses, takes in orphan horses and had morals. He had it together in more ways than one. What a HUGE loss. Hope this won't end the Stones.
Mark Kershek
Mark Kershek:
You get the impression that he was born and died a gentleman.
Sham Teal
Sham Teal:
So sad we've lost Charlie, he really was a gentleman and one of musics greatest drummers although being so humble he would never accept that fact. God rest his soul.
itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis
itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis:
I have just found out dear ol' Charlie has died! As a Rolling Stones fan I'm completely devastated! R. I. P to the greatest ever!
Rose Zingleman
Rose Zingleman:
He didn’t do so bad for a London lad. RIP Mr. Watts. You were an elegant gentleman.
V. Fisher
V. Fisher:
Always thought Charlie had the coolest attitude of any drummer I'd seen.
God bless you Charlie!
Safranpollen Goldfish
Safranpollen Goldfish:
I am shocked, I am drifting.. crying... Charlie Watts, I will miss you for the rest of my life. Rest in Peace 😞
Willy Wassink
Willy Wassink:
Rest in peace😪 Thank you, Charlie.
NR Jenkins
NR Jenkins:
Thanks for having class in an upside down Rock world. That wasn't easy but you did it. Bless you and your family
sharon jack
sharon jack:
Still in shock about him passing. I loved hearing him play. A wonderful grounded musician. You are missed, Charlie. Thank you to this channel for posting this excellent video. USA
Christine Oyston
Christine Oyston:
Always the best and smartest dressed stone never any scandal brilliant drummer
Sad day. You will be missed, Charlie.
Dawn Finch
Dawn Finch:
Sad news I was lucky enough to see them in concert many many years ago Rip sir condolences to his family and friends 🙏🙏
This is a tuff one,....RIP Charlie : (
Agneta Larsson
Agneta Larsson:
Rest in peace my favoritstone, thank you for the music uring my whole life.
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
Rest in Heaven Charlie Watts, my deepest condolences to the Stones. He's the best.
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson:
I highly respect his fidelity. Rare in Rock and Roll. Bravo.
Mike H
Mike H:
RIP Charlie! Thank you for all the music!
Alan Coe
Alan Coe:
Saw the Stones at Soldier Field in June 2019. Great concert. Charlie got big ovations. Condolences to all the many friends and fans💝
I just say, we don't need more words about Charlie...he's the best! Rolling Stones are the best! God bless them for all the music they gave us all these years.
60 about.
TokesNation Propaganda Ministry
TokesNation Propaganda Ministry:
That zooming in an out has made my eyeballs explode
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith:
rest in beautiful peace Charlie Watts, you will be missed greatly !
king roos
king roos:
Keep on rolling in heaven Mr. Watts
Ernest Heau
Ernest Heau:
Wow, two new things I learned about Charlie Watts: He raised horses and is a vegeterian. In other words, he loved animals. His wife was involved in finding homes for rescued dogs.
αλεξανδρος ραπτης
αλεξανδρος ραπτης:
humble,humane,greay man and drummer,you are the best Charlie
Robert Cross
Robert Cross:
Charlie Watts and Don Everly gone within days of each other. The world we Baby Boomers knew is rapidly disappearing.
Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue:
He’s a very distinguished gentleman and very classy!
Jesse Dax
Jesse Dax:
Good ol' Charlie passed away... the sadness 😥
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson:
Full of class and will be sadly missed.
God bless you Charlie 🙏🏻🙏🏻 RIP.
No one can ever replace Charlie, god bless him.
the integrity of Charlie was outstanding. An example for all of us. Rest In Peace
John Connor
John Connor:
Wow. As you can see I was just checking in on Charlie just a week ago. So sad. My Rock and Roll idols are passing away. A true gentleman by all accounts. A steady hand at the kit. Rest in peace Charlie. Thanks for all the great tunes. A life well lived.
Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia
Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia:
Rest in Paradise Charlie💙🌈💙 may horses gather round you there
Martin Margerrison
Martin Margerrison:
As an Englishman I just want to thank you for showing respect to this phenomenal icon. So thanks for that. RIP Charlie Watts.
PS next time you might like to research your pronunciations. 😂
George H
George H:
RIP Charlie.Rolling Stones will never be the same without you...
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau:
He lived a rich and full life. May he rest in peace
S K:
End of a legend. Bye Charlie. R.I.P
Stevie Reno
Stevie Reno:
The Rolling Stones minus one great drummer, the world minus one very nice person. RIP, old fella.
bcfriar Doyle
bcfriar Doyle:
Love the memorial not the photos going in and out…Rest well Mr. Watts, We miss you already 😢
Delilah Hart
Delilah Hart:
He had suits made to match all of his cars' interiors. No wonder he was the best dressed man!
keep on rollin 79
keep on rollin 79:
I know they still plan too play live shows this fall with steve Jordan behind the kit but keith said back in 04.."no Charlie no stones" but same time I heard Charlie told them too play these shows for the fans and he recommended steve Jordan who is keith sidekick,they arent gonna say no too Charlie
Jeremy Glauert
Jeremy Glauert:
An absolute legend and great drummer but how do you say in the top 100 best drummers of all time. All drummers are completely different and it is one contrast that can’t be brought into line. Look at the likes of Gene Krupper, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, John Bonham and Ringo Starr could all put a claim on number one as could another thousand Jazz drummers but they are all so very different you can’t begin too compare. Long live Charlie, I’ve been a fan for 55 years and want to remain one for a good while longer
daniel cresci
daniel cresci:
drummers don't pass away. they just keep banging away.
ESP Music
ESP Music:
RIP Charlie!
As for the video, those pans for the pictures get old VERY fast. The whole pan-zoom on pic, and repeat ad nauseum is very grating
Gersey Gal
Gersey Gal:
A true Classy Englishman....Rest In Peace, Charlie...
Jett Rink
Jett Rink:
And he refused to wear eye makeup...
leave that rediculous makeup to Mick and Keith
Rose Ann Sinclair
Rose Ann Sinclair:
I thought it was a very nice video of memories and important details of things that Charlie Watts was involved in over the years with his band mates and family and friends. I did not know that he was involved with very beautiful Arabian horses and his enjoyment of rare cars. His family looks very lovely and they must miss him so much! We will always miss his special talent that he shared with us from his heart! 💖
Brilliant drummer, honourable man and husband!🥰
Michele Z
Michele Z:
Thanks for the great music and memories, Charlie.
Cecilia Benassi
Cecilia Benassi:
I"ll miss you, Charlie!
Everybody'll miss you. Thank you for your good performance always and let enjoy too many people!
Thank you for all!
Wendy Martin
Wendy Martin:
Rest well Mr. Watts! You will always be known for your class, solid, great drumming,and a great person! Love the horses too! Prayers for comfort to all family and friends.
Innocent Bystander
Innocent Bystander:
Rock on 'Basher' thanks for the beat, R.I.P.
Jorge Reyes Rincón
Jorge Reyes Rincón:
Charlie Watts- Icónico, baterista, legado musical, famoso en todo el mundo, Jazzista, Blues, Rock And Roll, acervo musical, caballero de Inglaterra. héroe musical único en el planeta tierra, estrella en el firmamento. gracias por tu música legado para el mundo.
The best I can say is that what you did greatly enriched my life. You were the foundation of a band that brought true happiness to me and millions of others for half a century. Even when the Stone’s were viewed as the ultimate bad boys you acted with reason and more than just a little flair. Rest In Peace.
So saddened by this loss. He will be so missed, such an amazing drummer!
Carlos Gonzales
Carlos Gonzales:
Great drummer, the music has lost a legend, more than 50 years within music, that's a lifetime. God bless you Charly.
Maria Dolores Teja Delgado
Maria Dolores Teja Delgado:
Descanse en paz. Un señor de los pies a la cabeza
Wolfgang Louvin
Wolfgang Louvin:
Ive been speechless until now since learning of Charlie's death.
It saddens me that Charles has passed away .I'm still grieving the loss of such a talented and wonderful person.
zeus 5029
zeus 5029:
If you haven’t heard ABC&D of boogie woogie recorded in Paris France, it’s gold it’s priceless. Recorded live.
Ricky Hiemstra
Ricky Hiemstra:
Rip Charlie , I would have never guessed you'd been the first ☠️
Frank Cullen
Frank Cullen:
Very informative ... but take that editor's "Zoom" card away!
Paula J Baker
Paula J Baker:
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie! R.I.P. I have loved you for along time. What a great drummer. I still dance to your drums. You stir it up Charlie and what a gentleman. Admiral in that business. Love you Charlie Watts.😥❤
Sheila Wells
Sheila Wells:
So loved Charlie so deeply missed RIP Legend😪❤❤
We will never get any more SATISFACTION. RIP CHARLIE❤️
Gene Edwards
Gene Edwards:
May he rest in heavenly peace. Charlie Watts has been one of my favorites since I first heard The Rolling Stones in the early 1960s.
O. B.
O. B.:
Rip Charlie,thank you for the music
wild Flowers
wild Flowers:
Thanks Charlie W., for bringing such joy to millions,for decades playing for us your millions of Fans, with 'The Rolling Stones'! RIP.
Such a gentleman. Held the band together. Very sad.
Glenn Fryer
Glenn Fryer:
A true gentleman, and a brilliant drummer.. RIP Charlie. !!!
Geronimo de Los Cielos
Geronimo de Los Cielos:
Surreal... Rest, Charlie... Thank You!!!
Sonia Rute
Sonia Rute:
Ficou encantado!! 😍😍❤️❤️🙏🙏
Mamacat.izm Sv
Mamacat.izm Sv:
C. M.
C. M.:
Rest in peace and love Charlie you will be greatly missed thanks for all the music
Mirzha Almisqy
Mirzha Almisqy:
Rest in peace legend 🌹
hoober ed
hoober ed:
going to see a stones covrt band this weekend. there will be a moment of silence . your in our prayers Charlie RIP
phyllis My favorite is Angina  Jolie
phyllis My favorite is Angina Jolie:
RIP Charlie Watts.You were the best of the best and will be missed greatly! You were a class act for sure. You were my favorite Rolling Stone!
Eduardo Samico
Eduardo Samico:
Requiescat in pace, Charlie Watts. Gone but will never be forgotten. Thank you, mr. Wang Dang Doodle, for all the music you gave us.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
If there is a nice guy in rock n roll, it has to be Charlie Watts. He is so far removed from the lifestyle of most rock n roll bands. I'm betting he's just a real good bloke.
Kathy sullivan
Kathy sullivan:
Gotta Love Charlie ROCKS GREAT DRUMMER.And I find out that he raises some of my favorite horse breeds,WOW.Got to love the man.😃😃😃😃
Inti Santamaría
Inti Santamaría:
Rest in power, Mr. Watts. Thank you for the music. // 24-Aug.-2021
Daeshbag Central
Daeshbag Central:
What a sad day hearing about the passing of Charlie Watts. A really good person in so many ways,bye for now Charlie.
Claudioroy Roy
Claudioroy Roy:
The legend drummer Charlie RIP, 24-08-2021
Hero Mail
Hero Mail:
He is a real good examplary figure for young generation
Ann Zalewski
Ann Zalewski:
He always dressed so perfectly, You will always be remembered. R.I.P.
squamishfish hall
squamishfish hall:
Rip Charlie we will miss you
You will be missed Charlie... RIP.
Roberto Gaspar
Roberto Gaspar:
Farewell my dear friend!!! I truly believed l would go first. You contributed to shape my childhood and teenage years as a music and rock’n’blues lover. You will be dearly missed. R.l.P legend!
His smile always made me smile. His soul did shine. God bless him.
harry viking
harry viking:
RIP Charlie, you and The Rolling Stones were a big part of my life in the 60s and all the way up till the present! You will be missed by so many....
James Chavez
James Chavez:
Charlie Is The Real Actual Sultan Of Swing
Alberto Andrés Valencia Cazorla
Alberto Andrés Valencia Cazorla:
80 very well lived years!
Steve Norris
Steve Norris:
I always thought he was the coolest guy I've ever seen. And he was R.I.P.