Charlize Theron Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Charlize Theron speaks candidly about her love life with Howard Stern and says she isn’t sure she ever wants to live with someone again.

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100+ comentarios:

I love being alone, most people just don't get it.
Psi Fly
Psi Fly:
She's reached that level of success and happiness where she never has to put up with anyone's bs ever again lol.
Ugh... getting married is not for everyone. Period.
This is my sister exactly. Not everyone needs someone. This is perfectly normal.
I’m Ok
I’m Ok:
Everybody has a different idea of how they want to live their life. I’m glad that she is happy and never felt lonely.
She's so gorgeous. It must be annoying to have to stand those questions about "oh, but you're alone, sure you need a partner in your life". Come on! She's just okay living her life the way she wants, that's clear. I think she's smart enough to know what she wants and doesn't want in her life. Btw, I'm so into her. 💞
Maxx Million
Maxx Million:
Hate when society or married people push marriage on others...its like Jehovah witness type nonsense. Love Stern but let people decide themselves
I don't want to get married either, I don't see the point.
Leslie AE
Leslie AE:
What is the obsession with celebrity interviews and dating or marriage. There is so much more to a woman that that, especially Charlize...IT IS OK FOR WOMEN TO FLY SOLO. Male journalists, especially HS, just have to assert their caveman. I am in other areas and at other times more drawn to HS than in years ago. HS has mellowed and matured, however this line of continued questioning has got to stop...She answers it once and the questions just keep coming.
Bob Minelli
Bob Minelli:
Been there. Done that. No regrets ever. Single forever. No need to get the govt involved.
Kathleen Craig
Kathleen Craig:
Howard needs a new question to ask single interviewees.
Storm Adams
Storm Adams:
I don't understand this inability to understand that some people just don't want romance. Some people like and enjoy their own company and don't want to have to deal with other people's crap all the time. I agree with Howard that romance is great and I love being in a relationship, but why doesn't he seem to be able to acknowledge that not all people are like that? He's the same with Bill Maher and I just don't get it.
A I Gaming
A I Gaming:
The ability to be alone and be happy is an indicator of high intelligence, it is just mental state that you can think your self out of. Dealing with a persons needs, moods, demands, having to compromise most of your waking ours to something feels like a compromise. Charlize is woke dating someone who lives next door, or close bye. lives are separate so time together is just the good part of dating.
luvyou baby
luvyou baby:
When you live alone for along time and get really used to you’re own space, it’s hard to even think about letting and having another person living in ur home. Unless she falls in love really hard with someone, she won’t let that alone time freedom go. Age has a lot to do with it, when u get older it’s hard to change. At least she has her kids that give her love and for her giving love back
KAE Snow
KAE Snow:
OMG. How many of us are in relationships and "lonely". Sad but true. I get what she is saying. She has no problem with romance, except maybe having it forced upon you 24/7.
Aurora Winter
Aurora Winter:
Wow I wish my Asian self can say this out loud without having to make my entire family choked and drown in their own spits.
Fernanda Nolaço
Fernanda Nolaço:
She is worthy of love, she is amazing, she is beautiful, she is loved
paul pogba
paul pogba:
Man shes hot
Duca Ca'brál
Duca Ca'brál:
I'd like to know if Charlize was Charles people were constantly asking about the marriage issue! It's so boring guys! Let her live her life the way she wants, that doesn't concern you!
Uncle Elmer
Uncle Elmer:
It seems honest when I hear Charlize say she doesn’t want to get married. She is very authentic for a celebrity. Good for her.
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson:
Man, I can relate to what she said about not being able to live with someone ever again. I have a hard time imagining that myself.
It just comes down to being honest with yourself and doing what makes you happy.
Iadira Saenz
Iadira Saenz:
Good for you. I am the same way, it’s just not the same. Times are changed, humanity is not the same. It’s to much dam work, peace of mind is my goal and live life......
she's such a natural beauty
I totally get it. When living together with someone for a long time, it’s even the little things that completely drive you nuts...
Kristian Lepan
Kristian Lepan:
If she ever feels lonely I'm here to marry her :D im 22yo btw
Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose:
Living together is soooo over rated. #nothanks
Bea Marie
Bea Marie:
Howard just earned his “OK boomer”
Luke Bohn
Luke Bohn:
I mean whatever works for someone🤷‍♂️
How do we get set up on a date with Charlize?
J L:
Description: “speaks candidly about her love life with Howard stern”...what?
omg this is my first time seeing the infamous strawberry bowl I always hear about while listening to the show!
benn thirteen
benn thirteen:
she`s sooooo coooooooooooool.
Noah_ Ark
Noah_ Ark:
Good for you Charlize!! There are other meaningful relationships people can engage in
Nicholas M
Nicholas M:
Stern zeroes in and keeps at it until he fines a lane. He’s persistent.
Awful madden plays.
Awful madden plays.:
Man she’s hot
I'm sure here wokeness is keeping her warm at night.
Maria Cicalese
Maria Cicalese:
She's like me. Strong, intelligent and independent. I don't want to live with someone. I like my own space. I don't talk like a truck driver though, maybe because I don't have kids LOL.
John Murray
John Murray:
I needed that. Going grey in the sideburns at 35. (existential crisis) Just goes to show you, even the beauties have a hard time finding the just the "right one."
people cant stand each other anymore.
of course teens and 20 year olds who dont know anything are still "falling in love".
they'll wake up in a few years.
Jan Folke Rørvik
Jan Folke Rørvik:
Wouldn't trust actors or actresses for one second. LOL!
Charlize, I'm On One Knee. "Will You Marry Mwa" LOL 8>)
Bowen Wang
Bowen Wang:
I dont wanna get married either
i missed this amazing queen! 😍💕 always beautiful, even without makeup.😍💖 i adore her so much. sweetie-goddess xx 😍😍😍💋💋💋
Undercover Auditor
Undercover Auditor:
I don't care what she said. A guy can still dream.
bogdan mijailovic
bogdan mijailovic:
I just love Charlize!! An amazing!! she loves me, I know that!!
Neutral Fog
Neutral Fog:
I love Charlize Theron. ❤
Fernando Rafael
Fernando Rafael:
you listen up dude :-) hahaha
Always love Charlize Theron,
Good girl!
Lady, if you ever change your mind I an willing to try.
aalice violett
aalice violett:
okay but she's stunning
Felecia Tan
Felecia Tan:
charlizetheron i really adore her.I would love that!!!! i wish someday and my dream i could meet you.Wow!!!!
@Charlize Theron - Unsure if you'll ever read this, but remember God's still, soft voice in your heart. Now is the time to reunite with our Creator and be quiet and know that He is God. As David prayed in Psalm 25 - Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; According to Your mercy remember me, For Your goodness’ sake, O LORD. (the time is short...)
why do people so focused on this marriage thing. older one gets, harder it gets to adjust to quirks of another... she is past the age when she needs or wants to give a shit about it. She has more importaint things to worry about. i totally understand it, seen it happen on many occasions. interview is awesome though, i love how natural she is without diva complex so common in today's public figures.
Hilarious. I mean the story at the end.
R T:
I just met my wife 😍
Me finding out, through this video, that some guy wanted her to make out with his nose actually grossed me out to a whole new level.
C Clem
C Clem:
I'll go on a date with Charlize.... Hook me up...
Stevie Freund
Stevie Freund:
I hate that she has to justify herself like this. How could she possibly be complete on her own? She must be lying right or something is wrong with her? She's extremely successful in her career, has a family, and is happy. A man would never be asked this and have to justify themselves to such an extent- especially at only 44 years old, but in the eyes of our society none of it makes her a valued member until she's married? Super cliche, especially coming from a man asking her about this. Find more interesting topics to cover, maybe ones that aren't so dated.
marla laurente
marla laurente:
oh shit charlize is sooo hot :( i love her huhu
Kids are a different type of love. We strive for personal and romantic relationships.
K L:
Whoosh I feel better being single again. Thanks guys!
Jan Folke Rørvik
Jan Folke Rørvik:
We need separate bedrooms. LOL!
Howard thought he was going to pull out some deep feeling bull shit lol
Don’t blame you Charlize!! Get your life girl—do you
Marjo Nicdao
Marjo Nicdao:
good for her 🧡
Manny Aguilar Jr.
Manny Aguilar Jr.:
Body language 0:09
ayla dikmen
ayla dikmen:
Adorable woman 💛
Maximus Aurelius
Maximus Aurelius:
Wow. What did Stuart Townsend do to her?
We she get married and I will get the house next to her because I just like space and tranquility sometimes without have constantly worrying what someone else is doing or they worrying about me.
I don't believe her.
G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy
G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy:
I hope that someday she meets that someone that even from across a crowded room just a look can feel like home, that is the person that you always have to tell good news to first & on a bad day knows what to say and what not to say. Life can be great alone but is even better shared with someone special.
Indranil Dey
Indranil Dey:
I'm free.
Daniel Prins
Daniel Prins:
She sounds like my mum. Good for her.
the yes
the yes:
yasmine farhat
yasmine farhat:
That’s cause she never found the right guy !!
Howard is in the wrong business. He should have been on a different network doing some other show... you know.
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee:
Howard is GREAT pushing the button!!!!!!
Marshall Joseph
Marshall Joseph:
I can relate
kamaboko1: that we know Theron doesn't want to get married, we can move on to more important news.
Time to make your move Seth.
Eternal sunshine
Eternal sunshine:
She is lonely
lili ks
lili ks:
I don't believe a word she says .
Rasa Babic
Rasa Babic:
Wow sexy bella donna !! Moja ljubav ja bi je oženio javi se meni !!
Some reason I do not believe her
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android:
Liar, she wants to get Married but she wants a Greek God?
luvyou baby
luvyou baby:
ppl kissing noses i never heard of before. It’s like a new fetish that she let everyone know about lol
Howard - we are all different. Her happiness can be different than yours. Nothing is wrong here.
These gorgeous females that can only attract bad’s a curse
Mauricio Barrantes
Mauricio Barrantes:
Que lastima
Tony Flanagan
Tony Flanagan:
alone is the easiest way, maybe not the most how should i say.. people friendly in that humans would die off if everyone lived like me
She was married to Sean Penn
Linda Van Loon
Linda Van Loon:
Romantic love is overrated. Romantic love is just a product of an image we have created of someone... And we call it love. As long as this image comforms with our expectations we 'love' this person. If this same person brakes our expectations, we don't 'love' them anymore.
This concept of 'romantic love' is only something that existed in the last centuries. Before that, people did their duties and they we're able to live together
Fast food review and coffee too
Fast food review and coffee too:
She’s pretty and cool but not as pretty and cool as Elvis .
Shempasaurus !
Shempasaurus !:
Hey nayb.
LOL. The nose thing is hilarious. Astrology facts: Charlize Theron has Virgo ascendant. Virgo ascendants are highly rational and analytical, even regarding emotions. Some may consider them cold, even. And they don't really NEED to be with someone. If it happens, great, but it's not a need, as many other combinations have. Plus, they enjoy their solitude quite a lot. They are more afraid of being annoyed and disturbed, than of being alone.
genaro ayala
genaro ayala:
She doesn't want to get married because she haven't met me yet.