Chelsea 2-1 Manchester City | Pulisic & Willian Seal Dramatic Victory | Premier League Highlights

Watch highlights of our Premier League match against Manchester City at home.

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Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on YouTube. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at life at this great club. Every week we’ll be uploading fresh content from the training ground, our famous stadium and much, much more. Nowhere else will you get closer to world-class stars like Christian Pulisic, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Willian, Pedro & N’golo Kanté.

Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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100+ comentarios:

Jarot Sodiq Hasibuan
Jarot Sodiq Hasibuan:
As a dortmund fans, i'm happy to see pulisic progress there
Devaldy Jonathan
Devaldy Jonathan:
thank u, Chelsea 🔵

from a Liverpool fan 🔴
the weird one said i was werid
the weird one said i was werid:
Thank you Chelsea i will never forget this help
Tandav Koushik
Tandav Koushik:
As a Liverpool fan

Young Rocker
Young Rocker:
Guys don’t forget this is only our normal squad, Imagine the scenes when ZIYECH and WERNER comes

my jamz
my jamz:
Why are chelsea always the ones to decide the fate of other clubs
Thank you for all the likes
liverpool enjoy your guard of honour against Manchester city you deserve it!!!!
Evan Dika Noverito
Evan Dika Noverito:
Chelsea has helped city, leicester, and liverpool in 3 different ocassion
Charles Julius
Charles Julius:
Pulisic was amazing yesterday. Kante, kepa, and mount, and all the other players were great. Give them likes guys
Going to be honest, I wasn’t too pleased when we signed Pulisic because I thought he wasn’t that much of an upgrade from Hudson Odoi but he has proved me wrong!
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Captain America strikes again!💙
Jianwang Aran
Jianwang Aran:
The day City and United fans cried together.
Atho' Ullah
Atho' Ullah:
Pulisic is one of my favorite player in pes 2017 while still playing at dortmund although his rating is not quite high but he played well
Adeolu Adesiyakan
Adeolu Adesiyakan:
The overall workload Willian gives to the Chelsea team will be hard to replace, he was all over the place yesterday and would be missed dearly. I think he deserves a new contract after yesterday’s game.
muhammad fahrurozi
muhammad fahrurozi:
0:57 look how willian feel frustrasted about our defender
Scott Scott
Scott Scott:
Pulisic is a brilliant player and I was worried when he struggled to get into the starting line up, he was excellent in the bundesliga and I think he'll be a massive player in a couple of years
Start pulisic every single game, he's been playing out of his mind and he should've had 2 maybe even 3 today
ggg rrr
ggg rrr:
Chelsea can bring Werner and Ziyech as well as another player.
If they get a good defender, Chelsea will be very scary next season.
I think they will win the league.
Precious Mwanika
Precious Mwanika:
My Chelsea my everything proudly to a Chelsea family
Royce Kid
Royce Kid:
No 1 on trending in Tanzania 💙🇹🇿
I love you Chelsea, As a Liverpool Fan.
Ghg Yuyu
Ghg Yuyu:
I wanna see Arsenal fans talk trash about Pulisic now
Rizky F.
Rizky F.:
As a Man Utd fan, I was excited with this match
There’s something about Chelsea and giving other team titles. Like Leicester and now Liverpool
Imad Ait
Imad Ait:
Fernandinho face after red card is a meme
Buinjah Gary
Buinjah Gary:
Chelsea always on my heart ,well done for sure
S O F T E A R S:
Chelsea Deserved it. I Knew that we would win, I had faith..
musani nlebesi
musani nlebesi:
Jesus Christ, I love KDB man......the fact that we had him still pokes me a bit😅
Ahmad Solahuddin Romadhon
Ahmad Solahuddin Romadhon:
*Fans Liverpool watching you Chelsea vs Manscerter City*

*Chelsea winer, Liverpool the Champions*
msamba nassibu
msamba nassibu:
YouTube no.1 on trending for Tanzania right now..... Chelsea ni klabu kubwa sana huku kwetu
Pawon Umaiyah
Pawon Umaiyah:
Number one in my heart
Like for chelsea
Lohitashwan Balashanmugam
Lohitashwan Balashanmugam:
why is nobody talking about that first pulisic goal?Underrated 🔥🔥
I can't see everyday KDB scoring against us
he's really good
Life Glenn Tan Virtue
Life Glenn Tan Virtue:
As a liverpool fc fan: thank you , mr lampard
Eben Tee Entertainment
Eben Tee Entertainment:
Woooow, I thank God my YouTube Channel is growing fast and now get time to watch Football videos, i am so glad
Nabilla Azzahra
Nabilla Azzahra:
10% of people focus on the game
90% Focus on Sfx Audience: Where is the Audience?,🤣
Silas Neves
Silas Neves:
Pulisic is becoming better on every match he plays.
He was top class today.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu:
As a Man Utd fan, I was excited with this match
Reuben Miyoyo
Reuben Miyoyo:
As a Gor Mahia football club fan, I love Chelsea
Prosper Onajite
Prosper Onajite:
I knew it! I knew pulisic had it in him...
Fair play to Willian he played in 3 title deciding matches in his career (Spurs 15/16, Liverpool 13/14, City 19/20) and he played a big part in all of them. Brazilian Brilliance.
Nurul Huda
Nurul Huda:
Proud for Chelsea💪
Ris 034
Ris 034:
Chelsea yooo🔥🔥🔥
Nawwaf Zayyan
Nawwaf Zayyan:
Green giant
Green giant:
I can’t wait until next season with Ziyech and Werner that’s gonna be a fantastic year💙💙
aj 1000
aj 1000:
Morata missed so many one v ones that now whenever we have such a chance I start getting PTSD
That was a beautiful goal Pulisic (& de Bruyne). Great penalty William!
Bkal trending1 indo nih..

Eh,nggk jdi ah😅
Mo Big
Mo Big:
Tammy is always moaning, he needs to improve on he’s movement and hold up play. With pulisic on fire it looks like he will be dropped to the bench next season
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
"Why always me"... City's defender to pulisic.
Danish Flamingo
Danish Flamingo:
Kyle Walker’s block was unexpected . Didn’t even see him coming
Zi La
Zi La:
Amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Dani Natanael
Dani Natanael:
Damn, Pulisic realy destroyed Manchester City's defence, just look at 1:29
Alyudha HakimDer
Alyudha HakimDer:
Thank You Chelsea 🙏😆♥️
I love the background music. It makes it 10 times better!!
Pulisic was inches away today from scoring 3
caliswag Job
caliswag Job:
always trending in Kenya after every match, less than 24 hours and we trending at number 1, I love you chelsea...cant wait for ziyech
Flash Barry Allen
Flash Barry Allen:
Chelsea is already playing amazing..

Imagine what will happen next season with Werner,Ziyech and maybe Havertz...
Braderh8ds Team
Braderh8ds Team:
Menunggu chelsea musim depan. Keep spirit Frank Lampard 👍💟
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
As a Man Utd fan, I was excited with this match
Holy sh*t that Pulisic goal was like a Hazard type goal
Arch Enemy
Arch Enemy:
Ah, the joy of beating City 💙
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr:
Chelsea is already playing amazing.. Imagine what will happen next season with Werner,Ziyech and maybe Havertz...
amutala festus
amutala festus:
when i saw pulisic go past city diffence twice and creating a penalty,thats when hazard left my heart.i dont miss him any more.huh
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
After this, i just love chelsea, thanks for giving Liverpool another premier league title
Captain America with a solid performance!!!
bssni touir
bssni touir:
Tammy is always moaning, he needs to improve on he’s movement and hold up play. With pulisic on fire it looks like he will be dropped to the bench next season
Thank you and well fought victory! 👏🏻👏🏻
A Liverpool fan~
misolou fout
misolou fout:
Love this club so much 💙 Absolutely deserved win and Champions League is getting closer. I'm so excited to see Pulisic Werner and Zieych next season on the pitch 💙💙💙
Dr. Bushra Jahan
Dr. Bushra Jahan:
Pulisic and Werner’s duo will be amazing. Chelsea had done a great signing
Vishnu Iyer
Vishnu Iyer:
Pulisic- Werner- ziyech.... Can't wait
Jab brik
Jab brik:
Thank's Chelsea!
Congrats Liverpool!
rigirni abty
rigirni abty:
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Discovery Maroc
Discovery Maroc:
Bravo lions the team has Ziyech chalsea it's Morocco vs Algeria Mahrez out💪😂🇲🇦
Hasan Nawaz
Hasan Nawaz:
Took away Liverpool pl title when Gerard slipped and now gave it back to them
Love this club so much 💙 Absolutely deserved win and Champions League is getting closer. I'm so excited to see Pulisic Werner and Zieych next season on the pitch 💙💙💙
Mhmmd Afif
Mhmmd Afif:
Liverpoo: Juara mah bebas
Aurelia griska
Aurelia griska:
Nessyy paige
Nessyy paige:
That was a beautiful goal..amazing content
Mohammedhussain Latif
Mohammedhussain Latif:
Pulisic you bloody beast ! He made the whole Man City defense look like a bunch of kids
Sheril Otieno
Sheril Otieno:
I like chelsea so much my favorite tim ❤️ 💙
Dafid & Alwi
Dafid & Alwi:
Berlari sendirian dijaga ketat dua orang, itu ga gampang. Butuh skill dan ide yg cerdas.
Owan Daniel Akantiem
Owan Daniel Akantiem:
Chelsea just paid their debt you remember how Chelsea in 2013 make Liverpool to lose the tittle seven years later they have crown Liverpool
Wayne Mulash
Wayne Mulash:
Fernandinho- basketball time🏀
Prince Benjamin
Prince Benjamin:
Pulisic is improving gradually ,I hope he settle and become Chelsea legend
Dynamixz Junior
Dynamixz Junior:
Thank you for making Liverpool Champions!😊
_Cloud_Fatty _the_Dog
_Cloud_Fatty _the_Dog:
1:39 H E E E E E E E E E E A A A Y ! ! ! !
Ayoub touaribte
Ayoub touaribte:
شي أبوني أخوتي فالقناة ديالي الله إحفضكوم عاونوني راني محتاج 1000مشترك
راه كنحط محتوى زوين بزاف
Eli Asiomey
Eli Asiomey:
1:33 - 1:38 felt like watching a FIFA bug
Trí Nhân
Trí Nhân:
Commentators need to be more passionate and aggressive 😞
Reece N
Reece N:
This match won’t be remembered for a great victory for Chelsea. It’ll be remembered Liverpool winning.
anonim man
anonim man:
Liverpool sah juara,akhirnya😁. Congratulation,liverpudlian. Bravo M. Salah,Mane,Firmino,nCoach klopp
Motlatsi Lebereko
Motlatsi Lebereko:
Times are tough indeed. City had 2 keepers and still lost the game. Maybe it's the new normal.
Joshisone MD
Joshisone MD:
What a game! Almost had a freaking heart attack and great game for pulisic coming from a American! 🇺🇸 edit: btw football(not soccer lol) is my favorite sport I've supported chelsea ever since I got into this beautiful game!
Rob Cala
Rob Cala:
God damn that was pure class from pulisic
sarty zax06
sarty zax06:
Pulisic overpower🔥
Mathis De Landtsheer
Mathis De Landtsheer:
Woooooow what a free kick from kdb🇧🇪❤️
Roman Abramovich: John, here's the invoice for Pulisic's and Willian's goal bonuses against Man City.
John Henry: No problem, I will give tips for postman Raheem and "handsome" Fernandinho too.
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
2014: *Chelsea beat Liverpool so they can give league title to Man City the 2nd one for them 4th in total*
2016: *Chelsea held Tottenham draw so they can help Leicester to win the league for the first time in their history*
2020: *Chelsea beat Man City so Liverpool can win the league at earliest record with 7 games left after 30 years of waiting*

*It's Chelsea Things.*