Chelsea vs Man City (FA Cup Preview) - Stiliyan Petrov backs Chelsea to beat City and win the FA Cup

Chelsea vs Manchester City FA Cup semi-final preview.

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Iidaan Official
Iidaan Official:
Chelsea will win fa cup and champions league blues 4ever
Oswald Small
Oswald Small:
Finally I can listen to some good experts
Meli Tsabedze
Meli Tsabedze:
John Maddin
John Maddin:
In one of games anything is possible, all it takes is one team to have an off day, an important injury, bad luck or for the opposing team to just have a great game and good luck.
Dan daniel
Dan daniel:
Is going to be tough. Come on you Blues 💙💪🏿
I.k I
I.k I:
Great to see Petrov healthy. He’s a leukemia survivor for those that dont know
I'm diehard Chelsea Fan . Let me teach you how to deal with a day like tomorrow.
Ask yourself, how much can you give for chelsea to win. Assuming you won't mind losing $200. Use the 200 bet against your team. In my case bet on Chelsea to lose if they loose, I'll take consolation from the money I'll win. But if they win, I'm happy that my club won .
GoldenBoy GB
GoldenBoy GB:
It’s time to send a message through out Europe blues . Let’s go !!! Blues for life
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright:
Come on Chelsea blues 💙💙
Mahlon kipruto
Mahlon kipruto:
First time seeing pundits this confident about Chelsea, and I think they are right.
Samsung Saracen
Samsung Saracen:
Timo assists once again and Hakim finishes once more.
Shouldnt be a repeat of last final.
1st silverware of many with TT.
# The wizzard MOTM
RCBian Chelsea Fan Tv
RCBian Chelsea Fan Tv:
Getting goosebumps already! Nervous but excited! Guys, request you to please subscribe to my newish comeback YouTube channel RCF Tv too 🙏 Have uploaded my latest preview, do you agree with my predicted starting XIs? Hoping for a Chelsea win, Ktbffh! Tx.🙂❤️
Think and act wisely
Think and act wisely:
Hope Chelsea will be able to win both FA Cup and Champions League. #COYB 💙💙💙
Noreen K
Noreen K:
I hope Chelsea win COYB💙We better get a fair ref who actually knows how to do their job
Mitannia Brango
Mitannia Brango:
Io Irsad
Io Irsad:
I wanna see F.L face right now
Vendetta Youth
Vendetta Youth:
Chelsea will win...2-0💙🇯🇲💙
mike heap
mike heap:
City, City best team in north west and all the world.......CTID 💙.
Poobalan Pather
Poobalan Pather:
Now we only need to teach real madrid how it's done. We will win the double. Chelsea the best team in Europe and England. Go boys bring the 2 cups home ⚽💙👏👌
alinomvo 92
alinomvo 92:
Make those videos a bit longer mate
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
Chelsea will defend 180 min agianst Real and will be out cuz they will concede goals. They will approach it in a massiv negativ way
Topa Kuivalainen
Topa Kuivalainen:
Stilijan Petrov, not Sylvian
Orion 101
Orion 101:
Cmon City! Let's make that quad a reality 💙💙💙
aaron paul
aaron paul:
City 💙
Георги Герджиков
Георги Герджиков:
Chelsea all the way up💙
His name is Stiliyan man, fix that
Katlego Kgaye
Katlego Kgaye:
I'm worried that Chelsea doesn't have Kovacic
Omar Mar
Omar Mar:
Tuchel must win cause a UCL title is so so far.
Clay U.
Clay U.:
Best league in the world? I don't know about that... Most entertaining league that's for sure.
Miracle Micah Comedy
Miracle Micah Comedy:
Up blues
Bryan Oruene
Bryan Oruene:
Who's here after we beat city??
Mr Casmir CEO
Mr Casmir CEO:
Renjith Haridas
Renjith Haridas:
city seems struggling
Mitch Ddhfacetyy
Mitch Ddhfacetyy:
They have way to much confidence in English teams to win in Europe
2 of the last 10 I think
That’s not great
Mohamed hassan
Mohamed hassan:
Chelsea will win champions league and fa cup Insha-Allaah
Omo Ola
Omo Ola:
Why not...... Chelsea all the way ....... Common blues.
Katie Hudson
Katie Hudson:
City city city
Londonblue ChelseaArmy
Londonblue ChelseaArmy:
Stylian was right, wasn't he?
David Mugo
David Mugo:
A clear win for CITY!!!!!!an EASY ONE I MUST SAY!!!!!!!
Harry Kane
Harry Kane:
Man city CMON WIN
Rony Mejia
Rony Mejia:
This will be exceted game !! I like both team !! But city win , de bruyne goooool y dougolan y sterling y foden💪💎city💎
Should Chelsea win tomorrow it would be a launch pad for their remaining Champions League games. On their day who knows? they can be very difficult to beat.
The so called best league in the world has only produced 2 champions league winners in the past decade.

I like the premier league as much as the next guy but some of this premier league bias is really out of hand.
Akinseye Rotimi
Akinseye Rotimi:
Petrov your prophecy coming to past🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC:
Chelsea will repeat 2012 double 🏆🏆
2012\/2021 double winners CHELSEA-FC 👑💪

Come on you real Bluesssss👑💪🏆 😉
Trigger Finger
Trigger Finger:
The white-haired guy : so if Chelsea is to met man city in UCL finals, Chelsea are going to win it?
Petrov : why not?

100% Haaland vibes right there XD
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
I love Petrov , Chelsea Must beat City
Stop them Winning everything
James Tengani
James Tengani:
Man City 5-0 Chelsea🤦‍♀️
Razkok Gaming
Razkok Gaming:
He was right
pape dangoura
pape dangoura:
Ayanda Zulu
Ayanda Zulu:
The league Pep coaches in tends to dominate Europe... His teams force the other teams in the league to raise their standard
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese:
City will swat the chavs aside
attarkhan caponebiz
attarkhan caponebiz:
Many favour chelsea, but im confident man city gonna win vs chelsea in semis fa cup20/21. City win 3-1. Come on city💪🏆.
perry luca Perry Luca
perry luca Perry Luca:
Everton vs Tottenham
(1-2 to tottenham)

Newcastle vs West Ham
(1-2 to west ham)

Wolves vs Sheff utd
(2-0 to wolves)

Arsenal vs Fulham
(1-0 to arsenal)

Man Utd vs Burnley
(2-0 to united)

Leeds vs Liverpool
(1-4 to liverpool)

Chelsea vs Man City
(1-2 to city)

Leicester vs Southampton
(2-1 to leicester)
Takiowns Poker
Takiowns Poker:
Mourinho park the bus: Disgraceful dinosaur, boring, negative football
Tuchel park the bus: Smart man, amazing coach, beautiful football
Allan Hunkin
Allan Hunkin:
Common Chelsea. After we beat City we will win the final. Blues all the way.....😃💪👏😆
I want none of any VAR bullshit in this game, none of it!
Love Chelsea with all my heart but no way we beat city or Madrid with how we are right now
feliz massa
feliz massa:
Chelsea against w. Bromich 5 555555 😁😁😁😁😁and m. City 99999999999😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 j can dream mister tuchel lake shoes of the players🤐🤐
Titou Annabi
Titou Annabi:
City will win fa cup Mahrez hatrick 🙋🤗🤗😍😍
theo promise
theo promise:

Azpli Thiago silver Rudiger

Hudson Odoi Alonso

Kante Mount

Ziyech Pulisic


Best Formation To beat Man city please Send this to Chelsea boss
Fortune Adeojo
Fortune Adeojo:
Pep the master should win
Michael Equagoo
Michael Equagoo:
City will win
Mark Calloway
Mark Calloway:
Manchester United win easily