Chelsea vs. Manchester City: Can Thomas Tuchel halt City’s quadruple chase? | ESPN FC

It’s Chelsea vs. Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinals this weekend and ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Ian Darke are on the panel to preview the match.

0:00 Should Thomas Tuchel’s side be considered underdogs vs. Pep Guardiola’s?
1:40 Can Chelsea handle Man City’s attacking movement?
3:42 Can Man City keep up their quest for the quadruple?
4:40 Should Timo Werner feature in the semifinal?

7:18 Will the pressure be too much on Man City down the stretch?
8:25 Will there be questions asked of Guardiola if Man City don’t win the Champions League this season?

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100+ comentarios:

Leonardo Chirara
Leonardo Chirara:
Who is here after Tuchel won???
Ayoayoayo oyaoyaoya
Ayoayoayo oyaoyaoya:
I knew it 🤣🤣 These pundits are too good at bottling.
Chelsea 1-0 City
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Heinz Doofenshmirtz:
Yes. Yes they can. Thanks, Thomas. And especially to Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner.
Sohan Mullick
Sohan Mullick:
Here after the game. Now the pundits will say in their post match session that City had an off game and no credit will be given to Chelsea
Jay Smith
Jay Smith:
😂 😂 aged well didn’t it
Vincent KC
Vincent KC:
ESPN Yesterday:”Man city fav to win the UCL”
ESPN Tomorrow:”....., Real Madrid fav”
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil:
Hope Chelsea wins the Fa cup tie and end this quadruple talk !!!
Oluwatomi Popoola
Oluwatomi Popoola:
I think it's time for people to start respecting how serious this chelsea team is. Especially at the back 💪🏾
A few more additions and tweaking in the attack and we'll be competing consistently with Europe's elite
Nadeem Qureshi
Nadeem Qureshi:
win or lose its a part of game, but today's game will show us how good Chelsea are in remaining season.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
Keep counting Chelsea out. Even tho we keep proving everyone wrong. Chelsea for the win
Nikhil Varughese
Nikhil Varughese:
Who is here after chelsea dominated Manchester City?👍🤙
Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes:
I want the pundits to praise Chelsea's performance and not just say it was Steffen's mistake that won the game for Chelsea.
Defensive chess match with the winning goal scored on a defenders mistake. Could see a 1-0 either way.
Francis DK
Francis DK:
Only Chelsea fans know how this will play out, these guys on ESPN have absolutely no faith🤷‍♂️
Nicolas Matthews
Nicolas Matthews:
I just enjoy this "underdog" feeling 🙂 Let's go Chelsea !!
J. B.
J. B.:
This year...I can deal with Chelsea winning some cups.
Paul Mulholland
Paul Mulholland:
We have faith 🙏.
Hamdee Khader
Hamdee Khader:
Just a chelsea fan here to say that pundits have to stop doubting chelsea
zz zz
zz zz:
Quick question : are City actually working towards a quadruple or is it just the media placing that weight on them?
Joe A.
Joe A.:
Any team ready to sweat blood physically and mentally for 90 mins will beat Man City. United did it; even Leads did it with 10 men. So, yes Chelsea can
Jitender Sharma
Jitender Sharma:
hahaha. its so fkin amazing to watch this after chelsea's win.!! egg on face craig.!
doesnt mind the underdog vibes. 💙💙
Lesego Miyagi
Lesego Miyagi:
Mark Ashibuogwu
Mark Ashibuogwu:
It's so funny watching this now that Chelsea have won🤣
Khizar Farooq
Khizar Farooq:
City aren't heavy favourites, they are favourites nonetheless but it will be closer than many people think. city should be expected to win though
Fostiméno Sum Optimus
Fostiméno Sum Optimus:
Chelsea won 1 - 0, I can't wait to see the post-match analysis from these pundits.
Ryan sweny
Ryan sweny:
Do people just forget Silva got a red card in the 20th minute against west brom?
I'd be now really delighted if Spurs win that trophy against City. Imagine being a position of winning 4 trophys but they just end up winning the league. Looks like Man City stream has finally ran out. I don't see them beating PSG over 2 legs. Paris vs Chelsea for the final
shaswath sekar
shaswath sekar:
Lol, these predictions aged well!
Tony Mason
Tony Mason:
Puli scoring on his fellow American, Steffen, would be epic
Don't be shocked if Chelsea wins... they have been playing very well - they have a very balanced defense and offense. Maybe Tuechel knows what he's doing.
You’re a gem Ian!
Shaz Perwaz
Shaz Perwaz:
These pundits make me laugh. How quickly they wrote off Chelsea 😂 living up City arses!
Tawayne Fender
Tawayne Fender:
Ik everybody is saying city but remember this I think Chelsea will win.
Blues win! Any forecasts when we meet them again in a cpl weeks, and possibly a 3rd time within a month in the CL finals? Wowee 🔥
Just back here to have a laugh after tonight fa cup semi final game
Jan Erik Mellesdal
Jan Erik Mellesdal:
Burley missed again😁 he doesnt like us , thats for sure haha
Taya Mapanga
Taya Mapanga:
Already knew this will be anti chelsea
R K:
Thomas Tuchel is genius Thomas Tuchel is proffesor..every time he make changes it's work ..we can win Champion league & FA Cup in 2012-2021💪🤘 Thomas Tuchel we love you ..ur great u just master mind destroy pep ..we r lucky to have you Thomas Tuchel 😋 we love you Tuchel 😋❤️
Suleyman Naghizada
Suleyman Naghizada:
Yes, we did it!!! Chelsea forever!
Seyed Clour
Seyed Clour:
Football Gods decide which team is going to win .
Look ing forward to ESPN comments post match
A UCL Finals match preview.
😂 Lol, I was already here to bash ESPNFC for assuming Man City and Chelsea would be in the Champions League final. Sorry ESPN FC
Isaac Ben
Isaac Ben:
In ur dreams hhhh mehrez will score 2 goals...please trust me for freestyle fire.
Charlie James
Charlie James:
I'm not going to be annoyed if Chelsea loses to city because I know the difference between the 2 clubs at the moment but I do hope we win
Ian Colon
Ian Colon:
Where is your quadruple now you pundits and media people? Don't write teams off
Sage X
Sage X:
the odds in the munich final were probably pretty high😂..only chelsea knows whatsup
Dan daniel
Dan daniel:
I always love it underdogs 🙏😊 Come on you Blues 💙💪🏿👊🏿
E- TechJA
E- TechJA:
Watching this after we won against City
Paradox Martin
Paradox Martin:
It's gonna be a draw! Probably nil all
Glenn F
Glenn F:
Mount is going to do it for Chelsea 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Stack Stack
Stack Stack:
Oh man not again, porto had to have something special to score a goal against chelsea.

They didnt stand a chance
40 EM-17 -B Shreyas Sharma
40 EM-17 -B Shreyas Sharma:
The Big Screen Music
The Big Screen Music:
Thanks espn for jinxing city hahahaha. Chelsea 🎉 🥳
Renjith Haridas
Renjith Haridas:
aggrassive chelsea seems to be too difficult for city
Alan Smith
Alan Smith:
Why is the media always in favour of City’s opponents? Whoever they may be it doesn’t seem to matter.
Shika Talks Football tv
Shika Talks Football tv:
One thing am sure about is Tuchel won't allow Pep to beat him twice
mike heap
mike heap:
City, City best team in north west and all the world. CTID 💙.
BP Tv:
These clueless pundits acts like city are unbeatable. These pundits lives in a moment just to save their jobs. Chelsea are playing good, it’s not just a fluke. Spend more than 960 million on players. Give bang average manager a flexibility and the budget pep has been given, of course they will be somewhere near that range. Clowns
The Real Aguero
The Real Aguero:
Wish i was fit so i could destroy chelsea again
Dolapo Tella Attoni
Dolapo Tella Attoni:
We are Chelsea 🥰🥰🥰
Sipho Lunga
Sipho Lunga:
Thank you Chelsea......let's hear what excuses we gonna get for beating Man city???????
H C:
It’s clear that these blokes don’t watch chelsea games 😂😂😂 they need better pundits
benjamin the great one
benjamin the great one:
Chelsea always makes this guy look like fools.
Paul Mulholland
Paul Mulholland:
Chelsea 4 the fa Cup and the CL.
Kapaso mumbi
Kapaso mumbi:
Dress rehearsal for the champions league final
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith:
KDB simply won't allow Chelsea to win. Still holds that grudge.
These guys are clueless about Tuchel's genius. He played Pep like a Stradivarius.
Major 64
Major 64:
Happy chelsea proved all of you wrong
emmanuel louis
emmanuel louis:
Their best team lost, instead of apologies. now three hours without post-match reaction.
Keep quiet Craig! Come and talk again. 1-0
Ivan Austin
Ivan Austin:
Final: Chelsea vs PSG 😁
ned official
ned official:
Chelsea is absolutely winning this one. You can bet on it 100%
Ahbyahd Mohammed
Ahbyahd Mohammed:
We fucking did it bois! One baldy knocked out another one to go!
Benjie Bandz
Benjie Bandz:
If I had a penny for everytime these dummy were wrong .... with their agenda against Chelsea
Damon Bradshaw
Damon Bradshaw:
As a Chelsea fan I cant wait til the game to come back in these comments. May the best team win.
Su 10
Su 10:
This panel looking real stupid right now since Chelsea beat city
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha:
Guess what , United beat a full strength City 2-0 not so long ago.
Leeds beat them, not the full strength City team but we are talking Leeds here.
Chelsea can beat them. Won't be a big upset like these guys in ESPN say.
Nahome Mazengia
Nahome Mazengia:
Espn fc should be renamed anti Chelsea fc
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Will be a close game! I think Man City will have slightly too much!
Filosofa Stone
Filosofa Stone:
I just came to hear what these professional haters have to say.
City without KDB and Mahrez would lose
Vijay Hebbar
Vijay Hebbar:
I'm sure both will "adavance"
Landon Schröder
Landon Schröder:
It won’t easy for Chelsea because if Chelsea don’t play the way they did against Porto F.C. City will open theme up
Neyshawn Jules
Neyshawn Jules:
They could beat any team in the premiere league yet they haven't won against man united 😭Craig burley needs to find a new job
Bernard Ogwang
Bernard Ogwang:
No one believed West Brom could beat chelsea. No one believed 10 man leads could beat Man City. Why should we believe that Man City cannot be beaten. Football is never that straight forward as the pundits would like us to believe.
Steven G
Steven G:
I love that guy who was talking with a purple shirt ..
Nathaniel 14
Nathaniel 14:
Yes, yes they can stop them
ante jerkov
ante jerkov:
Good analysis
Man City isn't invincible and yes I agree that city can tear some teams to shreds but I still think that Chelsea have been resilient enough to get the win over City.
Abz Football HD
Abz Football HD:
ESPN doubted Chelsea again and are wrong
F F:
Those are not my teams. But Chelsea has nothing to do against Manchester City in this moment
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra:
Come on city we have to beat Man City 💙💙💙
Aung Ching
Aung Ching:
Gas vs Oil, let's go!!!!!
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo:
Chelsea will win 2-1
justin white
justin white:
and you were saying anytime they call chelsea under dogs they turn to the big dogs
You all going to see chelsea lifting that trophy
Top jamaican Tv
Top jamaican Tv:
Under dog 🐕 feelings 😎👊🏽
Don Jon
Don Jon:
Chelsea 2 -1 man city 😊