Chelsea vs Manchester City WATCH ALONG!

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Hakim Ziyech could make his comeback from a hamstring injury in Chelsea's Premier League clash with Manchester City. Morocco forward Ziyech has been out since December 5 but has returned to training and could start at Stamford Bridge. Defender Reece James is sidelined because of a minor hamstring problem.
Man City will be without the five first-team players who have tested positive for coronavirus since Christmas Day. Of the five now in isolation, so far only right-back Kyle Walker and striker Gabriel Jesus have been named. Midfielder Ilkay Gundogan suffered a foot injury against Newcastle on Boxing Day but that is not thought to be serious.

Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you're getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey...

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62 comentarios:

Kingdom of Animaria
Kingdom of Animaria:
1-0 (33:28 )2-0 (36:04 )3-0 (49:44) enjoy rivals fans he said the 2nd half is on his twitch
well looks younes has had enough , don't blame him
Souvik Das
Souvik Das:
All those who were saying Ziyech was the solution to Chelsea's problems do you now realize that he is not the solution. Lampard is the problem. Sacking him is the only solution
City did look good though, we were looking good in attack first 15 minutes but got to say Man city is on form
Everyone1lies D
Everyone1lies D:
We DO NOT HAVE A GAME PLAN! We do not have a style to our football, we just pass to anyone available, and let the individual player work his way off. This is not football. Look how easy pep’s style of football is.
Shyam Patel
Shyam Patel:
We need another coach Lampard isn't ready yet
Valeriu Iosub
Valeriu Iosub:
Lampard to get sacked if he's losing this at an embarrassing score?
Ish H
Ish H:
Frank’s lost the team a a while ago but frank not bothered as long as mount plays
Valeriu Iosub
Valeriu Iosub:
Not even a first 11 complete man city team and we are still getting hammered
Dave Joshi
Dave Joshi:
He needs to play Gilmore
Kwasi Amankwah
Kwasi Amankwah:
Ziyech was the most disappointing Younes I want your view
Jahziel Castellanos
Jahziel Castellanos:
I think this officially makes Lampard sackable
Twum Ampong
Twum Ampong:
Playing like this against a depleted Man City side should tell you that Chelsea is a total flop! We need something extraordinary to fix this team!
nari JulieIlea
nari JulieIlea:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Muzwidzwa Innocent
Muzwidzwa Innocent:
Callum Hudson-Odoi has been playing for the last few games
Fezeka Mchunu
Fezeka Mchunu:
Fulham will beat us😭 Frank's mistake wasn't not getting a top flight experienced no.2
Valeriu Iosub
Valeriu Iosub:
Keep playing Mount Lampard , I've said it before,it will be his downfall..
mike bloye
mike bloye:
What has gone wrong where are we going
Hervé M
Hervé M:
I knew werner upfront wont work, you guys are smoking
Canadian R
Canadian R:
I miss conte?!? Dont u?
Nganga Collins
Nganga Collins:
Keep the faith.... That's all we've got left now
Michias Negassi
Michias Negassi:
ONLY 3 POINTS........Let's go🔥🔥🔥
Mr Thomas
Mr Thomas:
I’m embarrassed
your never going to be strong enough against the big 5
anupam das
anupam das:
Get in Giroud n Werner up front. Go for a 352 in 2nd half
Coach needs to go home
Why doesn't Lampard play Timo Werner?
Lieutenant Swift Zone Mixes
Lieutenant Swift Zone Mixes:
Younes got drained by this depressing match and ended the livestream 😭😭😭
Abel Barak
Abel Barak:
Frank Lampard most go
Brandon Tindiil
Brandon Tindiil:
Nabi u jkn wn u rfrd to cls
Rezinho K
Rezinho K:
Did Younes end his live stream??
Jorge Marsili
Jorge Marsili: class player...very mediocre manager...period
Dave Joshi
Dave Joshi:
Feel your pain Younis..
L. Sun
L. Sun:
A mature team normally can find its way back. This is a test for Chelsea during the next 45 minutes.
Adam G
Adam G:
Do you think Messi or Ronaldo are available to play?
Shafin Sevten
Shafin Sevten:
Bro ur watchalong is a cursed for our Chelsea since u started this watchalong we started to loose the matches so it will be better if u don't do this watchalong so that we can back to our winning streak, hope you understand bro.
Hassan Issa
Hassan Issa:
Brendan rodgers is good manager
Kwasi Amankwah
Kwasi Amankwah:
Not one correct pass from Ziyech
Fadhil M.C.
Fadhil M.C.:
Frank out
Return of AVB? Chelsea win the quadruple
Hritwik Mukherjee
Hritwik Mukherjee:
1000th like
Scorpzian YT
Scorpzian YT:
There not top 10? Chelsea won’t be soon
Rashida Jabeen
Rashida Jabeen:
Kova has been our best player(s) and now 45 bad minutes ebveryone is saying Kova out, its Lampard that needs to fix up
Dave Joshi
Dave Joshi:
Feel it Youngsters no fight no bottle.
Frank has lost it.
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Azpilicueta is too old, no pace, no stature
Cannot defend
Hope we get Nagelsmann as part of the Brexit deal because Lampard is toast. Absolutely shambolic manager. Looks like a lost little school kid on the touchline.
chelsea plastic fans haha
I hate to say it but I dont think Frank has it in him to manage a top team at this point 😬
Meijin th
Meijin th:
Lampard out no other language. What are those summer f....signing for... To lose to Liverpool, wolves, Everton ,man City on n on.... With those new signing we should be fighting against the best not surrender
Mayur Bhardwaj
Mayur Bhardwaj:
Lampard please go before u get sacked enough is enough...u don't have any plans ..
Fezeka Mchunu
Fezeka Mchunu:
Boris.. cancel football, end our misery now
Really gutted to say it but I’m not sure if Lampard is the right man for the job as much I love him and loved watching him perform for us for years, not going to let than blind me from him not bringing in some consistent results. I also feel like the football we’re playing this season is way below par compared to last half of last season, something needs to change soon. COYB 🔵
Des Greenhill
Des Greenhill:
1 word-trash 2 words-total rubbish 3 words absolutely no passion 4 words thank god for callum.this kind of performance cannot go on luckily no fans had to pay to witness it,frank will be lucky to survive this I think I just heard Bruce bucks phone recieve a email anything can happen in next few hours.
Lampard makes Arteta look like a decent manager.
Stepzy LOL
Stepzy LOL:
What happened
Miy Name
Miy Name:
Bring back Sarriball Marina.
Rusty Wooden spoon
Rusty Wooden spoon:
This is rubbish
Marci Leiseth
Marci Leiseth:
the problem is the midfield... bring in Gilmour.
Chika Ekeoma
Chika Ekeoma:
How is this franks fault? He played the line up we all wanted and now we are who do you blame?
Deven Rai
Deven Rai:
We still believe in Super Frankie Lampard
Bellonaire FC
Bellonaire FC:
Kante Kova Jorginho all this 3 player need to be sold , I said this over and over again , anytime we play Kova in a big game will lose , for me Kova is one of the worst signing in Chelsea history, he does nothing is like playing with 10 man , the only mistake lampard make was starting Kova , he should have gone with Jorginho is better defensively than Kova