Chelsea vs Manchester City WATCH ALONG! (PART 2)

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Hakim Ziyech could make his comeback from a hamstring injury in Chelsea's Premier League clash with Manchester City. Morocco forward Ziyech has been out since December 5 but has returned to training and could start at Stamford Bridge. Defender Reece James is sidelined because of a minor hamstring problem.
Man City will be without the five first-team players who have tested positive for coronavirus since Christmas Day. Of the five now in isolation, so far only right-back Kyle Walker and striker Gabriel Jesus have been named. Midfielder Ilkay Gundogan suffered a foot injury against Newcastle on Boxing Day but that is not thought to be serious.

Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you're getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey...

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55 comentarios:

We have lowered our std with Lampard!
I think we have the players to get enough points to stay up,
Antonio Man
Antonio Man:
Mount need to stop playing
Aliyu Madaki
Aliyu Madaki:
Lampard should resign if he really cares about the club and he doesn’t Roman should fire him
Williams N
Williams N:
We have lowered our std with Lampard!
We need to get Thomas Tuchel!! ASAP LAMPARD OUT
Joseph Nyasha Zhomwa
Joseph Nyasha Zhomwa:
If I were Lampard , I would respect the history of the club and leave
Seyi Adekola
Seyi Adekola:
lampard has imbalanced this team to favour playing mason mount incessantly, its embarassing and ridiculous, he should be sacked immediately.
Pratyush Ranjan
Pratyush Ranjan:
58:33 he actually did xD
Promise Nwachukwu
Promise Nwachukwu:
Let’s be honest, Chelsea will never win the league under Frank Lampard even if we spend a billion pounds. The difference between the two teams is that City is better coached team
Jayms Jiz
Jayms Jiz:
Sack lampard! And everything will work back 100%! who is with me?
Forget Covid, Chelsea have caught whatever Arsenal had. Hopefully it moves onto Spurs ASAP 👍
P P:
We need a coach , Lampard was just a best player , it will take him some time to be a coach . How can Lampard fail to make a replacement in half time when the team is 3 goals down . How can Lampard miss the best performances from Hudson odoi . How can Lampard play mount in that position permanently . How can Lampard keep playing timo Werner while he is poorly performing in every single match . I could ask many questions to Lampard but his on the way out trust me .
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Lampard has to go
As same problems keep recurring and showed no improvement after many games
victor olusegun olulowo
victor olusegun olulowo:
I would resign if I where lampard
Michias Negassi
Michias Negassi:
ONLY 3 POINTS........Let's go🔥🔥🔥
James Veiga
James Veiga:
AZPI isn't done, it's called Strategy from Pep to exploit the weakest area. Strategy a word Lampard is clueless on
Bob David
Bob David:
Lampard Great Player,Garbage Manager with all due respect Lampard Out Now I love this Club too much to watch this every time we played Lampard gracefully Bow Out please save your creditable
My Self
My Self:
Pls sack Lampard Period
And Get rid off his son he doesnt deserve to wear A chelsea Jersey
Tinu scj
Tinu scj:
Same problems from last season defense piercing pass,no intensive attack, Tactically Lampard trying to recreate his playing days ,He needs to update himself,
qusai maskary
qusai maskary:
Lampard had no plan again
Macanthony Macdonald
Macanthony Macdonald:
I think chelsea players are good but our problem is just lampard lets be truthfull to ourselfs. Tactiques we got it wrong
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves:
CHO been out best players the past 3 games everyone else apart from maybe Pulisic has been championship quality 😖😔
Losing a game 3-0 and you don't bring on a striker.
moha tahi
moha tahi:
Muli Francis
Muli Francis:
Franco Lampiode 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Get Lampard out of this club
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Either Lampard does not recognise the same problems that keep recurring or
he cannot fix them
Moses Peru
Moses Peru:
Chelsea plays football without ideas- thats on Frank
Chiza Shungu
Chiza Shungu:
Now me and Roman we can speak the same language.Lampard he is unfit to be our chelsea manager.Actually I doubt if he is fit for top flight.
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago:
Dear Lampard , on your way out plz take your sons with you.
Peter Woodford
Peter Woodford:
The midfield is just not working 💙
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed:
The players should take responsibility too. I love Lampard. But maybe it's time to wake up, players, Lampard. We were outclassed by a half strength City. It seems like the whole team went out of form. If we don't do some serious upgrades in Striker, Winger and CB, we might lose even Europa League. And Lamps, you have to change. Or we will be humiliated more. And this season is becoming pathetic. This is turning to be one of worst run in recent times. 4 loses and 1 draw in 6 games? This is unbearable. Even if we sign Koulibaly, Haaland, Mbappe in January...Still we might not make top 4. Its almost as bad as Scolari's bad run. We didn't convincingly win a game since the Saville match. What a bad season we are having.
Timothy Hickey
Timothy Hickey:
EfPES Watchalongs
EfPES Watchalongs:
Billy Gilmour is pure talent simple as that not to forget CHO and Christain very outstanding players that have the desire to take the club forward
Aditya Talwar
Aditya Talwar:
Des Greenhill
Des Greenhill:
Time has run out for our tactically inept legend,3.0 down at half time yet no change of shape or personel another folded arms beluiguerd passionless display by frank and Jody.the backroom staff have coached good players into mediocrity,silva now looks tired and mendy looks like kepa,we looked more organised and committed last year with the kids this was a very poor show today.we would still have conte's passion and tactical brilliance if we backed him as we have backed frank.
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Don’t understand why Lampard did not make change immediately after half time

Chelsea problem, especially problem in defense in the right hand side never showed any sign of improvement

Hate to see two central defenders keep passing the ball to each other when playing out and giving all the time to the opponent to organise their defender. This is another problem never recognised and no improvement after how many games
Cal run
Cal run:
Get Gus hidink back for coach
ostropogas k
ostropogas k:
My toddler kicks a ball harder than mount but some useless fans think he's good because he runs around like a crackhead
Adoni Baba
Adoni Baba:
I wonder what mason mount did to make himself undroppable and earned the trust of lampard like that
manuel emilio
manuel emilio:
Andy Clarke
Andy Clarke:
Too early for the governor out. He needs to learn from his mistakes and quick. Love him and still believe he's too clever to fail at this
Chiza Shungu
Chiza Shungu:
Don't pick players....all the players are awful,they lack intelligence they are unprofessional. Lampard too is not intelligent,look what happen the third goal,he is standing on the touchline his hands folded and his players risking going forward and leave only kante.he saw it and said nothing to his players.Sack lampard soon before we end up in relegation battle this season.
Djamel Arsenal
Djamel Arsenal:
Without Mahrez Manchester city is nothing
Valeriu Iosub
Valeriu Iosub:
I'm sorry but I can't defend Lampard anymore.Leaving Haven't and Odoi out to accommodate Mount playing still...
Andrew Andreas
Andrew Andreas:
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Messi coming to City will be good for his development, he’s got lots to learn from Foden
Norman Cheung
Norman Cheung:
Change to back 3
Reason is right hand side cannot defend
Azpilicueta has no pace and no height
James forgets his foremost job is to defend
Zoma cannot adequately cover them
So strengthen the defender with a back 3
With Rudiger Silva and Zoma
Please drop Azpilicueta, he is too old
Let’s Maths Debate
Let’s Maths Debate:
What a joke
NOT yassine
NOT yassine:
The line up with the new coach donaroma Zouma rudiger silva James chilweel gilmour mount ziyech giroud abraham
nehal king
nehal king:
Don't make live again every time we lost plz
lakeaste malebana
lakeaste malebana:
Tammy was on the bench whose to blame now
I did say even without 8 players we weren't beating City. This team has no passion and Lampard is BoJo mark 2.