Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Champions League Quarterfinal Preview & Predictions | CBS Sports Golazo

The CBS Sports HQ team — Luis Garcia, Jimmy Conrad and Ian Joy — give a full preview and prediction as Chelsea square off with Real Madrid. You can stream the match on Paramount+. Coverage starts at 2p EST.

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I love kroos but I think he needs to sit out this tie. We need legs and energy against Chelsea, as technical as kroos is he isn't much of a runner. Casemiro valverde and modric in the middle
Very nervous for Madrid. After that awful loss to Barca and Ancelotti making weird decisions, I feel as though Chelsea definitely have an advantage going into this
Start rodrygo over asensio and start camavinga and valverde over casemiro and kroos...
Danny zizi
Danny zizi:
I put my bets that Real Madrid will go to the semis ⚪⚪⚪⚪🟠🟠
Om Smak
Om Smak:
Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης.
Dave KikA
Dave KikA:
Come on real Madrid lets get that win
douby mezier
douby mezier:
I don’t think real will repeat the same thing last year
Vishrut Shenoy
Vishrut Shenoy:
Chelsea 💙
Raymond Rodriquez
Raymond Rodriquez:
If we rock the same slow midfielder’s it’s over for us , hopefully ancelloti brightens up
Abdul Latif
Abdul Latif:
Cama Fede Kroos in the midfield can challenge the Chelsea midfield.
real madrid will advance 🤍🤍
douby mezier
douby mezier:
It’s two legs, I am not giving up on Real Madrid yet, I have seen strange things happened in uefa
Caminante Solitario
Caminante Solitario:
Let's go real Madrid
sk 87
sk 87:
Kante not doing well, strikers are that rubbish, tuchel spitting up with his girlfriend, suspect players and bad morale. Real Madrid are killing Chelsea 2moro.
deutscher türke
deutscher türke:
Chelsea vs real =X, villarreal vs Bayern =2
Tok Psv
Tok Psv:
Real Madrid benzema 9 vini 20 lukamodib 10
John TYB
John TYB:
Could be a tie you never know
The Count Of Monte Cristo
The Count Of Monte Cristo:
What on earth is this guy on about? Who's saying Chelsea is going to smash Real Madrid in the 1st leg!?!?
Meanwhile Real are proving everybody wrong :]
Philip Kim
Philip Kim:
Time for Real Madrid to break Tuchels unbeaten record against them
Su 10
Su 10:
Close tie but I see Chelsea winning 2-0. Ngolo and kovacic will outrun Madrid’s midfield yet again..regardless if they both start or only one does
Brandon Benjamin
Brandon Benjamin:
Madrid will progress for sure, simply look at what they did to PSG, when you look at la liga they already know they've won it so there not as eager to win, they pretty much gave Barca the win so they could focus on the champions league Madrid to Win 2-1 Benzema to score a goal 👍 your welcome
Jonnathan Garces
Jonnathan Garces:
Did this mans just compare psg to porto...
Gerardo Portillo
Gerardo Portillo:
Real Madrid
Madrid with Tired and age limited players like modric,Kroos, Benzema...Chelsea 4- 0 Madrid
Sub if you hate Tik Tok and Twitter
Sub if you hate Tik Tok and Twitter:
Chelsea 2-0
Smith Stevan
Smith Stevan:
Chelsea 2-0
Chelsea 3-1
Terrance Boyd
Terrance Boyd:
Son unos XXXGIRLS.Uno de los mejoresb conciertos Mañas no 5 se l 💯💞😍
abdel ech
abdel ech:
the american guy calling legend like luis garcia luco wtf man , americans all the love but dont follow the english 1 trophy centaries ago
mohamed abdikadir
mohamed abdikadir:
Easy match for Chelsea who trying to bet,