Chelsea vs. Tottenham preview: Why the Blues have a better chance at winning the title | ESPN FC

Jose Mourinho visits his old stomping ground this weekend when he brings his Tottenham side to Stamford Bridge to face Frank Lampard’s Chelsea. ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf, Stewart Robson and Don Hutchison preview the game, and explain why victory for either side would prove a huge confidence boost in a challenge for the Premier League title.


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100+ comentarios:

Wordsmith Pendragon
Wordsmith Pendragon:
Whoever put that Chelsea possible XI together, is drunk!
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
Jose is a legend. RESPECT
ohid uddin
ohid uddin:
Even if Jose win both Europa league and pl espn be like “they are not as good as they sounds like”.
Yeon Lee
Yeon Lee:
They said this about Man United. They said this about Man City. At this point, ESPN is becoming more of a meme channel than Oh My Goal
Bruh imagine bringing a former Chelsea player, former Arsenal player, and Frank Lampard's friend in a Tottenham vs Chelsea preview. It's total overkill. Why not add craig burley while you're at it?
Nuno Castro
Nuno Castro:
Tottenham wins they will say Chelsea performance was poor or Lampard didn’t had the right tactics. Never give credit we’re is due.
They really like to hate Spurs and Mourinho all the time
Why people keep saying man city had tons of chances, yes they had lot of shots but all most all of them a re lame efforts from distance. They couldn’t break down spurs defense consistently.
amir manchester united fan
amir manchester united fan:
Analysis:if they create chances and take them they will win the game other news water is wet.
Spurs could win the game and you’d have them on here saying Chelsea will still win the game
FM London
FM London:
“They are weak at the back”

Spurs have the best defensive record in the PL. ESPN really are jokers.
General Channel
General Channel:
yes this guys will stay anti Tottenham even they win treble..
Tony sawyer
Tony sawyer:
When are ESPN going to stop hating on Spurs... its getting tiring
Tyreke Garrell
Tyreke Garrell:
man these guys really hate spurs
This guys, if Spurs wins the CL, PL, FA cup, Carabao Cup, community shield, uefa super cup, club World Cup they would say they still aren’t ready for a title run
ace tim
ace tim:
How are spurs weak at the back we've kept a clean sheet in the past 6 games
These guys put jorginho start, when you have havertz and kovacic in option🤣😅🤭
Boss John
Boss John:
ESPN never says anything good about Mourinho. They support anything against Jose
messi thegreat
messi thegreat:
My god these ESPN pundits have a huge agenda against Mou
Jonathan Atkinson
Jonathan Atkinson:
The reason why I clicked this foolish video. Is disliking it. Y'all don't give Tottenham credit. Ffs
Even when top of the league we still don’t get the respect from these fools.
I do think the pundits at espn have a Spurs blindspot... Management needs to send a memo or something.
Clyde Clarke
Clyde Clarke:
Next 3 months everyone at espn will be proven wrong about Spurs
All that talk about Chelsea, Tottenham just beat them few months ago. Like come on, Tottenham will be going to the game with utmost respect and confidence.
4:22 nodmbele and hojberg are two of the best kids in the league rn! Sissoko is also beasting
Samuel Matamoros
Samuel Matamoros:
Jorginho won't start
Lampard knows that the perfect guy to stop Harry Kane when he goes down to receive is Kanté as a CDM
Mike Trego
Mike Trego:
More anti-Spurs bias from ESPN. What a surprise.
Celestin Mananga
Celestin Mananga:
These guys call themselves pundits. I can’t believe it.
Ethan Cooley
Ethan Cooley:
I dont think spurs will be as defensive as they were against city just remember the second half last time we played them in the league cup
lunarjev 4
lunarjev 4:
He said hojbjerg is not one of the best midfield players. What is he talking about??? At the moment, hes literally the best CDM in the league
“Flaws in their defensive play” “don’t fancy their midfield” what is this mug watching 🤦🏼‍♀️
deepanshu rawat
deepanshu rawat:
Everytime they say spurs will lost this weekend I became more confident for the match
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton:
Imagine thinking Jorginho will be in the starting 11. Still 2 - 0 Chelsea.
James Fernandes
James Fernandes:
1:05 This guy is such a clown, yeah 14 shots how many clear good chances probably 1 from the header 🤦‍♂️
herbert otuonye
herbert otuonye:
Hahaha, they are at it again. They can't believe the success Jose is achieving at Tottenham. The hate for Jose is second to none. I have said it before that these people might go into depression if Mourinho wins the league or any other trophy 🏆
as a Utd fan i would say that Chelsea will win this
simiat Bukola sulaiman
simiat Bukola sulaiman:
The best Chelsea can get is draw...haters of Jose are on it again.
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal:
Mourinho more successful than all ESPN crew combined.
Prasit Ghimire
Prasit Ghimire:
Jose could win everything this season and these clowns will still be saying he got lucky or something.
ian githae
ian githae:
Looks like its gona be a movie this season, a classic;
Student vs Master 🙌🏾
Ruthven Phillips
Ruthven Phillips:
Captain america will be back...
Mason Mccorkell
Mason Mccorkell:
They have some sort of dislike to mourinho and the disrespect on hojberg name
Tottenham are in a really good place right now. Chelsea need some work and experience in playing against good teams.
OKOBA Collins
OKOBA Collins:
I’m a Chelsea fan but I’m not fully confident that we will win a vindictive Mourihno’s well drilled team
Vishnu Mahesh
Vishnu Mahesh:
Kante vs Ndombele will be interesting
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook:
Always anti Spurs ESPN!!! You will eat your words..... COYS
Sushant Paudel
Sushant Paudel:
You get paid to say if they create chances, they will win?
My engineering degree: Hello darkness my old friend.
bebang linus taku
bebang linus taku:
Chelsea 1-2 Spurs. These analysts just have teams they favor when analyzing. They better start giving Jose' praises coz he has taken Spurs to another dimension
Diego Medina
Diego Medina:
Is everyone on this program that incompetent? Man I’m tired of watching these so called “pundits” that never get anything right.
Lego Nation Production
Lego Nation Production:
They forgot someone bale
Miraculous Gaming
Miraculous Gaming:
Stewart Robson, former Arsenal and West ham player.
Frank Leboeuf, former Chelsea player.
Don Hutchison, former West ham player.. Of course they're going to put down Spurs! Look at Don's remarks about Hojbjerg.. One game he mentioned where he didn't play well, literally one game this season, the very first game! Then has the nerve to say he's bopped off the pitch. Clutching at straws, they really do hate Tottenham and Mourinho.
Stewart Robson seemed to have watched a different game than I...doesn't matter what the stats say, Man City was punchless and of all that shots, really only one worth a save from the keeper (the header near the end when the game was pretty much over). I don't know how good a defender he was, but if this game isn't a defensive masterclass for him, he really should suit up and show us how!
Adam Phillip
Adam Phillip:
Lloris was barely tested against City
Alfa 123
Alfa 123:
The agenda against spurs is so real 😂🤣. Keep it that way tho, we like the underdog status
Just throwing this out there: Jose getting Dele Alli back on form for his annual inexplicable great performance against Chelsea
Can't wait for this match! Two teams at their top gear at the moment, I hope it lived up to the hype 🤩
woo jin
woo jin:
Can’t wait till what they’re gonna say if spurs win
This show holds more L's than any other football show that I've ever seen.
Julio Casasola
Julio Casasola:
y’all always wanna hate, maybe we’re just too good 🙄🙄
Ian Cunningham
Ian Cunningham:
ESPN on match day 34 “Tottenham wrap up the Premier league for the first time I’m their history, But Can they win the league?”
JJ Park
JJ Park:
1:12 Man city shouldve scored with two headers? A player would be the MOM every match if they score every opportunity they should
Sean M
Sean M:
As soon as I saw “jornino” in the starting line up I turned it off
Some things in life are guaranteed, the sun will rise and set, and this channel will hate on spurs
Everybody fears mourinho than whole spurs team🤣
Frazer Asokan
Frazer Asokan:
Chelsea 2-1. Pulisic super sub
The John Cooper Show
The John Cooper Show:
ESPN needs to rid their panel of such biased rent boys
that's the wrong lineup,,jorginho as a 6 would get bullied in midfield,,,kante will be the 6,havertz the other 8 ,,,pulisic it's likely he'll start,werner will be the 9
Victor Myeni
Victor Myeni:
When these sort of games come and these guys say Chelsea will win, it's almost always the opposite
Game Of Web
Game Of Web:
Everyone saying Jose will play again same way like city, i wonder if switch from defensive to attacking football,
Dan O'Keeffe
Dan O'Keeffe:
Ahaha this is hilare. Yeah Chelsea will be tough for Spurs but to say that Spurs' performance against City was overrated is shortsighted. You have to play that style against the best technically gifted side in the world. The discipline, team work, physicality and efficiency was reminiscent of Mourinho's 2k11/2k12 Madrid side that broke points and goals records. City meanwhile were naive, didn't deal with Son playing on the right or Kane dropping deep and were too narrow out wide with Mahrez and Torres constantly cutting in, and Walker and Cancelo not providing width. Foden and Sterling came on too late. To reduce City to one easy save for Lloris is commendable.
Elam Sithelo
Elam Sithelo:
Jorginho starting over Kova and Havertz, y'all must be drunk😂
SeigeyKay 900
SeigeyKay 900:
Hating on spurs keep it that way we love the under dog status
Wilson Ihuanne
Wilson Ihuanne:
My prediction: Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham
Bless DaPoet
Bless DaPoet:
When ESPN puts my team as favorites, I become worried.
Avi Sen
Avi Sen:
What game was Robbo watching ... there was just one shot ryt at the end that could have been a goal others were just out of the box hopeful shots.
James Fernandes
James Fernandes:
5:20 nah I can’t Højbjerg has been one of the best midfielders in the season these guys are clowns..
Espn still obsessed with FRANK,imagine when Gerrard comes to manage liverpool.....
indiana stones
indiana stones:
one day theyll say something positive about spurs and jose??...........probably not!!!!
You send the same thing for United and city game,at the end of the day we laughing at for faces😂
Mark Kenna
Mark Kenna:
Looking forward to this game
Mr. Kalou
Mr. Kalou:
I’m Chelsea fan I have big respect ✊ JM/
Steve parker
Steve parker:
Good. Very good, I love when people underrate us
Such a😂 ESPN video
Nephtali Gumaod
Nephtali Gumaod:
Spurs always underdog for them..😠
Peter Minecraft
Peter Minecraft:
Not a chance Jorginho starts Son will breeze past him on the counter
Oh my god another video of ESPN being so anti-spurs, it’s mad how blatantly they hate us
enrique thomas
enrique thomas:
Lol jorginho definitely isn't starting but I want CHO on the left😭
Kobe King
Kobe King:
You guys never believed in Us (Chelsea) at the start of the season but now y’all are saying we could win the league ? What is y’all job really?
Sydney Duke
Sydney Duke:
The way Robson and Hutchinson talk, it’s like Spurs are threatened with relegation rather than being top of the league.
Andres Laguna
Andres Laguna:
I think Spurs will win the tittle. Mourinho knows what he is doing. :)
athina kalantzi
athina kalantzi:
Write me a prediction about the score
Jasper Conner
Jasper Conner:
Have these dudes seen spurs play this season?
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim:
Just a reminder!
Steward Robson said Zidane said will get sacked in 6 weeks last year. So i think we all know how clueless he is!
Wilfred Neli
Wilfred Neli:
C'mon U Blues🔘
Victor Chang
Victor Chang:
Wow this mendy fella got only 2 goals against in 8 matches. Let see if Son s for real this season!
Brady Kruep
Brady Kruep:
4:32 ok Thanos we get it you want Chelsea to win
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson:
Sorry this video made me laugh😂
TB Seow
TB Seow:
Hey guys! Keep going on like this. Get as many followers as U can.
U guys increase my odds. I'm betting on Spurs. Ha ha.
Ehtisham Khan
Ehtisham Khan:
Jorghino 🤦‍♂️ these days dont know the starting 11
Admiral Snackbar
Admiral Snackbar:
Youtube should have a feature for skipping the video content as well, so I can watch ads instead of these strawberry ice cream-level of stupid pundits.