Chile's cacerolazos movement

Several countries across Latin America are expected to hold a simultaneous "cacerolazo" on Sunday.
It is a type of protest that involves banging on pots and pans.
And while crowds are coming together for a variety of reasons, they all share something in common.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from one of those demonstrations in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

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10 comentarios:

Grüße aus Deutschland, sehr guter Protest!
Laura Saxon
Laura Saxon:
There was very little protesting in Chile when I was there on a cruise pre COVID this year.
José Martins
José Martins:
Someone from the CIA should get a prize for inventing that for Pinochet.
C. Lincoln
C. Lincoln:
I do the same thing, every time I get home hungry and my wife hasn't put the dinner on the table.
Abraham Tsfaye
Abraham Tsfaye:
Chile people have woken up. Well done Chilean people.
Todo en contra de el gobierno corrupto de chile , es bueno :)
Jesus Cristo Piedra Fundamental
Jesus Cristo Piedra Fundamental:
Todo lo que sea encontrar de Pinochet es bueno .
Cerveza y Libertad
Cerveza y Libertad:
This is how ignorant people ask for socialism, in a few years the next cacerozalo will be because the lack of food and a hiper inflation
Mr. E
Mr. E:
Inequality? How can you get rid of it when you don’t respect private property. Chile is heading to become a new Venezuela
Yeib Beoulve
Yeib Beoulve:
Wtf, why is there a black man in the previsualization of this video? There are no black people in Chile, only illegal Haitians.