Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 | Martha Argerich, Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra & Jacek Kaspszyk

Martha Argerich (piano) plays Frédéric Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11 with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk. The concert was performed on August 27, 2010 at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) composed his first piano concerto in 1830. At the time, he was still living in his native Poland and was just 20 years old. The premier of Piano Concerto No. 1 took place in October of the same year at Warsaw’s National Theater, with Chopin himself playing the challenging piano part.

Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 was popular with audiences from the very beginning. But it also had its critics, who complained that the orchestra was only given a supporting role to the piano, which was the star of the show. And it is true that the orchestra serves merely to add atmosphere to the piano as the main part. Chopin based the piano part on the Belcanto singing of Italian operas. That’s where the many decorative artistic details come from. The musical motifs of Piano Concerto Op. 11 are based on many traditional Polish melodies. That makes the concert very memorable. It is also very romantic in character.

Almost all great piano virtuosos have played Frédéric Chopin’s first Piano Concerto. Martha Argerich, for example, performed and even recorded it many times. To everyone’s surprise, Argerich discovered new facets of the concerto each time she performed it. This is of course thanks to her virtuosity as a piano performer but also due to her temperament and her surprising spontaneity.

Martha Argerich plays Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1: The tried and tested combination for audiences to enjoy a wonderfully romantic concert!

(00:30) I. Allegro maestoso
(20:53) II. Romanze – Larghetto
(30:46) III. Rondo – Vivace

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100+ comentarios:

June Shuffett
June Shuffett:
Madame Martha breaths, hears, executes, lives music. Every part of her produces heavenly music. Every DNA of her is music. We are so fortunate to be able to hear such magnificent music performed by her all these time. Thank God and Miss Martha for her God's gift if playing piano. May you live a long, healthy, joyous life on this earth as an angel sent from heaven.
Irina Shoulman
Irina Shoulman:
Божественная Марта! Божественные руки! Божественный Шопен! Душа улетает в небеса.
Maria Ines Ané
Maria Ines Ané:
Marta artista única, un saludo desde Argentina!!! Nuestro orgullo!!!
John Errera
John Errera:
When I was a teenager in the 60"s I had the joy of hearing Arthur Rubinstein live at Carnegie Hall (he was in his 70"s). Listening to him play was an inspiration for me and furthered my love of Chopin's music. I feel the same way about Martha Argerich. Someone on the site has posted that she is past her prime and we should move on and listen to younger talent. Kind of presumptuous to think that we don't listen to younger talent. Can you imagine if we all stopped listing to Rubinstein , Horowitz, Van Cliburn and many other musicians when they reached a certain age. I'm sure all of these great talents knew they were not the same as when they were much younger . It reminds me of the movie "Logan's Run" when the luminescent green gem implanted in the palm of your hand turned to red at the age of thirty... your time is up and you are no longer of any use to society. Music is not about who can be the best but rather who can convey the magic of music and make the experience something to remember and make us glad we are alive. Play on Martha, play on.
Sandra Wong
Sandra Wong:
No, Martha definitely has NOT passed her prime. I can hear her experiences in life in the music she makes. These experiences can only come with the passage of time. My dear madam, please keep on making music and sharing your experiences. I love to hear your stories.
Rita de Cássia Santos Judice Maria
Rita de Cássia Santos Judice Maria:
O mais lindo Concerto de Chopin.
Татьяна Бугрова
Татьяна Бугрова:
Это совершенство! Когда слушаешь такую музыку, забываешь обо всём на свете... Низкий вам поклон! Брависсимо! 👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
She feels every... single.. note. Astonishing!
Nadia Fankhauser
Nadia Fankhauser:
Ohhhh, qué maravilloso concierto ❤️ Argerich fascinante.
Isabel Gil
Isabel Gil:
Chopin vive nuevamente en las manos de Martha Argerich!!!! Maravilloso concierto!!!!!!
The Teacher Channel
The Teacher Channel:
I've never had the change to listen to Martha live. A unique Argentinian talent. God bless you!
DeAnna Howe
DeAnna Howe:
Don't even know what to say to this. Words fail. Incredible. Unbelievable. So amazing....again, words can't begin to describe...crying here, truly...
Olhar 360 Partners do Brasil
Olhar 360 Partners do Brasil:
Classical Concerto
Classical Concerto:
Cannot have enough of Martha Argerich's playing!
Wendell White
Wendell White:
This woman plays with authority and at the same time with sweetness.
carl armstrong
carl armstrong:
There has never been a greater pianist than Martha. She is the epitome of greatness.
Don Wox
Don Wox:
One of the greatest if not the greatest of all time
She's pushing 80.. still plys like a beast...
Enjoy her masterpiece while she's around...
Excellent pianist with very good orchestra conductor. Thank you
for uploading such a wonderful Chopin
Piano concerto.
Anne Maia
Anne Maia:
Gratidão ..Amo muito sua interpretação, ela e o piano dançam nas notas musicais altas e baixas de Chopin🌸🌺💮🌼🌸🙏🎼🏡
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima:
I couldn't suppress a grunt of admiration when I listened Argerich's incomparable performance .

I had no comments to make on Argerich's superb performance with beautiful attire ,
I just listen in admiration .

Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵 where is full of Argerich's fans
Tanomaru Piano Academy
Tanomaru Piano Academy:
Sometimes we get confused about who is playing by just listening, but it is impossible to get confused by listening to this. Martha has not only a brilliant technique, but such a vitality and tenderness at the same time that are truly remarkable.
João Calvano
João Calvano:
Chopin é apaixonante quando é interpretado com alma. Isto Marta Argerich o faz com maestria.
Eugenia Krüger
Eugenia Krüger:
Браво! Спасибо за подаренное упоение🌸
Fernanda Agibert
Fernanda Agibert:
Belíssimo Concerto!
Martha Argerich toca a Alma de Chopin pela sua Alma!
É magnífica a sua interpretação,a sua vitalidade!
É uma Alma iluminada que irradia Beleza pela magia de seu dedilhado!!!
cy chen
cy chen:
So good. she has impeccable taste. there are many many pianists with exceptional technics, but not easy to find one with her sense. simply amazing.
Alejandra Bujan
Alejandra Bujan:
El espíritu inmortal de Chopin en el alma de la señora Argerich acompañada por la excelencia de la orquesta. ¡Magnífico!
Needless to say, it's perfect.
Alexandre Santos
Alexandre Santos:
é uma incomparável interpretação. vigorosa, sensível, tecnicamente soberba. revejo Chopin na Martha! Deus é lindo...
Bernadette Passebosc
Bernadette Passebosc:
Un moment de pur bonheur
Bravo a l'orchestre et a son chef
Et merci Madame pour votre agnufique interprétation 🌼
Cecilia A.
Cecilia A.:
Que Calidad Dios mio.
Marta A. Excelente pianista.
Theologia Book Ministry
Theologia Book Ministry:
I love Chopin’s music, it fascinates me how excellent musicians can so faithfully make it alive. Such a healing listening experience. THANK YOU!!! ❤️❤️🙏🙏
A celebration of music and Piano especially! A human enlightening music and performance! ❤
Chopin was there, present at this concert and will forever live through performances like this! Immortal❣
Laura del Socorro Castro
Laura del Socorro Castro:
Increíble! :)
Immense, géniale et toujours incomparable Martha Arguerich !
CCP-19 Election
CCP-19 Election:
Notice that she doesn’t need sheet music…..amazing
robert flynn
robert flynn:
This is an epic performance in many dimensions and I'm glad to witness it again in 2021. Martha is simply the best of all the best. Bravo Martha Argerich.
Alfonso Martín
Alfonso Martín:
Once again I enjoy this concert ❤️🎵👏
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller:
Argerich bashers are ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. She’s still in her prime, and can play better than most pianists alive. As a matter of fact she may have had the longest prime in history. Now in her 80th year, she can play the living daylights out of the Prokofiev 3rd and Ravel G major. This Chopin concerto is effortless, lyrical, and totally sonorous at all times. If you don’t “get” it, you may want to go back to school.
Peter Lebow
Peter Lebow:
This version of one of my favorite pieces of all time kind of moves me to tears.
Tran Tuan
Tran Tuan:
Wonderfull sounds from burning heart and magic technique <3
Klient1234 Klient1234
Klient1234 Klient1234:
Боже мой, как это здорово. Спасибо вам , музыканты от бога, всем.
Magali Cunha Porfírio Borges
Magali Cunha Porfírio Borges:
Martha Arguerich, Top Ten no mundo. Tens a coragem de enfrentar um concerto conhecido por todos os músicos. Parabéns! És sensível e grande pianista.
Akiko Yanagisawa
Akiko Yanagisawa:
Martha is fascinating also the conductor brings out the best of this music.
It brought me to tears. What can I say. THIS woman.
Riva Schertzman
Riva Schertzman:
WOW WOW WOW! I cannot believe how in the world she can move her fingers to play so fast! It's absolutely incredible! Martha makes me want to keep practicing! I love her romantic expression of the melodies, her light touch and watching her enjoy the whole experience! (and we share the same birthday). Wish I could take a few piano lessons from her!
Natan Santos
Natan Santos:
Maravilhosa interpretação!
Ирина Литвинова
Ирина Литвинова:
Божественно красиво!!! Браво!!!✨✨✨
Guillermo Bernasconi
Guillermo Bernasconi:
Maestro Argerich, tu eres sublime! Tu es sublime; you are sublime! sei sublime !
Graciela Daneri
Graciela Daneri:
Maravillosa intérprete que nos fascina con ese toque tan especial y su sensibilidad exquisita.
oi ran
oi ran:
Los conciertos de Chopín son obras monumentales difíciles de interpretar, pero en las manos de Martha todo se vuelve fácil y mágico...
M.José Pi Ruiz de Castañeda
M.José Pi Ruiz de Castañeda:
Chopin, un romántico que consigue con su música llegar al fondo de nuestra alma.
Yakub Kartawidjaja
Yakub Kartawidjaja:
So so wonderful! Amazing!
Listen how the orchestra resonates the piano... and completes its sounds along
Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold:
I pressed the like button before watching the whole concerto😆this is Martha Legend ladies and gents👏🏼🙌🏼
Татьяна Расулова
Татьяна Расулова:
О,Марта,гениальная дама... Браво
Radu Dan Baciu
Radu Dan Baciu:
Sublimă inegalabilă,genială Martha Argerich, este o mare doamnă a pianului!!!
Darren Hsu
Darren Hsu:
She is so good!
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria:
Ver sus manos , sus gestos , su pelo ... puedo escuchar mejor sonido en mi equipo , pero estas tomas fotográficas no las tengo en mi casa !! Gracias Maga del teclado !! te amamos en Argentina !!!
오케스트라와 아르게 리치부인의 조합이....아름답습니다 쇼팽곡은 언제나 영광입니다.
Maria Cristina Serrano de vives
Maria Cristina Serrano de vives:
Magnífica interpretazione
Tran Tuan
Tran Tuan:
The Lord bless you and keep you, happy birthday to lady Argherich at 80th!
Hanna Staszak
Hanna Staszak:
Piękno muzyki Fryderyka Szopena to fenomen graniczący z cudem.
Sofia Zukerman
Sofia Zukerman:
Love it all! Happy belated 80 th B- day! Thank you immensely 🎶🎶🎶
Сергей Мельников
Сергей Мельников:
Марта - одна из любимейших пианистов, а Шопен - любимый композитор!!! Это просто бездонный океан!!!
Diane Sturiale
Diane Sturiale:
She is magic!❤️
J P:
Absolutely beautiful
Jenny Manevitz
Jenny Manevitz:
Argerich ,Una maravilla de la naturaleza que nos brinda a todos un regalo formidable en su cumpleanos
de los 80.
Siga brindandonos con salud y felicidad.Nosotros sabremos gozar,tespetar y admirar de todo el corazon
De una uruguaya viviendo en Israel que la viene siguiendo desde la infancia.
Stephen Van Woert
Stephen Van Woert:
Chopin lifts me to a higher realm. Do you hear the blissful sighs at 23:54 and 27:14 in the Romance?
Carlos Laguens Bermejo
Carlos Laguens Bermejo:
GENIAL interpretación del maravilloso Concierto para Piano Nº1 del célebre compositor del Romanticismo F. Chopin actuando como solista la mítica y legendaria pianista argentina Martha Argerich que nos deleita una vez más con una auténtica lección de como se toca las teclas de un piano. BRAVO !!! Saludos desde España.
Zuleyha Akman
Zuleyha Akman:
Прекрасно спасибо большое Вам
Walter Nicolich
Walter Nicolich:
I wonder how many of the younger talents will be giving us the years like Martha has given to us.........
Victor Kholdoyanidi
Victor Kholdoyanidi:
It's beautiful!
Woody Black
Woody Black:
Thank you Martha Aregerich and Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra under the direction of Jacek Kaspszyk. Pianist Aregerich is enlightening, astonishing, amazing and queen of the gifted and accomplished. Wow!
Светлана Швидко
Светлана Швидко:
Гениально полутень полутон
Полдень макушка лета
Расцвет жизни не грустно
Не весело безмятежно
Золотая середина
There's magic in her hands.
Pietro Chianese
Pietro Chianese:
Interpretazione da brivido, credo una delle più grandi in assoluto
obiwan benobi
obiwan benobi:
such a pleasure to watch her (and the others too) play! :) happy ears!
Keith Rader
Keith Rader:
I think she thinks differently than most of us.....I love the difference in her playing.....
Larissa Teixeira
Larissa Teixeira:
No words. Just amazing.
O. J. Sounds
O. J. Sounds:
Martha is the last piano-forte maestro on earth! 😍Thank You for Your being!!!
Cielo Delgado
Cielo Delgado:
Hermosa interpretación con el Espiritu de Chopin tan amoroso!Gracias
Thomas Meier
Thomas Meier:
We can be thankful that we have these great artists like Martha Argerich. Such people like her give us so many beautiful moments in our lives. Also to this orchestra with its conductor. Thank you very much for this wonderful concert. Excellent sound and perfect performance.
Magali Aranha
Magali Aranha:
She is still a wonderful artist
Owen Dureke
Owen Dureke:
Martha you're a beautiful and gifted lady. long may you play in the hearts of poets
Greatest concerto of all time and this is also the greatest version!
Ana Cristina
Ana Cristina:
Dentre outras, sem dúvida essa é uma belíssima obra do grande compositor Chopin, e maravilhosamente interpretada...
ela boguslawska
ela boguslawska:
I love this concert ... the best combination Chopin and MRS Argerich ... thanks ♥
Jimi Jimi
Jimi Jimi:
She doesn't even look like an 80 year old woman. She's beautiful in and out ❤️
Ruth Laredo and Martha Argerich were born to play Chopin. Chopin was born to write for these magnificent pianists.
aram bae
aram bae:
Ilsen Castillo
Ilsen Castillo:
Fuerza y belleza!! Bravo !!!
Olga Karasso
Olga Karasso:
Very beautiful inspired performance.
Estela Fidalgo
Estela Fidalgo:
Martha Argerich mujer argentina virtuosa, con una Sinfónica de lujo y el excelente Director nos regalan la maravilla de Chopin. Dejarse llevar en brazos de la extraordinaria música y simplemente gozar!
Benjamín Correa Aparicio
Benjamín Correa Aparicio:
Todo lo que diga será poco, magnífica.!!!!!!!
We are so happy to be able to hear so amazing her music.I went her concert in Japan
about 50years ago,when she played so powerful.
You Tube give us many many wonderful concerts, many magnificent artists' performances.
If you have time,please listen to FUZIKO HEMMING performance.She is Japanese
lady,she has had so hard days, but now she is famous pianist in Japan.
Chris Crutchley
Chris Crutchley:
And ten years later in 2021, she is still doing the piano business with great aplomb!
Monika Sajecka
Monika Sajecka:
Słychac doświadczenie, charakter i styl. Bardzo lubię to wykonanie
sergio adorni
sergio adorni:
same clarity and levity of A.B MICHELANGELI, of whom ms.Argerich was a favorite pupil....
just perfect