Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 | Martha Argerich, Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra & Jacek Kaspszyk

Martha Argerich (piano) plays Frédéric Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11 with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk. The concert was performed on August 27, 2010 at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) composed his first piano concerto in 1830. At the time, he was still living in his native Poland and was just 20 years old. The premier of Piano Concerto No. 1 took place in October of the same year at Warsaw’s National Theater, with Chopin himself playing the challenging piano part.

Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 was popular with audiences from the very beginning. But it also had its critics, who complained that the orchestra was only given a supporting role to the piano, which was the star of the show. And it is true that the orchestra serves merely to add atmosphere to the piano as the main part. Chopin based the piano part on the Belcanto singing of Italian operas. That’s where the many decorative artistic details come from. The musical motifs of Piano Concerto Op. 11 are based on many traditional Polish melodies. That makes the concert very memorable. It is also very romantic in character.

Almost all great piano virtuosos have played Frédéric Chopin’s first Piano Concerto. Martha Argerich, for example, performed and even recorded it many times. To everyone’s surprise, Argerich discovered new facets of the concerto each time she performed it. This is of course thanks to her virtuosity as a piano performer but also due to her temperament and her surprising spontaneity.

Martha Argerich plays Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1: The tried and tested combination for audiences to enjoy a wonderfully romantic concert!

(00:30) I. Allegro maestoso
(20:53) II. Romanze – Larghetto
(30:46) III. Rondo – Vivace

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100+ comentarios:

John Errera
John Errera:
When I was a teenager in the 60"s I had the joy of hearing Arthur Rubinstein live at Carnegie Hall (he was in his 70"s). Listening to him play was an inspiration for me and furthered my love of Chopin's music. I feel the same way about Martha Argerich. Someone on the site has posted that she is past her prime and we should move on and listen to younger talent. Kind of presumptuous to think that we don't listen to younger talent. Can you imagine if we all stopped listing to Rubinstein , Horowitz, Van Cliburn and many other musicians when they reached a certain age. I'm sure all of these great talents knew they were not the same as when they were much younger . It reminds me of the movie "Logan's Run" when the luminescent green gem implanted in the palm of your hand turned to red at the age of thirty... your time is up and you are no longer of any use to society. Music is not about who can be the best but rather who can convey the magic of music and make the experience something to remember and make us glad we are alive. Play on Martha, play on.
Martha Argerich is an absolute giant, an inspiration to so many people and it’s astonishing she can still perform like this at 80 years old.
Magnífica, pone el alma en cada nota, admirable Martha Argerich! Me emociona escucharla y verla tan sencilla y majestuosa a la vez. Un honor saberla argentina!
Tobias Reimann
Tobias Reimann:
Martha is just epic. Not from this World.
Irina Shoulman
Irina Shoulman:
Божественная Марта! Божественные руки! Божественный Шопен! Душа улетает в небеса.
Sandra Wong
Sandra Wong:
No, Martha definitely has NOT passed her prime. I can hear her experiences in life in the music she makes. These experiences can only come with the passage of time. My dear madam, please keep on making music and sharing your experiences. I love to hear your stories.
marte thompson
marte thompson:
God gave us Chopin, and then he gave us Martha Argerich to play the piano.
Gary Lloyd
Gary Lloyd:
Well, if someone says she's not as good as she used to be, that's right. She's better. I can't explain. She has a degree of freedom that even she didn't have when younger. There is so much to enjoy here. This is just so amazing.
Classical Concerto
Classical Concerto:
Cannot have enough of Martha Argerich's playing!
Alejandra Bujan
Alejandra Bujan:
El espíritu inmortal de Chopin en el alma de la señora Argerich acompañada por la excelencia de la orquesta. ¡Magnífico!
Татьяна Бугрова
Татьяна Бугрова:
Это совершенство! Когда слушаешь такую музыку, забываешь обо всём на свете... Низкий вам поклон! Брависсимо! 👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Don Wox
Don Wox:
One of the greatest if not the greatest of all time
She's pushing 80.. still plys like a beast...
Enjoy her masterpiece while she's around...
carl armstrong
carl armstrong:
There has never been a greater pianist than Martha. She is the epitome of greatness.
Ming Chan
Ming Chan:
Magnificent interpretation . Her touch is so subtle and transitions of the moments and beats so smooth that she doesn't have to pound on the piano ( like so many younger pianists of the day) to exude power and strength. Her playing is full of breath that she's going free flow.
So enjoyable.
cy chen
cy chen:
So good. she has impeccable taste. there are many many pianists with exceptional technics, but not easy to find one with her sense. simply amazing.
Tanomaru Piano Academy
Tanomaru Piano Academy:
Sometimes we get confused about who is playing by just listening, but it is impossible to get confused by listening to this. Martha has not only a brilliant technique, but such a vitality and tenderness at the same time that are truly remarkable.
Dawid Walega
Dawid Walega:
Beautifully Played ! I love this piece so much that I recorded it on YouTube myself, but I didn't have an orchestra with me ! Great Performance! Dawid
Lala Hoo
Lala Hoo:
Martha Argerich, one of the greatest of all time pianists and musicians who contributed so much to human achievements to our civilization. What a glorious performance!!!
Альбина Воробьева
Альбина Воробьева:
Прекрасное магическое исполнение солистки! Оркестр и дирижёр великолепны!
Fernanda Agibert
Fernanda Agibert:
Belíssimo Concerto!
Martha Argerich toca a Alma de Chopin pela sua Alma!
É magnífica a sua interpretação,a sua vitalidade!
É uma Alma iluminada que irradia Beleza pela magia de seu dedilhado!!!
Eugenia Krüger
Eugenia Krüger:
Браво! Спасибо за подаренное упоение🌸
19:02 the best moment in 1st movement of this concerto.
Nada en Martha es artificial, o por la imagen. Todo es por la necesidad musical. Eso es lo que nos hace conectar sin trabas, con la esencia de su música. Escuchar a Martha es un viaje de ida. Period.
The Teacher Channel
The Teacher Channel:
I've never had the change to listen to Martha live. A unique Argentinian talent. God bless you!
Klient1234 Klient1234
Klient1234 Klient1234:
Боже мой, как это здорово. Спасибо вам , музыканты от бога, всем.
Елена Данильян
Елена Данильян:
ТАМ, ГДЕ ИГРАЕТ МАРТА АРГЕРИХ, воссоздается одновременно и архитектурный блеск дворца и храм души !!!Дай Бог , чтобы так играли молодые исполнители , как этот зрелый , по возрасту , человек!!!Её слушать - огромное наслаждение, восхищение проникновенностью и тонкостью музыкально- звуковой палитры , огромной эмоциональностью , совершенной блестящей техникой , артистизмом , свободным парением её огромного таланта созидателя - исполнителя !!!Успехов дорогой , гениальной Марте и многие лета её незабываемому творчеству !!!!!!!!
Excellent pianist with very good orchestra conductor. Thank you
for uploading such a wonderful Chopin
Piano concerto.
Immense, géniale et toujours incomparable Martha Arguerich !
Göran Klarén
Göran Klarén:
The maturity but still that youthfulness in her performance is amazing. And a big no to anyone saying that she is to old. She is 80 years young.
Omar Paredes
Omar Paredes:
Magnífico Fantástico Martha Argerich,todo perfecto.👍👍
Magali Cunha Porfírio Borges
Magali Cunha Porfírio Borges:
Martha Arguerich, Top Ten no mundo. Tens a coragem de enfrentar um concerto conhecido por todos os músicos. Parabéns! És sensível e grande pianista.
João Calvano
João Calvano:
Chopin é apaixonante quando é interpretado com alma. Isto Marta Argerich o faz com maestria.
Rene Canales
Rene Canales:
It takes a master to appreciate another one. Unfortunately, I am not. All I am limited to say is that Martha Argerich is my inspiration to love piano.
Absolutely unsurpassed. Performance is better than perfect
Zaira Alonso
Zaira Alonso:
Como não adorar está performance?
Chopin... you composed a Masterpiece here. You lived only 39 years on earth, but still managed to leave us spell bound with your incredible music long after you are gone. Never again has there been any composer like you even til today in 2021..right in the midst of Covid 19. Thank you Chopin. You are greatly admired and appreciated my millions of music lovers...and will continue to be so long after this generation is gone too. Those who are yet to be born today at the time of my writing this will be born in the future. They will grow up and discover your beautiful music and again your music will captivate them the same way you captivated many generations after your death. RIP Chopin. You are beyond amazing!
Anne Maia
Anne Maia:
Gratidão ..Amo muito sua interpretação, ela e o piano dançam nas notas musicais altas e baixas de Chopin🌸🌺💮🌼🌸🙏🎼🏡
silvia lucia Malamud
silvia lucia Malamud:
Ella es ya casi una leyenda,maravillosa Martha!
Los conciertos de Chopín son obras monumentales difíciles de interpretar, pero en las manos de Martha todo se vuelve fácil y mágico...
Kaisar Anvar
Kaisar Anvar:
Her third movement is BEYOND genius. What a power. What a precision. Absolutely speechless. The BEST pianist of 20th and 21st century for sure.
Francesca De Logu
Francesca De Logu:
I adore her energy. She's incomparable.
Ana Cristina
Ana Cristina:
Dentre outras, sem dúvida essa é uma belíssima obra do grande compositor Chopin, e maravilhosamente interpretada...
If only all videos of Martha's incredible performances were shot and edited this beautifully. Magnificent job by everyone!
Guerrero Verde
Guerrero Verde:
Que mujer y pianista maravillosa es un placer escuchar sus conciertos ciudadana del mundo
Wendy Ngo
Wendy Ngo:
I wish I still have an honor to see Martha Argerich perform live someday in the near future. Respect and admire her excellent skills and talents forever. She is one the greatest pianist in the world.
Maria Ines Ané
Maria Ines Ané:
Marta artista única, un saludo desde Argentina!!! Nuestro orgullo!!!
Lina Papadopoulou
Lina Papadopoulou:
Where she won first prize all those years ago... Her playing has aged beautifully like old wine.
Laila Bahgat ليلى بهجت
Laila Bahgat ليلى بهجت:
Just fantastic moving performance. You were the cause to boost my mood of feeling really bad into a very positive one. Thank you very much. May God bless you.
Myrian Gomide
Myrian Gomide:
Uma das maiores pianistas do mundo...
Alicia Elcira Pierri
Alicia Elcira Pierri:
Marthita, logra llegar hasta las fibras más íntimas del alma. La adoro.
Zė Portella
Zė Portella:
A melodia foi capturada no Paraíso pela alma inspirada do compositor e materializada pela sensibilidade e arte de Martha e orquestra! Parabéns a todos os envolvidos e pela lembrança do evento! Muito obrigado pelo êxtase!
Станислав Легкобыт
Станислав Легкобыт:
Мир сказочного, не земного волшебства, нет тех слов, чтобы можно было выразить восхищение всем творцам этого звучания генеального шедевра!!!! Низкий поклон Вам всем, огромное спасибо!!!
Tobias Reimann
Tobias Reimann:
when you watch her hands flying over the keyboard....unbelievable....❤❤❤
Elizabete da Costa
Elizabete da Costa:
Yassine Kossai
Yassine Kossai:
Absolutely fantastic I'm in love with this music 🎶
June Shuffett
June Shuffett:
Madame Martha breaths, hears, executes, lives music. Every part of her produces heavenly music. Every DNA of her is music. We are so fortunate to be able to hear such magnificent music performed by her all these time. Thank God and Miss Martha for her God's gift if playing piano. May you live a long, healthy, joyous life on this earth as an angel sent from heaven.
Kaspszyk is such a great conductor! And the orchestra!!! And Martha!!!!
Alfonso Martín
Alfonso Martín:
Magnífica ,como siempre; Martha ❤️❤️❤️ . Excelente la orquesta y su dirección. Este concierto para mí es entrañable pues conocí una nueva faceta de Chopin hace muchos años. I have enjoyed this video.Congratulations
Robin P Clarke
Robin P Clarke:
One of the great under-appreciated gems of "classical" music. And one that I never tire of hearing.
Thomas Meier
Thomas Meier:
We can be thankful that we have these great artists like Martha Argerich. Such people like her give us so many beautiful moments in our lives. Also to this orchestra with its conductor. Thank you very much for this wonderful concert. Excellent sound and perfect performance.
Bernadette Passebosc
Bernadette Passebosc:
Un moment de pur bonheur
Bravo a l'orchestre et a son chef
Et merci Madame pour votre agnufique interprétation 🌼
Margaret Hefer
Margaret Hefer:
,Martha is incredible! Keep on Martha, we love your wonderful talent!
She feels every... single.. note. Astonishing!
Maria del Carme Amat
Maria del Carme Amat:
Bellisimo concierto de Chopin que tocado al piano por la bella y talentosa M . Argerich , hace las delicias de aquellos que amamos la buena mu'sics
Martin Lihoťan
Martin Lihoťan:
Hlboký umelecký,hudobný zážitok,Pani Martha,prijmite môj obdiv,vďaku,tiež srdečná vďaka celému orchestru.
Gracias DW por compartir este concerto. Una de las más brillantes de la música clásica: Argerich.
Stefan Hjertquist, Steffes one man band
Stefan Hjertquist, Steffes one man band:
Maybe the best piano performance I’ve ever heard! Fingers flows like a beautiful butterfly in an open air. The genius of this woman is a wonder and she must be a gift from the mind of a creator… and at 17.00 she smiles of pure joy! Amazing and divine from start to end🥰💚👏🌟🎹
She delivers the best Chopin #1 ever.
Riva Schertzman
Riva Schertzman:
WOW WOW WOW! I cannot believe how in the world she can move her fingers to play so fast! It's absolutely incredible! Martha makes me want to keep practicing! I love her romantic expression of the melodies, her light touch and watching her enjoy the whole experience! (and we share the same birthday). Wish I could take a few piano lessons from her!
Josep Bertran
Josep Bertran:
Maravilloso 👏
Dayse Rosendo
Dayse Rosendo:
Lindo demais!
M. Entera
M. Entera:
When my daughter was in junior high, I had a car full of young teens that I was driving to school. I had this Concerto on my car radio, and at one point one of the girls in the back said "This is REALLY beautiful", and the other girls were getting into it, too. I told them it was Chopin. It was the perfect pairing of Chopin's music and that demographic. They understood what Chopin was all about.
Alicia Bermudez
Alicia Bermudez:
¡La presencia ausente de Chopin en las manos de la gran Martha Argerich! 🙏🙏🙏💓💓💓💓🎼🎹🎹🎹🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Sonia Ng
Sonia Ng:
That’s amazingly beautiful performance ❤️💕
Татьяна Расулова
Татьяна Расулова:
О,Марта,гениальная дама... Браво
Loz Bok
Loz Bok:
Symfonia i Marta jak zawsze genialni
Aureliano Jose monteiro
Aureliano Jose monteiro:
Gratidão pelo belissimo trabalho que, nos foi apresentado!
Nadia Fankhauser
Nadia Fankhauser:
Ohhhh, qué maravilloso concierto ❤️ Argerich fascinante.
Chopin was there, present at this concert and will forever live through performances like this! Immortal❣
Jairo Estupiñan
Jairo Estupiñan:
Talentosa pianista! Hermoso concierto de Chopin. LA ORQUESTA ESPLÉNDIDA!
Graciela Daneri
Graciela Daneri:
Maravillosa intérprete que nos fascina con ese toque tan especial y su sensibilidad exquisita.
Saiful Rimkeit
Saiful Rimkeit:
I am very thankful for musically gifted people who interpret the Masters' compositions as beautifully and maturely as Martha Argerich has throughout her career.
Sonia Maria Mello da Silva
Sonia Maria Mello da Silva:
Que maravilha!!!!!!
ela boguslawska
ela boguslawska:
I love this concert ... the best combination Chopin and MRS Argerich ... thanks ♥
Victor Kholdoyanidi
Victor Kholdoyanidi:
It's beautiful!
Porphirio Gomes de Oliveira
Porphirio Gomes de Oliveira:
Chopin parece viver eternamente...
Ирина Литвинова
Ирина Литвинова:
Божественно красиво!!! Браво!!!✨✨✨
Woody Black
Woody Black:
Thank you Martha Aregerich and Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra under the direction of Jacek Kaspszyk. Pianist Aregerich is enlightening, astonishing, amazing and queen of the gifted and accomplished. Wow!
ludy villanueva
ludy villanueva:
She is amazing, enjoyed listening to her playing anytime of the day.
Elizabeth Stein lorenzoni
Elizabeth Stein lorenzoni:
Lindo demais!👏👏👏👏👏
Nancy Duncan
Nancy Duncan:
This is Chopin at his best and, as far as I'm concerned, Martha at her best What a combination!!
Also, the orchestra and conductor were marvelous. It must have been wonderful for those who were there.
k m venezia
k m venezia:
Thank you, this concerto always brings tears to my eyes, and Martha playing it left me weeping from the level she captured Chopin's beautiful writing.
Dr Pangloss
Dr Pangloss:
Martha is simply a goddess…. She’s been a magnificent artist for many years! Never getting tired of her sublime performances!
Radu Dan Baciu
Radu Dan Baciu:
Pianul sub mâinile îngerești ale D-nei Martha Argerich are sonorități divine!!!Interpretarea muzicii lui Chopin de domnia sa este superba ,inegalabilă desăvârșită!!!Cu reverență,Silvia Baciu
Florelba Mendoza
Florelba Mendoza:
Martha Argerich, excelsa, maravillosa
robert flynn
robert flynn:
This is an epic performance in many dimensions and I'm glad to witness it again in 2021. Martha is simply the best of all the best. Bravo Martha Argerich.
The happy piano 298
The happy piano 298:
I love how she plays the piano and the parts where the trumpet can be heard especially that what I like about the peace 😊👍 I think I’m beginning to like Chopin 😊👍
M.José Pi Ruiz de Castañeda
M.José Pi Ruiz de Castañeda:
Chopin, un romántico que consigue con su música llegar al fondo de nuestra alma.
Rakpong Chaisuparakul
Rakpong Chaisuparakul:
For the listeners that made the decision Argerich's version is the best for Concerto 1, you may revisit the versions of Dinu Lipatti, Krystian Zimerman, Gregory Sokolov and Danill Trifonov and analyze again. All versions are great and very hard to rank.
Sylvia Farese
Sylvia Farese:
Fantastic performance from a great pianist Martha Argerich Thanks for sharing