Chris and Scott Evans Take the Bro Couples Challenge

Chris Evans and his brother Scott tackle a sibling version of the Couples Challenge, answering questions about each other's quarantine behavior by pointing with their eyes closed to test how well they know each other.

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Chris and Scott Evans Take the Bro Couples Challenge


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100+ comentarios:

Chris in the movies: 😎

Chris in real life: 😃
I can listen to chris’ “hehehehehe” all day🥺
Alicia B
Alicia B:
I'd rather watch Keeping up with the Evans' than anything else on reality tv. Someone make it happen!
Scott Evans: "We're acting like we're kids again."
So cool to see they are enjoying being with each other in quarantine. These two are truly legit bros.
avantika mirchandani
avantika mirchandani:
chris is a five year old and nobody can tell me otherwise
New Message
New Message:
This kind of game would just start an argument at my house at this point in the lockdown.
Izzy Perez
Izzy Perez:
How did Jimmy know I was rewatching old interviews of my husband chris evans and needed new material?
Sanjida Naznin
Sanjida Naznin:
Chris Is a 38 year old man child and he is ADORABLE 🥺😭. I just can't get enough of him 😣

Edit: Chris is 39 now. And still so very hot🤤
Chocolate_ Joonie
Chocolate_ Joonie:
You guys can’t lie and say that Chris and Scott didn’t sound alike
The Wealth Generator
The Wealth Generator:
The fact that they know each other so well, just makes them that much more likeable
polite spoon
polite spoon:
u would think with them being millionaires their wifi wouldn’t be this bad
I love watching Chris's interviews with Jimmy specifically because he always looks so comfortable and at ease- just like he's talking to a friend. The fact that Jimmy always includes Scott and genuinely enjoys talking to him too is probably a big part of it.
My week is complete- Chris AND Scott!!!
Samantha Ea
Samantha Ea:
Chris' laugh is adorable
My favorite thing is when Chris REALLY doesn’t want to admit that it’s him, but he knows it is.
"Who's had more trouble at school" THE STRUGGLE to decide who was baughtier LMAO
Zion Algu
Zion Algu:
I can’t get over at how they’re voices are literally the same 😂 😂 😂
Chris Evans is so fine and AGAIN when he’s ready to start a family I’m HERE!
Amelie Says Hola
Amelie Says Hola:
The fact he’s letting his brother bunk with him during quarantine makes me like him that much more
Elif Aysu Coşar
Elif Aysu Coşar:
I am just looking at the screen and smiling uncontrollably right now.
They are adorable <3
Runyararo Manjala
Runyararo Manjala:
captain america is wearing a "cap"
Samuel Flores
Samuel Flores:
I honestly love how bad the connection is it’s REAL
nunis lemg
nunis lemg:
chris really didn’t wanna admit his brother is better at wiffle ball and i love him for that
Nashia McDaniel
Nashia McDaniel:
I'm so jealous of Chris’ eyelashes!
Savvy C
Savvy C:
Chris is soon gonna be saying "On Fleek" pretty soon.
Sanghamitra Sarkar
Sanghamitra Sarkar:
Captain Rogers you are not fooling us.
I love the Evans brothers. They invented the term 'Bros'!
Eve Trottier
Eve Trottier:
How can you not love these guys! Quarantine must be anything but boring with them.
Gio Ok
Gio Ok:
Scott finally came out of a bro challenge without having to admit to something embarrassing from his childhood. I'm so happy for him!
Fergal Hughes
Fergal Hughes:
Jimmy: "Are you thinking of the Jack of Diamonds?"
Me: "Yes!"
Candace Chan
Candace Chan:
that’s so sweet that they are quarantined together 🥺
Fernan Lampaz
Fernan Lampaz:
Chris and Scott's laugh is contagious. I hope I have one brother whom I can do this stuff with.
Karma Llama & Koxy
Karma Llama & Koxy:
The fact that the ad before the video was Chris Evans I’m defending jacob😂😂
Sarang Nambiar
Sarang Nambiar:
These Evans Siblings are such Dorks!!!
Uri Yaari
Uri Yaari:
The fact that they have bad connection makes this SO much more relateable
Altair Uddin
Altair Uddin:
and Chris and Scott are there its killing me... love you guys
Bikash Nayak
Bikash Nayak:
The literally have the same laugh
my last cigarette
my last cigarette:
This is the relationship i wish i had with my sister
Mary Cate
Mary Cate:
Yes, I do realize that Chris Evans is in fact way older than me. No, I will not stop calling him adorable.
madi :D
madi :D:
I need more Chris Evans in my life
Shelly Flores
Shelly Flores:
They literally laugh and talk the exact same, I love it
Olivia Theresa
Olivia Theresa:
Chris seems like that guy that would be so fun to date lol...goofy,cute and sweet❤
kalala t.
kalala t.:
not to be dramatic but i would die for chris evans
Ismat Kazmi
Ismat Kazmi:
Best Brother duo ever PERIODTTT!!
Jancarlo Malaquias
Jancarlo Malaquias:
I can see through your disguise Captain
Anna Sofia Protopapas
Anna Sofia Protopapas:
Chris evans is the cutest thing ever prove me wrong
Karina Rosario
Karina Rosario:
Omg yes I’m so excited! Chris is really baby🥺
Finally! I've been waiting for this all day, it's 4:50 am in Spain, now I can go to bed (as if I had any schedule during quarantine lol)
Priscille Luse
Priscille Luse:
This is amazing! Now we just need the whole Evans family😀
Monoswita Sengupta
Monoswita Sengupta:
SC: "We are acting like we are kids again!"
Me: since when were you two NOT kids?? 🙄😂😂
Mailee Ohara
Mailee Ohara:
I feel like Chris evens is just the most perfect older brother.😍😍🥰🥰
Michelle Mittelstedt
Michelle Mittelstedt:
These two are my favorite guests together!:)
fiona govers
fiona govers:
Chris Evans is all I talk about and My family is starting to get annoyed 😀
Chris Evans's shirt reminds me of Johnny storm suit from Fantastic Four! It's always fun to see the evans family!
I wanna know the Neil diamond story LOL
Paula A Rivera
Paula A Rivera:
Thank you Jimmy for making quarantine better 😂😂
i love how spur of the moment this game was in the interview before he was just asking with no intention of this happening he got so excited haha
I love Chris Evans sooooo much that now it's kind of unhealthy.
Catherine Freytag
Catherine Freytag:
can we take a second to discuss Chris' eyelashes? i mean wow
Ahhh, been watching Chris and Scott's interviews these past few days and now I'm blessed with a new one. Really love these two. ❤❤
Layla K
Layla K:
Chris is so adorable I love him
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia:
Oh if only chris was 10 or 20 years younger...
Cynthia Ivana C.H.
Cynthia Ivana C.H.:
istg chris is a five years old kid trapped in an adult body ;)
Leah Smith
Leah Smith:
Chris and Scott are the absolute sweetest! It's so adorable how close they are and how much they obviously love each other!
Blessing Tshipamba
Blessing Tshipamba:
Is it just me but I’m loving Chris with these hats😂. He looks so sexy like ughhh someone find him a wife😭.
Taylor Buck
Taylor Buck:
Their parents really said "Copy and Paste"
Lela Owens
Lela Owens:
I’m so in love with Scott honestly, his humour is just so amazing 👏🏽
hahaha its weird to watch an evans bros interview where chris doesn't share an embarassing story about scott
natalia r
natalia r:
Omg, I missed Chris's laugh so much🥺
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz:
They're like little teenage boys 😂
Sherie Feher- Benbrook
Sherie Feher- Benbrook:
Thank the lord that is his brother. My heart dropped for a second, maybe two!
They’re literally the same person. From the body movement, laugh, voice, like Scott is just another Chris!
Joanna Hansen
Joanna Hansen:
I loved everything about this. CEvans, you’re the charm around my bracelet. In my imagination those three are beautiful brothers.
Debopriya Barman
Debopriya Barman:
Chris evans should think himself lucky coz he is still playing around with his brother like kids coz he don't have kids yet LOL
i swear every time they are both on this show its always games like this, i ain’t complaining 😌💅
Kim VanFelton
Kim VanFelton:
They're adorable <3
Kenny Chuwing
Kenny Chuwing:
Y’all are sleeping on Scott 😍
Jess Lee
Jess Lee:
Aww their laughs just bring a smile to my face
Omg I want to see the hemsworth bros do this!!!😂😂😂
Sirius Black
Sirius Black:
You need to do longest days of our live
Shivani Desai
Shivani Desai:
Chris: "on POINT"
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Here's how we really know they're bros: THEY HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME LAUGH. :D
Lauryn Rock
Lauryn Rock:
Ugh ... my husband 😍
Anne Margaret
Anne Margaret:
Whiffle ball!!! I've been playing with my family, too! A great game, quarantine or not ❤️
I absolutely adore the relationship between these two. So hilarious together, always love these challenges with the Evans brothers. ❤
Sirius Black
Sirius Black:
You didn’t do longest days of our lives this week
Is Jacob case done too slow need to wait every week
sarai flores
sarai flores:
I love Chris’s laugh 🥺💕
The Pochade
The Pochade:
Chris's eye lashes ❤
Delphine Ghilbert
Delphine Ghilbert:
I love their relationship ! They're both so funny and amazing! Chris makes me laugh so much I love him
Bridget Ellendson
Bridget Ellendson:
Oh my goodness I love Chris and Scott Evans in the same room!!!!!
Lines and Circles
Lines and Circles:
Cap wears that damn cap everywhere he goes!
Scott Evans is a national treasure and I will protect him forever
So I guess everytime Chris is on Fallon, we can expect a Brother Knows Best game with Scott.
Semi Wohlgemuth
Semi Wohlgemuth:
🥺🥺 I was literally smiling the whole time, bae is just so cuteeee
I love their relationship.
Chris is so adorable I can't 😭❤️
Marochka Minkeng
Marochka Minkeng:
That moment where Scott was about to touch his face and then changed his mind at the last second.
Kaylie Van Blarigan
Kaylie Van Blarigan:
I was waiting for this Jimmy Fallon chat with Chris all week 😂