Chris Evans and Paul Rudd - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

Paul Rudd ("Living With Yourself") and Chris Evans ("Defending Jacob") join Variety Studio's Actors on Actors #AtHome where the two Marvel alum discuss their time as superheroes on the billion dollar franchise and transitioning from the big screen for TV.

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Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus:
I love this even more then when it's a show type thing with lights and expensive cameras. This really just feels like two friend having fun FaceTiming. Love it.
Clarisse Baluyot
Clarisse Baluyot:
Chris: Sorry, I'm scratching my dog.
Paul: Oh is that what you call it?

why is their WiFi so good
Jean the Grey
Jean the Grey:
We need actors on actors: Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland and Robert Downey please hehehehe
Evans is a millionaire and has an iPhone 6 lol he’s really modest.
That was great. Both so likable.
K J:
Im a straight man but Paul Rudd and Chris Evans. Damn.
both these men represent what non-toxic masculinity looks like. what a wonderful interview
The Watcher
The Watcher:
lol Paul is that kid that was somehow able to sit at every table at school
Longmatey 80
Longmatey 80:
Why is no one talking about how perfect the bookshelf and the wood framing of the chandelier line up in the split screen shot?
Luke Cureton
Luke Cureton:
Chris: "Full disclosure I forgot this was today too so hahaha....I'm sure they'll edit that out."
Narrator: "They did not edit that out."
I find it kinda hard to believe that Chris isn't married yet.
This is forty minutes of Chris not wanting to talk about himself and distracting Paul from asking questions
Bree Sutjiono
Bree Sutjiono:
I feel like i'm watching two dads have an awkward conversation at a barbeque and it's glorious
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris:
Paul’s gray hair literally just sits on his face as a formality. Like it feels it’s what it SHOULD do even though the man doesn’t age
Josef Stremick
Josef Stremick:
Chris Evans's brain is always trying to come up with a better way to say what he's already saying and he constantly interrupts himself to say it. It's so awesome.
Kyle Narkiewicz
Kyle Narkiewicz:
It took a pandemic to have normal conversations between people without edits, this shows why all the glitz and glam doesn't matter, the content does.
Bull Green
Bull Green:
Chris evans acts like a golden retriever so happy talking to his friend, Paul rudd being a super chill schnauzer answering
q 11
q 11:
so chris has a video of entire cacw cast dancing??? RELEASE THE VIDEO OR ELSE
“I age” stop lying Paul. You’ve looked exactly the same since Anchorman.
Chris seems like he'd be a good listener. I love how he gives those little hums to let Paul know he's engaged and listening
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov:
14:21 - there it is, the trademarked Chris Evans grabbing chest laugh
Scott T
Scott T:
First of all, Paul Rudd is a fucking legend and a hero for being as normal and kind as he portrays in his characters. The man doesn't make a bad movie or show. He's magic. Second, I enjoyed Chris in Push, The Losers and him as Human Torch, and his other super hero gig, but have any of you seen Gifted?! Holy shit, that's an incredible movie. Chris and his co-star Mckenna Grace are just unbelievable.
Evan’s haircut makes him look like he’s just stepped out of one of those early 2000’s movies he was on!
Purple Twinkies
Purple Twinkies:
Rudd: asks question
Evans: no u
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog:
Anyone else notice that Chris Evans is really good with words? Like he has exceptional grammar.

edit: Nevermind Paul literally brought it up lol.
Martina Marocchi
Martina Marocchi:
Literally no one in this world:
Me: *waiting to hear Evans say “I don’t wike it”*
you can tell chris hadn't had a conversation like this in a l o n g time
OfficialHoLLoW 360
OfficialHoLLoW 360:
Paul: "what about your family?"

Chris: "F them".

Me: "Language!"
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich:
Paul: "Are you a competitive person?"
Chris: "I'm about to flip this table right here."
Frances Gabriel
Frances Gabriel:
Chris Evans will never in win in a 'NO LAUGHING CHALLENGE'
Sherly Annisa
Sherly Annisa:
“why don’t you age? are you drinking baby blood?” everyone say thank you chris evans for asking the question of the century
Matthew Hall Fitzsimons
Matthew Hall Fitzsimons:
I’m going to miss Chris Evans as Captain America he is the reason why i love the character and I always will love the character because of Chris Evans and how he brought the character to life and made the character so fucking cool
Chris and Paul are both adorable, it's seriously hard to choose which one is more likable! Great interview but my favorite part starts at 43:01. That's when they are being real - Paul mentions how awkward these things are and how this is not like a real conversation between them. I know they were given a list of questions to ask each other but I would rather have watched them have a normal conversation as friends, the way they did just as this video was about to end lol
Peter Mercedes
Peter Mercedes:
It's crazy watching the end of this now, now that the Chiefs and Bucs are playing each other in the Super Bowl
Gary Dodd
Gary Dodd:
Paul looks like he is about to collapse, maybe he needs a doctor, he is a funny Dude though...Paul and Chris great actors..they both seem pretty cool too..that Thanos Gauntlet thing was hilarious though🤣🤣
Chris Evans' vocabulary is music to my ears.
Gus Vieira
Gus Vieira:
35:13 thank you Chris for being so brave and asking the important questions
"Magnanimous, Taciturn, Quotidian". Had to google all those words. Big Words from the Cap
A R:
I love how calm and down to earth Paul is. I usually act more like Chris on a zoom call... Little more energetic and nervous.
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ:
“Why don’t you age” look who’s talking Chris Evans lol
I love that Rudd was like "I thought this was supposed to be an hour later" and Evans is like "I forgot it was today!"
"As far as I'm concerned, That's America's ass"
Mary O
Mary O:
Chris throwing out those SAT words like they're nothing. I could listen to him talk all day.
Ka Ribou
Ka Ribou:
Chris is looking for compliments, then can't take them!
Raga Ramakrishnan
Raga Ramakrishnan:
Chris has taught me more vocab than all my English teachers combined😂
Ashton Gleckman
Ashton Gleckman:
In the Marvel films, Chris Evans was a really *solid* actor. In Defending Jacob, he's a truly *GREAT* actor.
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis:

Someone forgot about Clueless....
Clear Adventure
Clear Adventure:
"It's even bigger than my paycheck" lmao.
They're playing the "Who's the most modest, kind and handsome" challenge
Andrés Briceño
Andrés Briceño:
This whole interview is like that episode of FRIENDS where Mike and Ross are trying to have a conversation
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
Chris Evans and Paul Rudd are one of the people who can heal us through the current pandemic. I want these two to make a comedy movie together.
Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez:
Chris got that Johnny Storm hair cut rn lol
Renzie Babasa
Renzie Babasa:
They’re both so well spoken. My ovaries are melting.
I appreciate variety NOT editing out everything Evans assumed they would
Chris Evans is so endearingly insecure. Such a vulnerable feel comes from him.
Tintin The Reporter
Tintin The Reporter:
Chris Evans: Why don’t you age?
Mark Ruffalo: _TIME TRAVEL!_
Gently Buzzed Podcast
Gently Buzzed Podcast:
Dude, Chris Evans still has that Captain America stare at 10:40!
Jenna Loomar
Jenna Loomar:
i feel like Paul Rudd just plays versions of himself in every character and i love that
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Evans laughing has been proven in clinical trials to be an effective anti-depressant, with zero side effects. Talk to your physician. And get happy.
Star Spangled-Winghead
Star Spangled-Winghead:
Chris`s personality is damn hot. It makes him more hotter than he even is. But.... we need this video right now.
Sneha Narayan
Sneha Narayan:
They should have done Chris Evans and Tom Holland I wanna see that interaction.
Sonal Shekhar Bhoi
Sonal Shekhar Bhoi:
Chris looks good for a 100 year old man.
Ac G
Ac G:
Paul Rudd asking Chris Evans what it's like playing one of the most iconic characters in (arguably) the most popular movie franchise in the world: Chris Evans having no idea he was more or less asking him what it's like to be a movie legend... because he's so damn humble.
Alia Putri
Alia Putri:
paul is so calm meanwhile chris can't stop moving his hand or his body hahahah
Literally got an ad for anti-aging serum in the middle of this. Rudd must be spillin' his secret formula.
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool:
Paul Rudd was there to witness the story of a 40 year old virgin and a 100 year old virgin. (Steve Rogers was a virgin born in the 1920s)
Motion to start #ReleasetheChrisEvansCut until we get the Avengers cast dancing video from Chris Evans
Paul Rudd is a national treasure! The world needs Antman 3!!!!
I was impressed with the thoughtful questions and articulate responses from both of them. Then Chris Evans straight spittin' some SAT words so effortlessly. Love it.
When is the video of Paul Rudd and the rest of the avengers dancing coming out? Why is no one talking about this!?
Isabella Valdez
Isabella Valdez:
“I wake up one day and want something and then wake up the next day and want the complete opposite”’re a Gemini.... we been knew.
sarah lucar
sarah lucar:
I need Chris Evans and RDJ together in a full conversation PLEASE !!!! I LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Twisha Prasad
Twisha Prasad:
i know the whole world is exhausted because of the situation BUT IF CHRIS RELEASES THE CAST DANCING VIDEO then we're in the endgame, guys.
I love that Chris calls Elizabeth “Lizzie.” We all think of them as these monoliths, but they’re all just regular people in this.
Does anyone remember when Paul Rudd and Jennifer Anniston was in a movie together called "The Object of My Affection"? ;-)
Lucky ASMR
Lucky ASMR:
0:12 We must protect these men at all costs.
Legolas Movies
Legolas Movies:
Chris Evans would be the best dad, if he becomes father in future.
We need a tom holland and robert downey on this
19:17 This made me so happy
Tadzeo Horner-chbib
Tadzeo Horner-chbib:
Sean Bean and Hugo weaving also have huge clicky actors resumes
Matt Stang
Matt Stang:
"You don't want to cut your cloth according to perception. You want to make sure your creative appetite is just what's driving you. You can't deny that people might see you a certain way, and you can't deny that by playing a certain role over a long enough period of time you get creatively curious and restless. But I really try to go out of my way to make sure that the choices I make, within this industry and the choices I make in my personal life, aren't dictated by how I'm perceived. I just think that's impossible to ever fully know accurately, and a slippery slope. I just don't see the value in incorporating that data into our process."
-Chris Evans
Andrés Briceño
Andrés Briceño:
28:25 Mhmmm... uncomfortable looking for another question to continue the conversation lol
Jessica Downie
Jessica Downie:
Hearing about the Avengers cast playing boggle was something I didn't realise I needed until now. The most wholesome thing I've heard all day
Miss Fancy
Miss Fancy:
Chris has such a vast vocabulary
Kim Tolentino
Kim Tolentino:
Chris Evans is brilliant in Defending Jacob and the suits and winter coats he wears throughout... goodness gracious! 😍
Clara Webster
Clara Webster:
The fact that Chris Evans ever feels bad about himself... 😥
Raul Gabriel Miranda
Raul Gabriel Miranda:
Paul Rudd is 12 years older than Chris Evans. How?
nate wheeler
nate wheeler:
Their overflowing humble characters just sweep away the fact that they are celebrities. I just see two guys just catching up🤘🏾
Evans and Cavil should do one of these, sounds like they have similar takes on Supes & Cap, that playing those characters make them want to be better people
19:10 - You're welcome. :-)
I love how at the beginning Paul just casually pulls out an infinity gauntlet
Chris Evans and Paul Rudd are so nice that they only want to hear the other talk and ask them questions. Lol.
Eyman Abdulatti
Eyman Abdulatti:
someone tag me if he ever shares the video!!
Marcus McGill
Marcus McGill:
I wish we could've gotten a sequel or two to "The Losers". Everyone in that film was spot on to their comic book character, especially Chris Evans.
Mike Chan
Mike Chan:
"We're on it Cap!"
This interwiew is incredible. This two are so much fun! G!
Bob 2
Bob 2:
I love these. So much more authentic. They should keep them even after covid.
Eliezer Ian
Eliezer Ian:
what I learned from this: Evans is a very anxious person
These are two of my favorite actors. It would be great to see Paul Rudd taking on a villain character. Some terrorist or sociopath. The work Chris Evans did on Knives Out was superb!