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Abbey Writes
Abbey Writes:
The most different people: Steve Rogers and Chris Evans
The most similar people: Tony Stark and RDJ
Riddhi Mishra
Riddhi Mishra:
If golden retriever was a guy it would be Chris Evans.
Nitu Singh
Nitu Singh:
Steve Rogers : the most serious avenger
Chris evans : just opposite
Me 000
Me 000:
Can we talk about how Sebastian/Bucky is just lying on the ground dying and Chris is just like its time to dance
Ocean Man
Ocean Man:
Imagine being the kid that said *no* to captain America
Lmao Stan Lee telling him that he’ll do something “legit” after Fantastic 4 and Chris comes back and becomes Captain America.
Bucky: dead in the corner
Steve and Tony: 0:32
Ruhaan Desai
Ruhaan Desai:
Still nobody can play the role of captain America better than Chris evans
Sayesha Rajdutt
Sayesha Rajdutt:
Bucky: **dead in the corner**
Steve and Tony: **dancing**
Bucky: Am I a joke to you?
Liberty Cain
Liberty Cain:
No one:
Absolutely no one:

Stop it, I'm tired smiling for 8 mins straight.
Dinesh kumar Saini
Dinesh kumar Saini:
There is difference of miles between chris evans and captain america
Neelam Rajamanickam
Neelam Rajamanickam:
fun fact: CHRIS is almost 40 .
Edilberto Rivera
Edilberto Rivera:
Elizabeth Olsen twerking is the best 😂
Chris Evens got all his abs from laughing
Tia Graham
Tia Graham:
At 0:21 When Chris went to kiss Robert, Robert was so down for it and ready and I find that hilarious. He closed his eyes and leaned forward slightly and I love that
I love how he laughs with his whole body. Makes me happy just to see him happy. If he chooses to get married and have kids, I’m sure he’d be a wonderful family man.
• Rinnie •
• Rinnie •:
Avenger Chris: Strong and Serious
Real life : Funny as hell
Gloomy_ NightFlower
Gloomy_ NightFlower:
Chris: * does pushups *

Dog: "we don't do that here..."
Chris: *smiles at the camera and laughs*
everyone in production: *ah shit, here we go again.*
1:26 Elizabeth can't control her laugh
He is the guy who plays most serious character in marvel 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter:
0:21 fanfic writers going crazy.
Genaral Taco
Genaral Taco:
6:37 Chris evans: is that the last doughnut with red white and blue sprinkles. Robert downey jr.:eats it.
elizabeth olsen: :o
Pam Cerrato
Pam Cerrato:
Chris Evans is my new favorite person
December Perkins
December Perkins:
Am I the only one who finds it ridiculously adorable that he has to hold his nose when going under the water at 0:34? 😂
Chris Evans is that guy that puts himself in the friendzone that you are secretly thirsty for 🤣
Prisha 2402
Prisha 2402:
0:44 omg that cry tho🤣😂
Carolina Pulido
Carolina Pulido:
Chris Evan's laugh is so infectious. When he laughs, I just have to laugh
Kira Sanders
Kira Sanders:
1:08 was my favorite part that was so cute
Mr. Lee ☕︎
Mr. Lee ☕︎:
Other avengers : ability powers
chris : 𝙃𝙤𝙡𝙙 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙝𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙙
TV Critics
TV Critics:
When Chris laughs, I can't help but at least smile.
nipun dangi
nipun dangi:

buck be like- WTF! i am dying here..
Haylie Arts
Haylie Arts:
Someone please tell me WHY Chris Evans plays one of the most serious characters of the Avengers???
Sidharth Manoj Kumar
Sidharth Manoj Kumar:
Chris Evans behaviour is not much different from his character Johhny Storm in Fantastic Four
Zero Logic
Zero Logic:
Cap: Hey, I’m captain America, can you help me?
Child: NO
curioso s2
curioso s2:
Chris always put his hands on his chest when he laughs😂😂
A wild potato Has appeared
A wild potato Has appeared:
Imagine coming home to find Chris Evans in your bathroom
Mockingjay 1764
Mockingjay 1764:
They say that everytime Chris Evans laughs, a puppy is born.

Edit: Thank you so much for the likes and comments. ❤
0:20 that joke almost kiss was the highlight of my day XD
Why doesn't anyone talk about this scene - 0:21
Ding Dong
Ding Dong:
0:32 in movie
Hit punchh soo serious

Reality: danceing
Speechless I'm speechless 🤣🤣🤣
Лана Гротт
Лана Гротт:
1:15 - All I want in this life is Chris Evans hugging me this way every morning. Every morning. All my life.
Dr Jay
Dr Jay:
Chris Evans is the opposite of Captain America
RDJ is the same person as Tony Stark
Shay Kirby
Shay Kirby:
i love how Chris slowly falls back when laughing!!!!
matt waldman
matt waldman:
Chris Evens got all his abs from laughing
Shamikh Anzak
Shamikh Anzak:
That last clip though we solute u Stan Lee may u rest in peace
Poob baby
Poob baby:
“Was that the last donut with... red white and blue sprinkles?”
*intense shot of him taking a bite*
Can we talk about the fact that Chris Evans is a tattoo artist
Music Tune
Music Tune:
*I pray who ever reads this becomes successful*
Imagine having a house party with Chris Evans and all The Avengers like Avengers endgame all avengers
Shariar XD
Shariar XD:
Letterlly I Can't Stop Loughing After This Scene 1:03
Khais Nizar
Khais Nizar:
When we see him on the screen he is a serious man but in off screen he is johny storm 😂
Vaishnavi Amin
Vaishnavi Amin:
"That's America's ass"
"I can do this all day"
"I know I know"
I love Chris
Luk Ahmad
Luk Ahmad:
As a man, I must say that Chris Evans is the most perfect man I ever saw so far. Good looking, funny guy, kind heart, talented, net worth around 80 millions USD. Wow.
Flipping Filmingo
Flipping Filmingo:
When Chris is on the Ellen show and he gets scared Ellen is fake laughing
Aan Kattoa
Aan Kattoa:
*I don’t even know what Chris said*
6:56 best one 😂😂
Darren Rage
Darren Rage:
Chris in Avenger : serious and discipline
Chris at outside : can I be a Comedian 😂😂😂
Samuel D
Samuel D:
"I can be a comedian all day."
Monx 2017
Monx 2017:
Jimmy and Chris: “Gets to pour-“
Jimmy: “a pitcher of-“
Chris:” and just to be clear- ohOhoOhOHohOhOho”
Abi John
Abi John:
If chris grow his hear more he would look like Jesus
Raj Aryaman
Raj Aryaman:
I laughed soo hard when Chris made RDJ laugh at the time they were supposed to be serious 🤣🤣🤣
Ansh Mishra
Ansh Mishra:
I can do this all day - Cap Rogers
I can laugh all day - Chris Evans
Highest Quality Memes
Highest Quality Memes:
“After this you’ll probably go legit someday and do some real good stuff” Stan we miss you you witty bastard
joey labranche
joey labranche:
Sometime you see somebody and just by the face you already know that this person is nice and friendly and that is the impression i have when i see Chris Evans.
Aviator Shadow
Aviator Shadow:
"Is it brunch time, or is it after hours?"
Bro if Tony Stark be calling you out like that, you're busted.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez:
Chris: smiles at the camera and laughs
everyone in production: ah shit, here we go again.
no one:
absolutely nobody:
not a single soul:

*just dies*
Jessica Adame
Jessica Adame:
Ever since I watched the nanny diaries I can't stop simping over chris evans help
Лесная Поляна
Лесная Поляна:
Chris Evens got all his abs from laughing
Cameron Newberry
Cameron Newberry:
The part when Chris and Robert where dancing while bucky was on the floor
Miriami Ubiria
Miriami Ubiria:
My man just took off his shoes so he could approach scarllet quietly
Varshitha Kodavati
Varshitha Kodavati:
Bucky: DEAD.
Tony and Steve: dancing...!!!
Kaoru Tachibana
Kaoru Tachibana:
такое чувство, что ему лет 10. Хотя по нему видно сразу, что он забавный парень
Aestrõphilic *
Aestrõphilic *:
He's so damn adorable
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh:
The challenge is to love you Chris in the heart of all disaster. To love your soft kisses and tightest hug without cross questioning you. Babe.
Oluwayomi Williams
Oluwayomi Williams:
He is one of my fav actors 😂 he is to funny but he can bother you
Kapindra Singh Rajpoot
Kapindra Singh Rajpoot:
6:40 was the best
Phoebe Spencer
Phoebe Spencer:
Hemsworth pulling everyone around set has to be the funniest blooper of all time 😂
Ruth Christina
Ruth Christina:
This video healed what therapy could never
0:20 The true reason civil war started
Chris Evans is the exact opposite of Steve Rogers.

We’ve heard Steve laugh like once in Winter Soldier cause Nat told him to.

We hear Chris laugh every second
doctor: you have 8 minutes and 40 seconds to live
His laught make me so Happy
Madi Mason
Madi Mason:
Is no one gonna talk about how well he does the Single Ladies dance?
David Moheb
David Moheb:
Its really weird seeing captain America (chris Evans) being nice to iron man (rdj) considering their relationship in the mcu lol
Yaphet Negussie
Yaphet Negussie:
"Are you up to the challenge?"

that made my day XD
Erik Petan
Erik Petan:
"Are you up for the challenge?"
"Wo- we-"
Chris kissing Maggie:
Maggie when Chris became famous: omg i have kissed Chris Evens before i feel blessed
Paul Boeijen
Paul Boeijen:
We actually need a film with Chris Evans and Will Smith😂
Liam Gade
Liam Gade:
There is one thing I’ve notice With bloopers... I haven’t seen a a movie where bro’s dork go in for a kiss
Angeles Dunn
Angeles Dunn:
the most different people in the world are Chris Evans and Steve Rogers

the fun fact is that they are actually the same person
Lucy Weldon
Lucy Weldon:
1:53 sebs laugh 🥺
William Long
William Long:
Chris Evans: Does push-ups

Dog: I'm about to end this man's whole career.
Liudmila Charitonova
Liudmila Charitonova:
I love him so much!
Zia Hale
Zia Hale:
The way he hugged & leaned on Elizabeth after scaring her shows how sweet he is!!
A Pog Squirrel
A Pog Squirrel:
0:32 **bucky dying on the floor** let’s dance
Mara Vedder
Mara Vedder:
chris cringing at his own laugh part 1
Ibrahim Syed
Ibrahim Syed:
From laugh straight to act that was so clean those mood swings. At 04:22