Chris Evans & His Dog Look Incredible In Cable Knit Sweaters | The Graham Norton Show

Chris Evans & his dog both look incredible in cable knit sweaters.

#GrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton

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Plastic Cleopatra
Plastic Cleopatra:
Cevans finally gets to be a guest on this show... in quarantine. WE NEED HIM BACK THERE PHYSICALLY WHEN THIS PANDEMIC IS OVER
the one time chris is on the show , corona happens 🙄 !
Hayden Rodriguez
Hayden Rodriguez:
I always wanted Chris to be on The Graham Norton Show, but I didn’t mean like this lol. But it’s ok I’ll take whatever I can get right now 😩
Dodger be like : first he cut my hair in a wrong way and
Now he made me wear this .
unsaturated fats
unsaturated fats:
I hate that his first appearance on the show was done online 😠😠
Su Hugo
Su Hugo:
He is so cute. 😘 Bless the lady he ends up marrying
Don't know who is cuter, Chris or his doggo.
Maria elia
Maria elia:
What a disappointment
For years I've been waiting to see Chris evans on the couch, on graham norton show and hear the audience laugh at him and the other guests interact with him and hear his laugh, while watching people in red chairs...
And when he's finally on the show, it's during the lock down, and it's online with only graham...
Damn you covid-19!!
Megan Cook
Megan Cook:
I see Chris Evans and Dodger...I CLICK
Jay's Movie Review
Jay's Movie Review:
He needs to come on the sofa once its safe to, a whole show with Evans will be hilarious
Sophie Folle
Sophie Folle:
Chris Evans and Graham Norton. Highlight of my day
Rebecca Kolyn
Rebecca Kolyn:
That sweater deserved an Oscar. Knives Out should’ve won for costume design just because of that sweater
Waffles With Burberry Sauce
Waffles With Burberry Sauce:
Most of the comments: “I’ve always wanted him to be there physically”

Me: Couldn’t agree more
Hasegawa Sutemi
Hasegawa Sutemi:
I am just so glad that Chris Evans finally appeared in this show
Chris's house looks really normal for a Hollywood house. seems a total gem that dude.
Aidan Rogers
Aidan Rogers:
Evans acting like everyone else finds it easy to pull off a Cable Knit Sweater.
We honestly can't waste his genes, I hope he'll find and marry someone he loves soon
dilanur tmc
dilanur tmc:
When I see him w/ airpods, that reminds me “What are they called? Air—Pods... pod —BUDS, PODS... AirPods. Where do I get buds from?” part in Esquire’s video ıskcjkdkdk
Michelle Zuniga
Michelle Zuniga:
I’ve been waiting for Chris Evans to be on this show for years 🙏🏻
But we need him to come back in person with the audience once the quarantine ends for sure!
Other Avengers have already been on the show, so PLEASE just let Chris and Scarlett on the sofa...
TikTok Music
TikTok Music:
The Graham Norton show is the definition of underrated
Aimee Jay
Aimee Jay:
Finally! 🙌🏻🤩 But we need him in the studio at some point in the future so he gets the full TGNS experience 😏☺️
Ms. Jai
Ms. Jai:
FINALLY! My favorite Chris is on Graham!😙😙😙
Timma H
Timma H:
It's not faaaaaair we need him ON the show. Physically.on those red couches.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Chris evans is such lovely guy, and dodger looks great in the sweater!
C Marq
C Marq:
That DOG is spoiled by Chris Evans. So jealous .... 🥺
K Parker
K Parker:
Graham Norton going digital is something I never thought I'd see.

I get it b/c this way you can still pay the staff, but it just seems like such a PRODUCTION and a "SHOW" like a play or movie or something, that it's surprising. (But I LOVEEE this show, just to be clear.)
They both look pretty incredible out of their sweaters too. 😉
Jamie B
Jamie B:
Corona has stopped us from seeing Chris on the sofa... this has gone too far
Mari Bakaric
Mari Bakaric:
He’s finally on the show and it’s over video chat!😡😫😍
Sophie Wong
Sophie Wong:
He must be so sick of hearing about that cable knit sweater lol
Sam Schwammy
Sam Schwammy:
Oh Graham Norton please bring Chris Evans onto your show!! That is when we’re all allowed to actually be in one room together...
Gio Ok
Gio Ok:
But where is the video of Chris and Michelle discuss about their own show Defending Jacob? 🤔
Madmax 33
Madmax 33:
*He's damn good*
Rebeca A. Santiago Hernandez
Rebeca A. Santiago Hernandez:
I've been waiting for Evans to be on the show for so long!! And now it's through video call!?!😣😣😣 Still I'll take what I can get
Aha Mr Evens, like him and not as an Avenger, he’s done loads of good films.
I followed Chris Evans on Twitter for his commentary. I followed him on Instagram for pictures of Dodger.
Ameilia Lawrence
Ameilia Lawrence:
Finally, we got him on Graham Norton
Brittany Carriger
Brittany Carriger:
Just finished defending Jacob: oh my goodness. So intense. So shocking!!! Wow.
Courbyne Bufford
Courbyne Bufford:
Chris Evans saying his dog looks so good in a cable knit is all I needed.
A claucliclaudette
A claucliclaudette:
Only Graham Norton can do an interview with a dog
Anita Holland
Anita Holland:
Can’t tell you how sad I am that he isn’t on the actual couch
Manny D.
Manny D.:
I wish his first time on the show was properly on the couch with everyone
subhashini dayakar
subhashini dayakar:
Petition to bring. Chris evans on the. Couch
Nhung Truong
Nhung Truong:
His favorite “wolly jumper”. :))
Lakshmi G
Lakshmi G:
Bring this man back 😫
I want to see him and the other guests interacting and having a ball. Stick him next to some British comedians!
His dog is so cute. I bet that sweater is to hide the damage of Chris’s attempt at grooming. 🤣
Deborah Cornell
Deborah Cornell:
The cute meter just broke. Chris & his pupper together was just too much.💙
The whole time I was looking at his biceps and chest lmao
Etta Dee
Etta Dee:
Please bring this man to the couch in the studio once it is open again ,PLEASE, love you both Graham and Chris 🤍
Melissa M
Melissa M:
This quarantine has done some good for him. He seems so much more relaxed and rested.
Salmah Sulayman
Salmah Sulayman:
Knives Out was amazing!
Daisy Ramos
Daisy Ramos:
I love how Chris is such a proud dad when he talks about Dodger.
Chris has never appeared on Graham's show has he, this is great though but still he needs to be on the couch? Preferably with Mcavoy & Craig Ferguson or Saoirse Ronan.
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen:
Can show hosts stop asking about the sweater but his acting instead? He seems bothered but too nice to not answer it.
My gosh he’s handsome! He really won the genetic lottery didn’t he lol 😂
the skeptic
the skeptic:
The inhuman noise that came out of my mouth viewing the thumbnail 😂😂😂
his dog is like: first you shave and ruin my coat and now you gonna make me wear this? 😑
Kaia Louis
Kaia Louis:
am I the only one who feels weird watching this video-call-type interviews? I feel like I'm not supposed to be watching this...
Graham’s beard has totally become him, that I can’t even imagine him without it anymore. ❤️
Christian Maestre
Christian Maestre:
I miss the audience reactions 😔
beem nn
beem nn:
there is something about Chris personality that makes me wanna stay under a warm soft blanket in the middle of the summer
Maria Eugenia Sosa
Maria Eugenia Sosa:
He is sooo cute, I love him! <3 <3 <3
He's the perfect man. #MyCaptain
God i love Chris Evans so much
Now uploading this made me really happy in the middle of the night.😍😍😍
Vanessa G
Vanessa G:
Finally! I hope when everything is back to normal, you can have him on the sofa! 😊
Tanima Nandi
Tanima Nandi:
There's gotta be sometime when he stops acting so cute!🥺❤️
Trish Phillips
Trish Phillips:
Paul Gross went through the same thing. He wore gorgeous cable knit sweaters during Due South.
Waffles With Burberry Sauce
Waffles With Burberry Sauce:
I wanted to see him ON THE COUCH
Gretchen Webster
Gretchen Webster:
Knives Out has become one of my favorite movies even with the sweater 😂🤣
Boo Uno
Boo Uno:
Wow this is the first time I saw him doing interview in his living room and his house is STUNNING
Alisha Robinson
Alisha Robinson:
I’ve wanted him on this for ages, so happy hes on☺️
he's finally on the show! well... kinda. I hope in the future when this is all over he'll sit on the couch
manika jain
manika jain:
finally he made it to this show
Emilie Grindle
Emilie Grindle:
I have dreamed of meeting Chris, I have had two times where I have almost met him in person and it never happened.😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nasra Abdi
Nasra Abdi:
We need Sebastian and Anthony on the show!!
Kerrica Gemini
Kerrica Gemini:
Graham definitely needs to have Dodger as a guest on his show. He is just the cutiest.
SHaYma Mohammad G
SHaYma Mohammad G:
YESSS!!I dropped what I was doing just got real excited when finally his in this show! 😂😂🌸🌸
María Cecilia Segovia
María Cecilia Segovia:
He is SO gorgeous, I simply love him!... 😍✨
Melissa Criales López
Melissa Criales López:
Hoy estoy muy feliz, hay mucho contenido de Chris hoy, me encantaaaaaaa❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aaaaaah can't wait to watch his whole interview hereeee
I would love to see the full interview.
Stephania Ramírez
Stephania Ramírez:
we need more videos with Chris 🥺❤️
Finally!!! Ive been wait for YEARS for Chris Evans on Graham Norton!!
Layla Palomino
Layla Palomino:
My favorite host and my favorite person. LOVE THIS❤️
Rui Encarnacion
Rui Encarnacion:
Damn Coronavirus for taking away the chance of having Chris Evans on The Graham Norton Show.

Also, Dodger on a cable knit probably: Dad, i don't wike it.
Melissa Criales López
Melissa Criales López:
Oh my god, he looks so Young and happy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️
I have been waiting!! Round up all the Chrises on Graham’s show!
mayuri dutta
mayuri dutta:
Why do i love this man so much? He's not only handsome but so humble and sweet and charming and good. You are just too pure Chris.❤️
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen:
My lord don’t you just love Chris Evans i mean....
Anna 👑
Anna 👑:
That doggy is so cute! Chris as well 😘. Some people have it all, a great personality and a great dog
Merilyn Li
Merilyn Li:
am I hallucinating or did Michelle dockery's face appear here for a sec
Chelsee Chaffee
Chelsee Chaffee:
I’ve been waiting for this moment for like a year and a half
Cindy Alvarez
Cindy Alvarez:
Finally!!! But please have him ON THE COUCH ASAP!!!
Nazish Iftiaz
Nazish Iftiaz:
I kid you not: when I saw him wearing AirPods, I FREAKED OUT! A month ago, this dork couldn’t get the correct name, and now he’s wearing a pair 😂❤️. Now tell me I’m fangirling over the wrong man, I’ll wait for a “no”
I love him ♥️
What a beautiful doggie-dog!! You gotta love a man who loves dogs. 😊
Rajani Shetty
Rajani Shetty:
Love you Chris Evans ❤❤❤
Ma Bu
Ma Bu:
I got to admit, I kept waiting for Chris to grab his left pec!