Chris Evans on His Most Dunked-On Tweet Ever, Playing Buzz Lightyear & Getting Mobbed by Fans

Chris talks about getting mobbed by fans in South Korea, announcing that he was playing the real Buzz Lightyear (not the toy) on Twitter which resulted in his most dunked-on tweet ever, and what it’s like playing such an iconic character.

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100+ comentarios:

My wife revealed to me the only person she'd cheat on me with is Chris Evans. It was so awkward when she told me because the only person I'd cheat on her with is also Chris Evans
Alex Dunnum
Alex Dunnum:
He just gets finer and finer with age
Sarah Richard
Sarah Richard:
Whenever I struggle with my faith I think of Chris Evans. Something divine has to be involved in his existence.
Alyse H
Alyse H:
I love when Chris speaks in his actual accent it's a testament to his talent as an actor because none of his characters have it.
J M:
is it just me or did Chris Evans' tweet, explaining the movie, make sense? maybe he should've used commas but the tweet wasn't particularly hard to understand lmfao 😭
Kathleen Clark
Kathleen Clark:
Chris Evans has to be THE nicest man. Years ago during an Academy Award show, the woman who won supporting actress(I think) was about to make her way to the stage but her dress had become entangled in her seat. Chris was a couple of seats down the row from her (luckily in the front row), saw her predicament, jumped up, helped her release her dress and accompanied her to the stage and partway up the stairs. What a gentleman. He clearly was nicely brought up by his parents. And also very humble and not overwhelmed by his Hollywood success.
Farida amin Bello
Farida amin Bello:
Just realized I have been smiling like an idiot the whole video 😂😂Chris is just a cutie ....this guy just ages like fine wine
Aneisha Jay
Aneisha Jay:
what i really like about chris is his lightheartedness approach to everything. that including things that are said to him. when jimmy says “who’s your team, the celtics?” i think he gets the joke but also acknowledges how it can sound and i respect him for that
Angus MacLane said that Chris Evans was his first and only choice for Buzz. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I’d say he made the right choice!
Noah Stockert
Noah Stockert:
He’s so nice, he’s looking and talking to the audience as if they are equals 🥺
This man is something else
Dakota Zimmerman
Dakota Zimmerman:
This man ages like fine wine.
Dionne Smith
Dionne Smith:
This man! I can't even with him. Handsome. Genuine. Talented. He is the total package 📦
Martha Danielle
Martha Danielle:
Haven't seen him do an interview in a while and honestly he seems so confident more than usual and i'm so proud of him
Orin Bloch
Orin Bloch:
I swear I have REAL feelings for this man.
He's getting handsomer with every passing year.
Karen Ruiz
Karen Ruiz:
Snowpiercer is an underrated but great movie! I’m glad he realizes that people love it
Always had a crush on him, such a sweet and humble man, best captain america. Super happy for him to star in all of these good movies after captain america. He deserves prominent roles, he is a good actor. Hopefully he will be nominated for an oscar, win it one day
Dishonest Track6
Dishonest Track6:
He's a perfect voice actor to take over for Tim Allen someday.
Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight:
Chis Evans is such a proud son of Boston that if you listen closely near the last 2 minutes you can hear his Boston accent struggle to come out after the mere mention of the Celtics.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
crimson glory
crimson glory:
Universally adored, massively gifted, great personality. You can't help but love this guy.
Dora the Destroyer
Dora the Destroyer:
if heaven was a person it'd totally look like Chris Evans
Srishti A
Srishti A:
Talented and a genuine person. Love ❤️ Evans
Amal M.E
Amal M.E:
Great to see him doing interviews again
Vanessa Houn
Vanessa Houn:
Just can’t describe how much this man means to me. I am so happy when I see him. I love him more than words can ever describe ❤️🥹
Jimmy is Promo
Jimmy is Promo:
Every time I see Chris. I think of "not another teen movie" role lol. Almost more than Captain America
I love how he got up to demonstrate how the guards were around him.
David P Muller
David P Muller:
Seeing him on any recent occasion is like seeing a unicorn... I have so much admiration for his character.
vega 12345
vega 12345:
Chris Evans making his voice just a bit deeper sounds like a pretty good modernization of the original voice actor.
C.A. Savage
C.A. Savage:
Best upbeat, high octane interview I've seen in a while. Good for you, Chris 😁👍🥰
i would do anything for this man. i would drop to my hands and knees for this man
Amishi Shrivastava
Amishi Shrivastava:
This comment section makes me freaking happy about the fact people love and appreciate Chris Evans as an actor & human ✨ !!! He truly is my favourite American Boy!!! ❤️
Thor's Twisted Beard
Thor's Twisted Beard:
Man, it's so good to see him and hear him. This video put me in a good mood. 😊
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson:
Seriously can't wait to see a young Buzz Lightyear. They've already had an actual good Buzz story but he was already a veteran space ranger in it
his internal struggle is real. he hates media duties.
Chris Evans is such an amazing person. Hopefully I’ll get to meet him someday !!
Jill Mayer
Jill Mayer:
Am I the only one that fully understood his tweet??
Chris Evans just seems like a genuinely nice guy 😆
Alejandra Rodríguez
Alejandra Rodríguez:
Chris "holding hands and walking" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH I'm saving that moment for the rest of my life!!!! Loved it <3
Alanna Meyers
Alanna Meyers:
He looks so good. I can't wait for this movie.
Is it weird that I understood that tweet perfectly? I don’t even understand the controversy 😬🤷‍♂️
The Boston Accent is THRIVING and I couldn’t be happier
L. Wolfe
L. Wolfe:
"it can't be clearer than that" I love this man
ronita bit
ronita bit:
I just love this man with all my Heart..❤️❤️
Chris evans is hilarious istg He makes me laugh so much in all of his interviews, bless him
Juan Lugoholt
Juan Lugoholt:
When Chris Evans smiles, I'm so happy! I'll make him happier even when we argue lol
Evans is such a likable guy! His hair kinda looks like buzz lightyear lol! Flame on!!
Rajshree Patil
Rajshree Patil:
Omg his airport story 🤣😂🤣😂
Always love Chris 💙💙💙
Amy McQuillan
Amy McQuillan:
I swear, Chris has the best laugh ever.
I love watching his movies he is such a talented handsome humble actor 💜
MK Edits
MK Edits:
"Who swapped infinity stones for infinity and beyond!" Love this 😍
B Briggs
B Briggs:
You know you watch too much Chris Evans content when you already knew he was gonna say ‘it’s an embarrassment of riches’ 😂😂🫣
Sara Roberts
Sara Roberts:
I’m so glad they chose him!! He’s such a sweetie! I was 10 when the first TS came out in ‘95!
Captain Chris
Captain Chris:
People oogling over my fellow Chris aside, that concept the director or maybe casting director of the movie pitched to Chris about the movie that the people in Toy Story watched to want to create the Buzz Lightyear toy is genius!
levi mata
levi mata:
I really heard is Bostonian accent a lot in this interview, more than in others 😂
K D:
Did he get even more handsome? How is that possible….damn.
Asha Asha
Asha Asha:
he,looks extremely healthy in the interview for some reason. idk if it‘s because he looks a little bit sunkissed or the color of his hair or something else. but he looks so good and I love to listen to him.
Chris Evans is an American treasure. Man, he’s precious.
heyam m
heyam m:
He is a specimen that needs to be studied extensively god help us all 😍
Jazmin H
Jazmin H:
i love this man with whole heart
He's so happy about this movie that I can't, I love him so much 🥺💙✨
Michelin Villa
Michelin Villa:
He so funny without even trying ❤
Isaballa Serrano
Isaballa Serrano:
I like him, he is so simple… and funny 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️💯
baekhyun _xoxo
baekhyun _xoxo:
while I was watching the movie I learned lots of messages and I cried even in the middle of the movie
Mlaka Preporuka
Mlaka Preporuka:
Is it even possible to love Chris Evans even more than you already love him?! 😭😍😍😍😍😍 I can say it is! ❤️💯♥️
I’m still waiting for Evans to do ‘Push 2’ which the first one was a super underrated movie!! This man can act!
jj l
jj l:
chris is so funny😆 i love him
Mai Ho
Mai Ho:
God really took his time with this one! 😅😩🤤
RK Barbo
RK Barbo:
I'm really upset my husband didn't tell me he was going on Kimmel. 😂
Deep Cut Reactions
Deep Cut Reactions:
I've got a fiancé. She's gonna be pissed when I leave her for Chris Evans. Hopefully his security lets me through.
Cevans being gracious and perfect as always 💖 also i dont understand why people were making fun of his tweet, i thought it was also very clear, and it was from that tweet that i realized what the difference was about with his movie versus the original ones.
sorry to say but the comprehension of the noisy ones on twitter and elsewhere is really being obvious to the point that they're forcing others to match their sub-par level. 😖
Delphine Ghilbert
Delphine Ghilbert:
He is truly amazing
Mister Derp
Mister Derp:
I never would have imagined that Captain America would end up one of my favourite characters in the MCU but hot damn, Chris Evans carries that role so perfectly
Olivia Weber
Olivia Weber:
This man is too awesome of a guy to not procreate. We need more wholesome men like him in the world. Come over here, Chris let’s get it on! 💋
baekhyun _xoxo
baekhyun _xoxo:
He just seems more relaxed these days Maybe his vacation during the pandemic and lack of marvel anxiety has made him at ease with promoting his movies.
Ty Jensen
Ty Jensen:
I'm excited for Lightyear and The Gray Man!
Krishna Mohanty
Krishna Mohanty:
He looks better and better with age ❤️
Keep smiling Chris ☺️
He is so funny❤️
Arlene Joy Baja
Arlene Joy Baja:
one of my most favorite movies he’s ever been to was the snowpiercer.
Talking Human
Talking Human:
His tweet was perfectly clear, like who would seriously be confused by it?!
Frida W
Frida W:
Chris is just the best!
Olive Papyrus
Olive Papyrus:
I've always wanted to see the origin story of Buzz Lightyear.
It’s clearly he’s a good actor!
How can you not love this man...
scarlett letter
scarlett letter:
This man is a beautiful treasure ❤
He is such a joy to watch. I love him. I am in love with him.
I’m sorry, he’s perfect! Such a gentleman, kind, funny, smart! 😍
Rose Ann Moreño
Rose Ann Moreño:
First Keanu voiced in a toy story movie, next is Chris as Buzz??? The world keeps getting better. We need more animated movies voiced by these gorgeous men..😻😘💕
I saw the trailer for Lightyear for first time 2 days ago when we went to see the new Jurassic Park and it actually looks pretty good. I bet kids will really enjoy it.
He's handsome, has a nice personality and the most genuine guy ever. What more could you want u know
Malte E.
Malte E.:
Not only does he look so very handsome, and it seems like everytime he looks even better, he also seems like a really funny and nice person too!
Ashish Filmy Hai
Ashish Filmy Hai:
One of the finest actor ❤️
May K
May K:
I watched Buzz Lightyear of Star Command when I was a kid. As I recall It wasn't about him as a toy, but his real story. But I think It's different from this movie.
One of my biggest childhood crushes!!! He's funny, cute and a Pats fan!!! He still is, but now I'm an adult so... 🤣
I didn't think the tweet was confusing, he pretty much explained it.
100 percent perfect in all aspects . I can not explain how I love him 💖💖😭😭😭😭
God,align your stars and get Emilia Clarke and Chris Evans to meet.These guys together are gonna be the greatest laugh mobs ever!
missed seeing this man in interviews
Nadia Syed
Nadia Syed:
I find myself just smiling like a creep the whole time
Alyssia Smith
Alyssia Smith:
Chris has never sounded more Boston before!
AdzzieMac Edits
AdzzieMac Edits:
The Man, The Myth, The *LEGEND*