Chris Evans Reacts To Nude Photo Post

After Chris Evans made light of his accidental Instagram post of a nude photo, Roz Weston, Graeme O'Neil and Keshia Chante react during "ET Canada Live".

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B Patel
B Patel:
His fans are very protective of him, and rightfully so. Chris isn't the attention seeking type, this was clearly an accident.
Great white Wyvern
Great white Wyvern:
So that’s why he was able to pick up Thor’s hammer
He really had NOTHING to be embarrassed about lmao
eva beauchamp
eva beauchamp:
chris handled those spectacularly. he didn’t make excuses about why he had that pic, didn’t make up anything but simply laughed it off and took it in stride, using it to tell people to vote.
i love chris so much.
“It’s called Turning a frown upside down” - Chris Evans when accidentally leaking his nudes
GorillaGlue B
GorillaGlue B:
I honestly loved how politely chris handled that he was honest, didn't make an excuse and shrugged it off this is why he's captain america
He obviously didn’t want to talk about it because he’s embarrassed but Damn! That picture was something 😳😏
he’s obviously so uncomfortable and for the people spreading it around are gross literally.
If Chris wasn't attractive, everyone would be calling him a creep...
Death By Cake
Death By Cake:
Damn, she cut that other guy off like he was nothing poor guy.
In the words of Antman "As far as I'm concerned that's America's Johnson!"
It's alright Chris. We all make mistakes sometimes.
beachbum Lifestyle
beachbum Lifestyle:
Sounds like a real captain America right there
Chris is too nice for Hollywood.
Omg leave him alone. He’s so clearly uncomfortable. 😭
Paul Bertrand
Paul Bertrand:
Perhaps embarrassing, but sending out a DP to promote voter turnout might be the most American thing I ever heard of. PATRIOTISM PEOPLE
Raphael Spector
Raphael Spector:
He is awesome and I love the way he handled this. I will say that I wonder why some female celebrities get painted completely different when something similar happens. Just made me wonder is all.
Jayde Ryan
Jayde Ryan:
That could actually be rlly embarrassing to him, do you really have to have a whole segment about it?
Diana Bryant
Diana Bryant:
We love you Chris, your only human and we make mistakes.
B Boo
B Boo:
A huge difference is that his was put online by himself (by mistake), and Jennifer Lawrence's were hacked, stolen, and releases.

ETA The difference in their reactions, I mean. He was good spirited about it because it was his mistake. Why would someone take in stride something being stolen from them? Jennifer Lawrence had a crime committed against her and was BLAMED for it. The whole situation was awful and gross.
i Fizzo
i Fizzo:
He really is a legend, other people whould have just glossed over but he actually acknowledged that because you know what? Shit happens
Just so double standards. Jennifer Lawrence's nudes got leaked, yet she's the one who was burned to the stake. Chris' leaked, and people are protecting him. I'm not saying that people protecting him is bad, but the reason as to why? It's deplorable.
Yes Chris, we all learned a very BIG lesson over the weekend 😏
Corey Hirlston
Corey Hirlston:
The most I gathered from this is how stupid airpods still look.
The double standard on display with these cases is STAGGERING.

People can REALLY suck sometime.
The T
The T:
Leave it to chris evans to be so eloquent about it... "Turn a frown upside down" Captain America being The Cap we all love can do no wrong.. He's awesome
Not in Avengers: End Game

*Cpt. America: THAT is America's Head*
C K:
She’s lyin she didn’t miss his fine ass! How could anyone??
I just want to hug Chris. Respect him so much!
John Michael
John Michael:
Poor guy didn't want to talk about it and she kept pushing it on live tv...not everything needs a headline this is his life for goodness sake
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis:
Chris Evans: "That's what's called turning a frown upside down"

Me: So that's we're calling it 🤔
Awesome works for me 😊

Damn lady "jokingly" threatening to turn someone's mic off to get gossip when the person was trying to help him out.
Totsu Seikatsu
Totsu Seikatsu:
it was America's A** but now....?
Hello PurpleClouds
Hello PurpleClouds:
He’s a class act, no excuses, brave enough to front up to the mistake 🙌
Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal:
Coming from someone who's a fan of Chris, it's very interesting to see everyone's reaction in this situation compared to when famous women's nude photos leak. Now it's all "he deals with anxiety, he's a good man, we must protect him", but when J.Law's pics (for example) leak (are stolen!), we didn't see the same reaction. There were just some people angry, most didn't even bother or care enough to "protect" her and some even slut-shamed her. Let's hope the next time a woman's photos leak, there's a stronger reaction on her favour.
Danna Hinojosa
Danna Hinojosa:
He was just showing his fans a glimpse of "what's to come." 😂
Michael Pagadora
Michael Pagadora:
There's no reason he should be shy about it though
Rorie Still
Rorie Still:
Actually that is everything that media can change.
Aidin Nikezi
Aidin Nikezi:
1:21 Your fans definitely came
Stephen Shea
Stephen Shea:
Jennifer lawrence wasn’t the end of this the “slut shaming” Whoopi Goldberg publicly shamed Bella Thorn (destroyer of only fans) for taking nude photos on the view.
Mya Jasmine
Mya Jasmine:
“I will cut your mic off” LMFAOO ?? Sis was so serious about getting the story pls help me😭😭😭
Stephen Alleyne
Stephen Alleyne:
Personally I don't get why people react that way when they see a person has nudes etc on their phones. We are all human and have needs. Chris is a busy man and is human. I am not a huge fan of him but as a person who also struggles with anxiety I can only imagine what the days between when it happened and his interview were like.. Yikes..
*"Tony Stark, I feel too good"*
Mckenna Castorani
Mckenna Castorani:
What a champ😭
rian reyes
rian reyes:
He has nothing to ashamed of if you know what i mean😊👍
Robin Light
Robin Light:
These phones arent to be trusted many times your WHOLE camera roll will pop up. Be careful. 😂 With that being said you can tell Chris is a good person and that's America's Ass!!!
Princess Rodrigo
Princess Rodrigo:
ahhhhhh Chris Evans is such a BABYYYYYYYY! ahhh let's protect him at all costttttt
marco c
marco c:
"Hail Hydra!" the Capt says.
"Well I am one of those fans." Erm you clearly aren't as you are bringing it up on national TV instead of letting it go.
Di Ce
Di Ce:
It can happen to anyone. Its time we stop objectification from celebs ... or anyone else. Those people have much more to give . And , VOTE!
Ronnie Jusan
Ronnie Jusan:
now just waiting on the other two chris's loljk
Samantha Nealy
Samantha Nealy:
Chris Evans..... Thanks for ur accident, because of this I haven't had to hear about Trump, Biden ,coronavirus, racism, police brutality,politics, vaccines or anything important. It's nice to know the media covers all the BIG topics!!! 🍆
Makiah Jackson
Makiah Jackson:
Love chris evans soo much, he’s so mature and cool and just everything. And i love that his fans were very protective of him and made sure the picture got taken down
Hey, when you got it (and Chris most certainly does) flaunt it! Who doesn't want to see Captain America nude! Lol!
Nicole Jennings
Nicole Jennings:
I tried to find that nude photo to no avail. My gay guy friends tried to find it too but it had disappeared and replaced with a meme within hours.
The Man with no NAME
The Man with no NAME:
I can understand what he was going through, because half the universe has just been wiped out 😉
Mr Amin
Mr Amin:
I saw that picture on my friend's Twitter account the other day, i thought that was a fake. Knowing that is real, as a man, now there is another BiG reason i'm jealous of him
Rodrick Heffley
Rodrick Heffley:
This interview ironically made it more mood 😂
chris was putting a smile on our faces with that accident despite the situation right now,
Sabrina Shaw
Sabrina Shaw:
the fact that he reacted to his own nudes on a talk show LMDNDOANDN
Aysah GD
Aysah GD:
I always love Chris Evans. He's my captain.
Echad Lev Shtim
Echad Lev Shtim:
I like when they ask me to talk dirty after requesting the pic.😉
i just want to say that the photo was a WHOLE package
Bahar zamani
Bahar zamani:
Why he is soo good...just why... he handled everything really good... I will stay with him forever this us what we call celebrity... and all of his movies and actings are just amazing I saw all of them
what they said about Jlaw being in a different time is not true. It wasnt long ago the same thing happened to Bella Thorne and dont you remember how people treated her? even the women on the view were so cruel and disgusting. if the same thing happened to women they would NOT get the treatment that chris got
Sanskruti SN Patil
Sanskruti SN Patil:
Oh goodness, can we ever love this man a little less❤️
Siddharth sirsate
Siddharth sirsate:
Why does one even take good own photo of they region. 🙄
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas:
Show the dang pic stop talking about it and just show it. Omg!!!!!!
jarifa khan
jarifa khan:
I'm a big fan of Chris but I'm sorry I have to say, "it's bigger than my future"(if you know what I mean)😉😂🤣
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony:
Pretty sure it wasn't necessary to make him talk about it.
Bruce Garcia
Bruce Garcia:
Maybe it didn't became a big issue because Chris Evan's intention was to show the Heads Up for FUN to make us laugh. It was never in his mind to show his wieners
Rundhille Andallo
Rundhille Andallo:
Chris is pretty chill about it.
(off topic) The one thing I'm noticing from all these celeb/media zoom calls is how many people have air pods.
harsimran sandhu
harsimran sandhu:
He is such a sweetheart. Be nice to him
Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan
Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan:
Chris Evans is a famous actor we need to be respectful
Ghazala Firdous
Ghazala Firdous:
Please don't make fun of him that was an accident imagine you at his position;
Monie Yuliyanova
Monie Yuliyanova:
Who has a problem to see Chris’ nude photos, anyway? Come on, guys...
God bless you all
Dennis Rivera
Dennis Rivera:
One of the host looks so happy talking about this lol
Julieth Espinal
Julieth Espinal:
I wanna see the photos
Bac Mart
Bac Mart:
I Want Hug Chris :(
Bambi Pantanosas
Bambi Pantanosas:
Sending love to Chris! Such a class act. ✌🏽❣️👌🏽
Sylvia Sassyone
Sylvia Sassyone:
Chris Evans , you don’t need to explain. It’s a work of art . Love ❤️ watching it for a split second and golly gosh I’m just a blushing gal . That made my horrible day not so horrible .
Thanks for saving 2020 Chris Evans 😘🙌 But for real, go vote, too 😂🙏
James Weber
James Weber:
Oh so what , you already see him naked in " Not another teen movie " 😂
Analyn Cortez
Analyn Cortez:
I missed it. I dont have a tweeter. I wanted to see lol
Brian Nicole
Brian Nicole:
Where’s the picture I want see lolz
He handled it so eloquently. This man.
ravian ravladi
ravian ravladi:
I love Chris Evans but where’s this spirit when there’s women that is leaked
He should've quote-tweeted his leaked pic and said "On your left" lol
Betty CT
Betty CT:
You know dam well his brothers tweet was not the first thing that caught her eye🤣🤣🤣👀👀👀
Blake Allen
Blake Allen:
He’s human! Actually, makes me like him more! He actually took responsibility for his actions! Bravo! Lord! Every guy has “pics” on his phone! At least he’s honest enough to admit to it!
0:53 - Imagine it was an actress who accidentally posted a nude photo and a male host was laughing and insisting on talking about it with the actress with the crowd cheering him on in the background.
Bingo 357
Bingo 357:
Can’t say that I’ve ever exposed myself to 6million men, women, and kids at once. 😳

Breaking news “Chris Evans joins IG 2020”!!!

*Update “Chris Evans is now known as Cap’n PeePee” 😢

Jennifer Lavica
Jennifer Lavica:
I dont care about the nudes tell me more about that pics art meme 😂
I don't even know he had an Instagram account 🙁
You know she be low key in Cap's dm's
Ayesha Sen
Ayesha Sen:
Utmost respect for him, handled it so so welllll!!
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson:
You're still worthy remember that.👍💪
Whatever people say, he fulfilled my forever wish 😂
ava harris
ava harris:
love him.
Angeline Javier
Angeline Javier:
Chris Evans captain I salute your cleverness in handling your complicated situation fighting