Chris Pine Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebrities!

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100+ comentarios:

Comedy Space
Comedy Space:
*Male Celebrities Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebrities!*
Abang Rino
Abang Rino:
Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Chris Pine should make a boy band called The Vitamine C😃
anthony lopez
anthony lopez:
I love how Gal Gadot catches herself just kind of falling into her thirst face without realizing it and has to quickly collect herself.
Anshu Anand
Anshu Anand:
If Gal Gadot thirsts on you.. you must die blushing dude... 😁😁
Matt Larrabee
Matt Larrabee:
This video would be bearable if there wasn’t a commentator
sunil kaimootil
sunil kaimootil:
She bites her lip and automatically what does it mean... thirsty 😂
These videos could be called “women being creepily inappropriate in a way that would get men in trouble if they did it”
namith lokesh
namith lokesh:
7:19 gadot fantasies something sexy and suddenly realised she's married
Anis Blanco
Anis Blanco:
"Chris Pine being thirsted over by Female Celebrities."
James Corden: 👁️👄👁️
Nam Chau
Nam Chau:
Damn ... i don't care what u guys say but Gal Gadot is lovely
ali AG
ali AG:
“I HaTe It wHeN MeN OBjEctIfy WoMeN”
Isaiah Cox
Isaiah Cox:
You missed a chance to title this video "women pining over Chris pine"
Syed Anzar Imam
Syed Anzar Imam:
If Gal Gadot likes him, then he must be special.
Akbar Teimouri
Akbar Teimouri:
Less talking plz. You don't have to explain what happens in the interview. Just let it explain itself.
nicolas correa
nicolas correa:
Stop forcing the 10 minute mark so much
Pavan Nair
Pavan Nair:
"Thirsted over by female celebrities" shows a clip of James Corden
NDj K:
Chris pine, Chris pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris evans, now tell me they aren't test tube people made by the government
Cak Redi
Cak Redi:
When the world's most perfect *gal* thirsts over you...
When A girl looks at you and bites her lips she is absolutely soiled for you.
Robert Orellana
Robert Orellana:
Yeah, well it sounds like you have a crush on Chris Pine...You know I was studying at UCBerkeley during the time Chris was there too and I actually saw him coming out of a bar one time in Berkeley. He really is a cool guy. Kudos Chris!
lmao anna kendrick
Owz Rhys
Owz Rhys:
If men did this too women there’d be tampons flying everywhere.
Charles the Lizard
Charles the Lizard:
Gal Gadot literally had the hunger in her eyes and on her face, although she was trying to laugh everything off and play it totally cool.
Blue Stang
Blue Stang:
That one “comedian” was just really disrespectful of him. That’s embarrassing. A man would be crucified if he acted like that
Ice Man19
Ice Man19:
Chris Pine has a son, Zac Efron.
Charlie H
Charlie H:
Your commentary leading into every clip is absolutely annoying. Can’t even watch the whole video
You’re really good at stretching out the video to get 10 minutes smh
Andi H
Andi H:
Imagine doing this on a Girl. Well you know the answer
Nick Master
Nick Master:
I'm gonna be on this series some day, i'm an up and coming actor, I cant wait!
Bentzion Castro
Bentzion Castro:
This is so funny I thought this was just part of the show.
To every thirsty woman....

Sara Ortiz
Sara Ortiz:
do one on Chris Evans
Gal Gadot definitely likes him, but I like how she realizes she is thirsting over him and quickly looks away
I Gonna Be Neenja
I Gonna Be Neenja:

Is what you came for.
Madre natura
Madre natura:
Make for Charlie Hunnam, sebstain stan, Jamie dornan
why she explains everything...?
Tarek Bradley
Tarek Bradley:
Imogen Poots: *Drops the entire sandwich on his crotch* "Well, I am hungry"
Ben C
Ben C:
Anna Kendrick was clearly joking 😂
Rama Ali
Rama Ali:
Too much commentary on this’s pretty self explanatory😂
Emilly Manyheads
Emilly Manyheads:
“Is that a pinecone in ur pants?”😂😂😂😂
the four chris need to have a movie together
Tina Malfoy
Tina Malfoy:
2:38 how- how old is this women what the f-
Mondo Leanos
Mondo Leanos:
It's hilarious cuz I googled if you did Chris pine this morning
Aditya Dua
Aditya Dua:
Imagine being thirsted over by gal gadot
Bro imagine if a guy said the equivalent of the “pine cone in your pants” thing to a woman on live tv like that. That man would get canceled.
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo:
How is this okay? If only the roles switched... everyone would be alleging rape or sexual assault
Jeremy Verkamp
Jeremy Verkamp:
Not having Chris as captain Kirk, is like Bill Murray not being the role for groundhog day
Zsolt Karlovics
Zsolt Karlovics:
6:18 LoL i Can't breath of laughing 😁
Rori Gillmore
Rori Gillmore:
he does look like little bit like hemsworth
Nancy Benton
Nancy Benton:
The classic “ass out hug”
Mondo Leanos
Mondo Leanos:
I'm almost done watching
shelby stanley
shelby stanley:
Gal godot looked at Chris pines lips when she made the flirty face
Lil Chrissy
Lil Chrissy:
When they just lie about a gift card giveaway, and put clips in that have nothing to do with the video just to get to 10 minutes
i love when he pick the breadcrumbs on the floor then immediately eat it
alien boritos
alien boritos:
3:41 it seems the host host of comedy space her self is thirsting over Chris pine 😂
Chris Pine kinda looks like a younger version of Doctor Oz...
Chaddy G.
Chaddy G.:
Id be dehydrated as well when i see chris pine. I mean who wouldnt?
Tom F
Tom F:
If I was a celebrity... I would still not be on this video 😂😂
“Gal gahdot” wow this lady didn’t even research how to properly say gal’s name?
Jazmin Morena
Jazmin Morena:
*6:51** did u see how he's looking at her each interview? Like come on.. he never looked at any co star so long like he does with her... and btw he has a crush on her since he always said falling in love with Gal Gadot each interview .. not talking about the characters.. **3:21*
Barra Tales
Barra Tales:
6 adds in 10 mins. Y'all thirsting for something to....
Somehow this ended up in my recommended. First video watched, now I’m blocking your channel. Good work!
“We are watching you “
Zhen Zheng
Zhen Zheng:
I was laughing the whole time watching this😂😂😂
Grim's hand
Grim's hand:
Every time I see this actor I just remember the line “Do you remember Bobby?” From his movie The Carriers.
Yo Prodigiosa 11
Yo Prodigiosa 11:
7:29 exact moment when she remembers her husband 😔
Gear para dummies
Gear para dummies:
Just imagine for a second it's the other way around.
Imagine a ten minute video with 6 ads. Omegalul
Hi five=Flirt?
Thunner Plays
Thunner Plays:
Gal Gadot is so freaking beautiful!
More talking about what you're about to see than actual content. Boring vid. Can't watch it all.
In my thought honestly he’s the handsome person in Hollywood
Josh Green
Josh Green:
Do Chris Evans
Victor Morales
Victor Morales:
TBH even the interviewer in 1 was thirsting over Chris Pine haha, look like he licks his lips before asking the question.
Luke Boyle
Luke Boyle:
I loved that movie Chris done with denzel, unstoppable, also completed all the steps
Juhani Williams
Juhani Williams:
I feel like Gal Godot caught her self in the act 😂😂
That 100 dollar giveaway will never gonna happen. 😐😐
You have been telling this since your channel started.
Nolan the Jedi
Nolan the Jedi:
My favorite movie with Chris pine is unstoppable when they stopped the runaway train
Daniel Dulivero
Daniel Dulivero:
Done! May I suggest Aaron Paul/Antonio Banderas in his younger years? I like to watch in alphabetical order of male celebrities being thirsted over by female celebrities. Lol
Nick Master
Nick Master:
Yo comedy space I just entered, and Robert Pattinson would be great for a video, thx for the awsome vids btw!
You know what's great about gal's reaction? The fact that it was legit. Damm Chris you are a legend bro
keis Farrow
keis Farrow:
Do one on Anthony Mackey, Idis Elba, Sam Heughan
So YouTube knows when I'm watching thanks
Micaela Clifford
Micaela Clifford:
Actually the third one was his girlfriend for awhile, so it makes sense that she looks in love lol 😂
alfisyahri surya
alfisyahri surya:
Imagine galgadot thristing on you, life is perfect
Badru Din
Badru Din:
Anna was really out of it 😂
Abdelrahman Aboelella
Abdelrahman Aboelella:
I loved his voice when he said "your wasting all the salad
Vivek .C. Nair
Vivek .C. Nair:
Whenever I look at Chris Pine in any movie especially in Star Trek..
I just feel that he is a real-life *Naruto Uzumaki.*
Victory Reviews
Victory Reviews:
Some of this is kinda sexual assault imagine if the roles were reversed for some of this 😂
The Reaper
The Reaper:
Name your baby boy Chris, cuz most of Chris(s) are handsome XD
7:29 she forgot that shes married
Lost Not Dead
Lost Not Dead:
Where’s my boy Jason Momoa
I couldn't stop smiling throughout the whole video
Michael Mazzone
Michael Mazzone:
Love these videos, they are so funny! I entered too
Shout out to YouTube algo that brought us all here!
Ari _R12
Ari _R12:
Wait he can sing omg he is literally Prince Charming😅
Indiee ASMR
Indiee ASMR:
Missed a huge opportunity with the title here. Should have been "Celebrities Pine over Chris Pine."
Mahmoud Lakkis
Mahmoud Lakkis:
Bro i was so hyped for this series of videos but you talking explaining the situation really sucks
Sophiee Nt
Sophiee Nt:
Please make one with Johnny Depp!!!!