Chris Pine is the best

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the most underrated of the Chrises.
molly olson
molly olson:
i actually met this dude irl. i went to a wedding for one of his friends and he was there. he was very polite and friendly from what i remember. he's actually awesome!
منوعات عربية
منوعات عربية:
Its Wierd How EVERY Celeb with Name Chris Is Funny &Sweet & Down to earth And Attractive I Guess
stevie bana
stevie bana:
chris pine is the sugar daddy we all wanted to pay our student loans
Dottor Cisafrulli
Dottor Cisafrulli:
He literally could have every girl in the world
Bruh, that first clip, he did incredible. Ellen asked the most stupid questions with no substance.
Gabrielle Groulx
Gabrielle Groulx:
I still see him as Jack Frost...
Hannah S
Hannah S:
I can only see him as Nicholas from princess diaries
Kiyehito Kazu Yep's
Kiyehito Kazu Yep's:
Chirs- Eats a sandwich
james- Absolutely loses his mind*
heinz elias4999
heinz elias4999:
women - we are the sexiest and hottest you man shall all tremble at our feet
Chris Pine and other Chrises - just casually exists
Mariel Sinq97
Mariel Sinq97:
Chris Pine... is the best person in the world!
Why is every single àctor with the first name Chris so hot, down-to-earth and smart
Omar Cherkaoui
Omar Cherkaoui:
He looks a bit like DiCaprio no?
Yaya Yaya
Yaya Yaya:
I love his personality so much, so rare (not even talking about his outside beauty) , OMG if Gal Gadot wasn't married I totally have see them together. The prettiest duo inside out💯
Castiel Raq
Castiel Raq:
When he picked the food from the floor. 5 secs role.
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
So versatile and refreshing that guy! 😂 And, needless to say, a very fine piece of art, my lord!👏🏻👏🏻
Wifi Connection
Wifi Connection:
Oh you played wonder woman?
Chris: Yeah!
Me: wait. What?!!
He's so beautiful. I just love this man. 😍
Barry McCockiner
Barry McCockiner:
Chris sang " I Will Survive " like Jack Black would have LMFAO , hilarious stuff . 😜😝😛😂😉😎😵😧😦
That one dislike was aries
That serious look on his face when he's eating, ROFL!!!!!!!!!
Detective Snickers
Detective Snickers:
And he's thin. I envy his metabolism
lol this is y ellen is the best. without missing a beat "wow we have a drought in california" LOLLLLLL
Maia Kochiashvili
Maia Kochiashvili:
Am I the only one who remembered Joey from FRIENDS on 3:12
Jillian Elise
Jillian Elise:
What I would pay for him to sing fly me to the moon to me😭😭 a girl can dream...
Maya Johnson
Maya Johnson:
The clip with the sandwhich reminds of when Dylan O'Brien was doing an interview and eating a pretzel
Hannah Fitzpatrick
Hannah Fitzpatrick:
This is exactly what I do! Sing in the shower!!! Love Chris pine he is the best!!💓💓💓
Kikiarts Brown
Kikiarts Brown:
Whos seeing this in 2020👀🌟
Stiles Kuchiki
Stiles Kuchiki:
He licks his lips like he’s in the dessert
Lila Wilburne
Lila Wilburne:
Guys, I found my spirit animal
Maha Mm
Maha Mm:
Is that Dimitri from Anastasia!!!!!
Azure Mountain
Azure Mountain:
first saw him in star trek and i thought he was "meh". looking at him now, i dont know what i was thinking.
He’s gorgeous. I saw him in The Finest Hours, A Wrinkle in Time, and Wonder Woman.
Ereshva Jutt
Ereshva Jutt:
4:54 , 5:10 , 8:27 ufff Chrissy 💓💓💓 so handsome, funny, warmhearted
Eric Beadle
Eric Beadle:
Chris Pine is so damn HOTT :)
Camera Mitchell
Camera Mitchell:
He is sooo freaking dreamy 😩😩😩
Who let Jack Frost on Ellen Degeneres’s show?
Jolijn Attema
Jolijn Attema:
He is soo adorable
Nolan The dab king
Nolan The dab king:
It's will Colson from unstoppable
1:38 Hungry?! He eats!? What Do U Mean?! I no someone who eats. Pokémon, Ash Ketchum eats a lot.
Crazy Love
Crazy Love:
4:34 Lucky girl 😍
Gee Luck
Gee Luck:
MisGLucas❤️chemistry togetherness. Love you Cheers mates up MisCharlieG itselfOwn my everything Lover cum Emergency Girlfriend will not be uncover ZarulLynSue itselfmaidhurt arrested selfcare-Go woman bullying type can't get anything out.
Why does he kind of look like Jack Frost?...
Maybe I've watched Rise of the Guardians to much.
Stacey Madgwick
Stacey Madgwick:
I love Chris Pine. And this video further illustrated why I do not like Jimmy :/
Lekia Nueh
Lekia Nueh:
i see Nicholas. I hear Jack. My heart palpitates
louis gibson
louis gibson:
You can eat a lot of food and not get fat! lol that's a superpower! 😅😂🤣
Emeka Francis Uwazurike
Emeka Francis Uwazurike:
MY GOD his Walken is MASTERFUL!
carol _
carol _:
omg i love zoe so much
Eric Beadle
Eric Beadle:
OMG Chris Pine..doesn't get any better than hi. So classy, handsome, charismatic, what a win WIN LOL @ 2.42 nice blue suit, and nice spread legs LOL
muja MR
muja MR:
7:27 can someone me tell where that's from?
Respectfully: Happy Birthday Chris Pine. May The Peace Be With U. From Harlingen Texas. August 26, 1980
August 26, 2019 through August 26, 3019
Abby Lopez
Abby Lopez:
es perfecto lo amo
Allison Bishop
Allison Bishop:
He's hot
Arun Gnanasekhar
Arun Gnanasekhar:
imagine him cast as Winter soldier... every chris in marvel...
Laura Iturralde
Laura Iturralde:
Kind of jealous of that sub
Brian Daleske
Brian Daleske:

Now I think the next character that I can imagine actor star (Chris Pine) to play is the DC ComicBook hero of (GUY GARDNER) the fourth GreenLantern of planet: EARTH.

An I can imagine a story scenario of how the male character (Guy Gardner) is introduced, and to add I can imagine a new type of way the character becomes chosen to become a GREEN-LANTERN; Such as the new different telling of his origin story it involves him as a bodyguard of a Mayor, and before that he was a F.B.I. agent who was kicked out because of his stubborn, reckless, selfish, not properly listening to orders, disrespectful behavior, & of his egocentric behavior too, and so anyway a few months gone by after Guy was kick out of the F.B.I. he then went looking for a job, and by mere luck he was given the chance to become a cop, and then overtime Guy earned the right to become a bodyguard, and to add by chance (Guy Gardner) earned the chance to become the second bodyguard of the Mayor.

To add now a few years go by an most of Guy Gardner’s worst behavior traits have faded away the ones of being stubborn, reckless, disrespectful, and not listening to orders but he still has two behavior traits that can cause him problems; For instance problems with making friends, and to add at having a chance at romantic relationships with the ladies.

So anyway a few weeks later (Guy Gardner) is on his brake doing his job at being bodyguard for the Mayor, and he leaves his home to go out to get some food to eat, and so while he is getting his food from the pickup window he hears a loud sound along with a bright colorful light in the evening sky coming from some unknown object in the sky in the distance a number of miles away from where he is at, and there for after he has gotten his food he then very carefully rushes off to go find out what was the object, and to add where might the unknown object could of crashed at, and also to add while on his way a glowing green ring comes zooming by an then flys right into his truck, and once it entered inside it the glowing ring then gives off a powerful pulse that forces the truck to go exactly where the crashed unknown object is it.

Plus to add at a certain point of time the truck stops at the very spot where the unknown object is at, and (Guy Gardner) slowly exists his truck to then carefully head towards the unknown object that looks like a crashed space craft with an alien in it, and when he comes upon the alien being Guy has a number of feelings with being so close to the alien being one is genuine concern for the alien being, the next is worrying about what type of person this alien being is, another is feeling unworthy when Guy is given the green-power ring & the responsibility that goes with it, and to add genuine remorse for the alien being along with many more feelings, and also to add a handful of thoughts of what he should do next & more.
I Love Chris Pine. Unstoppable. Rise of the Guardians. Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse. Love those movies. He was awesome, like Jack Frost. ;)
Katie Gilligan
Katie Gilligan:
Chris Pine is a best and I love him even more.
Nolan The dab king
Nolan The dab king:
My favorite movie with Chris pine is unstoppable
Tori A
Tori A:
oh my God man, tHis is so funny
11:27 Best Jack Black’s impersonation ever... He’s possessed by the Tenacious D evil!
Who came here after he was voted the best chris
evie davidson
evie davidson:
chris pine most definitely is the best
Rachael Zechmann
Rachael Zechmann:
The very last clip tho🥵🥵🥵
Lennon Ladroma
Lennon Ladroma:
Tasneem Śş11Śş
Tasneem Śş11Śş:
How to be a *Chris* ?? 🙃
Nechama Ben Yehuda
Nechama Ben Yehuda:
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker:
Kim Katrall doesn't age. But Pine is so comic-book Hawkeye, it's uncanny
Daniela Parra
Daniela Parra:
Es lo más hermoso que he encanta, lo amo, es excelente actor también. Jaaaaa
Chris Pine = YUMMY
Live Life
Live Life:
He looks like battwoman 😂
Shay Baby
Shay Baby:
I’ve broken multiple bones. I broke a finger in the most random way possible at work. I acted like I’d lost a limb! I worked for a month and went on a cruise before finding out I had 5 broken ribs! Don’t know why but I’m the pain level is different.
Huck Haeata
Huck Haeata:
good lord that is a handsome man!!
هل تستطيع أن تأتي معي؟
charm prasertpun
charm prasertpun:
marlee glenn
marlee glenn:
Chris is hot!!!😍😍😍
Zoe Pavlidis
Zoe Pavlidis:
Get Chris Pine and Zac Efron to meet up they look like twins!
What a delicious man...
Daisy C
Daisy C:
How is he not a meme yet
Klah Ledbetter
Klah Ledbetter:
Tht last 12 seconds bro!
Veronica Rotin
Veronica Rotin:
One of the most attractive people in the world
rola princess
rola princess:
Does anyone know how Chris out there is a lot of account in his name
Cruisentom 1234
Cruisentom 1234:
Tarantino fav. Actor
Mariam N
Mariam N:
I don't need to see the video. I'm just dropping to say that YES HE IS THE BEST.
Vicky Thao
Vicky Thao:
Hes daddy
Nicola Fiorelli
Nicola Fiorelli:
He's daaaaaa best!!
D Black
D Black:
3:30 is that a slim jack black?
He called Wonder Woman “a progressive piece of filmmaking” and i’m here for it 👌
Tori A
Tori A:
Not haha buT hA Ha AhA
Ginny Douze
Ginny Douze:
Soooo hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
N. N.
N. N.:
In Smokin‘ Aces he was for an Oscar 👍😎😉
Luke Donovan
Luke Donovan:
Dan Hale
Dan Hale:
If they ever make an rdr movie, he should play arthur
Funny Lion story...........
Ethan Farnham
Ethan Farnham:
Jack Black lip syncs Chris Pine's vocals
F L:
He's the hottest little-people person on the planet. His brows are like bros. His arms are like sausage links. Not the big juicy kind, the short little Jimmy Dean kind that smell like McDonalds in the morning.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous:
I know this video is about Pine but Zoe Saldana is one of the hottest women on this planet
Byron MacGreggor
Byron MacGreggor:
It’s almost creepy how much he reminds me of William Shatner.
Gab Achacoso
Gab Achacoso:
Of all the Chrises, Pine is the most elegant, fine, CEO like bachelor. Other chrises are just like gym rats.