Chris Pine Monologue - SNL

Host Chris Pine explains the differences between him and Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

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100+ comentarios:

The Chrises need to do a movie together and it needs to be directed by Christopher Nolan.
I will say that Pine definitely has the bluest eyes of all the Chrises.
Ashil John
Ashil John:
Chris Hemsworth: George Kirk
Chris Pine: James Kirk

Chris Evans: Steve Rogers
Chris Pine: Steve Trevor

Chris Pratt: *Guardians of the Galaxy*
Chris Pine: *Rise of the Guardians*
Imagine if all the Chrises had shown up for this lol. It would've been amazing.
Jena Gu
Jena Gu:
Chris pine? More like Chris fine! Ayeeeeee I'll see myself out
Noboru Akimoto
Noboru Akimoto:
I'm surprised they didn't bring up the fact that Chris Hemsworth played his dad in Star Trek.
This is like when Flynn Ryder from Tangled was always upset because his nose was never well drawn in the Most Wanted posters haha what an agony this must be... AGONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, FAR MORE PAINFUL THAN YOURS!!
Mike P
Mike P:
Dammit I was expecting him to bring the other Chris's on stage.
Allie Kitaguchi
Allie Kitaguchi:
"We're all white guys but these aren't the white guys I am" I'M DYING
I didn't even put the Steve Rogers and Steve Trevor thing together. 😂 I guess the difference is that Rogers is in WWII era and Trevor is in WWI era?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
I came here to laugh, not to question my sexuality
Captain America: The First Avenger - badass brunette saves the world with the help of her blond hair blue eyed golden retriever man named steve.

Wonder Woman: badass brunette saves the world with the help of her blond hair blue eyed golden retriever man named steve.
Alexey Ryakhovskiy
Alexey Ryakhovskiy:
I know this guy, he's on the spaceship with Zoe Saldana. Such a funny movie, especially the talking tree and raccoon.
Toby Bartels
Toby Bartels:
OK, I want a copy of that poster.
Fifi Fornow
Fifi Fornow:
"That's my face man"
Obey Amma
Obey Amma:
The banner that came down should have had one of the other Chris's last name
Oney Temple
Oney Temple:
It seems like a missed opportunity they didn't have Chris Rock walk on stage and ask if he was supposed to host SNL.
Chris Pine is the cutest out of all the Chrises.
Hermoine Granger :)
Hermoine Granger :):
omg that voice!!! Dang he's even cooler now
He actually looks more like James Marsden than the other Chrises, but all four Chrises are headlining their own movie franchises. Out of all the Chrises, Pine was actually the first to have his own franchise back in 2009 with Star Trek. Evans and Hemsworth didn't join Marvel until 2011.
Well, Chris Hemsworth did play Chris Pine's father in the first Star Trek though, so I could see the confusion there, and in some way they do kind of look a like, lol.

Also, two Chrises (how do you even make a plural of that name? never mind...) playing two comic book characters, both soldier and both called Steve? Yeah, that's not going to confuse people at all. :D
Patrick Ahearn
Patrick Ahearn:
It's a good thing that Pine is with DC/WB cause other wise it would be even worse.
Melissa Lomeli
Melissa Lomeli:
I can't help but flashing back to when he was on princess diaries 2, ugh my heart 😭
close your eyes and listen
close your eyes and listen:
Oh wow Pine is actually hotter than all of them lol
Chris Pine = bad boy
Chris Evens = all american nice guy
Chris Hemsworth = silly jock
Chris Pratt = fun/funny guy
Ashton LeBleu
Ashton LeBleu:
what is so funny is personality wise they are sooooo different. i never mix them up because they are unique despite their visual similarities.
It seems all men named Chris are gorgeous,except Chris Christie... I guess that extra Chris in his name wasn't a good idea...
One day they 'll have all the Chris's on at once and America will get pregnant
-hes the most unappreciated among all the chris XD so sad that he need to make a show for chris pine recognition
- i started know him for voice actor jack frost :p
HS 0505
HS 0505:
this monologue makes me more confused... who's who?
Chrono Cross
Chrono Cross:
The most talented Chris for sure..especially after seeing Wonder Woman
His singing voice ain't that bad. Neither is the rest of him. 😉
Holly Roberts
Holly Roberts:
Well, at least someone's addressing the fact that all the superhero movies are fronted by white guys, to the point where 4 of them have the same first name. Love them all, but I wouldn't mind the occasional variety! Kinda surprised they ignored the 'Chris Hemsworth played Chris Pine's dad in Star Trek' thing though.
S F:
Is he the guy from Princess Diaries 2? HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM
I think Chris Rock and Chris Tucker had a similar problem.
I love Chris Pine. He's great as Captain Kirk and he was fantastic in Hell or High Water, a movie I highly recommend.
Beck Davenport
Beck Davenport:
"I'm dreaming of a white Chris mass."
N hoss
N hoss:
Uptown girl! Haven't heard it in a while.
"Are you this one?"
No, if he were Chris Evans, I would be dead now.
I know they're all white, but even for white people, they do look alike (except Pratt)
Jo Tiger
Jo Tiger:
And Chris didn't even mention in Star Trek, Chris Hemsworth played George Kirk, Jim's father.
anrika mcconnico
anrika mcconnico:
I'm not completely sure that wasn't James Marsden.
I'm Illiterate
I'm Illiterate:
I thought he was Stephen Amell...
Dave - Taxero
Dave - Taxero:
Chris Rock sure has changed.
This is like when Jack Frost tried to get people to believe in him, that movie speaks layers to Chris Pine's pain and the Infinity Chrisis...
Uptown Chris (Uptown Chris)
The only one whose father was on CHiPs (was on CHiPs)
Zane Gregory
Zane Gregory:
I go straight to Tina Fey shouting "CHRIS PINE" into the mic at the Golden Globes playing, "Who would you rather".
Ethan Tang
Ethan Tang:
That left girl at 4:19 was a beat behind. Oh no...
Chris Pine is d most talented, gorgeous n versatile among all d chrises
Joyce Leong
Joyce Leong:
i want that poster
Gemma Moore
Gemma Moore:
Must admit I was very confused at the start of Star Trek when Hemsworth was playing Kirk Sr. I generally thought they had killed of the main character he looked so much like Pine.
Ana Domingos Pimentel
Ana Domingos Pimentel:
Okay Chris Evans needs to be the next to host!! I mean all the other 3 Chrises already hosted, now it's his time!!!!
KC Nwaneri
KC Nwaneri:
It's a Crisis of Chris's on Infinite Earths.
Gotta admit, they all look alike.
Chris Pine = sexiest
Chris Evans = prettiest
Chris Hemsworth = buffest
Chris Pratt = funniest

This was hard because they’re all sexy, pretty, buff, and funny
Jen Warshawsky
Jen Warshawsky:
I loved his monologue. He is so hot too.
Hawk Flame
Hawk Flame:
“Weren’t you in that movie where you were the captain of that spaceship? You know, the one with Zoe Saldana?”

Chris Pine: “Yeah, yeah, that’s me!”

“Great! I *loved* Guardians of the Galaxy!”

Chris Pine: -_-
Handsome Robot Productions
Handsome Robot Productions:
“That’s my face!”
“No, I think that’s Ryan Reynolds.”
“Nah, man I’m pretty sure that’s MooseCraft.”
Claudia Deeg
Claudia Deeg:
I like Chris's voice and I love his humor 😚
Melanin King
Melanin King:
Chris Evans is the hottest but Pine is a close second
The Curious Sapien
The Curious Sapien:
As soon as I saw that shirt I thought - Pit Marks! But then I thought, It's Chris Pine...he's so perfect he is the only one that could wear a shirt like that and have zero sweat stains under his arms. And true to perfection...nuff said. Flawless man.
Nice he can laugh this off, and Uptown Girl, makes a great song to borrow from.
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres:
Kirk and Wonder Woman's squeeze. not bad gigs.
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers:
He is so cute. All the 4 Chris are too good looking, when you look at them it's obvious people forget the last name 🤓😝
Юлия Ван-Чжан-Шань
Юлия Ван-Чжан-Шань:
When Leslie called him Thor, he should of said: Nope, that’s my father.
Austin Faulds
Austin Faulds:
Literally all four Chris's look exactly like the same person, just with different hair.
Aaron Fonseca
Aaron Fonseca:
ill make it much simpler, he is the DC Chris, the rest are marvel Chrises
kamille seven
kamille seven:
Captain Kirk is a fox! Yes we know who you are. We are just lucky enough to be in a time with three other Cute men name Chris.
Gab E
Gab E:
He's so cute
Alex standall Foley
Alex standall Foley:
"come one Leslie help me"

"oh you are Thor"
He did a great job. I hope they all him back.
Nabilla Nugra
Nabilla Nugra:
It's 2019 and no one still haven't make a movie with all 4 Chris in it? Outrageous.
Así es mi Vida
Así es mi Vida:
too many Chris in Hollywood who are handsome 😁 and I like all of them 💕😘
Rachel Day
Rachel Day:
“Nah, I think that’s Ryan Reynolds.” 😂
Yeonhee Ahn
Yeonhee Ahn:
bahaha this is so true! Hollywood needs to stop featuring the exact same cookie cutter white pretty boys. boring.
dang it, i was just about to get excited about him being in guardians of the galaxy
Ulrich Sanchez
Ulrich Sanchez:
when will there be Tom; Hiddleston, Holland, and Hardy
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig:
Chris Pine would've been a good Aquaman
Djo Fortunato
Djo Fortunato:
That was one fine way to help us all remember his name ! =D
"I'm Not That Chris" -- HILARIOUS!!!
He's the best Chris! The best looking and most talented! Love Chris Pine!
Lmfao I was watching Wonder Woman and my sister asked me "Is that Chris Evans?" 😂
When he said let's settle this I thought for a moment he was going to bring all the other Chrises out! 😍
the smallest chris of them (by fame), i know they are all great actors but feels sad about how chris pratt shine in one movie and he is more famous than pine despite doing great work in many movies.
Lyra the White
Lyra the White:
OMG. Love the music and his voice!
Haven't heard any of the other Chrises singing like this! Chris Pine is the one who sings!!
Best Intro in AGES!
''Hey that's my face man!''
''Nah, I think that's Ryan Reynolds''
Marianna Crispy Chips
Marianna Crispy Chips:
I was screaming so hard. So many pretty guys on one poster..... FANGIRLING!!!!
Tobo the Spottless Giraffe
Tobo the Spottless Giraffe:
we all know that if chris farley was still alive he would shatter pratt pine evans and hemsworth's careers.
Justin Amaya
Justin Amaya:
Chris Pine needs to join the MCU now
Shahida [Multi•Stan]
Shahida [Multi•Stan]:
He's so beautiful 😍😍😍, I find him more beautiful than any of the chrises and I've watched all his movie he's actually so underrated
Erin Sullivan
Erin Sullivan:
I'm glad he cleared that up. I thought he was Chris Hemsworth!😂
Queen B
Queen B:
"Thank you Thor" 😂😂😂🙌🏼
Idk why I always come back for the “Chris Evans is...Chris Evans is six feet as well.”
Kitt Katt
Kitt Katt:
Chris Pine is gorgeous than all the other Chrises. He portrayed Captain James T. Kirk for crying out loud. In addition, he is a singing Captain Kirk.
Love, Lale
Love, Lale:
When they brought out the picture of all 4 Chrises.. I almost lost it. too much beauty in one frame. oh no I've become one of those people 😢
2:57 she wrote the movies on her hand cuz she couldn’t remember
Respect: Happy Birthday Chris Pine, and May The Peace Be With U. From Harlingen Texas. August 26, 1980
August 26, 2019 through August 26, 3019
sunshine girl
sunshine girl:
Love this so much. Spot on in terms of what everyone thinks. When she says your all at the airport in ragity clothes with beads from bali  - I laughed so much!! Love him though he is sweet.
Zhiying Di
Zhiying Di:
DAMN IT! I was able to recognize each of the 4 Chris's, but man... after seeing him bringing up those 4 posters all together... I can never tell them apart again...😂
Azrul Tarmizi
Azrul Tarmizi:
Ironically, he looks like anthony starr here
Must be hard negotiating salary as one of these guys lol
"there's literally 3 other carbon copies of you walking around, you'll take the contract we offer you or we'll give it to one of them"