Chris Pratt is Mario

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Quagsire that plays smash
Quagsire that plays smash:
I roll up to my sister. “What movie has Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Seth Rogan in it?”. She couldn’t answer. I told her it was Mario and she died laughing
The reaction for Jack Black is legendary
SPooKs Ahoy!
SPooKs Ahoy!:
I love how everyone in the world simultaneously and completely cracked up when we saw Jack Black
Chill Fox
Chill Fox:
“Jack Black Bowser” and “Seth Rogen Donkey Kong” need to be Gartic Phone prompts!
Cameron Phenix
Cameron Phenix:
I'm so glad that screaming laughter is the only response anybody has to the casting announcement
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
I laughed my ass off at your reaction to the Mario movie cast reveal, but got super hyped when I saw the Bayonetta 3 trailer.
Ross saying "Sega?" had the same energy as the "Let's go" memes.

Also, the Mario movie cast announcement is Ross' Joker moment.
Anyone else think it's sweet that Ross's first reaction to the Kirby game is wanting to play it with his girlfriend?
M C:
First, we had Jim Carrey as Robotnik and now Jack Black as Bowser... Sometimes the timeline isn't so bad.
Smug Bow Kid
Smug Bow Kid:
People are already saying it’s gonna be bad, but you know they all freaked out and then laughed their asses off the moment the cast was revealed. It’s gonna be gold, even if it’s bad.
Imagine if it’s just that old Mario movie except it’s just slightly higher FPS

y’know, in true Nintendo style
Abram Francis Black
Abram Francis Black:
Okay, I unrelatedly happened to be on Chris Pratt's Wikipedia earlier today and saw him listed as the voice of Mario and thought somebody was shitposting. Now I'm wondering if I saw evidence of a leak.
Charlie Day being Luigi is the unsung hero of the announcement, there's so much meme potential in combining Always Sunny with Mario.
An eye for an eye, a Pratt for a 3D kirby game
Lochie Griffiths
Lochie Griffiths:
I hope Chris has a really good Mario impression, in fact, I hope the whole cast actually have good impressions for the characters they're voicing
The worst thing they could do it put splatoon 3 after “Chris Pratt as Mario” because so many people are in shock after that
Dude the casting is genius, so many people are going to go see it ironically to experience how out of place and bad everything is.
It would be way more effective than just casting people that make sense and people not seeing it because we all know the plot.
Angry Wizard
Angry Wizard:
You can see Ross' soul leave his body as Chrisp Rat appears on screen

Edit: it comes back when Jack appears and leaves again when Seth shows up
Superhero Editron
Superhero Editron:
Chris Pratt going, "Its-a me, Mario!" is gonna be some great meme fodder.
No hate to Chris Pratt, but he's the polar opposite of what I'd expect as Mario. He would be my last option.
Shay i
Shay i:
Ross's little "Charlie Day is Luigi" at 18:45 absolutely annihilated me i couldn't stop laughing
Michael Wadsworth
Michael Wadsworth:
Imagine the pure irony that the Sonic movie might actually be better than the Mario movie.
“Chris Pratt is Mario.”

Yes, and Zendaya is Meechee.
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies:
That cast list is interesting, but I think also has a lot of comedic power. It will be so weird having different voices for the characters we've grown up with, but it might be a good weird.
Boston Baked bean
Boston Baked bean:
Imagine donkey Kong laughing like Seth rogan. This is now a reality.
There's something sad about how I'll never experience this rush of raw emotions again in my life
Honestly? Everything is perfect, but Chris is the iffy part. He is getting lessons from the OG Voice of Mario, so we might get something unexpected
Billy the Entertainer
Billy the Entertainer:
i love how everyone's immeadiate reaction to chris pratt as mario is hysterical laughter
My boy Jack Black will absolutely kill Bowser
The burst of laughter at Jack Black was great XD

Oh, would you look at that, over a hundred likes. Thanks for definitely notifying me of those YouTube, definitely knew I got them.
a loaf of bread
a loaf of bread:
You though this was about games, BUT IT WAS I, SETH ROGEN!
So i see they're going the "Lego Batman" approach for bowser. Having a comedian voice the villian who just uses their regular voice despite the characters having distinct voices
Should've gotten Arin to play toad. I cant see toad without thinking of his amazing toad voice
Basement Dweller Cosplay
Basement Dweller Cosplay:
How much do we have to pay Jack Black and Nintendo to have him play all the characters, and I mean all
I once met Charles Martinet (Mario) at a convention and he was such a sweet guy. I dropped a pencil because I was so nervous and he made a variety of Mario sounds, made me laugh so hard. In the end he took a picture with me ^^ best experience ever.
16:56 And at this moment, Illumination officially became the biggest laughingstock in the animation industry
Sean Barr
Sean Barr:
I honestly think we should wait for the Mario Trailer before judging the casting of this.
Kylie Ash
Kylie Ash:
I love Ross dying of laughter in his seat about the movie reveal.
LaShell Robbins
LaShell Robbins:
Ross’ reaction to the movie casting seriously just made my day 😂
Mitchel Smith
Mitchel Smith:
I had to stop and laugh when Chris Pratt showed up. I am so happy I got to experience this historic occasion live.
Ben Young
Ben Young:
I think they need to recast toad for the movie, Ross has it down pat.
Terra Estrahl
Terra Estrahl:
That casting doesn't seem bad, honestly. I think after the initial shock value dies down they might be presently surprised
I love when Ross bursts out in a loud uproar of laughter. He's done it before when witnessing Arin fail at his levels in Mario Maker 1 and 2.
I needed to see someone laughing until they cried, made me feel better about my day
Lester Moya
Lester Moya:
Gotta love to see its always sunny in the mushroom kingdom
TuragaNuva (Wynn)
TuragaNuva (Wynn):
Ross: "Does this have online?"
Direct, both in voiceover and on-screen text: "All boards and minigames support online play."
Ross, reading a comment a minute later: "Oh, it does have online play? Cool."
LeoUltima Upgraded
LeoUltima Upgraded:
As much as I love Jack Black, Bowser was a very unique choice
Sweet Sound
Sweet Sound:
Time for another legendary reaction from this extremely hype direct.

Edit: I'm mostly excited about Chocobo GX, ActRaiser Renaissance & Kirby.
Can't wait for Mario and Luigi to try and sing Beelzebub before Bowser shows 'em how it's done.
Cowol Jar Woff
Cowol Jar Woff:
Ross' movie reaction had me CRYING 😂
His reaction alone got tears streaming down my face
Nick Wright
Nick Wright:
Ross laughing at the voice actors reminds me of Joker's uncontrollable laugh 😂
Beth A
Beth A:
Ross' screaming laughter brings me so much joy
My internet was so bad during the Direct, I thought everything was stop motion animated and was very confused.
Honestly when I saw Onward, I really liked Chris Pratt in it so I don't understand what's so terrible about the idea of him in this movie. That being said, all I want out of life at this point is to hear Luigi go on a full Pepe Sylvia rant.
Rose Supreme
Rose Supreme:
Ross has, hands-down, the *BEST* reaction to the Mario Movie cast ever.
I love how Ross’s first reaction to the Kirby game was “can I play this with my girlfriend?”.
I remember laughing so hard at basically midnight at the casting.

That will probably be an awful movie but I'll laugh all the way through it
Joshua Turpin
Joshua Turpin:
I love Ross’s reactions to the actors. It really helps set in that we are in the bad timeline
I thought this was a pretty decent direct. The Mario movie cast announcement had me rolling. I’m also super nervous about who the last Smash character will be.
God of the Cripples
God of the Cripples:
The internet has mutually come to the conclusion that every single one of these castings is ridiculous, except for the fact that we're all excited for Jack Black as Bowser.
Out of that Direct, I think I personally am most excited for Kirby. Also Splatoon 3, I've never actually had a Splatoon game even thought they look really fun, I might jump in here.
Jordan Dutra
Jordan Dutra:
LMAO! I’m not gonna lie that was my reaction when I saw the cast list and I burst out laughing just like what he did. The cast has to be one of the strangest ones even by animated movie standards.
John Morrow
John Morrow:
Ross’ reaction to the Mario movie cast is very accurate to my hopes for it
♪ S0undprism♪
♪ S0undprism♪:
So glad everyones reaction to the voice actor reveals is just hysterical laughter
i genuinely hope the mario movie is a “so bad it’s good” kind of movie
Tails Clock
Tails Clock:
The game I was most excited for from this direct was one you entirely skipped over. ActRaiser Renaissance. The superior castlevania, getting innovative before games did that. And a soundtrack that still belongs on a top 10 best game OSTs list to this day. After the sheer dissapointment of ActRaiser 2, I am so glad that the first game is finally getting a high quality remake. The gameplay has been enhanced, the music enhanced, the graphics of course, but christ. They seem to have given this game the care it really deserves.
Daniel Kinsey
Daniel Kinsey:
Maaaan I busted my gut same as you on that cast reveal! All my friends and I were hoping they'd announce the announcement for Smash today, but it's so soon. That's obviously my top of the list, but I'm definitely gonna play that Kirbo game asap
Kain Event
Kain Event:
I love how the cast went from surprising to genuinely absurd.
I'm so happy that we had the same reaction to the Chris Pratt! I was watching it over voice chat with my bf and was a few seconds ahead and when I started dying of laughter he was so fucking confused it was amazing. This movie is either gonna be great or a beautiful disaster and I'm all for it!
Fatmandoo 888
Fatmandoo 888:
17:30 is so funny the way he laughs.
Backfire Shot
Backfire Shot:
Personally i just cant believe how cool chris pratt is
A Spiggton
A Spiggton:
We’ll never hear Ross laugh like this on stream again. This was a once in a lifetime chance 😂
Recent subscribers: "How can you watch this? There's no Gartic Phone!"
Ross is really losing it over this lol
Diet Canadian
Diet Canadian:
I like how Ross’s first reaction to Jack Black was laughing so hard that he couldn’t control himself
James Marker
James Marker:
Rosses laughter is way too contagious. As soon as he started laughing, I literally died…🤣

But, yeah, that was quite the cast. It’s going to be interesting to see Jack Black as bowser.
Voice cast reveal starts at 16:56, in case anyone else keeps coming back to see Ross' reactions
Ross’ absolute maniacal goblin laughter at the Mario movie cast list gives me life
Imagine your playing mario then suddenly he just goes like: i wish gamora was here to see this
Watcher of YouTube
Watcher of YouTube:
It’s really hard to imagine Chris Pratt going “It’s-a-me-a-Mario!”
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago:
Loving people's reactions. Awesome
Chris Pratt deserves the role, it may be a meme, but he is one of my favorite actors.
“Clear shit rules” Ross 2021
The astral chain fakeout really got me
Random Toys Productions
Random Toys Productions:
Chris Pratt: It’s a me, Mario. Double decker couch
Ren Rader
Ren Rader:
16:55 the second where Ross's smile drops as it sinks in that Chris Pratt is being cast as Mario is just **chef's kiss**
Saschy Playz
Saschy Playz:
Ilumination's animation is actually pretty good, and since its written by someone at nintendo it atleast will be decent
Chase Slaughter
Chase Slaughter:
Ross losing his shit to Jack Black as Bowser was literally me
Zachary Plimpton
Zachary Plimpton:
Imagine hiring actual talented, professionally trained VAs to voice act in your movie
Jake Hubbard
Jake Hubbard:
After the past year of watching these streams and VOD's it's nice to hear genuine laughter from the Mario Movie announcement.
twan hams
twan hams:
the funniest part is that nickelodeon all stars brawl launches the same day sakurai is going to announce the last fighter, I think thats f*cking hilarious.
Ya Boi Kiba
Ya Boi Kiba:
I mean, I was already done when I saw Jack Black as Bowser, but Seth Rogen as DK just completely broke me

I literally couldn't breathe for like 15 seconds after that one
Brandon Rankin
Brandon Rankin:
It's good to see how excited he is about the movie. I also am looking forward to it.
FINALLY someone who was as hyped as I was for Chocobo GP! I adored the PS1 game growing up and I was hoping for years for either a remake/remaster or a new game!
JPAG Grey:
I can imagine Chris Pratt's face pogchamp when he heard he's voicing Mario
Karel P.
Karel P.:
I like how Ross' reaction is practically the same as Alpharad Deluxe's, SCREAM LAUGHTER
cant wait for Mario Pratt in future Gartic Collabs
Jamie Torrico
Jamie Torrico:
This stream was soo funny to watch live lol
Stario 123
Stario 123:
i actually got real life emotional over Chris Pratt