Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory Interview - Peaky Blinders Season 2 (HD)

HeyUGuys Interview actors Cillian Murphy (Thomas Shelby) and Helen McCrory (Aunt Polly) for their TV show Peaky Blinders created by Steven Knight ahead of Season 2 on the BBC.

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100+ comentarios:

Elizabeth Esposito
Elizabeth Esposito:
Get you someone that looks at you the way Cillian looks at empty space in a room while zoning out.
I can't believe she's gone. What a wonderful woman.
Cilian looks like he's from out of this world, gorgeous man.
martins chinedu
martins chinedu:
I never saw him eat, not once in the peaky blinders.
bnat_ almaghrib
bnat_ almaghrib:
His voice...his eyes...jawline....omg
Rachel Torres
Rachel Torres:
I'm not a Murphy fan girl, but how the hell does this guy not look at himself in the mirror and become completely immersed in his own eyes?
carol adair
carol adair:
I love the way he just stares out into space while someone is talking. He is in another world, but yet he has no desire to interrupt or be the center of attention. The best actor! There is no else that could play Tommy.
linzi m
linzi m:
Too busy staring at him that I didn’t actually hear what was said
Niall's girl
Niall's girl:
Who's here after they heard that Helen died? 🥺❤May she rest in peace 🙏❤ She was a beautiful woman with beautiful soul ❤ Thank you for everything Helen💕❤ We love you❤
ellen o'mahoney
ellen o'mahoney:
Best actor around at the moment. He was born for the role of Tommy! Such a good series
Ishraque Khan
Ishraque Khan:
OMG Peaky Blinders is so effing underrated. It's one of the best shows ever. It deserves much more exposure.
david guy
david guy:
It's strange to think that cillian is only 8 years younger than helen
Drew Armstrong
Drew Armstrong:
My Dad calls him "the one with the eyes"
Claudia Romero
Claudia Romero:
Cillian Murprhy voice is awesome
Alex Ferrer
Alex Ferrer:
wow , Cillian Murphy created mannequin challenge (from 2:14 to 3:14)
Gerry C. Watt
Gerry C. Watt:
This man's features are unreal, all I can do is stare. And his voice! Wow, just wow. Oh...and he is a brilliant actor. I've always been a fan, Peaky Blinders just reminded me how much.
A Malfoy
A Malfoy:
Rest In Peace Helen McCrory💐❤️/*
C B:
Rest in peace Helen, you amazing woman.
Emma Louise
Emma Louise:
It blows my mind every time I hear Cillian talk realising he’s actually Irish! He does a very convincing Birmingham accent 😮
Ollie Roberts
Ollie Roberts:
RIP Helen you’ll always be our Polly.
By order of the peaky blinders
Maciek Opalczewski
Maciek Opalczewski:
R.I.P Helen McCrory phenomenal actress.
José L
José L:
I watched the interview twice, the first time I got absorbed watching Cillian
Nour Lizzz
Nour Lizzz:
his eyes says alot about him and his face expressions are something else...this man is so hot wtf
Kelli Garcia
Kelli Garcia:
Everyone in the comments is praising Cillian, but can we just take time to appreciate Helen????
Emily Chen
Emily Chen:
R.I.P. Helen McCrory 1968-2021 ❤️
The way they're looking at her at 1:47 my Lord I would be fearing for my life they look exactly like their characters 😂
I've come here shortly after I heard the heartbreaking news of Helen passing away. She was a terrific actress and kind human being. RIP
Aaronn Shybz
Aaronn Shybz:
R.I.P Helen McCrory
In the bleak midwinter...
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer:
just heard of Helen's passing, I'm so sad!! really loved her in peaky blinders RIP 😔
Yahya Oa
Yahya Oa:
Here to remember the talented Helen, peaky blinders will never be the same again, rip queen.
Helen seems like such an interesting and intelligent person. The way she talks and her insight into her role are impressive
RIP to an amazing actress.
Maya Friedrich
Maya Friedrich:
Who else is doing the watch-every-interview-of-Helen thing after today's news
Giana Bakanos
Giana Bakanos:
Helen you will be missed. You embodied aunt Pol so perfectly. You were such an inspiration to all. Honestly heartbroken right now.
Alias Limbu
Alias Limbu:
OMG hahaha cillian's not blinking for long 2:32-3:09
Cillian is a introvert he isn’t just zoning out he is completely paying attention to everything that’s being said and his surroundings. He is such a talented actor he embodies tommy Shelby from his walk to the way he talks literally everything that makes tommy...tommy. He is talents and mysterious and absolutely gorgeous.
George. Gk
George. Gk:
Rest in Peace Helen MacCrory 🕊🤍
Rip Helen, such a good actress :(
Cillian might be thinking :
"bla blabla...
oh ..did I lock my car ? whatever.... oh, she is still talking. Lets pretend that I am hearing that too....
Did I blink my eye ? Leave the blink, I should try holding my breath so that I can break the previous record. ...(Holds breath)...... Duhh... that wasn't even close.
I should get home after this, wanna listen stairway to heaven. When will I learn to play the jimmy page solo. Mmmhmhm mmmnmh...
Oh, here comes the question"
Mlle RD
Mlle RD:
Cilian's voice is so sensual 😍
RIP Helen McCrory. You were truly magnificent and will never be forgotten.
Vercingetorix Infinitry
Vercingetorix Infinitry:
They both have such feline features/expressions! It's so cool.
Murdoc Niccals
Murdoc Niccals:
Cillian looks so dead inside during the interview lmao

We love Cillian
Chi Linh Nguyễn
Chi Linh Nguyễn:
Helen McCrory is so damn beautiful!! her outfit and make-up in the movie so freaking on point, not to mention her acting is amazing too.
henburger 96
henburger 96:
I cant stop staring at him. Such a beaaaautiful creature. Thaanks God
Sheve Vero
Sheve Vero:
Such a phenomenal actress,gone too soon rip aunt polly you will be forever missed😓😓😓
Cillian's hair game is on point!
Good grief, he is mesmerizing. I didn't hear 1 word he said.
Patrick Stocks
Patrick Stocks:
RIP 🪦 Helen McCrory 😢✝️🙏👼🏽
Jacqueline Gutierrez
Jacqueline Gutierrez:
i love how cillian just chills, hes so calm? :) lol
Scarlett Phoenix
Scarlett Phoenix:
I would give me left kidney to kiss that man. He is beyond handsome and mysterious.
Thelondongirl Xo
Thelondongirl Xo:
Rest in peace Helen Mcrory 💔 You were an absolute legend. An Angel in real life and now an Angel in heaven 👼
Jose Sandoval Lermont
Jose Sandoval Lermont:
Cillian and Helen had made support characters on important movies, like Batman for Cillian, Harry Potter and Skyfall for Helen, but now that we are able to watch them as main characters, is amazing what they've done! Great performances. I hope we get a series 3. BBC, please, give us a series 3!
Deepesh Kumar Mishra
Deepesh Kumar Mishra:
Deep voice.
Blue eyes
Sharp jawline
Handsome as hell
BeatE Films
BeatE Films:
He looks better with short back and sides
Humberto Mendez
Humberto Mendez:
Cillian looks like handsome squidward
7:38-7:45 interesting hand gestures lol
Draco should go from "My father will hear about this"to "My MOTHER will hear about this"
Emily Dominko
Emily Dominko:
Cillian + Helen = PERFECTION!!!!
the rumble from Cillian's voice ugh ♥o♥
Kelly Baxter
Kelly Baxter:
RIP Helen. You amazingly wonderful actor and person. We'll miss you 💔
6:41 I melt away when he smiled 😍😍
I liked how calm this whole interview was.
Aina De Leon
Aina De Leon:
Cillian is me when we there's a group presentation in class.
Nengshi Aier
Nengshi Aier:
He is so fookin hot.........his voice, his face, his beautiful eyes and lashes, his jaw oh lord
0:57 "mmm, yeah.... I mean, I concur with all of that." (Had absolutely no idea what Helen had just said but assumed it was something good about the show so just went along with it). 😂
From 2:14 to 3:14 cillian only blinked twice and didn’t even move lmao this man an alien!
Samy127 [Multi•Stan]
Samy127 [Multi•Stan]:
I’m so glad it’s a tv series because I couldn’t live with just about 2 hours instead of the 24 hours I’ve watched! Honestly best tv show around with an outstanding cast and story 😊
Kate Reaves
Kate Reaves:
I've watched Cillian since Disco Pigs, and have loved watching him grow into a fine established A actor. This is by far his best performance. Stellar. Where are the Golden Globe nominations?
Rest in Peace Helen McCrory ❤️
Vivian Kris
Vivian Kris:
Tommy plays cilian murphy's role really well
this hair is the BEST on cillian. not to long, but not too short, like when it’s completely shaved.
I love the dynamic between these two characters.
Mariami Bukia
Mariami Bukia:
RIP Helen McCrory❤...
forgetful stranger
forgetful stranger:
I lose myself in his eyes, there is a profoundness in those eyes, like he's contemplating the mysteries of the universe (especially when he's staring out into the distance) or alternatively is disappointed in someone somewhere out there like the meme. Whatever it is, it's beautiful
¡ ¡
¡ ¡:
Rest in Peace Helen 💗🕊️
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean:
how is his voice normal and yet extremely deep at the same time help
0:55 oh i see their excitement
I kinda forgot
I kinda forgot:
Obviously Helen was intelligent and talented, but she was also gorgeous looking. Beautiful dark brown eyes. RIP
usa 1777
usa 1777:
RIP From morocco 🇲🇦🙏🇬🇧💔😪😪😪
Living is a problem because everything dies
Living is a problem because everything dies:
Rest in Peace Aunt Poll
Milena S.
Milena S.:
I love this interview, I always come back to see again.
Now seems so sad :((
RIP, Helen. Such a great actress.
Always our Polly! <33
Lisa Homer
Lisa Homer:
Omg Cillian is just so bloody gorgeous - he's no Tommy Shelby though 😜
Cillian looks like he’s done with everything. Beautiful
His voice...😍😍😍
Cillian looking into the dark.
I deeply relate to Cillian's thousand yard stare.
Alok Upadhyay
Alok Upadhyay:
RIP Helen McCrory🌹🌹
do you get me?
do you get me?:
RIP Aunt Polly 😭❤❤❤
Muhammad Idrees
Muhammad Idrees:
I reckon the actual title of the series was "Peaky Fookin Blinders" but somehow they fookin deleted the Fookin from the title.
AZ Magic
AZ Magic:
Rest in peace... aunt Polly... ♥️
Erika __2009
Erika __2009:
Reast in pace Queen 😭😭😭
Paul Owens
Paul Owens:
Cillian Murphy can't seem to get out of character. He looks exactly the same and still has that stare into the darkness, as he does in Peaky Blinders. Brilliant!
Cameron Liversedge
Cameron Liversedge:
Hands down one of the most addictive series to date, the story line is great but it is the cast that brings it all together!
Victoria Valendo
Victoria Valendo:
What a beautiful specimen where can I get one
simba machafa
simba machafa:
rest in peace helen. ❤️. amazing actress
I cannot wait for season 3. This show has it all. It's like Boardwalk Empire met The Sopranos meets Ray Donovan but better.
Ajmal Ks
Ajmal Ks:
RIP Helen Mcrory you will be missed