Claire Williams reveals reasons for F1 exit ahead of final Grand Prix as a family run team

Claire Williams has spoken candidly to Sky Sports F1 about her reasons for stepping away from the team and Formula 1 - admitting she would have likely found staying into its new era under different owners "enormously difficult".
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Martin Dobson
Martin Dobson:
In this day and age for a family run team to have lasted this long was amazing. Up against these multi million, billion companies. Completely agree with her reasons for leaving. You will be missed.
"Of course I'm only here because I'm Frank's daughter, that's the point!" 😂

I think it'll be tough to find people in the paddock who love this sport as much as her.
matt s
matt s:
The Williams family can walk away with their heads high and with pride. They've given millions of people joy and wonderful memories throughout the years.
Ninja Freelance
Ninja Freelance:
Her dad is the most inspirational individual, this sport has ever produced.
Callum Liddell
Callum Liddell:
Honestly nearly brought tears to my eyes, she doesn’t get the respect she deserves. End of an era, hopefully Williams can be up at the front where they should be and deserve to be.
Ethan Caban
Ethan Caban:
I think people forget that Claire has been in charge for 7 years, and in that time they had 15 podiums and two 3rd place finishes in the constructors. Once ahead of Ferrari, and once ahead of Red Bull. Not a bad job from Claire if you ask me.
Stuart McKay
Stuart McKay:
Massive respect for Claire!
Twig Sagan
Twig Sagan:
I honestly think Claire Williams is a beautiful person. I hope the team finds it's way up and makes her and her dad proud.
massive respect for Crofty's shirt buttons, holding on for dear life
I am going to miss Claire, she has been an amazing woman in the sport and there should be more of women like her !
Don Roberts
Don Roberts:
I've been a fan of the team ever since 'I was a kid and 'Jonesy' and 'Regga' were driving. I'm 53 now and my head is saying that I should know better than to expect any team to go on forever. My heart, however, is telling a different story. One of the last links with a wonderfully rose-tinted childhood has gone for good and - if it wasn't for Lewis and Max - F1 would, rapidly, become dead to me; something that's been, hitherto unthinkable....
So let's raise a glass to Sir Frank. He and his team have given me some of the greatest memories in all of sport. Jonesy, Keke, Nelson, Alain, Damon, Jacques, and some fellow Brummie bloke. Memories that will live forever.....
Jasper van Rijswijk
Jasper van Rijswijk:
Great interview. I was sceptical at first, thinking she got forced to step down but this has convinced me otherwise. She's given it all she got for the last 7 years, hoping for better times but realized now it's time to pass on the stick. I do honestly hope she will stay involved with the team though. Williams wouldn't be the same without a Williams around in my opinion.
Both the team and she had a rough time in F1 recently, but I'll always remember Williams for the Legacy and Claire for Passion. She gave it all and she really wanted to see the team succeed. I hope she won't have to wait too long for that. Also, it takes a great amount of courage and humility to put the teams interest over one's own. She did that. Thank you Claire, Frank and the Williams family for everything you have done for formula 1. Legends.
Ian Piepenbrock
Ian Piepenbrock:
I love hearing her being a bit more candid and open now that she can. Will miss her for sure!
Mike Hydropneumatic
Mike Hydropneumatic:
Interviewer: Frank what is your biggest achievement?
Frank: My daughter!
John Presnell
John Presnell:
She's definitely a first-class lady. I'm going to miss seeing her. Sucks
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal:
Claire you can walk out with your head held high. I’m sure your dad is very proud of you and I really hope the new owners keep the Williams name to keep that heritage in the sport
Take a bow, shame we can't see her smile under that mask
Thomas Filbert
Thomas Filbert:
It takes a very big, brave person to go back on what they said, adamant about never selling their team, to make the decision to sell for the good of the team's future.
Dan Allnatt
Dan Allnatt:
Bless her, she's been running on empty for a long time it seems.
Matt Boyd
Matt Boyd:
I'll miss her and seeing her father there supporting her.

Edit: Such an honorable family.
Marnix Siekmans
Marnix Siekmans:
When it was announced I was surprised. Claire has been doing the best she possibly could and having her aboard could have been good for dorilton. Having Claire in a marketing director position would have been a very good possible option for her. Looking ahead, it’ll be good for the team to have a new boss or internal promotion to team principal in order to hopefully improve.
Abhas Jain
Abhas Jain:
End of an Era
She carry’s herself extremely well and Frank has raised an awesome child
Jenny Swann
Jenny Swann:
Thank You Frank. Thank You Claire.
Zee -
Zee -:
Sometimes it takes a new leader with fresh eyes to take a team to the top
Her humility and candor is unparalleled. I’ve learned a lot from Claire.
Man im going to miss Clair and Frank. I wish they could of pulled through this.
David Holden
David Holden:
One of the best teams in Formula One history sad to see them go i wish Frank and Claire and the rest of the Williams family all the best for the future
Samuel Boston
Samuel Boston:
Claire is so brave and the passion is genuine. Her Dad, the Legend would be so proud of her dedication
Julio Santos
Julio Santos:
I am really sad to the point of tears to see Cleare Williams and her family brand leave F1, thank you for all the great memories. I love F1, #Williams F1 team 💯😥
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez:
I completely understand just sad
RIP Williams. The last of the 'garagistas'. The end of an era for F1.
Chris Thomson
Chris Thomson:
OBE for Claire , for her commitment and dedication to the sport , what an inspiration ..
Sounds more like she never really wanted to do this job. It was her father's dream, so she sacrificed, and the team did as well. The original Williams team will be missed. Thanks for your time, Claire. Cheers.
Kieran Armstrong
Kieran Armstrong:
She done well with the money she’s had
I'll always rememeber the team as one of the greatest F1 teams from the 80s and 90s, I think they should definitely keep the name of the team forever as its a great name because everyone knows it and it would probably help with marketing etc.
Scott Foster
Scott Foster:
She will be missed. The end of an era.
Arnold May II
Arnold May II:
I agree with her on everything she said, especially the part about her working for someone else when you’ve been the boss.
Ruel Apas
Ruel Apas:
Happy for her. Wanting to have a normal new life outside of expectations.. GODSPEED....
Akash Jayanthan
Akash Jayanthan:
When a team does well, the leader applauds the team members...when a team does bad, the leader takes the blame and owns up to it. Thank you for owning up to it Claire, All the best for the future.
Shannon Whatley
Shannon Whatley:
Going to miss Claire. Not much more I can say 😢😭
sai pavan
sai pavan:
Thank you Williams family!!
Josh Gee
Josh Gee:
"it's the most amazing feeling in your life" yeah sounds like it Nigel.
Aan Permana
Aan Permana:
"What's your legacy?" is a bit harsh question I think.
Wishing you all the very, very best Claire. Massive respect for you and Frank. Thanks for everything 🙏
That Guy
That Guy:
Took me a while to realise its crofty doing the interview.
Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
J.L. Williams
J.L. Williams:
Honest, articulate person talks sincerely about something she deeply cares about. It's rare to see that on television on any subject. Brilliant.
Leroy Carter
Leroy Carter:
Having watched the Netflix series it was clear she was out of her depth. Nice lady but being the daughter of a racing legend doesn't make you qualified or capable of doing the same.
cj mead
cj mead:
I will miss seeing her and Sir Frank in the paddock on race day.
No Claire, i'm currently 5th in points (F1 game Williams Car) going into Eifel GP this week & I just dl a great setup which we can be top 5 if ..w.e ....j/k :P
Thank You for all the hard work & wishing you only the Best of things to come in the future~
C-H-E-E-R-S!! From Ft.Lauderdale, FL.
Matthieu Naginski
Matthieu Naginski:
I've actually gained alot of respect for Claire recently
Frank the NOOB
Frank the NOOB:
The FIA really needs to focus on the “ma and pa” teams that have a dream and ambition. The Werks teams have been too dominant for too long
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens:
Massive respect Claire, you done a great job with what you had. Williams will live on in the world of F1. All the best for the future.
2:04 her voice actually made me feel soo gutted for her.
Really enjoyed that interview and Claires openness and honesty. Thanks Claire, thanks Sky.
Kian Aldana
Kian Aldana:
This is like hearing Ayrton Senna died for the first time
Dylan Hoare
Dylan Hoare:
Well done to Claire and the Williams family, I have huge admiration for what they've done, and what a fantastic company they have. I dream to work for them one day.
Useless AtBest
Useless AtBest:
I'm new to F1 but wow I have so much respect and admiration for Claire's decision. A lot of honesty in that interview
Hans Imel
Hans Imel:
Feel sad for Claire, to fight against the giant budgets of the top teams the way she did, was nearly impossible.. I hope Williams wins a Championship someday, and Claire is invited to lift the Trophy!
Patrick McFarland
Patrick McFarland:
She’s a classy person , interviewed by a Clown.
Scott Maclean
Scott Maclean:
Its soooo sad that Claire isn’t going to be an integral part of F1...her father and the entire Williams family are a real inspiration
Simon Pedley
Simon Pedley:
"Protect it because I'm my Dad's daughter" A very touching statement.
Vic Nsi
Vic Nsi:
Good luck Claire. Please do come to a race every now and then, to help us (your devoted fans) lessen the pain of missing you in the F1 paddock.
First time ever I've actually watched Claire being interviewed, not even knowing who she is, except Frank's daughter, I seriously and fully respect and adore her for being in a man dominated sport such as F1!!! You seriously gotta have some sharp elbows (read balls) to push your way through F1 world as a woman! Well done Claire!!!
Good luck with everything you have in the pipeline!!! Cheers!
Huge respect for this lady who has so much love for her father and the sport. And massive respect for Williams. Sadly missed.
Panthony Inta
Panthony Inta:
"I havent got all of it right" imagining paddy lowe as she says it 😂😂😂
Congratulations to Claire Williams for this honest and heartfelt interview, all the best in your future endeavours....
Peace Man
Peace Man:
This is a great loss. Williams have been a magnificent British Team over the years and now it's not. Love Claire Williams too!
Juan Graniello
Juan Graniello:
Great interview and hard to see one of the last “mohican” teams.
"what's your legacy here" damn! What a question!
Damn Legend.
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones:
Williams have been forced to change as a result of the bad choices of signing restrictive media contracts which have kept new teams from entering into F1 and renewing the sport. Hopefully williams will make inroads into electric racing where the future is.

F1 needs needs new management,williams exit means the only disabled team boss and board memeber Frank Williams will leave F1 with no disablity diversity at all to meet EU legislative disability quotas for the industry. Clearly each company needs to take on severely disabled board members to replace the exit of Frank and meet European legislative quotas on disability.

F1 needsto change radically or die. Its dying and the new concorde agreement is not good enough to bring about the necessary radical change.It is certain that electric racing series will take over F1 unless change is made.It is already too late according to fans.
Jake Burns tunes
Jake Burns tunes:
Love Williams f1 team, good luck for the future guys. You will be missed deeply.💜
Paul Scarth
Paul Scarth:
Had a massive lump in my throat watching recent interviews with Claire. Williams have been such a massive influence in the sport. To see her and the family leave the sport on what most will see a low point is SO sad. Least she's chosen to leave the sport for the right reasons. Good luck to her, Frank and the rest of the family. Hopefully the future of the team does her and the family proud. Have a fantastic retirement / future Claire. You and the family richly deserve it!! x
LewisF1 Memes
LewisF1 Memes:
massive respect to Claire :)
John Beveridge
John Beveridge:
Well done u did a great job. Your daughter needs a mum spend time for her. Sir Frank needs a rest I’m sure the stress for u & the family must an enormous. A British team we have all been proud. Good luck
Fascination Street With Jimmy, Mika & Sarah Pearson
Fascination Street With Jimmy, Mika & Sarah Pearson:
Williams is an F1 legend. Thank you so much for the time, effort, love and great legacy you have left in F1 history.
Alex Chung
Alex Chung:
Thank you Sir Frank and Claire!
Andy Bush
Andy Bush:
That was a great interview from so many perspectives.
Roopayan Sanyal
Roopayan Sanyal:
Thank you for such wonderful memories ❤️❤️
Tyson John Dawidowski
Tyson John Dawidowski:
You have so much to be proud of Claire ❤️ wonderful person. Thank you Claire and Sir Frank
Loved hearing Clair discuss the sale of the team so candidly.
Would like to see her in a commentary or reporting type position,,,, maybe after the couch sitting. 😃
You will be missed but best wishes. 👍👍
Justin Chambers
Justin Chambers:
Williams were the reason i started watching F1 in the 80's 😔 sad day for the sport, hard work means nothing if you haven't got money 😔 F1 has stopped being a real sport for awhile now.
Auto Senses
Auto Senses:
Wow, this is amazing. Claire really articulates how difficult it was for her and her family.
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson:
I am going to miss Claire, shes an amazing lady and the pit lane will be a different place without her. She need family time and I'm guessing she will just fade away but I will never forget her.
Most likeable I have ever seen Claire
Anthony D
Anthony D:
Been watching f1 since I was 5 and Williams was one of my favourite teams its a shame it came to this she stepped down she could have been an non executive partner and see where it goes. But you have done an amazing job Claire Williams against all odds you will be missed
Radityo Mahendra Hutomo
Radityo Mahendra Hutomo:
Kolin Mademe
Kolin Mademe:
Classy is in her DNA.
Geoff Buist
Geoff Buist:
I would like to say thanks for the memories and for team Williams!!! Always remembered in my heart.
Mateus Peretti
Mateus Peretti:
Claire is amazing!
G.D. Goodwill
G.D. Goodwill:
We're gonna miss Claire. Such a great personality, kept her head held high between the many men that run the sport.
Amazing how a family run team got this far. They'll be forever in motorsport fans' heart as one of the top teams.
Let's see what the future holds for Williams Racing.
Mr RoyalGard
Mr RoyalGard:
About time in my mind.
Leo Montgomery
Leo Montgomery:
Class act
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming:
An inspirational person who has done a lot for the sport. Thank you Claire Williams 👏🏼
Rizzo Ryan
Rizzo Ryan:
God bless you you have been amazing and you've been an inspiration to so many young girls and woman to keep a well put together team via a female in a male dominated industry god bless you and thanks for the memories
Edward Martin
Edward Martin:
This made me tear up.. I love the Williams team.. ❤️ all the best Claire
Carpe diem
Carpe diem:
Thanks for the memories and the passion Frank and Claire.