Clash Magazine interviews The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts

Clash Editor-in-Chief, Simon Harper, in conversation with Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts from The Rolling Stones to discuss the upcoming No Filter 2018 tour of the UK and Europe.

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The Juicy Vlog
The Juicy Vlog:
"Stormzy...a rapper man!"
David Thompson
David Thompson:
You know a drummer is famous when he can call Mick Jagger "Peter Pan"
Ruffnek 69
Ruffnek 69:
"Once you start a song, it's Keith, Ronnie and Peter Pan running around the stage"LMMFAO 😂😂 love Charlie's humour
NiminiLP :3
NiminiLP :3:
Charlie seems to be a lot more talkative around Ronnie. God bless both of them
You can tell Ronnie and Charlie genuinely like each other.
bob gibb
bob gibb:
I have never seen or heard a man more comfortable in his own skin as the wonderful Mr Charlie Watts .
“If Charlie ain’t comfortable forget about it”
Samuel Runt
Samuel Runt:
"They haven't got quite big enough for me yet." Charlie is everything.
James Pressler
James Pressler:
I ABSOLUTELY love Charlie Watts. He's just so cool, down to earth, quintessentially British and unbelievably cool.
eight inches
eight inches:
Ronnie cracks me up, still has the rock n roller look, the persona, at 70 something his hair is still spiked up, lol! Ya gotta love the guy.
I don't think I have ever seen Charlie this animated before. What was in that coffee? Lol
Richard Doucette
Richard Doucette:
Absolutely love the way these two interact with each other. The respect and care Ronnie in particular shows towards Charlie is just awesome. Carry on Boys, carry on.
Charlie is the funniest, driest human being alive. Love him.
What a fantastic interview. Charlie is in fine form; always stable. Ron adds some pizazz and detail. It is a privilege to listen to them.
Lois Anne
Lois Anne:
Did Charlie just call Mick Peter Pan?
20 seconds in and Charlie already has me laughing. His classic dry English humor. He's the best.
Power Peace
Power Peace:
Charlie Watts is a Legend
Nosferatu 85
Nosferatu 85:
I could watch them all day long, especially Charlie. Can't get any more Bri-ish than this 😂 His sense of humor and wit is amazing!
Geir Greni
Geir Greni:
Fantastic! I love that Charlie isn't playing the game, trying to be professional about it. He is just himself, no agenda. Beautiful!!! Love it. Such a breath of fresh air.
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts:
Interviewer: Charlie, we have a question from Facebook.

Charlie: Oh, I don't talk to them....
Once you start a song ... it's Keith, Ronnie and Peter Pan running all around ... that's the world you're in
Charlie has the driest of British humour. Hes so humble and says it how it is. Wish he gave more interviews back in the day.
Just finished watching and Charlie is such an amazing and interesting person to listen to.
Maureen Welsh
Maureen Welsh:
Charlie laughs his head of at mick jaggers antics on stage
*"I have... SPOTIFY BABY!"* -Ronnie Wood 2018. Holy shit... That should be an ad.
I love the way they totally diss the Grammys. LOL. They could care less.
Mack Maloney
Mack Maloney:
they can't even remember what albums they got Grammys for -- too cool!
EVZ in OZ:
Charlie with a cuppa tea, Ron with a bourbon and coke 😂😂
Charlie’s like a great goalie. Gives the whole team confidence.
J R:
The world is better for having the Rolling Stones!!!
Haha, imagine Charlie pounding out some thrashy double bass patterns! I’d pay good money to see that!
Mr. Charlie Watts-"The Engine of The Rolling Stones. All Class. 0.39 his comment on Keith, so funny but spot on. Guy beat throat cancer in 2004 and never told anyone. Watts is a LEGEND.
Robert Reid
Robert Reid:
Classic. Need much more Charlie talking. He should go on tour, just talking.
S S:
Can we take a moment to appreciate the hair follicles on Ronnie Wood's head.
When I was a kid in the 60's, parents thought that the Rolling Stones were trash. My, how times have changed.
Charlie does make me laugh. Brilliant dry sense of humour
Ronnie is adorable.
Love these guys! Sure Keith and Mick get the attention but to me all of them are equals to me. These types of musicians are very rare and sadly aging. We all are aging but if only we could wind back the clock about 40 years for all of them.
LOL Charlie has never seen the Grammys the band has won 😂😂😂
THE Batman
THE Batman:
😂 Charlie calling Mick Peter pan lmfao! The rolling stones rock🤘 😛
Bob Hoekstra
Bob Hoekstra:
This interview is the best I have ever seen, it just kills me , can't stop laughing with Charlie and Ronnie
Charlie's so funny. Love him.
Mark Porter
Mark Porter:
So many young people diss this band as being nothing but old, out of place fogies that have nothing to tell them. They have no clue just how rebellious and "dangerous" the Stones were back in the day. Funny part is, as controversial as many of today's biggest artists are, they STILL will, most likely, NOT be talked about in 100 years. The Stones WILL.
Bob Hoekstra
Bob Hoekstra:
Charlie Watts, what a guy
Rose Blake
Rose Blake:
Charlie is absolutely hilarious. Everyone needs to watch this.
denny smith
denny smith:
Mick once introduced Charlie Watts as HIS drummer... Charlie Watts got up & physically whacked him saying : "you are MY singer"... He & Bill Wyman were cutest & Brian Jones...R.I.P.
"Once you start playing it's Keith, Ronnie, and—Peter Pan running all round..."
TorErik Køste
TorErik Køste:
one of the best interview i`ve ever seen with the stone`s guys. love it
Edgar Alan
Edgar Alan:
I always will remember a classic from Charlie when he said " I just play the drums for Mick and Kieth "
0:39 - Charlie: "KEITHS POSTED ON INSTAGRAM?????!!!!!" Haha brilliant! Charlie not even try to lie that Keiths is the one who posting lol...
Fred Wedlock
Fred Wedlock:
Charlie, coolest guy in the band, any band in the land!
Charlie: “Keith posted on Instagram?!” Classic.
This is great stuff.
“Charlie comes in to see me”
“…And then I get out quick and go in to see Keith”
Hamez sb
Hamez sb:
In an alternate universe Rolling Stone Magazine interviewed The Clash
What Lovely guys. So wonderful to see how humble they are.
20:25 - got myself a laugh
Mark Vaught
Mark Vaught:
Ronnie is always a classic. But Charlie is just a treasure. A truly very cool cat. His humility make him adorable and perfect fit against Mick's hubris, Keith's affected devil may care and Ronnie's ever the right sidekick. Lol.
Charlie looks every inch the sort of old bloke you might see in a suburban garden clipping his hedge and tending his flowerbeds, before having a nice cuppa and a wee nap in the
Catraoine Kelly
Catraoine Kelly:
Charlie Watts is the backbone of The Stones; a brilliant jazz drummer as well
D Delaney
D Delaney:
Guys, I have been thinking and listening, the stones, the remaining members of famous bands of the 50's and 60's, I want to say to any people who have had famous moments, thank you for everything. Every song I have ever heard and liked, every moment I have taken away in my heart. I want to thank you for every memory. I'm getting older, so the memories I have are getting longer, the soundtrack to my life has been provided by so many people. Rockers, punks, chart music, the b sides. I want to say, from a fan of music, thank you so much for everything. Cheers.
Amazing Airshow Videos
Amazing Airshow Videos:
Ronnie keeps trying to keep Charlie on topic & understanding what is being said. LOL
Local Shopkeeper
Local Shopkeeper:
These two are just every Englishman over the age of 60 I love them 😂
Pamela Kincaid
Pamela Kincaid:
I would love to just sit and have a cup of tea with Charlie...not say anything just have a quiet cup of tea.
I loved hearing Charlie....such a treat.
Imagine having a rolling stone as your grandad
Darren Dorling
Darren Dorling:
Charlie is such an inspiration! He’s a class act, an a humble one at that. Long live Mr Watts.
That was great stuff. Charlie was being very playful and silly which is not usually his forte. Ronnie was being well Ronnie. Enjoyed this interview vet much thanks for posting.
Charlie is the groove of he stones awesome !!!
Michael G
Michael G:
Charlies face at 5:06, priceless!
Bob Hoekstra
Bob Hoekstra:
These two guys love each other no doubt, great interview ....."Charlie has double bassdrums..", killing me ...:-)
Brignall Wood
Brignall Wood:
Charlie seems to get chattier as time goes on.
Good interview. These two are gems. Love their points of view. Ronnie has a great sense of humor. Charlie is clever and so intelligent, Charlie with so much class.
Kat Rojas Lopez
Kat Rojas Lopez:
I have been binge watching any of the Stones interviews. Love them
Charlie is my hero.....awesome musician
Thomas Kemer
Thomas Kemer:
Wow, look at these guys!! Ronny was the 3rd guitarist to join this band and that was over 40 years ago!! Their longevity is extrordinary!!!
I love Charlie but he does seem to be channeling "Dot" from "Eastenders" lately.
chucky 1time
chucky 1time:
Charlie is freaking hilarious love this the fact he is who he is and he thinks he's just another guy like anyone else priceless
Elaine Lakin
Elaine Lakin:
The perfect English Gentle Man he’s wonderful 🥂💫❤️💕
Watching this interview is the most fun I've had in a long time. I loved it!
Both were pretty humorous and personable. I imagine they have so many great stories between them and most of the questions were as dull as dishwater. "Who was your favourite.....blah, blah, blah."
James Sveinsson
James Sveinsson:
I can listen to these 2 all night
Bence Kovacs
Bence Kovacs:
how do you pass the time? "ron wood: drink as much alcohol as possible"
angelica B
angelica B:
They are really cute in this interview
"See you down the road"
"They dont have an end"
"We just say cut"
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Charlie so cheerful in any interview. Must be the interplay with Ronnie!
Hannah Wootton
Hannah Wootton:
I live charlie being like keith posted on instagram
Six string Sensei
Six string Sensei:
Charlie was very funny in this interview I enjoyed it for that reason
There reaction to the interviewers statement about Keith Richard, been on Instagram and cooking is priceless. But really Charlie Watts looks like anything else then a Rock N roll drummer
Saint Sataniko
Saint Sataniko:
I feel like Charlie should have played one of the boat captains in Dunkirk. "Blimey!"
Patricia Hulett
Patricia Hulett:
I love Charlie so damn much ! 💕💜💕💜
Paddy Zammit
Paddy Zammit:
Charlie reminds me of my older brother, lol
Tattyshoes Shigure
Tattyshoes Shigure:
Ronnie's irrepressible personality & Charlie's funny yet wholly accurate observations are a joy to listen to........."Stormzy?!" .....who he?
I enjoyed the interview.legends!
When the interviewer opens with "Two LEGENDS of rock and roll" Charlie's like "Aaaaaeeeeoookay, here we go."
Love how dry Charlie is. Easily my favourite Stone.
K C:
"He's a rapper man he's all wrapped up baby" 😂
Cockney Red
Cockney Red:
Some party in London,late 60's,attended by megastars from all walks and the Stones were all there except Charlie.
Bill Wyman was asked where is charlie,he laughed and said charlie is far too sensible for all this nonsense.
The rock at the back.
Syd Bandit
Syd Bandit:
You can just see the energy and life flowing through Ronnie, what an amazing guy.
soylent for you
soylent for you:
Why do I feel Charlie has the secret of happiness or at least contentment in this insane condition known as life.
Ibero Fernández
Ibero Fernández:
Here is my group of questions to Charlie and Ronnie:
1. Do you realize how much happiness and joy you bring to the Planet Earth ?
2. Would you accept the Title of: Global Culture Ambassadors ?
Petre .W.
Petre .W.:
These are great blokes, great seeing Charlie having a chat and a laugh !!..
Shaun Gilmore
Shaun Gilmore:
Their like two teenagers, love them.
Neil Aspinall
Neil Aspinall:
Charlie is such a lovely old grand dad who happens to play drums in some Rock band.
June Burns
June Burns:
The stones are legendary ,they are beyond cool !! I'm forever in awe their music there talent is timeless