Cobra Kai Fans Aren't Happy This Character Isn't Coming Back

Cobra Kai about to drop its third season, and there are a ton of storylines carrying over not just from last season's finale, but also from the first season's too. But while most of the members of the Cobra Kai dojo are returning for season 3, there's one character who will be absent: Aisha Robinson, played by Nichole Brown, Sam LaRusso's friend who joins the Cobra Kai dojo to escape being bullied.

To get it out of the way: No, Aisha isn't the first character on Cobra Kai to vanish for an entire season. Characters like Kyler, Yasmine, and Daniel LaRusso's cousin Louie all disappeared after season 1. However, in all three cases, those characters are coming back for Cobra Kai season 3. There's a chance Aisha will return to Cobra Kai sometime in the future, but right now, fans are unhappy at the fact that she won't be in the new season of their favorite show.

Cobra Kai is a show whose success is rooted in its audience's acceptance that a high school could suddenly break out into a martial arts war. The second season of Cobra Kai concludes with just that: The students of Miyagi-Do Karate and the students of Cobra Kai have an all-out brawl. Sam fights Tory, Hawk fights Demetri, and Robby knocks Miguel down a flight of steps. Aisha had already separated herself from these kinds of shenanigans before the dojo-versus-dojo battle broke out, and she's gone from the Cobra Kai dojo once John Kreese takes over. Effectively, Aisha seems a little too mature to keep getting involved with a generations-long battle between rival dojos.

As it happens, that's exactly why fans are so bummed that Aisha isn't coming back for season 3 — she simply seems more like a mature human being than the rest of the teens (and adults) around her. On Reddit, one Cobra Kai fan wrote,

"Just finished Cobra Kai and found out Aisha's character isn't going to be in season 3. Aisha was honestly the best character in the show and especially the best female character. She was the only two dimensional female character, she struggled with self esteem issues in season one and became a good fighter and stood up for herself."

There are, effectively, only two other lead teenage female characters on Cobra Kai: Sam and Tory. Though both characters do have their own separate arcs, the ongoing conflict between the two young women is over Miguel. In other words, a lot of Sam and Tory's stories boil down to fighting over a boy. Aisha's story is more about where she fits in this conflict between her friends and the two dojos, and many fans wanted to see where her narrative would go in season 3. Sadly, that's not going to happen.

On the flip side, not everyone was surprised to see Aisha depart. Another Reddit user wrote,

"I love Aisha, but you could kind of see it coming. Her character got pushed into the background more and more. She didn't even really have a substantial plotline in season 2 like the other characters did."

That same Redditor also asked another interesting question:

"Also did anyone notice Aisha didn't have a Miyagi-Do counterpart? Maybe that had to do with it the decision not to bring her back in season 3."

It seems that the reality of the situation is this: There are an awful lot of conflicts to resolve in Cobra Kai season 3, and without already having a specific ongoing plot to deal with, Aisha could be seen as temporarily unnecessary. In fact, her mature presence could even hasten conflict resolution. Additionally, since Netflix has already greenlit Cobra Kai is for a fourth season, it's unlikely that every problem from season 2 will be resolved by the end of season 3. Still, unless something changes, Aisha's absence also means the absence of any recurring Black female characters on Cobra Kai.

In an interview with TVLine, Cobra Kai co-executive producers and co-showrunners Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald addressed Aisha's absence from the show's upcoming third season — both signaling that she likely won't be gone forever. Hurwitz said,

"Certain characters we loved in season 1 didn't appear at all in season 2, like Kyler, Yasmine and Louie. Before the season, we told Nichole the same thing we told those actors — that just because a character doesn't appear for a period of time doesn't mean they've left the universe, that they can't return again. We love that character, and perhaps we'll see her again one day.”

Heald then added,

"We have a long story left to tell. We tend to look at the show in a very long view, where entrances and exits are impactful and important. Sometimes people need to exit to make their [re-entry] a little bit different and bigger."

It seems likely fans will continue talking about Aisha's absence from Cobra Kai season 3 in the coming months. Whether or not that talk will yield Aisha's return for season 4 is anyone's guess.


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David Ireland
David Ireland:
Just finished season 3, didn’t even notice she wasn’t in it.
Elijah Simeon
Elijah Simeon:
I think I can speak for almost all of us when I say we only want to know if stingray is back
Random but it’s hilarious imo that Daniel barely cares about his son lol
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson:
They explained why she's not even in season 3... After the big AWESOME fight at their school, parents took their kids out of the school... Aka Aisha parents did just that.
Jack 999
Jack 999:
Fans are unhappy? I seriously doubt anybody cares, a minor side character at best
Joshua Lavelle
Joshua Lavelle:
tbh, her character was there to deliver dialogue, her character development kind of halter first season anyways, happens all the time in shows
Arellano W
Arellano W:
I think the best episode was when Daniel San went to Japan and seen everyone from the old Karate kid especially Chozen. Great way to piece a 30+ year old character
Is everyone gonna ignore WHERE IS STINGRAY AKA CHUBBS
We’re talking about Stingray right
Juanpi Jimenez
Juanpi Jimenez:
Yeah I don't care. She was good in S1 but there are a lot of characters with more important stories than her's. For example Dimitri, he wasn't very important in S1 but he stepped up in S2 and they can continue his story
Who gives af never liked that character anyway.
Anonn Nymous
Anonn Nymous:
I think aisha just didn’t have much character growth. If they touched more on her backstory and how aisha and sam became friends and how tight nit their friendship is.
MDW Maddog
MDW Maddog:
I think her character is good, but cobra Kai won’t end soon. Theirs still a chance for her to come along the next few seasons to come.
zaid the loser
zaid the loser:
Don’t think it will change much of the show anyway the trailer looked well.. badass
Gustavo Miguel
Gustavo Miguel:
Wait but I liked her dang :/
Cal Jameson
Cal Jameson:
Best character in the show?! Who would say— Ooooh, it’s from Reddit.
Ricky Hurtado
Ricky Hurtado:
Yeah, I’m totally okay with her not being in season 3.
3:20 Tbh this was the first thing I thought when I heard she wasn't returning.
It doesn't mean she cannot return. Sometimes there is a reason for someone to be absent but it makes their return all the more meaningful.
Im fine with that...
Jonathan Roche
Jonathan Roche:
I heard she was going through some health issues. That could also be part of why she was written out. Hope she recovers
Superlative CG
Superlative CG:
Cobra Kai's motto, "Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy." could also be the motto of a very aggressive Worker's Union.
bower Thomas
bower Thomas:
I wouldn’t even have noticed
ban _water the S U N. G O D
ban _water the S U N. G O D:
I'm a little upset, but I'm glad Aisha got her spotlight in the show but I hope she makes a return in season 4
Eazy Rider Moura
Eazy Rider Moura:
I just wonder when Aisha and Yasmines relationship will be like when Aisha comes back
Bad Boy Gaming
Bad Boy Gaming:
I’m not bummed about Ayesha not coming back. She really isn’t necessary for the show at this point.
I didn’t like her character
J O:
Nope, didn’t make a damn difference. Season 3 was AWESOME
Greco Watson
Greco Watson:
couldn't care less about that character...🤠
I did miss Aisha's comedic and wholesome moments in season 3, loved s3 btw
Damn! I’m so excited for season 3! About damn time!!!
A lot of people didn't like Sam's and Demetri's character, but for me it's Aisha. I know she was bullied, and I would have liked her, but her character is just annoying, she gets mad for no reason. I can see why the writers couldn't think on how to continue her story, because she already reached her goal. She became tough and more confident, but also more agressive, I'm not saying that other characters that were in Cobra Kai didn't become agressive, I just didn't like the way she portrayed her character.
Winchester INC.
Winchester INC.:
She has health problems in real life. She was out largely in part to medical reasons. It wasn’t even mentioned here. Lazy.
Lol I think the fans aren’t mad 😂😂
Shane Justin Barte
Shane Justin Barte:
Went straight to youtube after watching the entire season 3.

I thought they'd release individual episodes once per week or somethin.
She was my least favorite anyway.
I couldn’t Care less
I'm aight wit it
Missed her, but the show is freakin' awesome!! Season 3 had me rolling and cheering!!
Oliver Barr
Oliver Barr:
I’m okay with it. I think it’s the case of a vocal minority
David Storm
David Storm:
I could care less about her she’s my least favorite character. I’m wayyy more upset about Stingray being gone
My least favorite character. Glad she is gone.
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez:
I think she could of been done really well still and have some good parts. Im not Mad that shes gone, just disappointed. While the story is yes about Johnny, the spirit of Karate Kid and Cobra Kai was about teaching lessons, not just to the kids in the show but to the viewer. They could of gotten some pretty good story short story stuff out of her still. But oh well
Steelstreet1 Crew
Steelstreet1 Crew:
Remember when we all speculate that Daniel kid son would train to fight or join..he didn't :(
Antonio Cortez
Antonio Cortez:
Jose W
Jose W:
She was my least favorite character in season 2. I hope the actress gets more work in the future. I just don’t think Cobra Kai is doing her any good.
Andrea Deamon
Andrea Deamon:
Now that Johnny and the gang are with the larussos - she'll be back 😊
Moses Ungson
Moses Ungson:
Cobra Kai needs to bring back Stingray too. Dude's hilaruous af 😅
im100percentg ☑️
im100percentg ☑️:
I’m happy
Henry Carmichael
Henry Carmichael:
LOVED SEASON 3!!! Netflix has officially redeemed itself! I will miss Aisha, I loved her story arch, but her departure isn't a dealbreaker for me.
She would've just been a background character this season, I don't really see how they could've put her into this season while keeping the same pacing
John davies
John davies:
I see the rise of tory has a featured spot room screen time away from lesser characters
Atsard- Dali
Atsard- Dali:
2021 starts off Bad Ass!! 👊🤜🤛✊
Calvin Howard
Calvin Howard:
Even though season 3 has a lot more fight scenes, you can tell that is moving kind of slow as though it's already leading up to a season 4. Well let me get back to it😂😂😂
yonne 4
yonne 4:
I just finish the whole season but for me it not a big deal for not having her
Ronald de Haan
Ronald de Haan:
Well, tbh, I didn't miss her at all in season 3 🤔
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes:
The show is perfectly fine without her. Her character did what it's supposed to do! This happens ALL the time in shows!
vaibhav singhavi
vaibhav singhavi:
Already on epsiode 8 ..let see how this season will end
Meh I'm indifferent to her not being back. I actually like that the mean girl from season 1 is back and has mellowed out
Just Broccoli
Just Broccoli:
Ohhhh ye, you are right, I honestly watched S3 in a day and did not even noticed that she is gone lol
This is explained in the first part of the first episode of Season 3. The door is open for her to appear in season 4.
MAD MINT Entertainment
MAD MINT Entertainment:
Yeah i dont think anyone cares. Her story wasnt exactly why we came back
This video is just made for views man 🤣because Aishia is relevant Nicole Brown even I'm not mad and I'm sure she'll be back other season?
Ian Brooks
Ian Brooks:
Didn’t like her character. Rather moon to be more important
Avery and Luke Funtime Channel
Avery and Luke Funtime Channel:
You get 3 episodes in and you won't even remember she was on the show.
Chuck Ilioff
Chuck Ilioff:
Yup, don’t care
I think u meant stingray. We can live without Aisha
Ahmad Gabriel
Ahmad Gabriel:
Honestly, Aeeshas absence doesnt bother me.
Yeah I don’t really care she’s gone
I miss sting ray more
Steven Kinder
Steven Kinder:
I liked her and thought she could have added a lot to season 3, but I still liked what we got
I made a fight scenes compilation of WILLIAM ZABKA aka JOHNNY LAWRENCE
I’m good either way. Hope she’s good tho
El Jefe
El Jefe:
I just hope they don't break out in to song and dance secnes and there is a nice balance between the old story and new. Not really here for the kids but love the stuff between LaRusso and Lawrence. I think they could have carried this show on their own but I get new fans.
Oh no!
wayne knox
wayne knox:
Lol didn’t even notice 😂
Micke c
Micke c:
We want more of Elisabet Shue please!
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart:
Very strange! Though I think that it’s because they didn’t have a great storyline for her. She had no counterpart.
Martin Eden
Martin Eden:
I was pissed Stringray was gone 🤦‍♂️
Rotten Sushi
Rotten Sushi:
She'll probably be back in season 4. She just wouldn't of worked this season. I can see her coming back next season though.
Steve Huff
Steve Huff:
Actually Yasmine made a cameo in season 3. Sam was talking to her on FaceTime.
Jay Hathaway
Jay Hathaway:
i don't think the fans really cared about that character lol
After watching season 3 I couldn’t see her fitting in that much all I could see is her being the first to join back up with Johnny and probably being a bodyguard or voice of reason between Tory and Sam.
Jose Pinzon
Jose Pinzon:
Forgot she was even on the show. Eh she’s like whatever. No On my way! Caaaaaares
Dillon Khan
Dillon Khan:
who actually cared about her i’m unhappy that stingray wasn’t there
Just finished season 3 and honestly totally forgot she was even a character...
Y'know, imma miss Aisha alot.
Leon Phelps
Leon Phelps:
Didn’t care for her
Samuel Trinh
Samuel Trinh:
It's gonna be awesome to see
Peter Kehagias
Peter Kehagias:
You keep saying Stingray wrong 😅
23Michael Paul32
23Michael Paul32:
Oh well
off loc
off loc:
She wasn't relevant
Good riddance her character and portrayal were so out of place and corny.
Reece Burns
Reece Burns:
I wonder which "fans" aren't happy
Nadia Young
Nadia Young:
My son got me into this show, which I have enjoyed very much. I was not happy to hear that Aisha was not returning this season. There are many young ladies who go through bullying and weight issues, and Aisha showed how she got through those issues. The producers could have gotten into her character more if they chose to. (They still can for season 4). I have plenty of experience as an educator if they need insight. Looking forward to seeing season 4 and I hope we don't have to wait forever.
Joseph Ayala
Joseph Ayala:
Don’t care I want to see more Tory
Kobe Marcell
Kobe Marcell:
I was more upset about Sting Ray but I miss them both
Jose Harper
Jose Harper:
Where sting Ray?!
Jash Doshi
Jash Doshi:
Jash Doshi
Jash Doshi: