Colin Powell Dies Of Complications From COVID-19

General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, died Monday morning due to complications from COVID-19. He was fully vaccinated and had been treated for cancer for years. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports on TODAY.

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Colin Powell Dies Of Complications From COVID-19

100+ comentarios:

Thanks for the comments here, people really know who this guy was and is not what they are telling us in this video.
Franco Cevallos
Franco Cevallos:
This general was a warmonger as he was one of the supporters of the failed and erroneous theory that Iraq had weapons of mas destruction. Is responsible for millions of iraquí soldiers killed in rendition waving white flags hungry and thirsty in the Highway of death from Kuwait yo Iraq.
Very true ! the time of real judgement has reached; No one can escape from it😰
Tim O'Connell
Tim O'Connell:
He has the blood of thousands of innocent Iraqis on his hands.
James Smythe
James Smythe:
Ladies and gentlemen we Got him! Covid-19.
Frank Krumnow
Frank Krumnow:
Very rarely do we ever get good news.
Barbara Seidel
Barbara Seidel:
he will forever be remembered as the man who lied to the world about Iraq and this led to the death f 700 000 people
Before the multitudes of innocents, whose deaths he caused or hastened, may God be his judge.
The time of real judgement has now reached, no one can escape from it.
Joram Velasco (J.V.)
Joram Velasco (J.V.) :
“If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized .... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance -- you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” - Ian Watson
Allen Lau
Allen Lau:
I will remember him as Mr detergent. RIP to all tge Iraqis
T the X
T the X:
he will forever be remembered as the man who lied to the world about Iraq and this led to the death f 700 000 people and counting. The only black man in America that achieved a lot but no young black man is inspired by
RVA 1908
RVA 1908:
A bloody war criminal.. Justice served.
Casey Reed
Casey Reed:
Why is his death being linked to "COVID-19?" Even this "reporting" suggests he died from complications from cancer. Yet, he passed from "COVID-19?" I'm not understanding this.
RIP AND THANKYOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. But imagine the Fully Vaccinated Americans, that died from Covid-19 that they don't name!!
Amy McNeill
Amy McNeill:
Condolences to the family. Thank you for sharing such a great man with so many!❤️
xx 8868oo
xx 8868oo:
All I can remember of him is him sitting at the UN holding up a vial and telling (lying to) everyone that Iraq had WMD's.
mehran A
mehran A:
Do not forget his testimony in the UN justifying war against Saddam’s Iraq!!
Tom Tran
Tom Tran:
The correct title for this video should be: "Colin Powell Dies Of Complications From COVID-19 Despite Fully Vaccinated". Let's go Brandon!
Eric Saunders
Eric Saunders:
I did a report on this man when I was in like 3rd grade... wow insane!
W Thomas
W Thomas:
We want our sons back!
Dalea Lugo
Dalea Lugo:
Thank you for your service. Rest In Peace 🕊️🕊️
Delvon Taylor
Delvon Taylor:
I remember Colin powel made a statement" A mind is a terrible thing to waste" The people that he work with or for wasted allot of good minds exploiting.
Sai Patnaik
Sai Patnaik:
RIP , Sir Colin Powell
Elto Gub
Elto Gub:
It's strange that almost all recent deaths are all due to Covid-19.🤔🤔🤔
There are almost no other causes nowadays.😅
Dee Livingthelife
Dee Livingthelife:
My condolences 💐
Carmelo Ortiz
Carmelo Ortiz:
Wow that is so sad R I P to him 😢
I remember his smile, his gentle character - at least from public appearances on tv - but also him dragging in countless american soldiers into a war based on lies which he himself later had deeply regretted. However, they got rid of evil Saddam someone who did also terrible harm to his own people - that shall also not be forgotton. Surprised to hear him dying of covid despite double vaccination. Condolences to his family.
Corrado Siciliano
Corrado Siciliano:
Good news for once!!!
Jóñ Jòñ
Jóñ Jòñ:
Wasn't he part of the ''AXIS OF EVIL'' and the ''WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION'' hype??
The Homeless Advocate
The Homeless Advocate:
Rest In Power Colin Powell!
Donar Rivas
Donar Rivas:
A question is quietly raised among immunologists, and researchers that "was lymphocytosis causing the death of Genrral Powell?" A new class of covid drug is developed to boost the immune system in aging body by increasing the natural killer cells. It's said that Gen Powell was covid free after the med treatment, but a booster was made to help his immune body without understand the consequences. Cytokine storm was ruled out in his case by other immune scientists.
Nancy Metcalf
Nancy Metcalf:
Common Sense
Common Sense:
I guess the search for imaginary WMD's is finally over.
My condolences to the innocent Iraqis who died.
Major Major
Major Major:
At least he’s with all his war criminal buddies now
Shelly :
Colin Powell —never found weapons of mass destruction.
Will Cochran
Will Cochran:
General Colin Powell I salute you.🇺🇸
Donnelle Hall
Donnelle Hall:
Deepest condolences. RIP.
Elliot Free
Elliot Free:
Wasn't he vaccinated?

Yes he was .
Many condolences for the family. There have been so many break through cases. It’s so scary how they are forcing this on children.
Jasper Silver
Jasper Silver:
“The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term,” the White House correspondent tweeted.
Zenia Peak
Zenia Peak:
My condolences to his family, he will be missed.
Connie Verbeck
Connie Verbeck:
RIP, sir. Salute to a man who lived an honorable life. Condolences to his family. 😭
S B:
R I P buddy you will be missed!
Not Interested
Not Interested:
Thank you for your service.
Murida Khan
Murida Khan:
May his soul R. I. P. From Him we come and to Him we shall return. Insha Allah.
La MichiganR
La MichiganR:
*Maybe he will finally find those "Weapons of Mass Destruction," he lied about when he was on Earth.*
Aileen Waje
Aileen Waje:
My condolence to his family 🙏
Janet Matthews
Janet Matthews:
What’s in these booster shots? Wow! He will be missed. Thank you for your service. My condolences to the family.😇🙏❤️
Debra Fletcher-Youngblood
Debra Fletcher-Youngblood:
My deepest condolences to all those who loved this great man!
Bube Tube
Bube Tube:
I always thought he would be POTUS 🇺🇸
Monica Riley
Monica Riley:
My thoughts and prayers to his family. He was a great American soldier. He will be missed
Gun Metal Guy USA
Gun Metal Guy USA:
GODSPEED Sir. Your Country Thanks You.
Monica Riley
Monica Riley:
My condolences goes out to Colin Powell family. He help many presidents. My 🙏 to his family and friends. Rip Colin 👼
R o
R o:
*A good man. RIP Sir. You will be missed. Condolences to the Powell Family* !.
R S:
And yes, he was fully vaccinated
Pablo South
Pablo South:
All the money and power is not getting him free from where he is right now🤔 hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost with the pretext of wmds
Hong Yu Chen
Hong Yu Chen:
As a person work in lab, this guy handling a chemical weapon with bare hand and in small container? joke
Crimes Against Humanity has fantastic consequences 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Few US generals have passed this month in the news. Thank you for your service. Condolences.
The Empire of Morocco
The Empire of Morocco:
Now it's his turn after fake blames on Iraq and Iraqis. Everyone is going to be judged according to what he had done while in life.
JD Leinard
JD Leinard:
RIP. Great soldier. 84 years old with Parkinson's and blood cancer being used to propagate covid. Just like wepons of mass destruction.
Al Fresco
Al Fresco:
Scythi Saks
Scythi Saks:
Kat P
Kat P:
🕊❤What a good man. Godspeed.
Leah Gary
Leah Gary:
My deepest condolences to his family. RIP Colin Powell.
OMG!!!! This hurts my heart. Condolences to his family. I'm hurt, I just started crying.
Abbi Simpson's
Abbi Simpson's:
RIP. Rest in pain
Poor guys will meet the Lord now finally for questions.
colene xoxo
colene xoxo:
Great Man. RIP Sir.😪🙏
Sara Heart
Sara Heart:
RIP Mr. Powell. 🙏
Elaine James
Elaine James:
He went home to be with his father.🔥🔥
Rodney Blackburn
Rodney Blackburn:
A great loss for our country and his family. God Bless his family.
Louella Centina
Louella Centina:
Im so very sad and devastated,my handsome hero and idol has passed away,my deepest condolences to his dear wife kids immidiate sur viving family friends relatives and to all his military colleagues RIP Colin Powell u r still alive in our hearts and thoughts u r a real gentleman whom u age like wine that mellows may u are happy now wherever u r inthe clouds behind the silver linings ,u r once in a million in US military historycondolences to all the people who loved him and mourn for his lost.
Darlene Vendryes
Darlene Vendryes:
RIEP Colin Powell 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Ceci Colon
Ceci Colon:
My condolences to the family.
How’s that vaccine working for you Mr. Powell, fully vaccinated! I see how the vaccine is working
Russell Long
Russell Long:
Ahh karma taking out a genocidal maniac, the world just got a little better
Cute Kitten
Cute Kitten:
Colin Powell on his time in Vietnam: “We burned down the thatched huts, starting the blaze with Ronson and Zippo lighters…Ho Chi Minh had said the people were like the sea in which his guerrillas swam…We tried to solve the problem by making the whole sea uninhabitable.”
Gezahegne Aereha
Gezahegne Aereha:
One of the saddest news I’ve ever heard.
Thank you for your service
Agueda C
Agueda C:
Good man. May he Rest In Peace 🙏🏼
Dragon Master
Dragon Master:
Wonder if any of his loved ones served their country on the front linges of the wars he started?
Josua Johantinus Manurung
Josua Johantinus Manurung:
My condolences to the Powell family
mean norma jean
mean norma jean:
One of the greatest American Icons. Rip Good Sir. Prayers for his family.
T Love
T Love:
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸
Многоязычный Cупер Владимир
Многоязычный Cупер Владимир:
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon them all. Amen!
Red Rabbitt
Red Rabbitt:
I always looked up to him especially growing up, shocking to hear he died from COVID.
H A:
Sad news, condolences to his family - RIP 🙏🏾
Mark Addison
Mark Addison:
Condolences and Prayers.
Calvin Bealer
Calvin Bealer:
RIP General Powell.Prayers to his Family.
Imeh Smith
Imeh Smith:
God Bless Collin Powell
I was lucky to meet and take a pic w/ him in my cap and gown after my Howard Univ. graduation
A good man, a shame that he would be taken from our country to soon. Thank you for your service.
Zee Mc
Zee Mc:
He took that........ My he R.I.P.🙏🙏
Leroy Rocket
Leroy Rocket:
I first read his biography in high school, he did so many great things, would’ve made a great president, God Bless, you can rest now
BENSON Hildebrand
BENSON Hildebrand:
Suffering for many years, Yet died at EIGHTY FOUR! of complications from "covid"
ryan dave rayla
ryan dave rayla:
I remember him justifying the US invasion of Iraq using the claim that there are "weapons of mass destruction". He justified Imperialism and warmongering.
Primal Rage
Primal Rage:
Finally some good news!
James George
James George:
Rest Easy Mr Powell
I statute you
complications from covid-19 even though he was fully vaccinated !.... That says it all right there