Comedy legend Carl Reiner dies

Comedy legend Carl Reiner has died at the age of 98. The famous writer, actor and director created "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and influenced generations of performers with a career that spanned decades. Chris Martinez reports.

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91 comentarios:

Donna Golden
Donna Golden:
Karl was an American Treasure! He got every ounce of his life every day. He was a comedy giant. God bless.
Mike Marder
Mike Marder:
Youngest 98 year old ever. Condolences.
Robert Ruiz
Robert Ruiz:
A legend, a genius. One of a kind.
tom hefner
tom hefner:
I was a service and repair UNION plumber and worked for John Keefe plumbing in Beverly Hills. One of our customers was Mr. and Mrs. Reiner, So one night I called to their house and I'am under their kitchen sink and he is right there with me asking if he can help. I asked him if I could help him with his comedy. And he said " You just did" We both laughed and as he walked away telling me in a comical way, that if I needed his help to just call. him. That was very a funny encounter with just one of the many famous celebrities I had met. This is just another comedian that has passed in the ripe old age close to 100 years of age, comedy is healthy and is life's cherry on top.
Lynda Vance
Lynda Vance:
The world just became a little bit sadder. Rest in peace and thanks for the laughs ☮️❤️😢
Saunsiaray Broussard
Saunsiaray Broussard:
Very sad. I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences and prayers. May he Rest in peace.
Robert Glass
Robert Glass:
RIP Carl, you'll be sorely missed by many.

My condolences to his family and all who loved him.
I still watch/love Ocean's 13 and Fatal Instinct at least once a week!

He will be missed, but never forgotten.
Griffin Haley
Griffin Haley:
Don't cry because he's gone. Smile because he was here.
tony tony
tony tony:
Oh man I liked him. His son, not so much.
Tim Yowell
Tim Yowell:
A true American legend. You will be truly missed but always remembered. R.I.P.
Religion WhistleBlower
Religion WhistleBlower:
There are thousands of people leave this world daily without knowing where they came from, why they were here, and where they are going after here although, that is the only reason we come into this world. That is so sad.
Anita Backrub
Anita Backrub:
Comedic genius.
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Gray:
It is the end of true geniuses in show business. This man was a brilliant comedy writer. And he will be missed. Rest In Peace Mr. Reiner.
One of the greats...he will be missed.
He was a blessing to us all, and lived a great life. His presence will be missed, but his work lives on.
Jose Cuesta
Jose Cuesta:
R.I.P. Sir. Clean funny stuff.
You will be sorely missed Carl. So long.
The obituary said he's survived by his son meathead
Scott Allen
Scott Allen:
He brought so much happiness to generations of people, me included. R.I.P. Carl.
Funk O'Matic
Funk O'Matic:
RIP. my condolences to Rob Reiner & family....
a fan
Just 2 more years Carl and you really would've lived a completely full life. RIP
Thank you CARL REINER for doing your part to help tame mankind with your gift and talent. You legacy can never be undone. "Funny is forever"..
D S:
Woke cbs - he finally checked his white privilege
Thank you, Carl Reiner, and rest in peace.
Clinton Nebraska
Clinton Nebraska:
I thought he checked out years ago, have fun in the afterlife Carl. 👼 🌹
Christopher Styles
Christopher Styles:
Wow, Rest In Peace Carl Reiner. A Legend.
Quaalude Charlie
Quaalude Charlie:
Carl Reiner . Rest in peace and thanks for the laughs ☮️❤️😢 QC
You millennial's take notes...

Sigh...It's when you take a piece of paper & something that can make marks & you write something that will jog your memory when the dope wears off.
Greg Tittel
Greg Tittel:
Rest in Peace Mr. Reiner
Magaloucious SerialScrilla
Magaloucious SerialScrilla:
Man i gotta get up and do something with my self.
''' the perimeter, get some rest.''
💐 Love you Carl, Bless you Carl 💐
kevin johnson
kevin johnson:
You weren't willing to go over the edge like your colleagues Norman Lear and Mel Brooks, but you still had a knack of appealing to pro-puritan and Catholic audiences. RIP Carl Reiner
Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor:
Carl Reiner,Earth is sending Love up! Comic Icon.
Kathy H
Kathy H:
He was an Extremely talented man
Herman Esau
Herman Esau:
My utmost respect. Thank you. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace, Mr. Reiner. Thank you for the decades of laughs and good will!
Patrice Turnipseed
Patrice Turnipseed:
I'm speechless. DAMN!
Charles Mckinney
Charles Mckinney:
H Lenz
H Lenz:
It should have been the other one.
Steve Durbin
Steve Durbin:
RIP Carl Reiner😪😰😭😥
richard alvarado
richard alvarado:
thanks for all your good work. RIP
RIP Alan Brady
James Vollan
James Vollan:
Carl has led an outstanding life giving Americans decades of laughs. Carl was a very special person and a gift to America.
Sandy Allen
Sandy Allen:
Inmaculada Concepcion
Inmaculada Concepcion:
🕊✨R.I.P. ✨🙏🏽✨
Moondog Garvey
Moondog Garvey:
Goodnight funnyman.
VasH - Master of Metal
VasH - Master of Metal:
😢 🙏
Martin Klanecky
Martin Klanecky:
He had a long and wonderful life. R.I.P.
RIP to a great comedy legend.
Apple Tree
Apple Tree:
Reiner’s creativity and ability to make us laugh will be, I hope and pray to God, immortalized in his work and gives many more generations laughter at the ridiculousness of the world.
Biden did bad stuff as VP
Biden did bad stuff as VP:
Axel - Roblox
Axel - Roblox:
Rest in peace
Lisa 428
Lisa 428:
Such a funny man
genuinely funny. Rob might have been his best work though. Thanks Reiner family.
American Treasure
Mar run
Mar run:
Terry Ronning
Terry Ronning:
Did he die of COVID-19?
Lloyd Acton
Lloyd Acton:
Thank you for your comedic genius. Rest in Peace.
Dvora Reeve
Dvora Reeve:
God bless thanks for all the comedy and laughs!
Milani Inalim
Milani Inalim:
Thank you for the memories 💔
w s
w s:
Too bad his son is still alive.
Lawanda Carr
Lawanda Carr:
Rest In peace sir.
Memnoch Devil
Memnoch Devil:
At first I thought it was Rob Reiner. Can’t wait to hear about him dying.
Randall Laue
Randall Laue:
Still sinking in...
RIP Carl Reiner!
Lately I’ve been watching old shows
To try to bring some kind of normal in my life right now with all the hate and destruction going on.
Some young people should watch old movies and things like Johnny Carson. Can’t put nothing on today without the shows talking politics and creating hate.
God Bless You!
God Bless us all
God Bless us all:
Take meathead with ya
David Grech
David Grech:
Thank you so much for all the laughs and I hope that you and your family know how much I appreciate you. 🙏🙏❤️❤️
Nemo Krada
Nemo Krada:
Anant Raman
Anant Raman:
The man...the legend. Giant in comedy. Rest in Peace Carl.
MagneticQubzian %
MagneticQubzian %:
Had a great run
Dave Kostka
Dave Kostka:
The good die young. RIP😢👍
Truth Troll
Truth Troll:
Rest in peace. I hope he had a good life.
Peter Sokol
Peter Sokol:
Time passes us all by....I am glad I was of his time.
Mary Shoemaker
Mary Shoemaker:
RIParadise sir, you will be missed dearly 🙏💙🙏😢
RIP Carl. You'll be greatly missed.
@SiriusXM Satellite Radio
@CBS 7 🔖
Mark Katzman
Mark Katzman:
There must be a misspelling ...Reiner’s first name must’ve been spelled Karl, with a K.
LeRoy Baratone
LeRoy Baratone:
Matt Flap
Matt Flap:
Funny man
Ater Felis
Ater Felis:
Gone too soon. What?
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
Never heard of him. A lot of those guys were commies.
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
never heard of him sooner or later we all die, And even the most famous will be forgotten soon enough
Around 70 million people die annually. Happens all the time.
JoJo Hix
JoJo Hix:
Maybe God will let him know that our great President Trump was reelected. MAGA!!!
Fellow White Person
Fellow White Person:
My rabbi touched summer camp
Memphis Memphis
Memphis Memphis:
So he wasn't funny anyway?
alien hiabov
alien hiabov:
i dont believe in this brainwashing cl own garbage n definitely not stupid anymore. make a show about criminals instead