Comic-Con 2019: The Witcher: Henry Cavill On Becoming Geralt (Exclusive)

Comic-Con 2019: Henry Cavill on Becoming Geralt & Everything Witcher (Exclusive)

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Please, for the love of God, stop mentioning GOT every time you talk about The Witcher. Its annoying.
The sneaky Socialist
The sneaky Socialist:
I really want this to succeed for Henry’s sake. He’s such a huge fan of the series that it will crush him if it fails. How Superman was handled was bad enough for him
GCAT01 Living
GCAT01 Living:
Henry KNOWS THE NAMES of all his hair, makeup, and costume people and he gives them credit in EVERY INTERVIEW. What a class act!
Cavill: How buff should I get?
Netflix: Yes
That interviewer sucked. She mostly asked Henry about stuff, she was ignoring Anya and Freya all the way through the interview. And when she finally asked Anya, she asked her to compare The Witcher to GOT? Really??? Luckily Freya is a smart person and she said that those two shows shouldn't be compared and to let The Witcher be its own show. She seems like a very intelligent youg woman. I hope to see/hear more from her in the future.
Don't get me wrong, Henry seems like a likable guy, but he's been objectified too much.
ZERO 00:
“You’re also Superman”
Henry: *Proceeds to die slowly inside*
interviewer is kinda cringy lol. And should've asked more questons to the ladies , all she cared about was Henry lmao
Your Highness
Your Highness:
Henry looks like a dad to those girls lol
Mongzong Her
Mongzong Her:
Henry Cavill's muscles just want to burst out of that shirt.
I love Henry Cavill. He deserves this role 100%. Not only is he a great actor, but he has a huge passion for the franchise. Very rarely do you come across an actor who actually indulges in the source material.
Love how Henry takes care of his co actors he'll step in when they feel awkward or don't know what to say.
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale:
The giddy woman fawning all over him ruins the interview. I get that he's attractive. But geezus - control yourself. Your ovaries look like they could burst at any moment. This guy is actually a very serious actor. Treat him like one.
Rhun Mahariel
Rhun Mahariel:
I kinda feel bad for Freya and Anya, the whole interview seemed to focus more so on Henry, which is understandable, but still.
Kimmi Naamik
Kimmi Naamik:
I feel bad for the girls...+ the interviewer is horrible and thirsty ASF
Amy vansteenkiste
Amy vansteenkiste:
I wanted to hear things about the show, but instead the thirsty anoying interviewer kept asking about Henry’s abs... come on girl do your work 🙄
Lucas Féres
Lucas Féres:
I love how Henry looks like a proud parent of these girls 😂😂
Henry’s glance at the camera in the beginning..... “this is nothing like GoT, sorry she doesn’t get it”
cg standing
cg standing:
This isn't a fill in for GOT. Can interviewers pleeaaaaase just shut up about that. I wanna hear questions about The Witcher, not GOT.
Andrew C.
Andrew C.:
it's kind of annoying the interviewer beginning the interview stating that this is just to fill in for game of thrones, kind of rude if you ask me
why is the interviewer doing those weird noises. kinda cringe
8:57 Henry was like: What wtf was that?
Christian Sims /Artist
Christian Sims /Artist:
Cavill is refreshing, hes s guy who Is actually really passionate about the the story's and characters he chooses to play.
Ayoub Abid
Ayoub Abid:
When you think of a man's voice. .. His voice comes to mind
Muhammed Yousuf
Muhammed Yousuf:
literally not a single soul

Interviewer: We AlL DoN't KnOw WhAt To Do NoW gOt Is OvEr
*Clicks on Witcher TV show interview*
Interviewer: "hOW mUcH dO yOU BenCH hEnRY"
Higor Amorim
Higor Amorim:
12:41 The proud daddy's look that Henry gives to Freya
The interviewer is honestly annoying. The questions are ok but she adds unnecessary stuff that really doesnt need to be said.
I'm so happy Henry got the role. He was already a big Witcher fan so it's just perfect. I bet this was his dream.
The interviewer is obssed with Henry.hardly spoke to the girls.
This is the first time I'm even hearing about "Witcher filling the void of GoT", why is that said over and over and where did this thirsting interviewer get that
He always tries to hide the cringe every time someone asks him about his physique you can tell he is so fed up of these kinds of questions at this point
Ionut Badea
Ionut Badea:
Freya Allan is literally young-teenager Ciri in real life.Perfect cast!
Neck Denver Dinglasa
Neck Denver Dinglasa:
When Freya talks, the way Henry looks at her is the same as Geralt looking so proudly at Ciri
Ramón GG
Ramón GG:
Give this man a new Superman movie!! The best Superman!! What are you waiting Warner??
Figment HF
Figment HF:
Henry is like a regular guy that recently got turned into a cartoonishly perfect man by a witch.

He also seems super humble.
Yennefer was just as gorgeous with a twisted spine
Cup Cake Unleashed
Cup Cake Unleashed:
People need to stop comparing the witcher to GOT, they're nothing alike.
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali:
Henry Cavill needs to play Gaston in Beauty and The Beast, he looks striking similar to him in this interview.
Boo U Whore
Boo U Whore:
Good lord, the interviewer is awful starting from her intro. Who hired this woman?!
Champ ion
Champ ion:
Wow. Horrible interviewer. I was cringing the whole time.
Vinny Senpai 2
Vinny Senpai 2:
It's each question more stupid than the other, even embarrassing the artists.
mmd janvier
mmd janvier:
OMG Henry Cavill is like an epitome of perfection... how can his flaws still be so perfect?!
Amy vansteenkiste
Amy vansteenkiste:
she is totally declothing Henry with her mind, ew. Unproffesional.
Rubén N. Martín
Rubén N. Martín:
11:58 Freya Allan's face it's all that we think about this interviewer.
They all did a good job answering all this annoying questions, honestly.
Patome Sioux
Patome Sioux:
lol, Wicher is nothing like GoT. It has a better, more unique fantasy world and characters. A lot of non-generic myths and plots. There will not be a lot of "walking and talking about feudal politics" + dragon fire once in the season, for instance. I can't wait to watch it.
In Effigy
In Effigy:
Watching this all the way through was like slowly having my legs crushed by a steam roller and not trying to move. That's the kind of pain that interviewer just caused me. Why did I do that to myself!?

Those poor people climbed into a plane doomed to crash, so lucky Henry is one hell of a pilot, I mean it still crashed, but thanks to him they all survived.
I pity the folks having to sit thru her interview.
Henry is the PERFECT cast for Geralt....#1 choice and we actually got him....
honestly, incredible how the interviewer can be that awkward/annoying
Ed Neward
Ed Neward:
I think Henry will kill the role! His passion and desires to get the role speaks volumes
They are gonna compare this show to Game of Thrones to death.
It's inevitable....
Gladiator 77
Gladiator 77:
Thumbs Up whoever started playing "The Witcher" game after watching the film.
Julian Eris
Julian Eris:
That interviewer is super annoying, but all the actors look perfectly cast if you ask me. Can't wait to see the show!
Karr Tim
Karr Tim:
When will those hosts finally stop referencing GoT every time they're interviewing the cast of the Witcher? Those are two completely different universes, they're not even in the same category of fantasy! Are they going to reference Star Wars whenever they want to speak about Star Trek? FFS. Don't be so clueless.
Blammo D
Blammo D:
Forever my SUPERMAN
Death Sight
Death Sight:
So they just made Henry stand there as they were all sitting with their bottoms down? how stupid can you be?
Phoenix Dawn
Phoenix Dawn:
Okay, Geralt's design in the games is perfection, so I am glad someone as good looking as Henry is doing the role.
Dikshant Kubal
Dikshant Kubal:
I love how Henry looks at Freya like Geralt would look at Ciri
"Winds howling" "Looks like rain" should be said after an episode when it has been raining and blowing the whole time
Roman Imperium
Roman Imperium:
This interviewer is awkward.
And the girls really need to start getting comfortable in front of camera.
Ram Alley
Ram Alley:
I love The Witcher, I watched the entire series last night! Geralt is drop-dead gorgeous! I can't wait for season 2!!!!!! I wish I hadn't watched it until season 2 is already in, now I have to wait waaaaahhhhhhh.....
Lance Dixon
Lance Dixon:
Henry Cavill is perfect as the Witcher, I hope they pull even more talent together for the second series, the more episodes the better.
The Witcher III attracted talent from the ends of the Earth, so will this series.
Best cast for the witcher, absolutely love Henry Cavill. Great actor.
User 51
User 51:
Bruh Henry should have been Letho with those muscles
This interviewer is *incredibly* annoying and fake!
keisha 21
keisha 21:
cringed.... yeah the interviewer is such.... a pop culture tabloid magazine cliche
I'm tired of this kind of questions
“But like how can you tell you’re in better shape..?” Seriously 😳 lady geez. I mean really..
Iwe Naeem
Iwe Naeem:
That Ciri is very cute! And Henry gives me goosebumps.
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Todoroki Is A Beast!:
*Damn the interviewer be thirsty AF* 😂
*She be like* 🥵
Tim Tickler
Tim Tickler:
The interviewer had no idea what she was talking about. Can't even stand to listen to her.
I just kept saying "please shut up about Game of Thrones"
I love how he seems so passionate over this role vs any other role he has done
musicx xa
musicx xa:
Damn Ciri is extremely sweet.
Liam Jones
Liam Jones:
That introduction was extremely rude
Jessie Walker
Jessie Walker:
Henry is looking as wide as a semi truck, definitely extremely jacked
Marlene S.K.
Marlene S.K.:
When Henry raises his eyebrow.....ugh I hate my life.
Lauren P
Lauren P:
Best looking man alive. He's gonna kill it as Geralt.
Michal Sobieski
Michal Sobieski:
The Witcher was first fantasy books I've read. I was around 12yo and did'nt expect such a mature content. It literaly blown my mind for years. As a Pole I'm extremely proud how The Witcher franchise is growing at the moment. Every fantasy fan should familiar himself with these books. Absolutely top shelf! Happy to see so many people like it. I hope Netflix will earn good amount of bucks and invest even more in future. Hyped A.F. :)
Nice of Henry to drop names of those working behind the scenes...
Lazar Sorak
Lazar Sorak:
8:58 Henry was like 'wtf' lol
NPC #69420
NPC #69420:
Man of Steel is still one of my top favourites
The host is the true definition of annoying.
11:57 lmao look at henry giving someone backstage the "yikes"-look
Mr. NiceGuy
Mr. NiceGuy:
The Witcher was one of the best series i have ever seen a long time. I like it so much and Henry is the best actor he is perfect for this role. Good job man you nailed it!
Jahosephat Davy
Jahosephat Davy:
Games of Thrones is tacky, the Witcher is gold. There is no comparison.
Lukas Lakas
Lukas Lakas:
After watching the season i have to play the witcher 3 again.
All of these interviewers are like "But HOW could he POSSIBLY be better than Superman?" Easily...he's Geralt.
Alera John
Alera John:
HENRY was a Gem!!!! Honest, Caring, & a true Professional. His EYEBROW raise was Sexy & him boyish Smile was Killing me. Also, great Energy from his in the interview.
Reap Er
Reap Er:
mentioning GOT was just stupid (crazy fan much)
Celtic Babs
Celtic Babs:
I knew they nailed it with Henry. After seeing this video - FREYA ALLEN IS GOING TO ROCK CIRI! I don't know Anya's work so I will wait to be pleasantly surprised. I am so hyped about this show. The more pictures and videos I see the MORE hyped I become. This WILL be bigger and BETTER than GoT!
Omg Henry is hot af I can’t concentrate on this whole interview!
Thoth Of The Morning Rises With The Sun
Thoth Of The Morning Rises With The Sun:
The interviewer clearly likes somebody on the panel 😂😟
The show looks awesome , now.... release the Snyder cut
He is huuuge! Even with a T-shirt you can tell he is
This interviewer is just the MOST annoying!
Clemson TheLazy
Clemson TheLazy:
"We created the whole new world" girl come on, the world was there for years.
How thirsty was that interviewer especially around his workout discussion, lol
Spectacular Venom
Spectacular Venom:
i just really hope its good, from the trailer i felt like it could either be really good or really bad ...... plz be good
Omg why is that interviewer so cringe? Ughhh I can’t watch this, sorry.
The girls are really lovely, especially the one in white and the one in red, but Damn! Cavill is simply beyond beautiful!