#CONAN: Jason Sudeikis Full Interview - CONAN on TBS

Jason talks about punching Baby Yoda, being born without a sense of smell, and his new show “Ted Lasso.” PLUS: Conan and Jason compare their out of control quarantine hairdos.

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74 comentarios:

Conan looks younger with longer hair
Conan looks so much better with his hair like this!
Loose Seal
Loose Seal:
Anyone considering watching Ted Lasso should absolutely give it a go. I was surprised by just how smartly written and cast it was, genuinely hilarious and positive too. That goes double for any fellow British people thinking it might be annoying. It isn't!
pablo garcia
pablo garcia:
Only the real OGs remember Ted Lasso’s time at Tottenham 😂
Justin Kaplan
Justin Kaplan:
"If you could lose one of your five senses, what would it be?"

"I think it would be my sense of justice, so I could act without impunity"
To be honest, Im starting to love the long hair, damn!!!
Y’all it’s literally the same room... 😭😭ifykyk
Madison Rose
Madison Rose:
i have the biggest crush on sudeikis. citics are great for the series too! would love to watch it <3
M. Amine Lemmakni
M. Amine Lemmakni:
Now Conan looks like an Irish Farmer.
This guy has done lots of great stuff over the years. I enjoy his work...

But I still see him (and it makes me smile) as the guy dancing in the background during "what's up with that!?".
Somebody start a gofundme for Conan’s hair gel.
Fahad Alqahtani
Fahad Alqahtani:
😂😂😂😂 Conan I took my picture for the cardboard pics and hopefully I will be in one of those seats
Nathan Hansen
Nathan Hansen:
Talk shows have not been fun since early February, but Conan seems to have a few good interviews here and there, and this was one of them
I'm with Conan. Saw 'Ted Lasso' by chance an immediately binge watched all the available episodes.
Fallen Spaceship
Fallen Spaceship:
Wow, conan got younger with the pandemic...that hair is actually kind of hot
Khamsin Brooding: Audio Journal
Khamsin Brooding: Audio Journal:
Love the hair fellas love it
" my sence of justice" ahahaha clasic Conan <3
Conan and Jason looks like members of a 90s boy band. And sometimes, If you suddenly look at Conan, he looks like young Bon Jovi. LOL
tuf f
tuf f:
jason taking off his hat and messing up his hair to match conan seems really sweet 🥺 like "i gotta match you buddy let's do it together" 🥺🥺🥺 i love him
Diego Cruz
Diego Cruz:
This is amazing
Sad Stormtrooper
Sad Stormtrooper:
Conan looks like he about to say "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye"
Dude that new hair god damn
Inbal Plaut
Inbal Plaut:
i love how jason lights up talking about his kids
Hannah Goins
Hannah Goins:
Conan looks 30 years old omg
Abby Mitchell
Abby Mitchell:
I was born without a sense of smell I always thought it was related to a condition I was born with but my doctor was always interested so he ran test on me . It was not related to my condition and that My not being able to smell is genetic. That’s what my doctor told me after he ran test . My son didn’t get it but one of my nephews has it and I wonder if that’s the same case for Jason .
Mara Ellis
Mara Ellis:
Stay perfectly still, only I may move my hair
John Lee
John Lee:
Conan going with the Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg look.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan:
LOL, Coco's going through an 'emo' phase atm...? 😁😅
i’m in love with jason sudeikis
Rosablue Hand-Made Originals
Rosablue Hand-Made Originals:
Ted Lasso and Staged: best short comedy series during quarantine
Nicholas Lash
Nicholas Lash:
You must've been rolling through Danville il.
Juan Tomas
Juan Tomas:
ur amazing coco!
I love the Conan new look lol
2:05 yes, in 2015 no would would ever believe that someone so INCOMPETENT could be put in charge of something so big and important.....but then 2016 came

Can we go back to ‘15?
Ross Hristan
Ross Hristan:
Is Conan gravitating towards a rocknroll style look here?)
Moon lady
Moon lady:
“ I'm not a fan of my family “

Shade Singer Covers
Shade Singer Covers:
Conans hair is like super saian man, is like hes more powerful 🤣❤. Super Conan level 2
Dabney Ross Jones
Dabney Ross Jones:
I lost it when they started rubbing their hair! I hate quarantine!
Nicholas Lash
Nicholas Lash:
Every time he says Otis, I keep thinking he is using a play on words like flotus, potus, scotus etc.
I Share U Watch
I Share U Watch:
Love the show
9:40 - "Wrong kid died"
z Z
z Z:
Tell Jason to make sure they go through Clone Wars and rebels!
Rockin' Roland
Rockin' Roland:
The man beat baby yoda half to death and still isnt charged. Smh
I'll believe Jason can't smell if he can handle my stank ass feet. Challenge!
Is it just me or is the other stormstrooper disapproving of the baby yoda punch?
Shivan Sindi
Shivan Sindi:
Ted Lassooo
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds:
Taylor Cox
Taylor Cox:
How are you guys still on quarantine??
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali:
What happen his hair?
Carlos Venegas
Carlos Venegas:
He better be in his wife’s marvel movie
David Fyanes
David Fyanes:
oof shes lovely oof
F schlege
F schlege:
Conan...my man...I submitted my cardboard cutout here in Japan and my Irish friends don't understand your heritage. I know! You're 100*% Irish but they don't get it. Anyways keep up the grind, you're a legend.
Ajay Lodhi
Ajay Lodhi:
Conan...just tell me... what should i do with my life...i am completely clueless...
don't tell me to stop watching you...
But please tell what should i do with my life...i am in my early 20s..
Ajay Lodhi
Ajay Lodhi:
Conan...i love you...
Claiming Light
Claiming Light:
I can't tell if they're joking about the severity of the twitter outrage!
... that's probably telling of our era.
The Director
The Director:
conans hair looks like 90s david spade and carrot top had a baby!
A A:
Conan the full season hasn’t dropped yet 😂
Jason is frankly a great fella. So gentle, down to Earth and easy going. I binged through S1 of Ted Lasso and thought it was brilliant. Can’t wait for S2!
Jason says "gif" properly and I love him a little more
Fedrique Saint-Pierre Devois
Fedrique Saint-Pierre Devois:
слышит ли дерево, если дерево не говорит?
Fedrique Saint-Pierre Devois
Fedrique Saint-Pierre Devois:
Скажи двойнику, что Пьер Девуа говорит Буякаша. ôte!
He got Olivia Wilde; he’s a reluctant hero of mine
Jim Jam
Jim Jam:
Jason Statham
Lauren Sternhagen
Lauren Sternhagen:
I don't understand why ppl are too chicken to cut their own hair?!
W E:
Boring ol'farts
Brandon Wei
Brandon Wei:
Yeaaah Jason Sudeikis is 100% responsible for any negative qualities between him ,his kids and Olivia.
You can get your hair cut now one way or another. At this point it's just a choice to not get a haircut.
But having said that, I think Conan"s hair looks really good that way.
Are they trying to make their hair look bad? I know people haven’t had a haircut in a while but...
These Celebrities and their uncombed hair, are such frauds. I get it if you dont want to get your hair cut. But comb your hair at least!
I’m so tired of these type of videos. Get your haircut guys. We all know you are isolating. Liberals
Dave P
Dave P:
I love conan, but this is getting obnoxious
Trump is the hero we need now; your bias and discrimination won't let you see it. Have fun in Hollywood.