Congresswoman Lucy McBath plays emotional account of small business owner to Jeff Bezos

In a historic congressional antitrust hearing Democrat Lucy McBath played a recording to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos from a bookseller who sold books via Amazon. The businesswoman had felt her sales were throttled by the tech giant. In the recording, the seller pleads with Bezos to help her company, which supports 14 people. Bezos responded by saying he was surprised by the anecdote and expressed wanting to meet the small business owner. 
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‘This should never have happened’: lawmakers condemn Facebook’s Instagram acquisition ►

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67 comentarios:

Guardian News
Guardian News:
‘This should never have happened’: lawmakers condemn Facebook’s Instagram acquisition ►
A L:
At over a 100 billion$, I am sure he is heartbroken
Tachiro Akisu
Tachiro Akisu:
That is LITERALLY their business model. "AmazonBasics" is the nexus. If you start outselling amazon or have a unique product they'll just start making their own version and list it FIRST on their platform.
It is literally their WHOLE business model.
Paul Arnold
Paul Arnold:
Whilst you're there, can you please ask him to start paying Income taxes on the massive earnings Amazon makes across the world
David Smith
David Smith:
Shopify and Ebay are better options for her until Amazon learns its lessons
Joe Nilsen
Joe Nilsen:
Now THAT'S a "Jeff B Escalation". 🔥💯 She will be back selling by tomorrow because that's the sort of P.R. that Amazon avoids like Cryptonite. I find a great deal of joy that this woman had the rare ability to be heard by members of Congress and by Bezos himself. I can assure anybody who hears her story, though, that there are thousands and thousands more just like it. I long for the day that they are heard as well.
Just suing Amazon is not enough. They will continue to do it after paying the fines. Change the law so that the company can be closed down if they fail to comply.
Roland Burke
Roland Burke:
All of these tech giants have a large enough market share to be considered monopolies. Their offshore tax structures are unfairly killing the competition and depriving governments of tax revenues. Their profits are obscene. Something has to change.
latieraqueen87 Pacheco
latieraqueen87 Pacheco:
Partnership sound like employees :/
Jack Middleton
Jack Middleton:
The first time I ever saw an Amazon Basics product I thought okay they're using people to create a market that customers want to shop at but then they're going to slowly replace those people with their own product, automation, and site listing preference.
john m
john m:
Someone is going to get PIP.
khalid zahran
khalid zahran:
Lier. I tried to sell and they blocked me for 30 times for no reason
Someone's been a naughty boy
Miss Neroli
Miss Neroli:
Amazon is the end of all small businesses in the world including the ones who don't sell through amazon. They are making sure we don't appear on any search engines by sending hundreds of bots to our site to raise our bounce rate so that the algorithm doesn't expose us. Evil and the end of all small businesses!
If you don't know what they are talking about,
I would recommend you watch
PATRIOT ACT Amazon. On YouTube.
Hetsel-Wan Kenobi
Hetsel-Wan Kenobi:
I think I will Cancel my Prime Membership
Jono Shea
Jono Shea:
This isn’t about the way Bezos treats he’s customers , its about the government cutting him down before he gets to powerful.
Michael Heery
Michael Heery:
Doug Bairead
Doug Bairead:
Jeff Bezos is a modern day Bond villain
Kendrick Huang
Kendrick Huang:
The woman doesn't even let him finish speaking.
Helen Duffy
Helen Duffy:
Please buy on the high street amazon is disgusting
Now do a story on the cost of a product manufactured six miles away in Main Street USA versus the same product shipped from six thousand miles away...
Pat Warburtonr
Pat Warburtonr:
What matters Is salvation. Without it we die lost. When we repent we can be saved!
Alejandro Tarango
Alejandro Tarango:
Congresswoman: Mr. Bezos why?

Jeff Bezos: We are t..........

Congresswoman: My time is short
carlos velasco
carlos velasco:
Guess what judge is gonna 💀
Who cares ?? The richer getting rich ... and te poorer getting poor... and middle classe is shrinking... not right at all and not fair ...
Bezos didn't even know what details Amazon requests from his customers when they asked him. Does he know his company at all?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User:
ASMR Indonesia
ASMR Indonesia:
Socialist gonna love this (?)
50 Pence
50 Pence:
Vincent Ray
Vincent Ray:
Corruption is the true enemy of the people.
Toby Green
Toby Green:
Chuckle the sight of a liar.
Peter Duncan
Peter Duncan:
✨eat the rich✨
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this:
Obviously, Amazon needs to be broken up, along with Facebook. No small business owner should have to beg another business for their survival. The small business owner should have options.
And they all stated that slavery is abhorrent.
David Heller
David Heller:
Bezos 2020
Edward Lemming
Edward Lemming:
Bezos is a "hater" and a "crook". In no way, whatsoever, is this man someone who deserves the respect of the people.
Sell it on Facebook.....LOL
Zusiphe Sikayi
Zusiphe Sikayi:
I think Jeff has gained weight....
Madhu mita
Madhu mita:
Boycott Amazon
eddy nsabue
eddy nsabue:
Politicians are so jarring, looking for sound bites instead of the answer
Michel Richards
Michel Richards:
Wow...if only she was as bold and aggressive as she was with Barr...
Kitu's Junkyard
Kitu's Junkyard:
Pliz pliz PLIZZZ mister Bezos just give me your money 🤣
T S:
why are people wearing masks in this video?
couldnt understand a word she said
Ms Taylor
Ms Taylor:
Arrest Elon Musk for mass retail theft!
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick:
Stop lying Jeff
jonathan villasenor
jonathan villasenor:
No one person should have so much money.
john m
john m:
Customer Obsession down the drain at Amazon
10k Damage
10k Damage:
Waseem Ahmed
Waseem Ahmed:
Atleast listen to his answer
Bezos doesn't care lol he's all about money this is just a pr move.
wow the super rich guy makes money by crushing smaller competitors. i never woulda guessed
Nick T
Nick T:
She is a wife and mother. So it means she is incompetant.
Hi Jack
Hi Jack:
Senator: Yo Bezos...why you so bad??

Bezos: So senator let me explain...

Senator: Sorry that's all the time I got

Waseem Ahmed
Waseem Ahmed:
Ridiculous not even letting him answer
Your Mother
Your Mother:
All i heard from the small business owner was bundi barjibuni 2.99
Niko Z.
Niko Z.:
To be fair, that congresswoman was clearly more interested in creating news soundbite than actually listening for any response. She was cutting him off within seconds of an attempted reply. Showmanship meant for public consumption.
Here’s the irony of capitalism as an economic system. The premise of competition is that ok the best service wins. Right? But when do you win? When you wipe out ALL competitors. The end result of captialism is Monopoly which is no competition at all. So when people say competition drives the best innovation and products, that’s not actually true. In fact, most innovation comes from the public sector. The internet and the iPhone for example. Yes. Almost all the tech in the iPhone is from publicly funded research universities. All the system does is decide where the profit goes. Workers are the innovators not the system. Amazon is massive yes. And very efficient in delivering products. But there’s zero reason it couldn’t be nationalized. The postal service is wildly efficient and would be even more so if it was funded. Increase the salaries anywhere and you get the best workers
Lisa Su
Lisa Su:
Unfair to corner Bezos like that and not give him an opportunity to respond.
Jevon Mcpherson
Jevon Mcpherson:
Amazon obviously isn't a monopoly, this case is pointless.
Scott Dee
Scott Dee:
Superior service wins. Everyone's a victim. They never let anyone finish a question.
Brett Davis
Brett Davis:
I read an article saying the politicians came prepared. This isn't prepared, it's just an anecdote with no context being levied against the CEO who wouldn't have any direct knowledge of such an incident.
Leopard Spot
Leopard Spot:
TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 💪
Covid20-Terminator Team678
Covid20-Terminator Team678:
Bezos just smarter than these arise-wipe congresswomen - especially vindictive McBath
Thomas Key
Thomas Key:
Yeah, socialism will come, be ready... I really do not understand that woman on the phone, she literally made her family business on the Amazon marketplace, now she is complaining. What is the problem? She is free to choose any other marketplace... Or sell her books on the streets. No, she knows that there is the right time to complain about the people who are smart and made their business only because of their intelligence. For what Mr.Bezos has to excuse? He has all-natural freedom and rights to say to this woman and to the woman of the phone: "Bye ladies, I'm tired of you, read smartbooks, instead of trying to steal the piece from my 🥧." The whole world is changing now, isn't that clear? You cannot be an ordinary book retailer or an Uber driver and live in the golden 🏠. You have to invest in science, in stem books instead of believing in gods.
P.S. I suspect why Amazon restricted her business: most likely, they sell the STEM books written by American authors from American Universities but adopted for Indian students, with the restriction to sell it back to the US with the American level of prices. They were a lot of such books a while ago. And now she is complaining, cool. And another thing, I still did not hear, how bullying was related to that restriction...