COPPA ITALIA HIGHLIGHTS: Milan vs Juventus - 1-1 - Ronaldo nets away goal

Juventus secure a 1-1 draw with AC Milan at San Siro in the Coppa Italia semi-final first leg thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo's late penalty. The Bianconeri will play the return leg at Allianz Stadium on the 4th March.

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100+ comentarios:

Zlathan didn't even moved when ronaldo takes the penalty. He knew it was a goal,no point of running.
Calvin Page
Calvin Page:
I only see buffon at the back and ronaldo at the front. What happen to the rest of players???
Don’t know why this man Sarri still managing Top Teams.
Sham Phs
Sham Phs:
Gianlugi Buffon made lots of saves.. ☝️👍
star vic
star vic:
Imagine the result of the game without Ronaldo and Buffon,
Ac Milan=5
= 5 - 0
Banjop Kharmalki
Banjop Kharmalki:
imagine the talent Juventus has and appointing a chain smoker as a coach is something illogical.
Sonia P Sonia P
Sonia P Sonia P:
Juve what are you waiting for , sack the manager immmedetaly
Hendy Wahyudi
Hendy Wahyudi:
Juventus with allegri was better than now..
Calvin Crentsil
Calvin Crentsil:
Soumitra Ghosh
Soumitra Ghosh:
Work on ur's awfull
Watching Pjanic play now is painful to my eyes.... Bentancur only midfield player with any sort of urgency to go forward....Dybala is overworked has to come to deep for that ball....Ramsey apparently wants to be a striker everytime he gets game time SMH...Juve have issues that Sarri not solving Allegri didn't leave this quality behind.....
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Probably cancelo will return from man city
40 year old Buffon and 35 Ronaldo save Juventus. This two have more experience than Sarri.
Huseyin proo
Huseyin proo:
Anonymously Yours
Anonymously Yours:
Same old problem not solved juve players wasting chances outside the box quadrado wasted one opening by playing shot outside the box then wasted another in the box where he had three options to pass the ball but instead decided to take on three defenders standing in his way then again quadrado didn't pass the to I don't remember who was on his right side who could've crossed the ball in for a better chance and higuain was also complaining or not happy with quadrado's choice, pijanic also does the same all of them are trying to be heroes from positions they can't score but they keep on wasting the chances they are making more chances on average compared to what they were under allegri but they are wasting much more chances under sarri also and that's where sarri is not good enough for a team like Juventus he is a good candidate for an underdog club's job but not for juve, this "everybody keep trying to score strategy don't work at this level there can only be 3 players around whom a teams goal scoring can be concentrated but sarri is like if Buffon thinks he can score a goal he can go ahead and take a shot on goal too from half line, very weak and below average tactics and control
Ed Lynx TV
Ed Lynx TV:
thankfully we got Buffon right at the moments
Pes Game Lover
Pes Game Lover:
Please sack sarri 🙏🙏

Sell Matuidi Higuain and Khedira 🙏🙏

Otherwise we will not won anything not even serie A .. Champion league is far away from us
Shinichi Azuma
Shinichi Azuma:
I will say buffon still the best, if not buffon maybe milan gol more than one.
Rishabh gupta AV1
Rishabh gupta AV1:
Everybody:Ronaldo saved jive
Reality:Buffon is the MVP
Jagjeet Tara
Jagjeet Tara:
Juve on of most talented squad just they now have to butter in together and can win everything.
Arun S
Arun S:
Explo Piano
Explo Piano:
Buffon did a pretty good job too
sipho george
sipho george:
All thanks to the GOAT CR7!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Shoikot Bhuiyan
Shoikot Bhuiyan:
Believe it or not, Juventus is'nt going to win any trophy in this season with this foolish manager. Sarri is not capable of using his player to their best level. His tactise is so poor.
btw, All the best.
Max Davies
Max Davies:
Well done juve
Just get pep😑
Stefano Spreafico
Stefano Spreafico:
"Perfetto come sempre dal dischetto" gufata incredibile per il ritorno
nino boune
nino boune:
Super gigi, grande cr7. Get out sarri
Get rid of Sarri! He doesn't inspire the team, damn ex-banker!
Sonia P Sonia P
Sonia P Sonia P:
Juve player please put more effort in playing and help my Cr7 out in some situation please
Pranjal Rai
Pranjal Rai:
Cr7 king
Adalto Oliveira
Adalto Oliveira:
Forzaaaaaaaa... Juveeeeee... 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Sim, juve levou gol, mas o Buffon jogou muito meu parceiro !
hanoof malik
hanoof malik:
2nd leg no Ibra and Theo, must reach final
#forzajuve #cr7 ❣️
Gabe Roy
Gabe Roy:
Buffon was the star player in this game.
Amazing movements for his age 👏🏼👏🏼
Let’s get Pogba and guardiola next season!
Henzo Medeiros
Henzo Medeiros:
Juventus tens is victory in turin
Andrea James
Andrea James:
If Sarri wants to play like this. They need an unpressure-able midfielder. Kulusevsky its good. But for next season. And he is too young. You cant play like this with Matuidi. He is an attack-cutter type. Ramsey, Bentancur, Rabiot its good. But they are far from world class miedfielder level. We have world class def and attacker..
Is Buffon 30????
South India Company
South India Company:
Ronaldo frm India
Multiply Gamer
Multiply Gamer:
Cr7 is still a beast how much will last this🤯🤯
Giammy 222
Giammy 222:
3:19 script goal
Nazar mh
Nazar mh:
Nammada.muth ©®7
Bang Rano
Bang Rano:
Semoga Juventus bisa juara coppa

From : Indonesia
Peter Fighter
Peter Fighter:
🤷‍♂️Juventus Defence
🤷‍♂️Juventus Midfield
Max Davies
Max Davies:
Like for dybala —>
Forza Serie A!!
Lau Kelvin
Lau Kelvin:
11 vs 12
Pep Guardiola to Juve inevitable after manchester city campion league ban
Hiệp Xưa
Hiệp Xưa:
🇻🇳Vietnam I love Ronaldo 😍
Wisma Nugraha
Wisma Nugraha:
I Like Juve
Nice conclusion. ❤ Juve
Imont 24
Imont 24:
È bello pensare che con sto rigore siamo andati in finale😂
Muhamad Ibrahim
Muhamad Ibrahim:
No progress again, the game is very bad Alex Sandro, Pjanic, Cuadrado. minim supply to Cr7 dkk. realy on luck
Skimpy100 CpT
Skimpy100 CpT:
Ronaldo and Buffon 💯
noemy assuncao pereira
noemy assuncao pereira:
My song for CR7 Instagram meninanoemie 😘😘😘😘😘
Paolo Racco
Paolo Racco:
La meritavamo noi quella partita♥️🖤♥️🖤
channel tv independen
channel tv independen:
Best cr7
Matteo Pantaloni
Matteo Pantaloni:
Andri Prasukma
Andri Prasukma:
Super Gigi ✊💪
Adarsh r
Adarsh r:
Like for cr7
Lucio Sorrentino
Lucio Sorrentino:
Axel Rodriguez
Axel Rodriguez:
Edoardo Virgillo
Edoardo Virgillo:
Forza Milan ❤️🌑
Marco von Wendorf
Marco von Wendorf:
15 years of Ronaldo....

Who cares.🖖🤣👍
Edgardo Antonio Naranjo Duque
Edgardo Antonio Naranjo Duque:
Este es mi partido favorito de esta temporada de la juventus.Lo digo como Hincha de la Juventus y Real madrid.
Giulia Valentini
Giulia Valentini:
la juve ha avuto solamente fortuna
Radha Suter
Radha Suter:
No views and 4 likes
مہۧواطہۧن 'ۦ، 'ۦ
مہۧواطہۧن 'ۦ، 'ۦ:
Erick Nunes
Erick Nunes:
Conclusione bufommm
T h e 0 T h e 0
T h e 0 T h e 0:
*#Forzaa** Juvee❤️💓*
Γιάννης Βλάχος
Γιάννης Βλάχος:
2 Historical teams.
My10H FinoAllaFine
My10H FinoAllaFine:
#pjanic to weak this seasson replace #tonali next session
Frank Rodijk
Frank Rodijk:
Where to watch coppa italia matches?
deborah oluwole
deborah oluwole:
Gabry Bianconero
Gabry Bianconero:
IO C'ERO! 😍⚪⚫
Football Lover
Football Lover:
great vedio
Never putting lost games on channel, yikes
Berpikir Keras
Berpikir Keras:
Uncle Bae Comedy
Uncle Bae Comedy:
Juventus needs Pep
Josfur Gaming
Josfur Gaming:
all the losers calling for sarri sack are disguised magical flop fanboys 🤣😂🤦‍♂️
ronaldo been scoring a lot under sarri and they want that to end 😂🤣🤦‍♂️
Messi who!!? CR7 only true GOAT! FACT!
Super Buffon, Flop De Sciglio bah...!!
Flo DQ
Flo DQ:
Cr7 solo
Джотаро Куджо
Джотаро Куджо:
Game was pretty lame
I really like this match.
Mario Marino
Mario Marino:
Juve. CR7!!
dellepin STREAM
dellepin STREAM:
T Muzaffar
T Muzaffar:
Miri Bekirov
Miri Bekirov:
Ronaldo 👍
Sergio Cisneros
Sergio Cisneros:
CR7 y bufón los mejores de la historia
Cristian Martinez
Cristian Martinez:
Forza juve Forza buffon y cr7 a por la clasificacion a la final
Danilo Correia
Danilo Correia:
CR7 è il migliore!
Ilham Pratama
Ilham Pratama:
Juventini Indonesia
Sobha T
Sobha T:
Why is your highlights always late
Nam Che
Nam Che:
sarri out please