Cory Monteith 'Lea and I Are Dating'! (Subtitles)

Cory Monteith on Ellen confirmed his relationship with his co star on Glee, Lea Michele.

No está traducido literalmente (mi ingles no es tan bueno) igual espero que lo disfruten♥

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Mildred Rojas
Mildred Rojas:
it’s 2020 why am I doing this to myself
Maricel Pingul
Maricel Pingul:
Ellen: "cuz people think y'all are a couple."
Cory: "we are."
Ellen: "you are a couple?"
Cory: "yeah!"
Cory: *smiles and looks at the crowd*
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus:
Jesus. I can't imagine being loved by a man like that and then losing him so suddenly, tragically...and not to mention publically.

I have so much respect for Lea Michele. I'd probably wouldn't be standing right now if I had gone through what she did.
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez:
"See how cute she is" Soooo sweet! <3
karla steffanie
karla steffanie:
"of course we are " -Cory Monteith. OMG how he said that 😩😍
Caro Encinas
Caro Encinas:
ellen just keeps talking while cory is really distracted by lea´s picture omg so cuteee
random channel
random channel:
The way he talks about her is so beautiful, it’s 2019 and his death still gets to me
1:10 “look how cute she is”

😭😭😭😭😭😭 why is life so cruel
Kelly Lynskey
Kelly Lynskey:
“That’s her, see look how cute she is.” 😭😭😭😭😭
Ashley Mathews
Ashley Mathews:
He was so happy to announce it and it makes my heart hurt
Zera Jeffry
Zera Jeffry:
Monchele lives in our hearts forever. They were truly each other’s soulmates :(
they way he smiles so big after saying they're a couple omfg my heart
Ava Ainz
Ava Ainz:
“See look how cute she is” 😭😭
Bob_222_ Joe
Bob_222_ Joe:
Let’s just all remember that maybe in an alternate universe/next life we will see Cory and Lea again and maybe we’ll be able to witness the magic of them getting married
It's sad to think that no one knew that in a few months from then Cory would be dead 😭😪😢😓
Ramona Jackson
Ramona Jackson:
his lil grin kills me. omg i miss him
i came here after watching videos of lea receiving so many hate right now, i am not sure what i am looking for but his sweet sweet sweet smile kinda makes me forget about the hate for her
Martina Silva
Martina Silva:
I can’t believe that we are in 2020 and this happened 6 years ago
"Look how cute she is" IM CRYING
4 years today ❤️
We love you Cory
Victoria Charles
Victoria Charles:
"Of course " he says😭 aww
I love that he was so in love with her they he casually confirmed they were together. Most celebrities don't do that. My heart truly hurts 💔
Jazmin Quiroz
Jazmin Quiroz:
Every now and then I think about this video and I randomly smile. I think it's so cute and it hurts when I think about him sometimes.
Quinn Law-Knotts
Quinn Law-Knotts:
His dimple is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life😍 I miss his dorky smile so much😭🙏
Hola Hello
Hola Hello:
He is sooo ADORABLE
Mia Lloyd
Mia Lloyd:
How he says "of course" when asked if they are dating is so fricken cute
it’s been 7 years since this hansome man died and still i can fill a bucket with my tears just because of remembering it.😭
Amelie Holbrook
Amelie Holbrook:
Oh my goodness, I miss you Cory, so much. To anyone reading this, DO NOT EVER MIX 2 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DEPRESSANTS (i.e., alcohol and opiates, alcohol and benzos, benzos and opiates, etc.) This is how people die - 2 CNS depressants are not additive, they are exponential in their impact on one's respiration. PLEASE don't do that. Cory was too precious to lose, and so are you (meaning, anyone out there who is considering mixing substances). I know this sounds crazy, but I promise it's true: I love you, and if you need to talk, I'm here: [email protected] Please contact me if you are feeling desperate. I've been there.
Casey B
Casey B:
He says "look how cute she is" ❤❤❤
Lan8hfi L
Lan8hfi L:
Watching glee
Seeing lea and Cory sing a duet as Finn and Rachel hurts because I am thinking that lea had everything she wanted
She had fallen in love and almost married the person that she loved
She was in a show that you can Act and sing and the she lost everything
The show ended 2 years after and Cory died
Michelle Murowanidzwa
Michelle Murowanidzwa:
Cory looked a lot like Shawn Mendes or am the only one who sees it
rinrini chhakchhuak
rinrini chhakchhuak:
I feel sad 😪😪 what if cory is still alive amd married to lea... but who knows whats gonna happened, .. but i missed him... i grew up wathching glee.. it just makes me sad.. 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Elaina Dauphin
Elaina Dauphin:
Little did he know he was going to die in a little less then 3 months :( 😌🥺😢
He seemed like such a kind human, his voice is so calming and beautiful. I wish he was still alive
uhhh orange juice
uhhh orange juice:
“look how cute she is.” ❤️
diana hernandez
diana hernandez:
I literally rewatched the part where he says lea and him are dating for literally 20x and each time I start yelling
Kennedy Rae
Kennedy Rae:
I actually forgot he’s gone for a good 59 seconds..... I want to live in those 59 seconds forever
Bellaxx x
Bellaxx x:
look at the way he looks at the picture of her and says "look how cute she is" omg I'm dying
Phantom Alma
Phantom Alma:
This is so freaking sad and wonderful at the same time. Neither of them deserved what happened and it's so heartbreaking
hatter moon
hatter moon:
7 years, i can't believe. i miss you.
therapist: what do we say when we feel this way
me: 😎☺️🤪🤑✌🏻✌🏻
Brenda Magana
Brenda Magana:
it’s 2020 and I’m STILL crying 🥺😭 he was so proud of his relationship with Lea my poor heart ❤️
Lillian Rose
Lillian Rose:
the only thing that hurts me is how she moved on :( she definitely deserves to be happy after everything, but it’s just hard seeing her with someone else 💔 we miss you cory 🥺
Abigail Wee
Abigail Wee:
I miss Cory all of a sudden! 😩 just hearing don’t stop believing 😭
Lucy Harrison
Lucy Harrison:
What happened to him hurts my heart to think about. He was an amazing ,caring, genuine, loving man and he won’t ever be forgotten by anyone. He truly left such a special impact on everyone’s lives, even those he didn’t know personally. Rest in peace Cory ❤️
Colleen Robinson
Colleen Robinson:
“Make him blush and giggle like a little boy”
He obliges when he admits he’s dating her.... he points to his cheeks and smiled sheepishly.
Wan Izzati Wan Muzamil
Wan Izzati Wan Muzamil:
"see look how cute she is"
Annabeth Cgase
Annabeth Cgase:
the way he just stares at her picture though...he was so in love with her
Cate Mal
Cate Mal:
once Ellen said the word monchele, Cory started smiling
Chels Ryan
Chels Ryan:
I miss this guy so much. His smile was everything. His voice was gorgeous. I love the way he talked about lea. Their were my favourite couple. Taken so soon. R. I. P Cory 💜❤️
Jordyn Chappie
Jordyn Chappie:
I can’t believe he’s gone. It’s been 6 years and this video still breaks my heart. They were so cute together I just ugh 😭😭
bridget armitage
bridget armitage:
i miss cory all the time!! but im glad lea has a lovely husband and im sure he's happy for her too
Hadassah S
Hadassah S:
I can’t watch this 😭😭😭
Ayah Ella
Ayah Ella:
I Love his Voice i Love him 😔💔
R.I.P cory
I just miss him so much... RIP you will always live in my heart
sophia 896
sophia 896:
it makes me so sad to know they would've been married rn ):
F U:
I miss his little grin😭
NYC Tali
NYC Tali:
2020 and I’m still crying 🥺
Inês Louro
Inês Louro:
I miss you hard 😭
I’m cryinggg 2020 anyone ?! Why does this have to happen 😖😖😩😩😭
Arabella Perez
Arabella Perez:
Cory forever in my life😭😭😭😭😭
Mishal Nizar
Mishal Nizar:
Omg I’m crying so hard it has been so long since he died😢 RIP Cory
Joy Udueni
Joy Udueni:
I miss him so much 😭💔
Jhosy Rivera
Jhosy Rivera:
me encanto la parte en la que dice ''mira que linda es ...'' ay como lo extraño :-( todo un amor <3
Anderson Edits
Anderson Edits:
And I miss him. He was so cute, he loved her and she loved him. 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Victoria Charles
Victoria Charles:
)): cory and lea forever // rachel and finn forever !!❤ missing him
this is my 40th time rewatching this and I cry everytime
nasal auni rabbina
nasal auni rabbina:
Totally unfair😭
Why you wanting to know my name huh?
Why you wanting to know my name huh?:
my heart breaks for Lea, but im happy shes happy and healthy now.
Cadence Smith
Cadence Smith:
He was the sweetest person ever!!! I loved him♥️
rose fever
rose fever:
Cory is like a little boy in love I love it ahhhhh
Riona Zogaj
Riona Zogaj:
his smile is just soo precious🥺
It’s 2020 for me and I’m still sad about his death 😢I feel like he still had business to fufil
Cielo Cuevas
Cielo Cuevas:
"look how cute she is" 😭😭
Mav 94
Mav 94:
R.I.P Cory, sad you couldnt be with lea for the rest of your life :(
Bar Gafni
Bar Gafni:
we miss you cory <3
Emma Rose
Emma Rose:
Those two are so sweet together! I love Lea & Cory and Rachel & Finn so much ❤️ Miss you, Cory!
Liv Fay
Liv Fay:
“look how cute she is”
TessaAlisabeth Warner
TessaAlisabeth Warner:
They deserved better I miss him so so much ughhhh
Lore Salinas
Lore Salinas:
Payton Ainslee
Payton Ainslee:
“see look how cute she is”
Tanisha Willie
Tanisha Willie:
He was always so happy 😭😭💔 that smile we miss you Cory 😭❤❤❤❤
Tetey 07
Tetey 07:
Such a sweet guy❤️
he’s so cute, this made me smile and cry honestly❤️😭
Jaasiel Mejia
Jaasiel Mejia:
2020 😭 vuelvo a sufrir

Que hermoso ❤️
Amber Keown
Amber Keown:
God rest his beautiful soul
Andi Gomez
Andi Gomez:
"see how cute she is" 🥺
Kayla M
Kayla M:
Aww omg he was such a good person he is so sweet hope he rest in peace
Nuha Jarrah
Nuha Jarrah:
5 years today <3 we love you, cory
omg!!! he's so cute
Valery Chavez
Valery Chavez:
Santana Grady
Santana Grady:
"look at how cute she is"
Kaliona Villalobos
Kaliona Villalobos:
He’s a perfect little angel and everyone misses his goofy self
Mccoy Deleon
Mccoy Deleon:
I miss you Finn Hudson 💔
Laura Leal
Laura Leal:
7 years since you left and we all still miss you
Corey is such a wonderful man, despite what Lea is going through right now in 2020. I have respect for her, not because of her actions, but because losing the person you love is really heartbreaking and she had managed to survive. Honestly, if I were in her shoes, I would have never kept going, nor would I have found another person to love.