Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2020) - Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2020) - Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Kaby Lake, Core i7 7700K 4.20GHz
Motherboard: MSI Z270 GAMING PRO

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB DDR4
HDD: WD Black 4TB SATA-III 7200RPM 128MB
Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB DDR5X 256-bit
Power Corsair HXi Series HX850i
Case: NZXT Noctis 450 Black
Operating System: Windows 10
Monitor: ASUS VN247H-P 23.6

Game Information:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) expands upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 19 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, weapons, and game modes, and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust2, etc.).
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I used to play this non-stop in 2002. Came back to see if it still exists and apparently it does! Looks like the gameplay is exactly the same but with a better graphics. Same sound effects/etc. Awesome.
Quino - music
Quino - music:
I used to play CS like 17 years ago, same map, called Dust. The map didn't change at all, just better quality nowadays. Bring me back to young age damn. Had so much fun
Juan Dl
Juan Dl:
Que lindos gráficos😍
Vaya ya para este tiempo sigue siendo gran juego creo que lo voy a volver a jug1ra ase 4 años que no lo jugaba
Rodrigo Rizzo
Rodrigo Rizzo:
Saben si hay algún tutorial explicando las modalidades? Para los principiantes
este juego me aburrio pero sigo jugandolo y es muy bueno me trae buenos recuerdos y no es el cs go es el cs 1.6 es el primer couter striker que jugue
recuerdos que me hacen llorar
Vinicius Siqueira
Vinicius Siqueira:
caraca quero muito jogar esse jogo !!!!
David Bans
David Bans:
CS was part of my childhood. Years ago, I remember this place called WEBstation where you pay money for a couple of hours to play counterstrike into the late hours hanging with friends. Good times miss those days.
Daddyt Will
Daddyt Will:
This takes me back to my old PC gaming days damn I miss it😁😉🙃
Tyler Gamecast
Tyler Gamecast:
I hope cs-go never leaves or goes away I love this game and hope it lives forever
Manju Das
Manju Das:
This is a beautiful game and I love it ❤
I can't believe it still looks good even today.
Shrek valid
Shrek valid:
God I still remember the old counter strike it was fun back then
Golden Skies Records
Golden Skies Records:
Dust 2 ? Holy shit, i was thinking only old people like me used to play cs 😂 . It's nice to see people still there...👍👌
This Guy
This Guy:
Can’t beat the classics
Kuba Krawiec
Kuba Krawiec:
fajne mordeczko pozdrawiam
I miss the counter strike 1.6 beacause that game is my childhood game
Growing up as a kid in the early 2000’s this was all we had no call of duty you either had a sick pc or would go to lan cafes pay5 bucks for an hour and rock out
Dee Roach
Dee Roach:
I remember playing this circa late 90’s/early 2000’s. Good times lol
Lionel Medina
Lionel Medina:
buen gameplay 👍
Hneto Games
Hneto Games:
Awesome video!
Duy Chung
Duy Chung:
good gameplay dude, i like it!
“Bomb has been planted” I’ve heard that in my head since 2002
Great gameplay
Ijie Tolentino
Ijie Tolentino:
this would be a completely different gameplay if he had voice enabled
Vinicius Siqueira
Vinicius Siqueira:
esse jogo e massa hein?
Just downloaded this game. First time to ever play it tonight
Oscar Hdz
Oscar Hdz:
Me recuerda mucho por los graficos a Call of duty 4
Awesome bro😎👍
Sniping Machines
Sniping Machines:
Content was pretty good 👌👌👌 Keep it up
Mei Chen
Mei Chen:
I like this game i hope i can play again
게이머 준이 (gamerjun)
게이머 준이 (gamerjun):
that was perfect!!!
2005 conter strike-2010 -conter strike source-2015 CS-GO-2021 global offensive
federico arredondo
federico arredondo:
alguien sabe donde descargarloo ? para pc
The pistol is being held in a weird angle, like it is not aligned properly with the arm
Nihad Meherremli
Nihad Meherremli:
Nice Video👍
damn it has been do so long I forgot this game has no ADS
Raunak Roy
Raunak Roy:
I liked only counter strike source it's fun to play that game
Sarı Bela
Sarı Bela:
Ay hatırlıyorum galiba ben de oynuyordum en tanıdık kısmı da terorist win. Başka herşey parça parça
Roxanne Bennett
Roxanne Bennett:
when I play casual it shows I have gotten stars but then when I finish the game and my team wins, I dont see the stars . Why is that? are the stars just for fun and not real?
on the first level you freaked out when youseen the guy you shot at the wall like 6 times lol
I tried downloading this on a Mac but my Mac was to weak to handle it
Adminslayer 2.0
Adminslayer 2.0:
Somebody tell me a rating of 1/10 if I should get the game
CounterStrike Play
CounterStrike Play:
AK47 & Dust2 name a better combo I‘ll wait
Vinicius Siqueira
Vinicius Siqueira:
tras video do jogo los angeles crimes online e um jogo de celular muito top se vc poder trazer eu agradeso muito
Tadziuchna Rybicki
Tadziuchna Rybicki:
Zacytuje: Ej, Fajne too!
Dig Tromba
Dig Tromba:
bem disputado
The Reaper
The Reaper:
Love your vids

It gave me nightmares for 1 week
Dem "bullets flying so close" sounds
Lazy Procrastinator
Lazy Procrastinator:
i still dont know how yall firing that wonder ya got bad aim....
Jeson Febrian
Jeson Febrian:
I like your content ;')
I remember 1.5
Barwry Officials
Barwry Officials:
Ali Khattab
Ali Khattab:
Quick question when attacking by holding mouse the bullets doesn't seem to land on enemies instead the bullets spreads randomly can you tell me how to stop that
Rami Hussein
Rami Hussein:
0:44 is... is that snowballs..?
Jaydon Koehn
Jaydon Koehn:
How do you make it look so easy
muito bom faz m,ais
Kings Play
Kings Play:
Hello, the video is very good. I am also starting a gaming channel. I would appreciate your presence !!!!!!
Rodhiah Mat
Rodhiah Mat:
I play this game when iwas 5-6 iwas a legend and now i lost all my game memories
Sidratul 11
Sidratul 11:
Wow That Pretty good
Doppio Jodido
Doppio Jodido:
Hello, can you pass me the link to install Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without steam Please
The Player Guy
The Player Guy:
Is this game still worth it for a new player ?
Plot twist: oddly satisfying video
Chasing Sunset
Chasing Sunset:
CSgo players: cautious,precise executions
COD mobile players: rush,suicide attacks,may the fast fingers wins...
Leo Strzelecki
Leo Strzelecki:
Who else watching this while he cant play cs?
Vinicius Siqueira
Vinicius Siqueira:
que jogo de tiro bacana mano kkkkkkkkkkkk
David Heredia
David Heredia:
fer PRO
fer PRO:
Lo descargaste por steam?
1:22 I can't stop laughing because it's so funny how that dead man is looking at you
Cayenne Captain
Cayenne Captain:
Insurgency sandstorm is the new and improved counter strike
Herşeyden Fazlasıyla :)
Herşeyden Fazlasıyla :):
I'm getting the video thanks bro
I feel like downloading this game on steam instead playing on roblox. Cuz my friend will make fun of me lol.
Η στροφάρα του Γιώργη AK
Abel Chen
Abel Chen:
donde lo descargo?
Helena Meze Škraba
Helena Meze Škraba:
This game is like KRUNKER.IO
Where can I play this game and how to join?
lamari abderezak
lamari abderezak:
the streets of Algeria . in all the details .i liked it
Agus Sutrisno
Agus Sutrisno:
The place like the dust
Deni Devito
Deni Devito:
Igrao sam godinama counter strike.Da li se isplati igrati offensive?Pokusao bih...
Kauani Oliveira
Kauani Oliveira:
Brasil 🇧🇷????
The old CS is much better than this really.....
emrah reis
emrah reis:
my PC Intel graphics 2gb

16 GB ram 8×8

Intel core i3 3.70 GHz

490 GB HDD
Mikołaj Majda
Mikołaj Majda:
what kind of deciminator is this is it FN or WW
Adwait Porey
Adwait Porey:
why do you always reload your guns ??
I don't think I will
I don't think I will:
In this days this game is dying and unplayable because of cheaters

Pls fix vac
The grumpy cat
The grumpy cat:
People say thay can’t play on pc but I literally.just downloaded it on steam
Bro my friend at work told me to check out this game and I am confused on why this looks absolutely terrible oh my god this is probably one of the worst games I’ve ever seen I started watching this and I literally thought it was like five years six years old oh man please tell me less than 1 million people have purchased this game with their money
Paolo Marcelo Magallanes Puelles
Paolo Marcelo Magallanes Puelles:
Es cierto que hay muchos hackers? O se puede jugar tranquilo? uu
Jose Cicero
Jose Cicero:
Opa eso é Bom
this looks like Israeli forces against terrorists :D
HRH Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda
HRH Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda:
My friends used to play with a group of Americans called band of brothers they all went strange after that. 🕉🔺➕
Emad Qidwai
Emad Qidwai:
hey bro..atleast show in game updated 2 same videos with same error...
1:49 nice shot
Predescu Cristi
Predescu Cristi:
Mersi pt like,sunt tot eu care te tot intreaba mereu tiam multumit pe telefonul asta pt ca numai am internet dar sa numi dai coment pe telefonul asta
مملكة الالعاب The Kingbom Of the player
مملكة الالعاب The Kingbom Of the player:
Please, I want a strap on me to carry the game on my mobile
Sniping Machines
Sniping Machines:
Keep it up 👌 Content was pretty good
Anas khan
Anas khan: