Covid-19: Bill Gates predicts the end of the pandemic | The Economist

Bill Gates had long warned of the risk that a new virus would go global. Now he explains to Zanny Minton Beddoes, our editor-in-chief, how—and when—the covid-19 pandemic is likely to end.

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 Are we spending enough?

01:51 Why aren't we spending the billions to save the trillions?
03:35 What is realistic for the global coverage of a vaccine?
04:55 Will anti-vaxxers be a problem?
06:07 How far has this set back progress in the emerging world?

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Mandhan Academy
Mandhan Academy:
Ans is - End of 2021. Saved you 8 min.
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter:
Don’t lie! Who came here just to see the comments?
Slay Mone
Slay Mone:
“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ― Abraham Lincoln
J x B
J x B:
The first FDA approved Vaccine should be used on Bill Gates.
Lula Livre
Lula Livre:
Never trust a vaccine off a man that smiles while talking about deaths...
Mary st hilaire
Mary st hilaire:
Every time Bill Gates opens his mouth, a new anti-vaxxer is born!
Laura Woods
Laura Woods:
Isn't this the man that sold us all computer software that could catch a virus, then we had to pay $200 a year for virus protection 😂
sam nelly
sam nelly:
I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security. So I really appreciate your transparency and giving people a fighting chance during these troubling times.
End of 2021. Saved you 8 min.
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety:
The comment section is more entertaining than the video itself😅
Jonathan Hadley
Jonathan Hadley:
I didnt know that Bill Gates was medically qualified!
What about your software virus.., when is it going to end
Biggie Yeeter
Biggie Yeeter:
Bill should be first in the queue for his vaccine, live on TV, double dose!
Tube Clean GmbH .Compri Tube Clean
Tube Clean GmbH .Compri Tube Clean:
Just a gangster with his gang.
Snake Man
Snake Man:
Just testing human obedient. The virus is just duplicate
Allison Harper
Allison Harper:
Pretty neat how he can Nostradamus this cootie. 🤔Almost like he knows or has some inside info. 🤫
*Someone with a background in tech giving advice on medical issues! Really?*
Julius Reyes
Julius Reyes:
I want to see bill gates take the first vaccine shot live
Daniel Cloete
Daniel Cloete:
Dr. Bill Gates is always so informative, he speak with so much conviction, I just hope they start vaccinating the USA first the Kardashians, the Cardi B's of the world the rest of the annoying Hollywood "celebs".
Guillaume Hastoy
Guillaume Hastoy:
wow, lots of hate in the comments, I wouldn't like to be this guy :) even with the billions...
Alecia Sawyers
Alecia Sawyers:
I am a little disturbed by his wild gesticulations. His body language is not congruent with his the nature of the discussion.
Eteri Troitskaia
Eteri Troitskaia:
It makes me sick just to listen his voice . I can’t do it ... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Angel B
Angel B:
Never trust a man who flings his arms around when talking, takes your eyes from his eyes and makes you watch his arms.
dabz N slugg
dabz N slugg:
I thought this foo was a computer developer , guess he’s a doctor now CLOUT CHASER
Soul Quarian
Soul Quarian:
“Bill Gates: 2020’s Internet Bad Guy Champion. Will he retain his top spot? Stay tuned!”
Geoffrey Callaghan
Geoffrey Callaghan:
Covid-19 is an AMAZING virus. Key features:

- cured influenza, measles, heart disease, cancers and most other diseases and abolished 'death from natural causes'...

- it’s a smart virus, highly virulent in parks, gyms, churches and schools, the gym and on beaches...

- has no effect on the thousands of employees who work at Kmart, BigW, Target, Bunnings.... and especially in liquor stores...

- the virus seems to target mostly mum and dad businesses and barbershops, who always have much fewer customers walk through their doors...

- the virus also targets our food chain, since it managed to close meat packing companies, and forced farmers to discard their harvest in record time... (USA)

- construction and supermarket workers have a natural immunity, but would obviously still need to be vaccinated...

- also, police uniforms hold the cure for the virus... no social distancing, not even masks are needed, as long as you wear a police uniform...

- it doesn't affect children, except for a few who got it... same with animals...

- also, imposing mandatory cloth masks to prevent too much oxygen to people's brains, and spraying beaches and streets with bleach, as well as spraying chemical airborne disinfectants from airplanes over densely populated areas have been known to do miracles for people's lungs affected by this strange virus...

- we would need millions of ventilators... unless we suddenly won't need any ventilators...

- and we need to commandeer all private hospitals to keep them open solely for the avalanche of virus victims, and the avalanche of TikTok videos by overworked hero doctors and nurses...

- categorized as an 'invisible enemy', one that can never be definitively beaten and always lurking in the shadows, much like the war on terror...

- it loves New York too - a really cosmopolitan virus...

- there is a Celebrity Strain, and a highly Deadly Strain of the virus...

- even more amazing, in Sweden you can hug your grandkids, yet the UK strain forbids that...

- in India alone, the killer virus managed to lock 1.3 billion people in their homes indefinitely, after decimating 1000 of them, within just a few short months...

- every loss of life from this virus is tragic... however, pushing 150-500 million people into starvation worldwide is a necessary price to pay...

- experts have pointed out that this seasonal virus could easily be defeated by forever abolishing families, individual privacy, untraceable cash money, and all small independent farms and businesses...

- we all may have it by now, yet although asymptomatic, we can still infect people and test negative... or test positive... and our antibodies may, or may not give immunity...

- only a heavily government funded, hastily tested and mandatory vaccine can save us by injecting it in 7 billion people, every year, for a constantly mutating virus, the particular strain of which has long been history...

- also, be careful not to spread fake news or dangerous misinformation online about this virus... make sure you leave that to the professionals over at CDC, Global and the rest of the reliable mainstream media journalists around the world.
Raj Benny
Raj Benny:
He cannot take virus out of Microsoft how will he treat this virus?
Live, Learn and Teach
Live, Learn and Teach:
Why are so few people talking about making the population healthier if healthy people are not affected? Why is so much about a vaccine?
He needs to get vaccine first and then we see what happens next 😂😂😂😂
Jordan Tatum
Jordan Tatum:
Lol humans are just gonna become weaker an weaker yeah bring vaccines out starting with u bill
Esther Thorli
Esther Thorli:
Came here a skeptic re the allegations..., the body language is disconcerting.
Russell Rideout
Russell Rideout:
He's interested in collecting the billions to be spent on vaccines
A Umale
A Umale:
Is Bill Gates is A Doctor ?????? The way he is explaining as if he is The Doctor.
George W Bush Center for Intelligence
George W Bush Center for Intelligence:
One thing nobody predicted is me ordered churros with my Burger .
b jenkins
b jenkins:
He sure has nervousish expressions
Free your mind Or die
Free your mind Or die:
*when we goana see this guy go to next life and meet Satan?*
Juan de la Cosa
Juan de la Cosa:
Self declared "experts" like this one are part of the problem really.
We're living in the matrix.
Digital Eyes
Digital Eyes:
His body language proved me right that this is a Plandemic. What's wrong with his ring finger?
Patty Roeting
Patty Roeting:
What seems a little crazy considering this is the man that owns the virus the coronavirus and now he’s gonna come up with a cure this man is a little shady
Bill Gates may be experiencing early stages of cognitive problems.
Blue Shroom
Blue Shroom:
Bill Gates doesn’t get it that at least 1/2 of Americans are living a third world life in a first world country. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Vanezs Wilmer
Vanezs Wilmer:
Will Bill and his family getting the vaccine first?? Where are the vaccine trials with people that have health issues??
Miriam Gentles
Miriam Gentles:
The beast himself.
General Putin
General Putin:
Bull Gates, A, ah, a, ah, a
When did he get his doctorate?
He Should be on TV getting the first shot.

First on the gates hit.

All the color people
Hill Billies
Asian People
mb Safronovitz
mb Safronovitz:
Did he warn us about himself?? Nothing philanthropic about this creature.
Joseph Wamae
Joseph Wamae:
The pandemic expert.... For a guy who works on computers.. His wealth of knowledge on the virus is magical.
all that money and he still has to push those glasses up by hand
Dannielle Karise
Dannielle Karise:
I must have missed the moment in time when Bill Gates became a medical expert 🤷🏾‍♀️
Perry Haarsma
Perry Haarsma:
Does waving his arms make him more credible? Or is that to distract us?
Ricket Dykes
Ricket Dykes:
Looks like Gates takes adrenochrome.Sometimes he looks old other times he looks younger.Why?
Jasper Etale
Jasper Etale:
He also predicted the coming of the covid 19 pandemic!!
Jordano nuñez
Jordano nuñez:
Just ask Bill when the void 19 will end he knows oh he knows I say Bill knows how he knows so much just ask him my my
He is lying about somthing. He is only interested in talking about selling it , and covering costs etc etc .
Imagine having the power to influence the media too convince the entire planet their is a deadly virus and he is the only man with the cure. The perfect con !
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Bill Gates: industrial camera set up

Economist Editor-in-chief: reporting live from Nokia 3310
Manuela Neugschwandtner
Manuela Neugschwandtner:
How disgusting putting a face of joy when he talks about future tragedies.
Anna Na
Anna Na:
I am just shocked that every time he is talking about viruses killing pepople, he is so happy. By the way, why are you interviewing him? Is he a virologist?
Sara faraji
Sara faraji:
He is very active in this pandemic 🧐
nat scobie
nat scobie:
Don’t believe John Hopkins fora minute🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️
Emelyn Jimena
Emelyn Jimena:
Richman still hungry for 💰
actionspks loudernwords
actionspks loudernwords:
His body language is so telling ......he is a crook
Dana Stout
Dana Stout:
what a joke, nice soft ball questions to Dr Death
He must be a fortune teller or deviner that he could see the pandemic coming. He said that he believes that the pandemic hopefully will be over by the end of 2021.
Isaac Barrera
Isaac Barrera:
How come a tech business guy became involved and an expert in viruses and pandemics??
Issy Bella
Issy Bella:
Since this whole thing started, l have learned one thing for which l will be forever indebted: I don't trust anyone, in other words, always question, and thatt includes doctors, as they all have their own interpretation and constantly changing stories.

Not to mention, the pendemic was started on purpose.......And only a privileged few such as Bill Gates knows the whole story; when it will end, etcetera, not to mention, the vaccine, which is already out there. Must be nice, truly, one f***** up sick world. Sorry if l sound pessimistic, but l am very grateful to the pendemic, teaching no-one is to be trusted.
Don A
Don A:
How does he know?
Felicia Neacsu
Felicia Neacsu:
2 TIMOTHY.1.7 and LUKE 10.19M
Blind Visionary
Blind Visionary:
Trust only in Jesus. ✝️🙏
Thomas Gilbert
Thomas Gilbert:
To be sure, I honestly hope covid-19 should end in two years. But the news won't take that seriously.
Sonya Gordon
Sonya Gordon:
I would like this to be tested like other drugs. I want to see that it doesn't cause harmful side effects for 5 - 10 years before it is released. That won't happen.
Grace 2U
Grace 2U:
He reminds me of Scotty Kilmer lol
Kristen Hovak
Kristen Hovak:
The pandemic has really reduced the economic sector in the world at large today....
Loeuvre Manic
Loeuvre Manic:
But why is he gesturing with his hands ?
Looks like the Virus is already weakening or treatment getting better: Here in Germany we have a dayly Corona death rate of between 0 and 10 in a population of 85 Million.
Ashy Williams
Ashy Williams:
Bill gates: we gonna follow the science

Also bill gates: so imma get tedros as WHO boss who has a degree in philosophy
his vax alters DNA. Moderna and him want to "turn the human body into a vaccine making factory" experimental. his vax killed and maimed kids in africa and india.{in prior years}
Ashy Williams
Ashy Williams:
Bill gates: imma invest tens of billions to fight pandemic

Also bill gates: you can fight pandemic by washing yo hands.
Carter Creative
Carter Creative:
We never needed a vaccine for any other pandemic....BBBBBBILL
covid 19
covid 19:
Covid came from Epstein Island. Bill was on Epstein Island and spread Covid all over the world.
Bill, can you give a report on your pandemic exercise? I would like to to read it... hypothesis to conclusion....
Paul RupRai
Paul RupRai:
Blah blah blah ! Action speaks louder than words !!
See Teine
See Teine:
This is time when people get oppurtunity to fight against rigged system.
Dear Leader
Dear Leader:
Would Bill still be able to talk if his hands were tied down?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates:
this one was mild! a new one is coming!
J Gonzalez
J Gonzalez:
hes a prophet now? lol he predicts cuz he knows its all been planned
If you read his body language... you know immediately he needs psiquiátric treatment...
Carl Carl
Carl Carl:
Gates loves money, he lives for that; all his 'philanthropic' donations serve two purposes; tax deductions and backdoor money hoarding. As his ostentatious care for humanity; forget it.
luvluca toni
luvluca toni:
Cant believe hes still breathing . What a liar. Murderer.
Hermes Allan Suba
Hermes Allan Suba:
4:46 thank me later
He knows when it will end because he started it. It ends when he says it does.
Tyler lassi
Tyler lassi:
they are planning something big and its going to lead to our extinction...
dododo baba
dododo baba:
Ahhhh, the comment section is gonna be lit
Bill Gates: even if the vaccine is only 30-40% effective. it will be over in 2021 with a little bit of spill over to 2022.
Flu Vaccine: am I a joke to you.
rokok m
rokok m:
$$$$$$ did some one say MONEY..
Carla Nora Muñoz Delgado
Carla Nora Muñoz Delgado:
Most of the people I talk to DON'T want the vaccine. Natural immunity is around the corner.
NeEd InPuT
NeEd InPuT:
This guy better hope he has much security when people come after him.
GiVe Bill Ju n i or (silent J🌼J= Jesus)an A for his concern🐺
M. W.
M. W.:
Bill donated 50 mil to BBC, why? Economist = same same....
may shin
may shin:
bill met geoffrey epstein 7 times , does it tell you something?
Patrick McAneeley
Patrick McAneeley:
You are fools if you believe his hype. Go listen to Zach Bush MD for a much more intelligence about this issue.