Covid-19: Bill Gates predicts the end of the pandemic | The Economist

Bill Gates had long warned of the risk that a new virus would go global. Now he explains to Zanny Minton Beddoes, our editor-in-chief, how—and when—the covid-19 pandemic is likely to end.

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 Are we spending enough?

01:51 Why aren't we spending the billions to save the trillions?
03:35 What is realistic for the global coverage of a vaccine?
04:55 Will anti-vaxxers be a problem?
06:07 How far has this set back progress in the emerging world?

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100+ comentarios:

Mandhan Academy
Mandhan Academy:
Ans is - End of 2021. Saved you 8 min.
The One
The One:
The title shouldn't be "Bill Gates Predicts...", it ahould be "Bill Gates Designs 2021".
He didn't predict. He planned.
When did Bill Gates become a doctor? or scientist?
Branko Matkovic
Branko Matkovic:
When did he get his degree in Epidemiology? He can't even get viruses out his own computer.
Ádám Somogyi
Ádám Somogyi:
He can’t even protect my computer from virus
E F:
Wierd how this guy just becomes the worlds leading virologist overnight after a career in electronics.
Truth Seeker333
Truth Seeker333:
All of this is planned, and many more to come. Population control!
He knows when it starts, when it ends, and when the second one is coming because he helped to plan this! I wouldn't be so skeptical if he wasn't involved.
Human Rights
Human Rights:
Mr. Gates: The truth will come out... and justice will be done
Slay Mone
Slay Mone:
“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ― Abraham Lincoln
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke:
It's funny how no one believes this guy. Why are we hearing some tech guy instead of a doctor or scientist
Georgy Agapov
Georgy Agapov:
"We predict the future. And the best way to predict it, is to invent it" - Smoking Man from X-Files
Kimberly Kelly
Kimberly Kelly:
I can't even listen to this BS... HE BREATHES AND LIES
HMC Transport
HMC Transport:
Fraud fake pretenders, people know about his depopulation agenda now. These guys don't give a F about the people. Do some research and see.
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter:
Don’t lie! Who came here just to see the comments?
Dennis Salisbury
Dennis Salisbury:
Bill Gates needs to prove that his own family has been vaccinated.
dvir peri
dvir peri:
The vaccines are disconnecting from your spiritual being, dont take them!
Jeremy Love
Jeremy Love:
He was involved with the creation of this virus, and the cure.
Birry Sund
Birry Sund:
Bill Gates predicts more money in his 🏦 account 🗣💉
Ben Lee
Ben Lee:
I came here to read all the comments about this DEMON BILL GATES poisoning and killing the population
He is literally the devil.
Asking the wolf how to protect the sheep.
Erion Haska
Erion Haska:
Hey Im a billionaire, can i play the doctor?? Sure ,why not.
Kristine Turner
Kristine Turner:
You only know the end of a pandemic when you had a hand in causing the pandemic in the first place.
Tina Poucher
Tina Poucher:
Wouldn’t take any of HIS VACCINES!
Lina White
Lina White:
He didn’t predict the pandemic he helped plan it🤦🏼‍♀️
Eray Aktaş
Eray Aktaş:
“The damages have been greater than I would have expected” I think he meant “he had expected”
Yolanda Sosa
Yolanda Sosa:
He predicted the virus because they threw out the virus on purpose
True Love
True Love:
He can't even look at the camera straight
Raven's little Ct Garden
Raven's little Ct Garden:
The same man who talks about population control wants to save your life with a vaccine? He is toxic and a criminal! Crimes against humanity
This fool is too dame nervous he should get it 1st...DONT GET THE VACC 🌎
Mikey H
Mikey H:
I mean considering he has such a huge involvement in this whole “pandemic” I guess he really does know or will decide when he come out of this mess..
Thank him for the “virus” he’s trying to control the whole fricking world
Laura Trotchie
Laura Trotchie:
Is Gates being the mouth piece because he is going to reap the rewards of a vaccine?
Does this guy has medical degree in bio or WF he is talking about
Shimozukushichi Shikarinarichimoto
Shimozukushichi Shikarinarichimoto:
Those who want to die within 3 years or get paralyzed they can take this vaccine
Sickofit November
Sickofit November:
Even though he knew about all this in advance he still sounds very unprepared to say his uh...uh...lines. Philanthropist?😂😆🤣 Killanthropist.
That EVIL smile at 6:41 talking about people’s struggles with money “PRESSURES”. Oh man it’s like a personal joke to him 🤬 he gets a thrill of thinking about people dying.
He made so much money during this pandemic. Money that most of us unemployed folk, desperately need.
J x B
J x B:
The first FDA approved Vaccine should be used on Bill Gates.
Bill Gates is a globalist elitest who is interested in one outcome: the great reset!
Born to social distance
Born to social distance:
" Spend billions to save trillions " 😀 So how much money the flue cost you Bill?
Amelia Forbes
Amelia Forbes:
“They live in the economic world where money is not free” 🤔
English Garden
English Garden:
Karma will Get “you Buddy”
Enjoying Your fancy mansions and the pleasure of feeling superior and in Control of Humanity” “won’t last long.
Eternity is Forever. .!!
Simple Brian
Simple Brian:
Better grab a popcorn before you dive into the comments lad
Krystyna Haberek
Krystyna Haberek:
Something really got into the heads of all these billionaires. We are human, not some controllable devices with attacks hackers!
Ken Margison
Ken Margison:
Tyrant of all tyrants. Needs one of his own vaccines
Robinson Khodra
Robinson Khodra:
Look at the amount of times he plays with his ring
Julius Reyes
Julius Reyes:
I want to see bill gates take the first vaccine shot live
Nameer Jwaida
Nameer Jwaida:
May the lord be with you all believers, may the Holy Spirit guide you through your lives. Don’t believe everything you see, but have faith and be ready for the second coming.
dave strongman
dave strongman:
The Economist is owned by the Rothschilds
Mayor Dago TV
Mayor Dago TV:
They having this guy on like He's a certified medical doctor.
Intuitive Cait
Intuitive Cait:
“This was a huge favour to help out the entire world” awww gee thanks Bill. You shouldn’t have.
Ithong'o wa Njogu
Ithong'o wa Njogu:
I really can't understand why a software genie is so interested in the medical field...I smell a rat people
That’s easy to do when you invested in its creation...
Interesting, the ratio of Dislikes on this video. Wonder what it means.
Chris Stockdale
Chris Stockdale:
Bill has set this up!'s the one who wants worl population to be reduced to 1 billion! Look it up! This man is evil! Wake up ppl!
Clicked on this Video just to see the comments ...
Nisali Ranathunga
Nisali Ranathunga:
He can't even protect my computer from virus. 🙄
Dave Lilley
Dave Lilley:
A despicable lizard.
Charming Biganet
Charming Biganet:
He planned this PLANDEMIC /PANDEMIC so he knows the end/when this Covic stops. It's his plan to de-populate.
Emilio Pradillo
Emilio Pradillo:
He talks about USA like there doing great when there the worst in cases
End of 2021, that's more or less when they want to get the whole Great Reset wrapped up. Bill, Bill, you ought to care about your Soul, before it's lost forever
Domi !
Domi !:
when did he become Dr.Gates? how does an I.T. billionaire know when the "covid crisis" will end? because he help plan it.
Bill Gates has Reptilian skin
Susie Iacuessa
Susie Iacuessa:
Why wasn’t the SARS flu considered a pandemic when it actually killed many more people then this covid-19 ???
End of 2021. Saved you 8 min.
Anne A.
Anne A.:
Start something and look for a solution,Very smart.
Phil Booth
Phil Booth:
You can see pure evil in his eyes
Mark Andrew Kalfa
Mark Andrew Kalfa:
What are his qualifications on epidemics and viruses? I never understood this.
Tamil Tamil
Tamil Tamil:
Everyone thinks if year ends virus also will die🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yassine Kernis
Yassine Kernis:
A person that I know told me that when he caught the coronavirus months ago it lasted 3 weeks of high fever and weird nightmare ,he said this illeness is different than anything flu he ever had,and a friend of mine who had it too but didn't have any symptoms lasted a little over month before he tested negative .
Ok so he’s ending this drama by end of 2021 and only need 30-60% of the world to get injected. Let’s start with him and government officials
Alex W
Alex W:
He literally helped create it 😂 y'all are delusional
Jason Turner
Jason Turner:
He can predict the future because there letting him design it ..
jamie h
jamie h:
They mans a fruit cake
He’s not all there
You can have them BILL you and your family
Since when did they put a computer guy in charge of a virus vaccine????
J M:
That can only mean one thing, HIS vaccine (for his patented virus) will be done by then. Oh shocker.......!
Grace Joy
Grace Joy:
Oh yeah, "predictions," haha! He did this on purpose!
Smokey Nevada
Smokey Nevada:
He is saying that not everyone needs a vaccine to stop the virus. Interesting.
Ivan Silvester
Ivan Silvester:
Did Bill Gates test the vacceen by himself first?
B H:
He should know! His predictions so far have been spot on!
Mr Moon
Mr Moon:
The virus didn't do the damage, governments over reaction and restrictions have caused more deaths and damage,
Champman40 Jerry Baxter
Champman40 Jerry Baxter:
@1:22 busted body language and actions while speaking means alot I've ALWAYS had a gift to read ppl
william bush
william bush:
the globalist agenda heralds the end of bill gates.
Shine Leo
Shine Leo:
We need to save him please inject all types of vaccines on him first.
Jessie Frye
Jessie Frye:
Says the man who refuses for his family,to be vaccinated.
Since he believes in this vaccine so much he should take the first dose when it comes out....oh wait that won't happen 🙄
Bandile Michael Ncoyini
Bandile Michael Ncoyini:
Our world is just a mess..., 💔💔💔
Yup yup
Yup yup:
He's had a patent for the corona virus vaccines years before it even existed, emagine that.
Charles Fick
Charles Fick:
It’s because Bill Gates was behind it. Do NOT take the vaccine
2curious Danielle
2curious Danielle:
I’ll take the vaccine when I see him do it first.
5:21 30-60% takes it. Hmm what about the others? Survival of the fittest
Nomadik Butterfly
Nomadik Butterfly:
He's a psycopath, and the conductor too, just by being a bit sensitive you can se this in their eyes
I came to the economist adter being told there was no bias, im so far dissapointed .
It's all about money. Contral , power!
Leigh Jordan
Leigh Jordan:
Luann Richardson
Luann Richardson:
I just came to see the comments. This %#?! is one of the major causes of the worlds ills and should be charged with crimes against humanity.