Cristiano Ronaldo Top 9 Iconic Performances for Juve

9 iconic Juve games from the best player in history

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Memento Mori
Memento Mori:
The worst version of Cristiano is still one of the top 3 players in Europe
Rafli Yanuar
Rafli Yanuar:
he has proven himself in the 3 best leagues in the world
against Atletico de Madrid was the best performance in ⚫⚪
The Protaganist
The Protaganist:
It hurts me When someone blindly calls him "Only a finisher".. He's lethal in every position..
Josh Boyes
Josh Boyes:
I mean, these are great performances, but the most iconic by far has to be the comeback hatrick against Atletico....
Daniel Vingaard
Daniel Vingaard:
Having watched all Juve games the last three seasons has been a pleasure. Sad to see him leave, but very thankful for those times.
Jacob Rushlow
Jacob Rushlow:
I find it funny that Juve didn't even thank him for carrying their team the last 3 seasons. . . . .
Capital Black
Capital Black:
For me any game Cristiano plays in is Iconic
kennata official
kennata official:
For his age this man is amazing the way running in the field and dribbling the energy haven't changed
Grigor Ylli
Grigor Ylli:
You should have added the game against Fiorentina where he scored the free kick, vs atletico madrid hattrick to save Juve and very good dribbles, and against Lyon when he scored 2 goals which include the left foot screamer from outside the box and made very good dribbling as well, gave his best but Juve didn’t win. He also set up Higuain and he missed.
Daniel M
Daniel M:
Ronaldo did far more for Juve than they did for him. Didn’t get a good coach after firing Allegri and didn’t get a good squad around him. Dybala was injured unfortunately and Chiesa just picked it up at the end of last season
1:00 - that same cheeky smile after he beats a player on the wing, after all these years
Kristen NG
Kristen NG:
Make more videos like this . It been a pleasure to witness the best player ever playing in Italy, people just didn’t appreciate him enough when he was in playing for Juve ⚪️⚫️❤️ All the best to Cristiano back to Man United , he deserve everything💪 Serie A will totally miss this legend
Dara C
Dara C:
Ronaldo in his final seasons at utd was his best a winger who could make any defender look silly and score from anywhere an absolute monster
Matteo Salvadori
Matteo Salvadori:
Great work as always! Will you ever make one about Ibra for Milan in the future?
B. O
B. O:
So excited to see a even more motivated version of him again at man u with the fans😍😍😍❤️
Alessandro Pignotti
Alessandro Pignotti:
Ronaldo will be missed in Serie A. From a AC Milan fans 😔❤️🖤
Visual Shock
Visual Shock:
the man kicks with both his left and right foot equally well
Peter Musonda
Peter Musonda:
Eish !absolute beast of a his age yet phenomenal 🔥🔥🔥
Alan Cantu
Alan Cantu:
I cannot wait for when we have a similar video after his return to United. He is going to pop off in the Prem again!
Way more than just a goalscorer💯
Sandaru Vidanage
Sandaru Vidanage:
Ronnie's gonna light up the PL isn't he👏👏🔥
Adnan Syed
Adnan Syed:
0:15 that shoulder pass 😳
He still has that skiller touch,he never lost it,and people say he doesn't know how to drible anymore
1:00 he smiles after completing the skill
Emmanuel Awuah
Emmanuel Awuah:
The greatest player of all time
nefarious k
nefarious k:
7:37 I mean....we all know he lost his incredible pace but he still got some speed at the age of 35+ lol
Jose Avendaño
Jose Avendaño:
Oh my god sampdoria performance was magical
EVAN 2004
EVAN 2004:
Im already missing him 🥺🥺🥺
Ak Go
Ak Go:
The sampdoria game reminded me of the United ronaldo. So good.
He was the king of football ♥️
1:05 that was a dive bro my guy legit jumped into him
Daniel San
Daniel San:
The most underutilized talent in a club's history. Even though CR7 had extraordinary performances for Juventus, his teammates were always way below him and the bad coaches didn't collaborate.
Pietro Cotellessa
Pietro Cotellessa:
Grazie Ronaldo per essere stato alla Juve!
Adrian Whyte
Adrian Whyte:
I had to pause the vid to talk about that first goal he jumps over another player that was jumping to score 🔥🔥🔥
When Ronaldo leaves people will only then realize how much he carried Juventus.
Viktor Szilágyi
Viktor Szilágyi:
8:24 wow what an iconic perfomance haha this shows what lvl cristiano is on….avarge but a bit better
Sabu Christoper
Sabu Christoper:
Legend 💥💯
Francesco Landolfo
Francesco Landolfo:
131 presenze più di 100 goal.. ciao Ronaldo e grazie da tifoso non Juventino
satvik pai
satvik pai:
Juventus will surely miss his goals and it will be very difficult for them to replace him. I hope this will be a wake up call to the juventus management to start managing the club better or else they are gonna end up like arsenal.
Ashok Subedi
Ashok Subedi:
All those wonderful skills just to give short pass to his nearest teamate
Hanif Folami
Hanif Folami:
Bro no cap my knee hurts with that header damn 😭😭😭🔥🐐
Steve W
Steve W:
Good video. Stands out amongst the rest.
Salvatore Pastella
Salvatore Pastella:
Le tre champions vinte alla juve hanno fatto la differenza....😆
Adam Bassiouny
Adam Bassiouny:
He is very mentally strong!
Ross Ederson
Ross Ederson:
The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.
ya tres años y que raro es verte con la camiseta de la juve :(
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez:
De parte de un fan de Messi amo a cr7🐐♥️ 🤩
Stefano Siciliano
Stefano Siciliano:
Fernando Chavarria
Fernando Chavarria:
Cr7 el comandante e incomparable siuuuuuuuuuuuuu
na me
na me:
Amazing audio!👍
Khôi Đặng
Khôi Đặng:
And when he left they say "who need Ronaldo?"
I already miss him
He swaps Turin for Manchester! Not even the good half either 😉
Dav Gamit
Dav Gamit:
Cool vid. Don’t agree w leaving the flops in there though lol
Stalder Christoph
Stalder Christoph:
Imagine being 36yeaes old and still need 3-4 guys around you to stop you...
Just M
Just M:
He was fighting alone in his period with juve unlike Madrid and United
Bryce Awaldien
Bryce Awaldien:
Welcome back to Manchester goat🐐
manish yadav
manish yadav:
He saved Juve many times ...all UCL quater finals he scored....but the Juve team was so bad... thankgod he left that shit team 😑
Emanuel Sorrentino
Emanuel Sorrentino:
Come se fosse una cosa importante fare 11 dribbling a 35 anni... Guardando poi il risultato della partita, è stato anche molto utile...
I honestly don't know how can you make this video without including the match against Atletico Madrid in UCL.
R E D A:
The goat 😉
Jesus…already considered one of the best ever and still underrated.
Carlos Lopez Alonso
Carlos Lopez Alonso:
Francesco Avella
Francesco Avella:
Where's the game with atletico?😂
U forgot the 2nd game against atletico madrid in champions that they lost their 1st match and he maked a hattrick in the 2nd and eliminated
Where is Juve-Atletico Madrid 3-0?
1:05 Murillo memories ahaha
Paul Lujan
Paul Lujan:
Master Lollo
Master Lollo:
Most iconic was the champions league won with juve...wait nevermind...
I always support cr7 win or lose.
R10i Comps
R10i Comps:
Tiago Valente
Tiago Valente:
Lost a bit of his pace but still class
santana man
santana man:
"We were BetTER wiTHouT RoNAldo :🤡 bunch of fools that say that
Pessi could never dominate in multiple leagues
Xd gamer heet
Xd gamer heet:
You got the best new content of cr7 best iconic plays for manu 2021
fabio ginevra
fabio ginevra:
"Iconic"........versus cagliari......🤭🤭🤦‍♂️
Anyone see the grin on his face about 1:00 when he gets past the defender? Or am I imagining it?
gaming and anime
gaming and anime:
the video is only top 9 bcz theres only 9 ones for Juventus,
not 10 xD
Rahul Raj Saini
Rahul Raj Saini:
Cristiano is the best 🔥 🔥 🔥
Hamras Mohammed
Hamras Mohammed:
In his CF position he is a beast.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
Imagine saying last year Ronaldo and Lukaku would be playing in the prem next season,people would laugh at you.
Marvin Menassah
Marvin Menassah:
Cristiano Ronaldo , the legend of legends ⚽
Matteo Mori
Matteo Mori:
1:20 that wasn't the match that made Juventus qualify for Champions
Enrique Reyes Montoya
Enrique Reyes Montoya:
si la soltara más, perdería menos, y así sería más eficiente
Iqzal Lesmana
Iqzal Lesmana:
R2 yamaha gg!!
Orlando Maffettone
Orlando Maffettone:
It was a clown in Juventus Team, 'cause when he arrived to Torino, he sayd to her fans "I Will give u the Champions".

Thanks for not putting music in the background like most of the others.
Zoltan Kiss
Zoltan Kiss:
Welcome home CR7!
His jump is just.
Emin Selcuk Özdemir
Emin Selcuk Özdemir:
In German we say: ,,Maschine der Junge“ 👍🏽
Rickyas Y
Rickyas Y:
Awesome quality
Matheus Avila
Matheus Avila:
Top na Juventus parabéns baita jogadores Cristiano Ronaldo cr7
Nurimzhan Sarsenbaev
Nurimzhan Sarsenbaev:
what about performance against Atlantico Madrid ?
Lorenzo Castelli
Lorenzo Castelli:
Wow so Iconic. 3-0 Loss against Fiorentina at home 😳😳😳
Jose Fernando Baena Acosta
Jose Fernando Baena Acosta:
Aun la gente dice que Cr7 no hizo nada en la Juve? Es una maquina!!!!
Ash Bash
Ash Bash:
"Iconic" my butt 😂
angel Moran
angel Moran:
I really think he’s looking better with age
love the viddddd
Marcel Thompson
Marcel Thompson:
he is still good but not 92/93 ovr maybe 85-87 ST