Crowd reacts as Derek Chauvin found guilty over death of George Floyd – BBC News

People gathered outside court in Minneapolis erupted in cheers upon hearing that Derek Chauvin had been found guilty of all charges over George Floyd's death.

The former police officer has been convicted on all three charges - second degree murder, third degree murder and manslaughter.

Chauvin was filmed with his knee on George Floyd's neck last May, sparking global protests against racism.


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BBC, you must be in a good mood, you left the comment section open. 🤔
It is extremely sad that any of this ever happened
Mark Goddard
Mark Goddard:
In other news, the BBC has written a story on a man finding his surf board. Journalism today.
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
Wyndell Lee the Spammer:
Imagine if Derek Chauvin was found Not Guilty...
Tung CHE
Tung CHE:
No Justice for Tony Timpa.
King Edward
King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England:
“Damnit, I had a place set up for my new TV and all! We didn’t expect our peer pressure to be THAT effective!”
Black Empress X Empress DEVINE X
Black Empress X Empress DEVINE X:
Happy Christmas everyone xx
strange lee
strange lee:
1000's of hours of footage broadcast of the prosecutions case. I was waiting for the defence footage but there didn't seem to be any.
Is that all gas no breaks in the bottom left?
Oh, they are going to be YUGE MAD when the appeal/mistrial comes through.
Oversaturated Market
Oversaturated Market:
There is no Justice only Retribution.
Riya Murarka
Riya Murarka:
Sir Korea ki muslim news
#O8Salford Rizz
#O8Salford Rizz:
Smoking dat floyd pack for 420 🔥
Leyoni leon
Leyoni leon:
There is a humble request from all the channels to show how to take care of the corona infected patient at home.
James Croad
James Croad:
Anyone notice the complete lack of media focus on the social distancing aspect and large crowds, that if say for example were there to protest lockdowns or government handling of the 'pandemic' - or even just outside enjoying themselves at a beach or something - would have the media lit up with rage.
I just finished picking my nose. It was crunchy with a gooey bit in the end. As I child I would happily nom upon them. As I grew, I struggled to contain my love of my bogie breakfasts, I would leave parties by the back door just so I could go nose mining.
I know I shouldn't but... it's the texture you see.... it's the texture....
Dr Gopnik
Dr Gopnik:
One step closer to South Africa.
Nathan Blease
Nathan Blease:
What’s his name? I didn’t quite catch it 😆
even if the jury had reasonable doubt there was no way they would find him not guilty in fear of the repercussions
jay w
jay w:
BRAKING NEWS BBC leaves comment section open
scott hoskins
scott hoskins:
Its Emancipation all over again!!
annu sood
annu sood:
Sir North Korea ki muslim news btaho
Fat B
Fat B:
Phyllobates Terribilis
Phyllobates Terribilis:
"If there's one thing we've learned, it's that terrorism works." - Kyle Broflovski
Congregation of zombies? So, they DO exist outside films!!!!
Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan:
The media should be held accountable for their LIES
Gnome Child
Gnome Child:
Oh boy I sure am glad the jury didn't feel under duress when making their decision. If they did it would be a massive breach of law and the verdict couldn't possibly be regarded as accurate.
Dawn Calder
Dawn Calder:
Why are they so exited life continues
The world sucks
But hopefully it'll get better
Leyoni leon
Leyoni leon:
There is a humble request from all the channels to show how to take care of the corona infected patient at home.
Leyoni leon
Leyoni leon:
There is a humble request from all the channels to show how to take care of the corona infected patient at home.
Mob rule sad day for justice on a plus note GF has been drug free for 11 months now.
Zybryus Heard
Zybryus Heard:
Guess what, a 14 year old girl was just killed by a cop minutes ago, minutes after this
Justice for Cannon Hinnant.
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
Wyndell Lee the Spammer:
Imagine if the trial took Nine Minutes and Twenty-Nine seconds.
How are you today?
John Shaw
John Shaw:
I was born in Stuart, FL in 1949. I lived there 54 years. The place
was the adjustment unit at the Florida School for Boys at Okeechobee
from September 11 until October 21, 1965. State man had three-foot
leather paddles which he used to sadistic and possibly lethal effect. 45
to 60 lashes was normal. It could go to 80, 100, and 120 depending on
how the victim reacted. Skin turned black with patches of skin whipped
off. Blood flowed. Clothing was beaten into wounds and bound there in
coagulated blood. The screams those boys let out would turn your blood
to ice water just listening to it. Many boys were beat. It went on
continually for six weeks. I counted the lashes each boy received.

There was one long series of extreme daily beatings. These tortures were far
far more sadistic and cruel than anything else that happened there. I
counted the number of whacks he got every day of his hideous ordeal.
This was a young black boy. They gave him over 200 lashes every day for
weeks. He pleaded, begged, sobbed, screamed and made the scariest
animal-like noises for 10-days or two weeks. The pain and trauma
disabled him from screaming and uttering any kind of intelligible
words.He then let out very loud grunts and moans. It was audible at 100
feet. That went on for weeks.

At the end there was no sound out of him at all. There was only the sound of that searing
leather strap slapping hard against dead meat.

John Gobin Shaw
Luke Ashlocke
Luke Ashlocke:
Cried my eyes out over that verdict. May change come swiftly.
Ena Rodriguez
Ena Rodriguez:
They would not be happy if George Floyd was dating their daughter!!! They would not be saying his name or happy about it!
Donald Boothe
Donald Boothe:
Chauvin convicted = covid cured... who knew
steph p
steph p:
I see YouTube have adjusted the like / dislike
Ratios again.
Kelli Wells
Kelli Wells:
I am really surprised that the crowds were not more excited than they were.... are where is the social distancing and masks?
Leyoni leon
Leyoni leon:
There is a humble request from all the channels to show how to take care of the corona infected patient at home.
Did you have a breakfast ?
'that's two more'... are the other police even heading to court
James Alexander
James Alexander:
Where were the crowds when Lorraine Cox's killer got sentenced?
John Fisher
John Fisher:
They'll be having a bit of a knees up I bet ...
President Obama
President Obama:
I Approve

Neal Vanderstelt
Neal Vanderstelt:
Y C:
Now we can talk about how if this criminal wasn’t trying to commit yet another crime, this police officer would not have lost his life.
Gurman preet
Gurman preet:
I thought they were saying SpongeBob 😂😂
Alan Wright
Alan Wright:
Just remember all LIFES matter
Michael Birkett
Michael Birkett:
Looks at the like to dislike ratio:

*Press X to doubt*
stuckonyou tube
stuckonyou tube:
All Gas No Brakes spotted in crowd at 00:51
George Wang
George Wang:
Does this people can have some peace and calm now? just saying we could all use it...
Its that gas no break in the background
Social Ghost
Social Ghost:
Derek is going to have a fun time in jail
princess Asma
princess Asma:
Sir North Korea Muslim news
James K
James K:
Such a pity that George resisted arrest necessitating him to be restrained
Iron Warrior
Iron Warrior:
The jury caved in to BLM activist pressure. This sets a very dangerous precedent.
The Joel Roogan Explosion
The Joel Roogan Explosion:
AllGasNoBreaks in the front with the microphone
The Drunken Gamers
The Drunken Gamers:
All of that compensation money will buy a lot of top end crack.
James Royle
James Royle:
The last time they cheered this loud was when OJ got off.
Hows that for juxtaposition.
Paul Kay
Paul Kay:
The world is over populated. This is why there is so much hate around everyone.
He deserves a 🏅 not imprisonment
Hvac GAS
Hvac GAS:
Prisoners should 😂give him a good welcome party.
DT Man and Van
DT Man and Van:
everyone is so concerned in the comments, but i dont see any organised groups getting him out of the jail.
English Bulldog
English Bulldog:
I wonder why that happened lol
Yeah can we get on with it now please
darren G
darren G:
Has the BBC left a box ticker in charge of comments?
Pendle Lancashire
Pendle Lancashire:
*Burn Loot Murder campaign comes to an end.*
John Thompson
John Thompson:
The BBC should put up a statue of "the hero" George Floyd" outside Broadcasting House! His story epitomises their views and values!
Picture Me Trollin
Picture Me Trollin:
Man I wanted to meet the rooftop koreans
Levi Bull
Levi Bull:
take the boards off the windows and put the TVs back on display
Moloko Plus
Moloko Plus:
Isn’t that Andrew from agnb?
Steve Fox
Steve Fox:
RIP 'Murica.
Charlie Derrick
Charlie Derrick:
Sad to see an innocent man go to jail
Kanty Nory
Kanty Nory:
Media should also show that not everybody is pro Floyd. But that does’t mean they are pro Chauvin as well. They just ask for a fair trial and even Floyd knows that Chauvin did’t get a fair trial.
There's already rioting over the conviction by the way.
That mob would be hurling petrol bombs if justice had been truly served.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo:
Napalm time
Mark L sixtyseven
Mark L sixtyseven:
Ha. The Sun have turned the comments off.
Sam G Davis
Sam G Davis:
Please don’t look up the murder of Tony Timpa . His murder will change how you see all media .
Sol Button
Sol Button:
Bruh, these comments make even less and less sense the more you go down
Steven c Gutierrez
Steven c Gutierrez:
I already knew he was guilty from the very start.
Illia K
Illia K:
Zimbabwe ?
kieran brentnall
kieran brentnall:
Bro the brainwashing is mad lol
Tough crowd
jack newcs
jack newcs:
Ironically this meeting will probably kill about 2 more people :/
Cartouche 74
Cartouche 74:
Give us more and more! We are violent, asocial, with IQ 85, but we want to be as rich as you are!!!
Brandon Stevens
Brandon Stevens:
tbf he had no chance of being found innocent
k k
k k:
Ain’t nothing gonna change.
Ertugurl Ghazi what's up
Ertugurl Ghazi what's up:
Ha sir Muslim news btaho north korea ki
Simon Peter Ocakacon
Simon Peter Ocakacon:
Learning awakening
LN Game Official
LN Game Official:
So so so sad 😰
Y C: