CRY MACHO – Official Trailer

The legendary Clint Eastwood returns to the silver screen as director and star of #CryMacho, in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max September 17. Watch the new trailer now.

From Warner Bros. Pictures come director/producer Clint Eastwood’s uplifting and poignant drama “Cry Macho.” The film stars Eastwood as Mike Milo, a one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder who, in 1979, takes a job from an ex-boss to bring the man’s young son home from Mexico. Forced to take the backroads on their way to Texas, the unlikely pair faces an unexpectedly challenging journey, during which the world-weary horseman finds unexpected connections and his own sense of redemption.

Also starring are Eduardo Minett as the young boy, Rafo, in his feature film debut, Natalia Traven (“Collateral Damage,” TV’s “Soulmates”) as Marta, with Dwight Yoakam (“Logan Lucky,” “Sling Blade”) as Mike’s former employer, Howard Polk. The cast also includes Fernanda Urrejola (“Blue Miracle,” Netflix’s “Narcos: Mexico”) as Leta and Horacio Garcia-Rojas (“Netflix’s “Narcos: Mexico,” TV’s “La querida del Centauro”) as Aurelio.

Oscar winner Eastwood directed from a screenplay by Nick Schenk and N. Richard Nash, based on the novel by Nash. Eastwood, Albert S. Ruddy, Tim Moore and Jessica Meier produced the film, with David M. Bernstein serving as executive producer.

The filmmaker’s creative team behind the scenes included BAFTA-nominated director of photography Ben Davis (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” “Captain Marvel”), production designer Ron Reiss (set decorator, “Richard Jewell” and “The Mule”), Oscar- winning editor Joel Cox (“Unforgiven”), who has cut most of director Eastwood’s films, and editor David Cox (“Den of Thieves,” assistant editor on “Richard Jewell” and “The Mule”), and longtime collaborator costume designer Deborah Hopper. The music is by Mark Mancina (“Moana”).

Warner Bros. Pictures Presents A Malpaso/Albert S. Ruddy Production, “Cry Macho.” The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. It opens September 17, 2021 in the U.S. in theaters and on HBO Max on the Ad-Free plan; it will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release. “Cry Macho” is rated PG-13 for language and thematic elements.

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Mystery Scoop
Mystery Scoop:
Just watched “The Mule”… can’t wait to watch this one too. Still acting, directing damn good movies at 91! This guy is a Legend!
American treasure right there.
Clint is an national treasure. Let’s enjoy him while he’s still with us.
The Don
The Don:
This mad man is 91 years old still making movies, what a legend...
Hugo Narvaez
Hugo Narvaez:
My wife and I just got finish watching " Cry Macho" and we both came out of the theater, feeling that Client was giving his fans, a "Good-Bye", and a "Thank-You" movie. I remember the first movie that made be a fan of Mr. Eastwood. It was "Any Which Way But Loose", after that I watched all his "Western" movies and dirty "Harry" moves. I became an instant fan of his movie director career. If your a fan of his I encourage you to watch this at the theater, you'll get that feeling my wife and I got. This were we met Clint in the big screen, and this ware will say Good-Bye, Thank-you Mr. Eastwood. P.S. Don't listen to the movie critics, this movie is not for everyone, I believe this one is just for the fans.
fopscong buzz
fopscong buzz:
The way that Clint Eastwood is still directing AND starring in films is an amazing achievement even at his age.
Marl Kalone
Marl Kalone:
Fun facts: With this film, Clint Eastwood is now the oldest American to have ever directed a film, and is tied for being the 4th oldest film director of all time.
JC Waterhouse
JC Waterhouse:
"This Macho thing is overrated " is even better than the last line. Clint Eastwood is one of the greatest screen legends of all time
Belin Gonza
Belin Gonza:
This most likely the last movie I'll see of Clint Eastwood. He's 91 I'm 70. It sucks to get old.
Michael R
Michael R:
"I used to be a lot of things, but I'm not now."

You have and always will be, Clint. Always.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez:
The man is 91 and still directs and stars his films.
Sized Toaster0
Sized Toaster0:
Clint is giving us advice. He is also telling us about his life in movies. When he passes, these movies are what we have to remember him by.
Alex tepe
Alex tepe:
Clint is a shining example of how even though we get older on the outside, inside we may feel as young as ever. You may become too old for a lot of things, but your never too old to be a badass.
Cinema Forever
Cinema Forever:
The fact that this guy is 91 and is still making movies to this day is freakin insane!
VD Silva
VD Silva:
This movie is about life’s wisdom that can only be portrayed by the Legend. This movie is for the frustrated, the conformist who becomes disillusioned with life. It’s gives hope to the hopeless no matter what age. Clint knows and has become a master in putting it on the screen.
Julian Burrus
Julian Burrus:
The fact that Clint Eastwood is still working is incredible.
Tiberius Rexx
Tiberius Rexx:
Clint Eastwood showing the young bucks what's what. Appreciate this man while we still have him.
B A S E D:
This man will live to be 150 year’s old and still directing and even starring in his very own film’s.🙏🎥
Little Schnitzel
Little Schnitzel:
It's very sweet of Clint to encompany the trailer with the touching theme by his lifelong friend Ennio, sadly recently passed. The chills and nostalgia hit me with Clint's first whisper and I still feel it. What a way to end such an amazing life work, I really can't wait to see this film!
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen:
He’s the only public figure that’ll make me cry when he dies.
Mike A.
Mike A.:
Tarantino: “I’m retiring because old men don’t make good movies.”

Eastwood: “Hold my viewfinder.”
Each new Client Eastwood movie is a blessing at this point.
After all these years, Clint Eastwood's still got it.
Big Smokeweiler
Big Smokeweiler:
He looks so old and fragile! Time flies people... As it passes us by each day our loved ones are getting older! Make time for them more and let them know there loved before it's too late.... I hope everyone enjoys this film it looks great 👍🏻
The man, the myth, the legend. Gotta love Clint Eastwood.
Rolue Vas Reisa
Rolue Vas Reisa:
“I used to be a lot of things, but not anymore”

You are still to us Clint Eastwood. You are still to us
Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill:
"When you're young you have all the answers, but when you get older you realize you don't." I think Clint is redeeming himself through his last three films. The redemption theme I think is about him and his real life. That is what happens when you get older. Reflection. In the film he say's "I can't cure old". This film had all the redeeming qualities of David Lynch's 1999 fim The Straight Story. Another masterpiece of redemption.
R H:
I really really love this man, he's a great actor and director! And even now he's 91, to me he's one of the best actors who ever lived. I have a lot of respect for him!
Kash Moore
Kash Moore:
"Mystic River" still on of the greatest Movies of all time , this dude is phenomenal
Sarthak Chakrabarti
Sarthak Chakrabarti:
Getting so emitional to see him acting. I think is one of the few people in hollywood who deserves to be called 'sir'. Such a legend.🙏🙏🙏
Clint Eastwood is literally the definition of a living legend, love his work and excited for this one GOAT
Dj Turner
Dj Turner:
The Man is a national treasure can't wait to see this 🙌
Raines Boutique  Garrison
Raines Boutique Garrison:
A legend a true treasure let's celebrate our elders while they're still here
Debashankar Prasad Pati
Debashankar Prasad Pati:
A legendary figure from "The Good,The Bad & The Ugly" to "CRY MACHO" ! What a journey Sir !!! 🙏😇 This is called a life fully lived I guess. #inspiration
Kevin Chan
Kevin Chan:
“You used to be strong. Macho.”
Clint: “I used to be a lot of things…”

Seems like Clint establishing parallelism on his own long life in the movies and off it. This is going to be a beautiful flick.
LazyNinja Tv
LazyNinja Tv:
This man is still out here making movies at his age, what a legend! Maybe Hollywood can take notes and learn from this legend on movies we want to watch. Either way I'm happy he still doing his thing, Clint Eastwood will go down as one of the best actors to have ever lived.
I love Clint Eastwood and his movies that tell stories about morals and reconciliation!!! KEEP GOING MR. EASTWOOD!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Michael Robert
Michael Robert:
Love that Mexico landscape with the old cowboy still riding thru with themes that still ring true
C N:
A Legend, A man of true values, Awesome in all ways.
Philip Calderon
Philip Calderon:
Clint Eastwood NEEDS an Oscar for his lifetime achievement.
Wayne Riley
Wayne Riley:
I love this. A life message in this one - I won’t miss it! Clint is a living legend! 💪🏽
Zoe L
Zoe L:
A lot of legends out there. He’s definitely #1.
AJ Lind
AJ Lind:
True American icon, Mr. Eastwood, a living legend.
david boyle
david boyle:
i hope before he leaves us he makes some cinematic familial connection between william munny, who moved to san fransisco, and harry callahan
Gabriel Santacroce
Gabriel Santacroce:
"You're kinda growing on me kid"
Every Clint Eastwood movie made after 2000
100% certified legend but it is time to retire! Thank you for everything you’ve given us Clint :)
There are a lot of comments praising Clint Eastwood(as there should be) and there really is nothing I can add other than that Clint Eastwood is the greatest. And it's not even close.
Vinayak Sankar
Vinayak Sankar:
Dialogues clearly reflects his own life. Maybe the story is abt things he learnt and wants to pass on to the younger generation.
Ken Matthews
Ken Matthews:
Clint is such an inspiration. With his lifelong success, he could have rested on his laurels 30 years ago, but continues to make films that show us (particularly boys/men) what is truly important in life.
Nowell Bartlett
Nowell Bartlett:
It's insane, how old he is and still with it. And love his movies. His careers insane.
Noe Ramirez
Noe Ramirez:
I’m overwhelmed by the amount of movies I wanna see are coming out. Lol it seems like every weekend this year a movie I wanna watch comes out. Not complaining it’s awesome compared to last year!
Gerald Marcyk
Gerald Marcyk:
I think back to the Oscars when Clint Eastwood "translated" the Italian composer Ennio Morricone's acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award. Now Clint is using one of Maestro Morricone's timeless melodies in this trailer. The mayor of Carmel already has four Oscars, but another lifetime achievement award would be well deserved.
Clint Eastwood truly is bringing the world together through his films 🙏🏽
Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming:
Timur Lang
Timur Lang:
I love Clint Eastwood as a director. He’s one of the greatest directors ever to grace Hollywood.
Ivan S.
Ivan S.:
New film by Clint Eastwood "Cry Macho".

Clint Eastwood is still on top.

Eastwood's new film clearly demonstrates that he is still good in his 90s, both as a director and as an actor.

Here he plays an elderly cowboy and former rodeo star, Michael Milo, who was injured as a young man after falling from a horse. And then he also loses his wife and child. He calmly lives out his life, drowning out his pain with alcohol, when suddenly his boss offers him 'a job' - to take his son from Mexico, with whom his wife left him several years ago. Milo agrees, but it turns out to be not an easy task - after all, the boy is at odds with the law, and his mother is not going to just let him go.

At first it seems that the film is about constant pursuit and the danger that awaits for the heroes at every turn. But this is just a facade. In fact, this is a very soulful road movie about human relationships. Milo immediately becomes sympathetic to the 13-year-old boy, and practically replaces his father for the duration of their trip. They also meet a kind Mexican woman on the way, who provides them with accommodation and food. Milo even has an affair with her.

So this is no longer 'Gran Torino' or 'The Mule' in terms of dramaturgy. More attention is paid to the soulful moments. Although Eastwood showed his usual toughness a couple of times, hitting one of the pursuers in the face, and then threatening him with his own pistol, like some old Dirty Harry. The ending however was cut short, as it seemed to me. It was as if the film had just ended abruptly.

On the whole, the film left a good impression, and Eastwood once again pleased with his incredible charisma and old man's wisdom.
Aryan Swaroop
Aryan Swaroop:
You used to be strong, macho. I used to be a lot of things but I am not now. You know, I will tell you something, this macho thing is overrated. Just people trying to be macho to show that they have got grit. That's about all they end up with. It's like anything else in life, you think you got all the answers. Then you realize as you get older, you don't have any of them. We all have to make choices in life kid, you have to make yours.

- Clint Eastwood.
Joey Stokes
Joey Stokes:
SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THIS GENTLEMAN...91 years young & he is still going strong...1 of the best actors/directors in the movie industry...Hands down!👍🏾💯💯
Riley Warshton
Riley Warshton:
Clint Eastwood has my respect that he's still continue to direct and act at the age of 91 years old. This man is a legend!!!!
The Real Taste
The Real Taste:
This man is an absolute legend without any doubt!
Beau Dare
Beau Dare:
No actor can make as much of a moment as Eastwood can, with a slight nod of the head, a long look, or a one word speech.. Clint is a hugely underrated actor..
mindy leazott
mindy leazott:
Clint Eastwood is a true LEGEND! He turns EVERYTHING he touches into gold🥇! May God let him live for ANOTHER 91 years..
BabbyFace Revocation
BabbyFace Revocation:
He's an amazing individual Clint Eastwood truly is an American icon and everybody loves him very very much Best wishes to you and your family GOD BLESS!!!
Clint Eastwood. The most reliable force of nature in Hollywood. An absolute legend. 🙌
Ahmed Serag
Ahmed Serag:
So happy to see Clint Eastwood swinging!
Gran Torino - masterpiece
The Mule - great film
Cry Macho - the finale
Creator Story
Creator Story:
You have to respect a man who continues to work and do what he loves, especially when he's at that age.
XiaZai Wong
XiaZai Wong:
Mr. Wood is 91 years old and still playing. The living legend has my full respect!
Lil Chaos
Lil Chaos:
The greatest actor - director of all time. 2 time best director. I love Orson Welles but Clint is on another level especially for his longevity.
. The movie had a plot because every movie has to have one, but it was unimportant and that was almost the point, and why it was so good. With the characters, the movie stopped to focus on and live in the moment, as people and places came together to share exactly what the other needed for a brief time. It reminded me of the times my life has had that lightning strike in the bottle. It was a zen movie.

Seeing Clint Eastwood mock the passing of time was worth the $11 bucks all by itself.

And as always, New Mexico is hauntingly beautiful on the screen.
Dan M
Dan M:
Looks like a masterpiece....I can’t wait
Bruce Lee Hee
Bruce Lee Hee:
Awe my man Clint is getting old . He has a legacy of amazing films . Looking forward to watching this. God willing this won’t be his last film ✌🏽
Truth to be Revealed
Truth to be Revealed:
Dwight Yoakam is the most underrated musician/actor of all time.
Wy8tt. films
Wy8tt. films:
I can’t believe he’s still making movies. He is one of the best and I can’t wait for this movie. One of my favorite directors/actor
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott:
The Mission soundtrack in the trailer. The Legend on the Screen. What a man, what an actor, what a director.
Lexi Williams
Lexi Williams:
As someone trying to start out in the Entertainment industry I remind myself Clint didn’t start Rawhide until his 30’s and he is still the GOAT at 91!
László Zabb
László Zabb:
When you realize that 91-year-old Eastwood is tougher than you ever were.
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez:
Ever since Clint made “The Mule” he keeps making movies in 🇲🇽 👍🏾
Johnny Pissoff
Johnny Pissoff:
Eastwood is the literal embodiment of the spirit of the old west.
Sandy K Haley'Miller
Sandy K Haley'Miller:
He is totally awesome Actor and Director.. He still has it at 91 years Old, His Mother was 97 years old when she passed away..
kisbey drones and cars .
kisbey drones and cars .:
Would love to see Clint in another western playing a old gunslinger he played in a previous movie . Josie wales as old timer would be fantastic given the right storyline. That's if his character wasn't killed off I cant remember.
Andy S
Andy S:
It’ll be a sad day when he’s gone. What a legend.
Ol' dee-wight himself!
A legend in his own mind!
91 and never let me down! A man with true grit
What a legend, what a legacy...keep going Sir
Max Bogie
Max Bogie:
That trailer was great than ever because I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Good luck with that one!
Mark Andersen
Mark Andersen:
This looks good, a living legend & Eastwood is no slouch either.
Andy Lindsey
Andy Lindsey:
I've got my ticket for opening weekend! Looking forward to it.
Pam Smith
Pam Smith:
In the style of "Gran Torino" -- looks awesome.
Classic WWE 2k Matches
Classic WWE 2k Matches:
Can’t believe this legend is 91 and still making films.. amazing
Blessed to be alive when Mr Eastwood releases another's piece
No matter where the west takes him

Clint will always be the king
82nd Airborne
82nd Airborne:
I can't wait to see this movie . Im sure it will be this legends 🙌 greatest and last 🥺 Let it go out with honor as it should , as he was , a true grit cowboy with a real American man's love for his country and film .. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful 👏 life you gave us .. We appreciate you 🙏 ❤
Guy Vandermire
Guy Vandermire:
While I agree that it is a blessing to have one of the greatest directors and actors of all time still making movies at ninety one years of age, I still consider it my duty to remain objective as a film enthusiast. Cry Macho is a thought provoking and occasionally emotionally resonant film that fits nicely into Covid Nineteen era cinema. It is nowhere near as potent and expansive as any of Eastwood's films of the past twenty years. It ends one of the greatest filmmaking streaks in history as it is the first not wholly brilliant film that Eastwood has directed since he began directing. I am concerned that one of my favorite directors may never make another epic masterpiece.
G Kevin
G Kevin:
my dads favourite actor. lost him recently to covid. reminds me of him everytime
Lot of us film watchers guna shed some tears when Mr Eastwood isn't around any more what a American legend
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia:
Clint is a good story teller. Mostly he's conventional but he's very good at it and helps an audience like his films. He doesn't yell at you...nor requires his other actors to do so...yelling can be annoying...instead he talks...brings us in... and we listen and that's good story telling, one way to do it well. Bless his heart at 91...whoa!
I fear for the day when it's the last one. Many significant moments with my dad were watching the man work. Unfortunately, my dad has long passed now but I still feel a connection to him through the type of man and world that Eastwood embodies. - I still remember in Blackpool my dad talking to the female guard at the North pier cinema that - of course, I was over 12 ( I was 9 but a big lad ) I'm not sure if it was his winning ways or story but we got to go in to see the film
Every which way but loose was the one btw.
Good memories, every one of them.
Tony 02
Tony 02:
Beautiful music from the motion picture "Mission" composed by Ennio Morricone. Masterpiece !!
Eli The Lonewolf
Eli The Lonewolf:
I was Born in the 90s. My dad was born in the late 50s. I'm glad my dad raised me with these 1960s movies, Clint Eastwood will always be my favorite actor of that era on up
He knows how to pick good screen plays. He understands his limitations so the movie doesn't look unbelievable, very smart. He's not some old man trying to play some young role, he also knows the human spirit and its weaknesses so it comes across in his movies. Its what makes people gravitate towards them, but he still loves that western theme. Good for you Clint!!