Crystal Palace v Manchester United | LIVE Stream Watchalong

Adam McKola is joined by Joe and Jay Motty for the LIVE Stream Watchalong of Crystal Palace v Manchester United at Selhurst Park in the Premier League. 

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26 comentarios:

came back to watch this next day, cracking up all over again .. Jay's story pushes Joe right over the edge so funny ..
anyone who wasn't watching live, start at 1:27:30
Zach Moritz
Zach Moritz:

Stephen Mungai
Stephen Mungai:
I think right now man u are doing nothing,it's like drawing is a hobby
sam j
sam j:
These watchalongs are often more enjoyable than the match. Great trio thanks for making me laugh out loud ❤️
Jim Bob
Jim Bob:
Cavani has the experience to do whats right.
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson:
Remember when you thought you might win the league Adam? Haha me too
OKgamer 04
OKgamer 04:
Disgraceful performance, shows how badly we need Pogba for that little bit of magic
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago:
I know that Ole is afraid of bigger teams smashing them after that 6-1 loss and wants to play it safe for 1 point , but Crystal Palace??? Really????
21 is coming lol. Back down to earth. Again

Tick tock , a Decade is coming.
Josh Symons
Josh Symons:
Someone explain what Rashford does for £200,000 grand a week... he’s barely got better in 5 years and it’s costing us big time having him as one of the main men
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore:
what do people expect <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> we kept it at that !!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2:
If we do finish 2nd with 25.. 30 points behind city is a failure for me! I'm sorry we need a CB And a RW asap
We haven't been good enough today, no excuses from me whatsoever. A terrible performance. We lacked intensity. Shaw had two great crosses, one for Rashford and Bruno that should’ve been finished.
Africa Core
Africa Core:
I can’t believe you guys spent 5 minutes talking about collecting empty cans and bottles and did not reference Seinfeld
Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes:
we are regressing
Billy Mabum
Billy Mabum:
Think Adam is meaning you can’t polish a turd . Cos you can definitely put glitter on shit
Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes:
Can he take a player off who is playing poorly?
James Pohl
James Pohl:
No goals were scored in the making of this video
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
should’ve been finished.
z yusuf
z yusuf:
Lower teams keep ball better and pass better. How sloppy with passes its very un professional . Maybe sat second means nothing .. thst is not progress cuz football is atrocious with no zip in passes no defence cutting passes , no crosses all side to side passes . Yes rashford been shit fir few months gives ball away . Ole plays with two defensive midfielders so six at back so no creativity in midfield
Danger wank
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Another poor game
Shocking and absolutely pathetic performance. With the exception of Luke Shaw and possibly Greenwood, United were shit! Another must win game and the players were unwilling to push for a win. Rashford keeps trying to dribble and ends up giving the ball away - as he's done in all recent games. Nobody was capable of getting the ball to Cavani. Still too many safe back passes and a ridiculous number of passes going left to right and left again. How do you score a goal when you're not willing to play forward passes? Hardly a shot at goal in the entire 2nd half.

And Ole just watched and watched without doing a thing. Not even screaming at the the players to move their bloody asses and up the tempo. He should have introduced substitutes in the beginning of the 2nd half. Ole waits too long to make changes. Jose would have tore into the team.
Eoin Amadaues Kelly
Eoin Amadaues Kelly:
Worst Man United performance since David Moyes was in charge vs Fulham, how we are second bemuses me.
Karlos B
Karlos B:
Another poor game
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
What a pathetic club can't wait to destroy you guys on Sunday 😂😂😂