Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance (Official Version)

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I know you don't get a chance to take a break this often
I know your life is speeding and it isn't stopping
Here take my shirt and just go ahead and wipe up all the
Sweat, sweat, sweat

Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance"

100+ comentarios:

I'm not crying
Diego Chorosajev Rivera
Diego Chorosajev Rivera:
Ni mi separación con mi ex me dolió mas que esto :(
it's an era that's ending right there. they changed music forever and that's a fact, i remember first finding out about their music back in 2012-2013 when i was 6/7 years old by my sisters and i literally fell in love, right now i'm kinda tearing up tbh, these legends music will live on forever. ❤ the only thing i can be happy about is the fact that they broke up in good terms and that they left us with tons of good singles/albums and memories 🥺
“The same things that make us laugh make us cry” -Big Smoke
Anthony Calero
Anthony Calero:
Thank you robots, I felt so human with you.
Deniz Sepit
Deniz Sepit:
28 Years, you guys already gave us the feeling of humanity any human couldn't.
Aunque se vayan, nosotros siempre los tendremos junto a nosotros, a través de su música, espero que realmente encuentren lo que querían después de hacer éste sacrificio 💔😢
Santi Vidal
Santi Vidal:
It's scary thinking about what future generations will think about this comments. Imagine Beatles, Queen, etc. music videos with thousands of comments like: "I'm here since they split up today" or things like that. That's what I love about the internet, how it's unintentionally a time.
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez:
Solo piérdete bailando, no importa lo que suceda... Eso es lo que ellos querrían
Daft Punk,1993-2021
Phil H
Phil H:
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
I'm so sad that I never saw Daft Punk in front of my eyes. And today I came to know that my dream is already crushed
Mann after those robot fellas came in with the "come on" I almost fuckin' cried. Daft Punk forever.
jeysel valentina martinez barbosa
jeysel valentina martinez barbosa:
Lucho sabe que:
"Esta agradecido con Daft Punk"
UnaTal Vanessa
UnaTal Vanessa:
Que nostalgia saber que se separan y escuchar esto.
Pablo Arredondo
Pablo Arredondo:
You're here after they announced their breakup. )):
¿Soy la única que está escuchando de nuevo todas sus canciones y leyendo los comentarios para sentirse más acompañada en la tristeza?
Joseph Billanes
Joseph Billanes:
There better be a BIG Daft Punk party once this outbreak ends. We need to celebrate this legendary duo
Js P
Js P:
Aucun français dans les commentaires, succès international👏🇫🇷
CocoDarks MR
CocoDarks MR:
Siempre serán parte de mi pubertad y adolescencia, los quiero. Ídolos.
Quién más de recorrido por su música tras su separación? :(
Michael Douglas Moreno Panchana
Michael Douglas Moreno Panchana:
Quien más está aquí recordando su infancia o adolescencia al escuchar tremendo temazo? :´(
Pierdavide Carlucci
Pierdavide Carlucci:
"Lose yourself to dance" is going to be the next quote of Life.
Shawn Bermuda
Shawn Bermuda:
My friend doesn’t like this song, then I unfriended him.
Andy Chia
Andy Chia:
Nah.... They'll be back for a final tour... called "ONE MORE TIME"
“Don’t cry because it’s over , smile because it happened”

Dr Seuss.
Standingboat 766
Standingboat 766:
A wise man once told me “It’s ok to cry as long as you can get over it” I don’t know how to feel.
carla vergara
carla vergara:
Que triste noticia, siempre lo recordaremos con sus grandes éxitos !
katya vianey Martínez Sánchez
katya vianey Martínez Sánchez:
lloremos juntos escuchando todas sus canciones :,(
We never realized how blessed we were when we had them. Every single song is a hit. Thank you <3 Godspeed.
Julian David
Julian David:
hemos perdido a estos 2 talentosos humanos que nos acompañaron en nuestros dias mas oscuros
German Barreto
German Barreto:
“lucho sabe inglés..”🎶 what a song
Issa Álvarez
Issa Álvarez:
No estoy llorando, ustedes están llorando. :(
Fatoeman Oulleh
Fatoeman Oulleh:
Everybody gangsta till the Robot starts saying Cmon Cmon
Anna Carolina ! Bowe
Anna Carolina ! Bowe:
Vocês farão falta demais, meu coração tá que não se aguenta de tristeza, os amo desde pequena <3
No estoy llorando, tu estas llorando...
Juan David Robayo
Juan David Robayo:
la cancion: lose yourself to dance

Cynthia Cardozo
Cynthia Cardozo:
I'm crying, Daft Punk you'll always be in my heart
Please, Daft Punk, come back...

edit: 💔
Just remember
"Legends never die."
Jefferson Galindo
Jefferson Galindo:
"Lucho sabe ingles" Gracias por tanto Daft Punk
Deciré Matos
Deciré Matos:
Cada ves que mi mundo se venía encima, los escuchaba y se me reiniciaba la vida 😭
Grandes de grandes, siempre los amaré ❤
Listening to one last daft punk song before this day ends, goodbye robots I'm going to go loose myself to dance
Alex Júlio de Moraes
Alex Júlio de Moraes:
Daft punk forever, daft punk para sempre
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval:
Many generations cried yesterday to learn that this legendary duo is parting ... Daft Punk forever
The J
The J:
Lucho sabe inglés.
Simie Dulay
Simie Dulay:
Les ai découverts après leur séparation ... je ne les connaissais pas avant !! Leur musique n'a vraiment pas de prix. (Yup I used google translate just to write in French)
parth guglani
parth guglani:
You know why you're here.
zelarious 1
zelarious 1:
They were a part of my childhood and i didn't know until today, even if i only learnt their name today they were still there for me, thank you.
suki pop
suki pop:
I not sad I'm celebrating who a new generation a new year a new everything the world was hard and it still is
Emi Salazar
Emi Salazar:
Siempre recordaremos a esta obra maestra
não chores por que terminou, agradeça porque ocorreu
we should send a daft punk record into deep space
Domingo Velasquez
Domingo Velasquez:
22 de febrero del 2021, el mundo llora su separación, el mundo jamás olvidará el gran legado que dejan. Gracias por tanto

Muchas gracias por la cantidad de likes, no me parece relevante, solo vine a dar mi opinión, algunos comparten mi sentir, otros simplemente se lo toman personal, yo disfruto la música electrónica en general, tengo mis gustos personales como todo mundo, pero no critico por respeto hacia los demás. Amo cada track que sale o queda en el tiempo porque me parece un trabajo enorme, llegar a la cima como ellos no es sencillo y como fanático solo me queda agradecer, porque sencillamente quedaran en el recuerdo de muchos y de seguro se seguirá trasmitiendo ese sentir de generación en generación. Saludos a todos.
RoyalZ PeTe
RoyalZ PeTe:
i can’t believe it’s over man :’(
hey bye
hey bye:
we took it for granted? we take everything for granted. we don’t know what we have until it’s gone 🤖 🤖💔 🗓
Hugo Okami
Hugo Okami:
O mundo da música nunca será mais o mesmo sem vcs, te amamos Daft Punk ♡ ;-;
*Power rangers,Obama and Jimmy hendrix*
Man listening to Daft Punk feels really different now, way more melancholic and "sad"

anyone else feel the same?
Zander Gaming
Zander Gaming:
This real music
💥💔🤖😭👍Lucho não sabe mais inglês!!! ..Obrigado por existirem Daft Punk!!!!❤❤❤
Robert Contreras
Robert Contreras:
Gracias por hacer mi infancia tan bonita
Ustedes me acompañaron en todo momento tengo varios recuerdos buenos y malos y siempre estuvieron hay para mi seguirán siendo mis ídolos gracias
Erick Mollinedo
Erick Mollinedo:
I'm sick of this suffering called "Almost 8 years without Daft Punk"

Edit 2/2021: I'm sick of this suffering called Life
Luigui's All
Luigui's All:
Es increíble la separación, pero aquí venimos a recordar sus clásicos :') Y la buena música que nos dejaron
fabricio lopez Moreira
fabricio lopez Moreira:
No entiendo como las musicas de Bad bunny tienen el cuadruple de vistas, que temazoi
bread loaf buddy
bread loaf buddy:
I'll never forget riding the bus to middle school and back listening to these legends
Mark Attenborough
Mark Attenborough:
Why am I crying rn when the vibe is so strong???
Vanessa Alejandría
Vanessa Alejandría:
:( solo queda agradecerles por toda su música, por lo felices que nos hicieron con ella.
Gracias, infinitamente gracias. We miss you.
Kit Cabullo
Kit Cabullo:
This song helped me through my depression back in 2014.
Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer:
This is the only time I enjoy listening to Autotune.
Alexis Lefort
Alexis Lefort:
I know that you're doing an Daft Punk marathon
Imagine if Michael Jackson worked with Daft Punk. JUST IMAGINE
grande ozuna , homenajeando a daft punk 😎👌
Fabián Ramírez
Fabián Ramírez:
I'm not dancing, I'm crying...😭😭
Angel Espinal
Angel Espinal:
Thank you for all you’ve done..never forget childhood memories because of you !
Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez:
I don't cry, you cry, we all cry, Daft Punk is a legend that will never die.
Lego catastrophe
Lego catastrophe:
My favorite moment is when he said "lose yourself to dance"
Dianadeth Megadave
Dianadeth Megadave:
Gracias por todos estos años y su gran música, adiós daft punk!!! :'(
Juan Armendáriz
Juan Armendáriz:
Gracias por todo daft punk, han sido una gran influencia para mí en la música 💎
Tatiane Aguiar
Tatiane Aguiar:
Obrigada Daft Punk vocês são sensacionais 🇧🇷
Angel Barbarán
Angel Barbarán:
Recuerdo que encontré esta canción como lucho sabe inglésxd , que nostalgia...
amakki ¡!
amakki ¡!:
Lo busque como "Lucho sabe inglés" y me salió exelente servicio 😎👌
Rosette Lee
Rosette Lee:
No te vayas sin darnos un último tour :(
Can’t believe we’ll never hear more music from these geniuses
João Vitor Saggion
João Vitor Saggion:
I come back here every day, just to hear your: come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come ooonnnn
Adam Weir
Adam Weir:
When Robots are our overlords let's hope they watch this and think, hey yeah lets dance not exterminate
Mark Mukunga
Mark Mukunga:
Will definitely get lost in the music
Henri Beyer
Henri Beyer:
"-looks like it begins to rain
-no i don't think so...
- no, it's raining all right"

Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez:
Voy a extrañar a los "Lucho sabe inglés" 😭👌🏻❤️
George Linford
George Linford:
'A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts.'
Nkurunungi Frank
Nkurunungi Frank:
Thank you Daft Punk for giving us the the adventure of a lifetime.

They will forever be missed♥
Edger Deuce
Edger Deuce:
I turned 29 yesterday, and I'll never forget the first time I heard "One More Time"...

It was my childhood anthem...

And we did lose ourselves to your jams🔥

Rea leboga, Dankie, Thank You, Merci 🙏🏾
Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer:
These guys raised Autotune to a new level.
Andrómeda :3
Andrómeda :3:
Chales y yo ayer trapeando mi casita con este rolon y bailando con la escoba :C Gracias por muy buenas musicas <3
Edgardo Abraham Hernàndez Chiguil
Edgardo Abraham Hernàndez Chiguil:
0% Nudes
0% Drugs
0% Money
70% "Lucho sabe inglés"
30% "Jamón Jamón Jamón"
I can't believe Daft Punk had broke up today...
hey let's split up after doing nothing for 8 years
Jrcooldawg H.
Jrcooldawg H.:
Man, this is iconic.
it hurts so hard after Epilogue...
Neel Moudgil
Neel Moudgil:
The guitar riff been stuck in my head for years now